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  1. i've never really been on a forum before so this is a really new experience haha // i'm cherry!! i have two cats (skye and angel, chocolate point and lynx point snowshoe mixes respectively, i love them more than anything else in the world). mostly my pastimes are listening to music (i have pvfm on right now!), drawing, writing, and collecting figures. anime figures & mlp figures mainly! i don't have a whole lot as of current but hopefully my collection will grow quickly and exponentially >:3c i found this site because i was looking around the chrome store for mlp related extensions and i found one for "canterlot.com" and of course i was like uh? i am interested 100%? and now here i am :'D i've been watching fim since... i don't even remember when, i think around season three but it totally could have been even earlier than that!! i sort of lost interest for awhile there around halfway through season five, i say sort of because i still loved mlp i just wasn't keeping up, and since really the only thing i can draw is ponies i finally decided if i was going to post only pony art i at least needed to catch up with the series. starting to watch it again (unsurprisingly) rekindled my love for the show super quickly, and the fire of friendship warmed my heart until mlp became pretty much my main interest again!! i'm having a fun time "re"joining this community (re in quotes because i wasn't really a community contributor before ;; ahahaha) and i'm super excited to make friends who are as into fim as i am so i don't have to keep annoying my current friends with all my chatter about it :') my fav mane 6 is pinkie pie!! always has been really, i don't even have a great explanation for why but i guess mostly because i identify with her a lot. and pink is a good color!! (yellow is my Fav color though). i adore discord and the flim flam brothers so much!! i have two discord figures and a super speedy cider squeezy 6000 toy/figure. amazingly no pinkie figures though!! just stuffed animals. that's pretty much all there is to say i feel like!! really excited to join this community!!!
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