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  1. Oh man, how the heck did I forget Airplane? One of the funniest movies I've seen. STORY TIME. My parents watched this movie all the time while I was growing up. And apparently, as a wee young thing, I walked up to one of my granddad's employees - a short, white, middle-aged woman - and said, "I know you! You're Kareem Abdul Jabbar! You play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers!" She apparently found it pretty entertaining, thankfully. Small children make no sense.
  2. Princess Mononoke is pretty much perfect, to me. It is everything I love, and both the adaptive script and dub were done really well. Bladerunner is one I have to be in a very specific mood to watch, and I only watch it once every few years or so, but every time the credits roll I feel I've taken a little bit of the film's atmosphere with me for a while. On a similar(ish) note, The Fifth Element, which is pretty much Bladerunner's complete opposite tone-wise (super green fun). It's interesting to watch them relatively close together and look at differing outlooks on our future. Blazing Saddles is a wonderful piece of satire. Quoting this movie consists of a good 10% of how my family communicates. Imagine Me & You is one of the few female/female romance films I've seen that did not make me constantly, painfully aware of how niche and underfunded its kind of movie usually is. It was sweet and believable, as well as managing to be a good movie with gay characters and not killing anyone off. (Do you know how rare that is, seriously.) The Sky Is Falling is a ridiculously hard-to-find, quirky little indie flick about a struggling writer's life as she contemplates more and more elaborate ways to end it all, yet somehow manages a hopeful tone throughout the movie. When I'm feeling down, I watch it, cry my eyes out, and end up feeling a jillion times better. The Lion King gets major nostalgia points, and even though Timon and Pumbaa aren't as entertaining to watch now as an adult, it's still a really enjoyable flick. I also think How to Train Your Dragon is my favorite 3D animated movie. Wall-E comes close, but, c'mon. Dragons. (They are super touching and I love them both, though.) I also probably rewatch Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World far more than any adult person reasonably should.
  3. Applejack is my homegirl, y'all. Picking a favorite pony is a little like picking a favorite child, but, as soon as I saw Applebuck Season I was sold. Hard-working, principled, and proud (often to a fault). I dunno, it's a combination of traits that appeals to me in a character. (It may or may not also have to do with the fact that watching her interact with Pinkie Pie is like looking at a brightly-coloured, cartoon portrait of me and one of my BFFs.)
  4. I had a pretty thoroughly awful evening and figured if I drew any of the characters on my request list, they would all end up looking super angry or like bears and/or debt collectors were chasing them, whether I intended it or not. So I updated my newish Tumblr thing, because that character pretty much always looks either angry and/or worried, so it works. He's a former guard turned... homeless sad-sack, for now. (Pssst, I'd love to get a few more questions on it, if any of you are so inclined! ) Also, here, have a nice-ish picture I drew of him as some kind of reference thingy for myself, because I am fantastic at forgetting details if I'm not looking at them. Mostly I like that banner on the left. Maybe I will add more pony drawings later! MAYBE IT WILL BE DINOSAURS. What you don't know could be awesome. Or stupid. There's a distinct possibility it'll be stupid.
  5. HEY GUESS WHO'S ALIVE. Since it's been a super-long time, I'm seein' if folks who were on my list are still interested (I assume so) and if they want a different character or what. So if you had a character on the list and you'd still like that character drawn, lemme know! If you had one on the list and you don't use that character anymore / just want a different one... also lemme know!
  6. Dunes

    Dunes' Art Stuff

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Probably will be mostly OC's.
  7. Hey, could I bother you to draw my ponysona? Because you're an epic artist. :D Her app:http://www.canterlot.com/topic/15461-monochrome-fixed-ready/

  8. Hello! I mostly stopped in to compliment your excellent choice of avatar. You are clearly a refined person of taste! Welcome.
  9. Hello, I see you also like the best lady ever! LET US BE FRIENDS. For Snaplock, former royal guard turned worn-out, disabled job-seeker trying to find her new lot in life. (Spiritual successor to another OC I had, who was a straight-up soldier that went into teaching, before I finished scraping through student teaching myself and realized I didn't enjoy the profession and didn't want to write about it anymore. But she was just as butch-looking too, haha.) (I was tempted to say because it has a homeless guy in the video, buuuut...)
  10. Depends. If my family, my dog, and my girlfriend were walking right in front of me and I could push 'em in with me, mmmaybe. >.> If they weren't, but I could be a pegasus... I probably still wouldn't, but it'd be a very near thing. I love flight, being around it, the physics of it... I used to just sit in my car near the airport and watch the planes go out, before I realized that'd probably land me on a watchlist. My medical history is likely going to keep me out of the air force (stupid once-in-a-blue-moon migraines, wish I'd never gone for a prescription) so being able to just fly? It would be tempting. Very tempting.
  11. Dunes


    My first nickname (not counting "Boo Bear", which I'm pretty sure doesn't count because my parents gave it to me) was "Ruggy". I still have a couple friends who call me Ruggy. I used to go by the handle "Wolfdog" as a wee thing, when I was really into Balto. Somehow it mutated from Wolfdog, to Wolfrug, to Ruggy. It's lasted... at least 12 years. "Kilan" was one I picked up in high school. My name is Kirah. I got a piece of mail once addressed to "Kilan", and my best friend found it hilarious. "Dunes" is a shortening of "Dunesfara", the first WoW character I had. I'd just finished reading, wait for it, Dune by Frank Herbert and I was in a duney mood. But I made a bunch of friends through WoW, and even after we all met up for ribs and beer, they still call me Dunes. It's okay by me.
  12. Heeeey guys. I think I am back now! I just spent the last month recovering from surgery, and the month before that getting ready for it. (All is well, but I did a lot of sleepin'.) I miss chatting about ponies and I miss you guys! But, I don't think I will be RP-ing anymore. I like coming up with characters 'n all, but even after a long break, I still don't feel that much interest in it. I'm not great at the round-robin format. :< And I'm totally going to go through the requests in my old request thread once work is finished!
  13. Hey, Dunes. We're wondering what fate you have for the future of The Storm RP. Check Group PM, we're eager for what lies ahead.

  14. Nyaargh I'm sorry for slowness. This and last week have, for some reason, been the Week of Inexplicable Panic Attacks. :I I should get out of this snit soon, like I always do, but I feel like I'm going to dieeee. I'm getting help for these, but, some weeks are still rougher than others.
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