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Status Updates posted by szalhi

  1. I swear I'm still here guys.

  2. After three years I finally got around to actually posting another fic chapter. Don't know why It took me so long.

  3. Should I really be joining some threads when I might get really busy later?



    Of course

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    2. szalhi


      The difference is that I'll be actually busy for real.

    3. Ashton


      ...you mean before you faked being busy just to have an excuse to abandon all your threads? :(

    4. szalhi


      Did I fake being busy? I'm just a big enough procrastinator that it happens to things I want to do. Back in school I did the most roleplay because it was procrastination itself.

  4. Vote Tranquility and you will see that all negative emotions are purged forever.

  5. Nice thread you've got there, would be a shame if I inadvertently killed it.

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    2. Ashton


      keep an eye open. I'll come up with another thread sooner or later. :)

    3. szalhi


      Ah well, Loose's skills would be cheating.

    4. Ashton


      unless s/he is a reality warper I'm sure there are plenty of puzzles and monsters I could throw at you that would at least challenge her/him ;) 

  6. I feel like I'm forgetting something.

  7. Oh boy, 2020, I can see clearly now.

  8. Oh boy, holiday season. Time to spend even less time roleplaying because that's how it has always worked for me.

  9. This surge is feeling great.

  10. Week Six. 


    Here's hoping for lucky seven.

  11. Day 35 of doing nothing, but still existing. Do I get an achievement for this?

    1. szalhi


      I was literally thinking about posting than something else came up really briefly and there goes everything.

  12. If anyone wants to do completely third finished roleplays that last two weeks, hit me up.


    I'm great at those.

  13. Since I've watched 9 seasons of this show over six years I thought it was about time to get my first (and probably only) piece of merchandise. 




    1. KaityKat


      Cool! I've thought about getting some of the Daring Do books, myself, but I never really had enough interest to actually go looking for them. *shrug*


      Tho, now that the series is over, I'm thinking about getting into the comics.

  14. D&D is taking up a lot of my imagination right now, so I'm not around as much as I'm used to. 


    I can think of two threads I have to get through, don't worry @GoldenDaze I haven't quite forgotten.

  15. Just finished watching episode 18. I'm intending to post the other threads soon. When is soon? Soon.

  16. How do I adult?

    1. DreamWanderer


      I don't know either, Let me know too when you figure it out :P

  17. I've been meaning to get art for the twins for a while, but it's kind of hard when they're designed bottom up. I can't settle on a real specific design of them, because I don't really care at all, yet I still want art? I want art of something that doesn't really exist. I don't understand myself. 

    1. PyroBlaze


      This is partially why I usually make the appearance one of the first things to finalize.

    2. szalhi


      Crisis averted. Thanks @GoldenDaze

  18. Seems like my hiatus might continue longer than I thought.

  19. Well, I was planning on making some posts beginning next month, but I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in 20 hours, so not sure if that will affect anything.

    1. szalhi


      Well, My face is dying now, but it could be worse I guess.

  20. I sort of have the idea for a totally not evil at all Cozy Glow. Not sure how it will work within WOE

    1. tacobob


      I think she's not only evil, but far worse than she seems.



      Like the other baddies will have to join forces with the good guys to stop her from completely destroying magic...


  21. Day 23. Give it up for Day 23.


    1. RainbowFoxxy


      K-R-A-B-B-Y says I!

  22. Still seem to be recharging my mind.

  23. Oof, me posts. Where did they all go?

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