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  1. Gilded put a hoof on Trax's shoulder, though it was shaking slightly, to pull him back from the cowering pony. "He means that Trotter lives in the guard barracks, like Eagle." He then lowered his hoof and bowed his head "Thank you for your help." Her bad feeling was utterly warranted as a bright light moved past the window along with the sound of many hooves. An authorative voice yelled into the hallway "Come out now, with your wings or horns where they can be seen!" Eagle froze and let out a word that normally he wouldn't say in front of a lady. "Uh, excuse us?" a voice called from the window above him. A mare and a younger colt were looking at him from the window above. "Sorry about granpa, he's a grumpy sort. But Aspen saw the person you're looking for, right?" The mare asked. Her little brother nodded. "I was taking out the trash when I saw him. He told me to 'go inside, or else', and then he ran towards the Castle."
  2. "Why, he's a Royal Guard," Dimitri said, still looking taken aback. Eagle nodded and started looking around the place for clues, trying his best to stay in Sun's beam of light. He caught sight of a long black coat and moved forward to examine it, his hoof trailing along the bottom hem until he found a piece that was torn. "So this was what they were wearing... But why leave it in the open like this?" "No! And nopony should be out this time of night either!" he slammed the door in Seven's face.
  3. Dimitri blinked and looked at the piece of fabric. "Yes, this exactly! I can't believe Trotter tore my coat!" He snorted in annoyance, then his look changed to confusion. "Wait, aren't you looking for a filly? You're not suggesting Trotter was involved...?" Eagle frowned, then leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "I know, that's the problem. If ponies find out you were involved, they might try to twist it around to look like you're just returning to your old ways. If we get caught, you need to hide, and I'll take the fall. I've been a guard for years, and it's my niece missing. They'll be more understanding with me. Okay?" There was a very long silence at the door. Finally, it was answered by a cranky-looking old stallion. "What?!" He yelled, clearly irritated by the noise this time of night.
  4. Comet kept looking around at everything like a foal in a sugar store for the first time in his life. He also seemed utterly unimpaired by the lack of light, trotting along with hardly a glance to spare to his surroundings. The stallion was practically bouncing along despite the circumstances, too focused on all of the strange new sights he was witness to. He the more mundane things, such as the front of Golden Glow's shop, left him wide-eyed and in awe. When they entered, he took the time to sniff around at several candles, lingering until he realized everyone else was out of the room. He quickly rushed to catch up to them and sat at the table. "Don't worry about me, I'm great in the dark!" he said with a chipper grin, putting a cake on a plate before it could be snatched up by the pegasus and pulling it towards himself. He also took a sip of tea, continuing to observe his surroundings until his eyes landed on the folder and books and he seemed to focus.
  5. Dimitri returned his gaze evenly. "I has loaning something to a friend of mine. He said he really needed it, so even though I was in a hurry, I paused to help him." "Okay... We'll have to move quick. This is gonna be breaking and entering..." He looked around before carefully kicking right beside the knob. There was a loud crack as the door bounced open, and he hurried inside. The road she had pointed down was quiet. No sign of anypony awake. Which wouldn't have been strange if this were anywhere but Canterlot. Somehow, everypony seemed to be asleep with their lights out already.
  6. Both of the two ponies looked a bit taken aback, but they both nodded, and Golden nodded too. "Dimitri was a bit late, but both have been here nearly since we began." He gestured to the pony without a suit coat as he said it. "I sure hope so," Eagle said with a sigh. He stepped quietly up to the door and tried the knob. Locked. He stood on his back legs and peered through the window, but it was pitch black. The little pony gasped, looking close to tears. "O-oh no, I'm so sorry. He um... He went that way." She pointed a hoof down the road to the north-east.
  7. Gilded nodded, keeping his eyes on the door. After a few more minutes, Golden trotted in with two stallion next him, all laughing loudly. They stopped as they came into the room, wiping fake tears from their eyes. "Here they are, my two colleagues." Gilded nodded to them. "Good evening sirs. Have you been enjoying the party?" The pair nodded. "Such good business connections to be made," the one in a suit smiled. The other one, who worse only a collared shirt and tie, nodded in agreement. Eagle followed the hoofprints into the town, where they faded and almost disappeared. But they stopped right in front of a large house with no lights on inside. The filly smiled just a little, still uneasy at the stranger lurking around her home. But she thought about it and nodded. "I heard a baby crying and went to the window to see what was up. Somepony in a black trench coat was running up the street, with the baby in a carrier on his back. I didn't think it was important. I'm sorry..."
  8. The unicorn listened carefully, unmoving except for a twitch of his ear at certain words. When Trax was finished speaking, he nodded his head thoughtfully. "Very well. We can't let such an injustice stand, now can we? Golden Crown." "Yes Father?" "Continue with what you were going to do next to help them. Gilded Mane may stay to aid his friends, and I shall continue to entertain our guests. Feather Back, see to it that they are all well-fed. It won't do to search while hungry." "Yes sir," the butler said with a bow, then turned to the group. His master then turned and walked back into the party without another word or even change in expression. As the door closed behind him, both brothers relaxed and Gilded let out a sigh of relief. Golden gave a soft "ahem" and spoke up finally. "Well. I am going to gather some of these stallions, two of whom are here tonight, but there are two others who are not. I shall try to be discreet for my reasonings." He then trotted off, leaving them alone. Feather Back suggested giving them a side room to set up in, then led the way there. "I wasn't suggesting anything about sitting around..." Eagle said as he chased her down. "I want to find her too." He skidded to a stop and started looking around for clues of where the mysterious pony had gone. As luck would have it, there were hoof prints in the mud. Eagle began to follow the ones leading away from the castle. "Um, excuse me, sir?" A young voice called down the alley way to Seven. An older filly stood at the other end, her green eyes blinking at him. "What are you doing?"
  9. "Well of course I know a few. I know all the high-society ponies around here, and they're the only ones who could really afford it. Not that they'll like being accused of being involved in foal-napping BUT if it will help, then-" "Golden Crown!" a deep, imposing voice called out. Coming out of the room where the dinner party was being held was a tall black unicorn, with a dark blue mane that looked similar to Stormy Night's in color. He looked down at the scene before him, and Gilded openly flinched at his voice.When the new arrival caught sight of the movement, he noticed his son. "And Gilded Mane... What are you both doing out here?" His eyes flitted to Soft Spot and Trax, and he dipped his head in a bow to them. "Good evening. What seems to be going on here?" Neither of the two white stallions seemed willing to speak up in his presence. "Yeah it suRE WOAH-" He was caught off guard as he was suddenly dragged along by his tail. He looked back at his fellow guardsmen and called back "Bye Quickling, bye Nimble Hoof!" He then did his best to remain upright as he "followed" Sun.
  10. Gilded glanced at Trax in mild admiration at how he was keeping his cool. "These are my friends, Trax and Soft Spot. Soft works in the Castle for the Princesses, and is desperate to find this baby." At the mention of the Princesses, Golden perked up a bit. "Oh, I see. I didn't realize the situation. Please, let's see the cologne.." The unicorn looked to his brother and held out a hoof. Gilded handed over the fabric, and Golden sniffed it. "Hm... I would have to say this is Play Pony, Play Pony X to be specific. It's not a very good scent, but some stallions think it makes them seem more appealing. What do you think, miss?" He asked, leaning forward to let Soft smell it. She pulled back, pressing against Trax's side as a fearful look crossed her face. "U-um... No, it's uh, not good..." She stammered out. Golden nodded as if he felt validated. The two guards jumped at the unfamiliar voice, but they relaxed when they saw Eagle beside her. The uninjured one spoke up. "Hiya Eagle, hello miss. We're uh... Not really sure what happened..." "I saw somepony sneaking around outside, and I went to stop them," the other one cut in, "But when I yelled at them to halt, they ran past me real close. I don't think they drew a knife or anything, but something on them cut me real good. I didn't get a good look, and Quickling here wasn't about to leave me there alone to chase them down. I tried to make him, but he refused." "They ran out into the grounds, away from the palace. That made you priority," Quickling huffed.
  11. Gilded led them through town. It didn't take them too long to get there, especially with the few shortcuts Gilded knew, and soon they were galloping past the train station, and straight to the manor that loomed above them. The earth pony ran up to the door and knocked loudly on the door, then waited. After many long seconds, a tall grey pegasus in a suit opened the door. At first he looked almost bored, but when his eyes fell on Gilded, he looked shocked. "Why, Master Gilded Mane, to what do we owe the surprise?" he asked, and though Gilded Helm looked annoyed at the name, he pushed the door open and forced the butler to move back. "Hello Feather Back, where is my brother?" "I shall go and fetch him for you, sir. He and your father were enjoying a dinner party. One moment, please." He bowed and backed away, then turned and went through a side door. Just before it closed behind him, there was the loud sound of many ponies laughing. It was only a few more minutes before the butler returned, a dapper stallion who looked everything like Gilded except for his unicorn horn and better-kept mane following behind him. When the unicorn saw Gilded, however, he grinned and stepped forward. "Gilded Mane, it is you! I almost didn't believe Feather Brain when he said it! To what do I owe the pleasure?" "We need your help-" Gilded began, but at the word "we", his brother looked around him and almost seemed to frown. "Ah, yes, I see... Welcome to my home, dear ponies. And how may I assist you?" he asked, only slightly less than gracious. "Heh, sorry Captain. Come on, Sun." Eagle unwrapped his wings from around her and turned to leave, holding the door open for her. A pair of guards passed by outside, one of them limping slightly due to a cut on his leg as he leaned on his companion. Both of them looked tired.
  12. Silver blushed deeper at the kiss and his words. "She really is an amazing designer. I may have to visit her more often. And my mane was the mare in room 5, Bright Beam. A very sweet pony indeed." She watched as he raised the sandbag, impressed with his ability to talk and work at the same time (something she herself had worked hard to do over the years). As he talked about the garden, her eyes grew wider. "Do they always have a water feature? The sounds of water, whether rippling or flowing, always make me so happy! It reminds me of the brook I like to nap next to, and it's so very comforting... I think it's very likely I'll spend most of the evening in the garden. I hope that's alright?"
  13. Soft Spot nodded, not even letting herself blush given the situation Gilded almost managed a smile. "I wouldn't mind it. Maybe they'd learn something." He let Soft Spot out ahead of him, then followed her out as well. "They live in a manor house on the edge of Caterlot, close to the train station. If we hurry, they might even still be awake and we won't just get the butler." Eagle hugged Sun back, wrapping his wings around her. "I don't know. Lots of ponies like Gilded, maybe they were hoping to use this against you? Or maybe..." his expression turned grim and he looked away. "Maybe they'll threaten to hurt her if we interfere..."
  14. Gilded frowned at Trax. "I'm doing this to ensure their help. It's nothing to do with pride, that's what their problem is. I wouldn't put it past them to refuse to help if they know it's my 'common-pony' child that was lost. I'm not kidding. Soft Spot is a pretty mare that works for the Princesses, technically that makes her of higher status than them and they're more likely to help. And," his tone grew venomous, "don't you dare accuse me of turning my back on my fillies, any of them. You think I'm not ashamed to have not only let her be taken, but having to act like she isn't even mine? If this were anypony else I would desperately beg them to help me find my daughter. And if they ever see me again after this is over, I'll tell them the truth. I promise." At the last two sentences, his voice grew calmer and he sighed. "I just want to be sure they won't refuse to help." Taking the thank you as an at-ease signal, Eagle relaxed and gave Sun his full attention. "Trax said to have Seven start patrolling for information. I'm guessing that's him?" He pointed a wing at the unfamiliar stallion.
  15. Gilded nodded. Then he thought something over. "Softie," he said slowly, "What if we pretended Pastel was your filly who was stolen?" Soft Spot blinked and looked confused. "I mean... If that would help, but-" "Excellent! Then let's get going!" he trotted out of the room then, and Softie glanced over at Trax with a raised eyebrow. "Hi..." Eagle said to Seven before his Captain's voice snapped him to attention. He saluted and said, "Sir! We found a clue on the scene, a scrap of fabric with the smell of cologne on it. Gilded and Trax were going to visit Gilded's twin brother to see if he could help them identify the scent and perhaps bring us closer to finding my niece."
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