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  1. The stallion's ears splayed back, fear flickering over his face and replaced just as fast by firm determination. "You cannot twist my words to seem like your actions were at all justified." He growled, though notably a little less bolder than before. Without his companions to back him up, he was losing courage, and what remained of it kept him frozen in place, face to face with the very real nightmare of all crystal ponies. For the good of his kind and for the good of equestria, or so he believed, the crystal pony pony would keep the king busy no matter the cost. He just hoped that cost didn't happen to be his life. Fear for his friends flashed over him at Sombra's command, but there was nothing he could do for the moment. Chesster wasted no time once he was given the order, racing off into the trees to catch the fleeing crystal ponies. He went after the fastest one, one of the stallions, who also happened to be leaving the most obvious trail. Chesster told himself that this wasn't a big deal, just catch the crystal ponies and stop them from reaching authorities. But the memory of the Crystal Empire as it used to be was fresh in his mind, as it was in all crystal pony's minds, and he couldn't help but feel a thrill creeping up his spine, lending speed to his hooves. It was almost just like chasing fleeing criminals. Chesster caught the overconfident stallion by surprise, his own hoofsteps much quieter, more akin to the practiced, smooth pursuit of a predator than the blind fleeing of a creature that knew it was prey. Chesster tackled the stallion easily, his cries of alarm quickly silenced by a choke hold. When the stallion went limp, Chesster checked to see if he was still alive. Upon confirmation, he immediately raced off to the next target, delight creeping into him despite himself. "Stop, don't hurt them!" The ringleader shouted, looking as if he wanted to race after Chesster to stop him, momentarily distracted from the much bigger threat in front of him. The sharp pain of a backhoof across the face snapped his attention back to Sombra. The crystal pony staggered in surprise, and in a hot second of impulsive rage, he did something that most crystal ponies could only dream to accomplish. "HOW'S THIS FOR A VICTIM!?" He snapped before diving for Sombra's legs, his weight toppling the larger grey stallion. In hindsight an entirely foolish move, but the stallion didn't care. If Sombra was bored of slinging insults, then so was he!
  2. The ringleader appeared to be a little chastened by Sombra's intimidating words, struggling to stand his ground and not give in to fear. "We're stronger together, that's why i'm in a group. I don't need to believe myself to be brave and righteous, because i and every other self respecting crystal pony knows that we're more righteous than you. Slaver. Murderer. Tyrant! The only thing i'm challenging is a dethroned king who was never worthy of the title, an outsider who invaded our kingdom through chance, there was nothing clever about how you murdered our princess, and maybe if our past princess hadn't been so soft and forgiving, your kind would've been simply destroyed rather than locked away. Would've been better for everypony if you had never existed, if your disgusting species had died out, and if you just took your punishment for your crimes instead of hiding from it like a bloody coward!" In his mind, the crystal pony seemed fully aware that he was provoking Sombra and it could possibly result in his heath. The thought scared him, but what scared him more was Sombra returning to wreak havoc on the lives of others. It was something he simply could not allow. He stomped his hoof on the ground three times, and as if it was a signal, the group behind him scattered to the trees, the light glinting off their crystalline bodies making it hard to miss. All he really needed were witnesses to get back to the princesses, or somepony who could help. He would stay and keep the king busy as long as he had to. Chesster blinked in shock at the crystal pony's firm statement, his amber eyes darting between him and Sombra. This had the potential to get messy and no way in tartarus was he gonna be near Sombra if he went berserk. He subtly stepped back allowing Sombra his space, and followed the movements of the crystal pony's as they scattered. It was an unfavorable situation, if even one of the four escaped, the princesses would know of Sombra. "I can catch them." Chesster stated, his sharp eyes tracking each of their movements. As much as he itched to give chase and give each of them a sound thump on the head to knock them out, he waited to see if Sombra wished otherwise, or had an idea of his own.
  3. Most of the crystal ponies gasped and took short steps back, fear creeping in to take the place of their original bravery. Sombra's booming voice and familiar eyes stained in dark magic was enough to remind them of how terrified they were of the former ruler. And yet, the ring-leader stallion held his ground, brows furrowing, lips curled into a determined sneer. If one looked closely, they could see how tense he was, the lines of uncertainty on his face, yet the rigid nerve stayed. "Don't let his volume be mistaken for strength!" He shouted to his companions, glancing behind him. He swung his gaze back around to Sombra, and with his companions sticking by him, he took one step forward. "You're wrong false king. We can do everything now, now that you're gone from your stolen throne! We came out here, to make sure it was no illusion, so we can give you a piece of our minds, and then to the princess to get monsters like you rotting in ice, in chains, on the moon or in stone or below ground or someplace far FAR away from our home, and that goes for Equestria too!" His bravery increased with each word, and he advanced one step more. "You're not as strong since your flank got kicked by a baby dragon and the crystal heart. You're outnumbered, you monster! There's six crystal ponies here, and one evil monster. Turn yourself in, or we'll do it for you." Having been watching the exchange with interest up until the ringleader called attention to Chesster's presence, his mildly unamused expression became sly. Stepping up to Sombra's side, just a little behind the former king, Chesster addressed the ringleader in a scathing, cold tone. "I recognize you. You're the crystal pony who forfeited his round against Sombra in the jousting tournament. Come back for rematch eh? Then you ought to know I don't intend to fight with or for cowards. If you were smart, you'd forfeit this petty attempt at intimidation and run away once more, tail between your legs." The crystal pony bared his teeth angrily, furious that he was recognized. Though Chesster was familiar, in the Empire he normally wore a helmet, making it difficult to really know who he was. "You would turn your back on your own kind for a monster?" He growled, inching closer to wanting to fight. "You're not my kind." Chesster replied with a self-satisfied smile.
  4. Chesster couldn't help but chuckle at Sombra's musing, as he was in full agreement. However when the stallion stepped out to block their path, Chesster was no longer in a joking mood. He didn't take well to being followed, and imagined Sombra might feel similarly. Chesster said nothing and stopped alongside Sombra. Scanning the sides of the road as well revealed that there were indeed a couple others, who no doubt thought they were being sneaky. The crystal pony stallion was a bold one, to be sure. While not as big as Sombra, he had the barrel-chested look of a work horse. He stood his ground, but it seemed like it was partially out of being frozen with fear rather than pure courage. The stallion spoke up, his voice accusatory. "You're not an illusion. We knew you weren't. You're the real Ki-" The crystal pony stopped himself from saying 'king'. This wasn't the empire, and Sombra was no longer king to him or anypony else, so he thought. "Did you really think you could just walk away? Do the things you did and walk around free? You deserve nothing less than another thousand years on ice!" He stamped his hoof on the hard dirt road for emphasis, he had come too far to back down now. The others came out from the sides of the road to stand beside the stallion, 5 in total counting him. Continuing on with his accusations, the ringleader pointed a hoof at Sombra. "We were too afraid to stand up to you before, but you're no king anymore. We can't be silenced anymore." It wasn't clear to Chesster where exactly they were going with this, but he had a feeling this could go a number of ways. Either the group decided to attack Sombra, or they wished to list their grievances and tattle to a princess. Both unwise, but they were right about one thing. This wasn't the empire, Sombra wasn't an official king and Chesster didn't have official authority. Their options were limited, no matter what.
  5. Chesster tilted his head to the side slightly, as if that would help him to mull over Sombra's explanation. He was subtley a little pleased that his blunt line of questioning had caught the former ruler by surprise, but now Chesster had been given some new information to think about. It felt like it would be annoying to ask, but Chesster kept coming back to the why of things. If the Umbrum would have ravaged Equestria, why release them? Did Sombra have a wish to see Equestria destroyed, or simply not care in his blind goal to release his own? And if they had decided to take over Equestria, then why? It was a truly fascinating question, and Chesster had spent many evenings reading over the histories surrounding the villains and tyrants of ages long past, and the answer to why they did it. What seemed to puzzle Chesster most was, where do you go once you're at the top? After Equestria, what next? Griffonstone? The world? Why stop, why be satisfied, if the goal if power then why stop until you have it all, and once you have it all what then? Ah, but perhaps he was reading into it too much. After what seemed like an awkwardly long silence, Chesster finally addressed Sombra's very satisfactory answer to his questions. "I'm curious as to what would have happened, had that come to pass. I suppose logically with a resurgence of completely loyal ponies of your own species to aid you, the guard and thus myself would've become obsolete. And yet, i've read much of wars and kings and dark plans to seize power, and all have failed. I can't help but wish that, just once, somepony would succeed. If not for my sake, then for the advancement of psychology of the effects of such absolute control, how an all-powerful government might function. It's not an ideal scenario for the overwhelming majority, but isn't it fun to imagine what possibilities could come from a world that is the polar opposite of the one we stand in today?" Chesster seemed to realize he had been ranting for longer than intended, he normally wasn't so open with his insights, but Sombra had been very gracious in being open about himself so Chesster supposed they were even in that regard. He allowed Sombra the time to give his thoughts a response, though it seemed somepony was listening in. Due to them walking and talking, Chesster's two companions had gone out of earshot with their somewhat faster pace. Chesster's inkling suspicion of being followed was confirmed when a stallion, a crystal pony stallion stepped out in front of them on the dirt road. Bold as can be, he was waiting for Chesster and Sombra to reach him, and hesster could tell from his expression, he was itching to pick a fight.
  6. Chesster shrugged in response to Sombra's insinuation that he stole.Though Chesster would not admit it in such blunt terms, it was indeed correct. The money he'd accumulated wasn't through honest means. "That is indeed everyone. I don't feel a need to surround myself with others, and those who do live with me are very tolerable." Chesster chose not to comment on the remark that Sombra preferred Equestrians over Crystal Ponies. He supposed he could understand the reasoning, and Chesster himself wasn't fond of other crystal ponies, but that didn't mean he seperated himself completely from them and Sombra's consistent disgust towards them left an uncomfortable taste in Chesster's mouth. "The third would be Frontline, I always leave at least one former guard at my home to keep out curious equestrians. Now i have another question for you, feel free to not answer if it's too loaded. Why did you do it?" Of course based on Sombra's response about Umbrum, Chesster could put together the pieces and assume Sombra took control of the Empire in order to free his species. But some things did not make sense. "Why did you shatter the princess? Were there not other means to achieve your goal? What was the plan afterwards?" Great, now Chesster was the one peppering Sombra with questions. But it simply felt best to unload them in one go, allow Sombra to get them out of the way quickly or ignore them alltogether.
  7. Chesster regarded Sombra's reaction with interest, not entirely expecting the question to make such an impact, but noting how conflicted it seemed to make him feel. He did not even bother to hide his interested expression when sombra's gaze met his once more. Upon Sombra's own line of questioning, Chesster nodded briskly and once again kept pace. The question was a tough one, and any way Chesster tried to think about it, there was simply no nice answer. He chose to be intentionally vague, as he wasn't entirely willing to dovulge the rawest feelings on the matter. "It's the name i used when i was somepony important. Simply put, i am no longer important nor influential in any worthwhile manner." Chesster was all too happy to talk about the place they were headed instead, and dove into that. "Well, i saved up a bit during your rule and after the Empire returned, i assumed i'd no longer be entirely welcome. So i had commissioned the building of a decent manor in Whitetail Wood. Other than the occasional hiker, the woods is secluded and peaceful, far from prying eyes, and not too far from towns to make supply runs or information gathering too difficult. Including Shieldbreaker and Spearhead, there are 3 former guards, along with 2 service mares." Chesster realized the idea of servants knowing of Sombra's existence might be distressing, so he added on to his explanation. "I hoof-picked them however, and there is a non-disclosure agreement in their contracts. That said, both mares are equestrian and friendly. There's the maid Featherbun, and the chef Carrot Cooke."
  8. Goldenglow offered a patient, indulgent smile, the kind a mother might make when her child offers to help with something that would be better left to the adults. "I'm sure the teapot is happy being dead as it is, seeing as there is boiling water inside of it. I'll be right back!" She rose from the sofa and followed the sound of the shrill whistle, carefully pouring the steaming liquid into two mugs and preparing the tea mixture of skullcap and chamomile. She set the mugs on a tray, along with a jar of honey and a spoon, since she liked her tea sweetened and was unsure if her guest would like the same. Goldenglow carried the tray into her living room in her mouth, a cheerful smile on her face as she set it down on the coffee table between sofas. and spooned in honey into her own cup. "Would you like honey with yours?" She asked politely, and began to wonder with Chipper's restless energy if he'd be totally satisfied with a home as peaceful as hers, and pony as calm as she. His adventures sounded exciting, raising the dead and living with caribou.
  9. Chesster blinked several times, and though he tried to hold a blank gaze the fascination was evident in his amber eyes, the gears turning even as the words left Sombra's mouth. Another species, imprisoned, thrusting their own into the world with vague instructions to free them, dropping the weight of an entire race on one young stallion's shoulders. The details may be different, but Chesster realized it amounted to little more than somepony's family trying to force their child towards a path they weren't sure about taking. He knew what that felt like. Well, on a much less drastic scale anyways. But many, many more questions flooded his mind. Why were the Umbrum imprisoned? Did Sombra really take over an empire and enslave its populace to free his own species? Because Chesster didn't know what to make of that. A more potentially disturbing question rose to the surface of his mind, however. "Do you think that when they find out you've failed them, they'll send another in your stead? If they can apparently sneak their own outside of this supposed prison, why can't they do it again?" Chesster made a mental note to research everything about the Umbrum he could, as it truly seemed like a fascinating concept. He wondered if the crystal ponies from earlier were still following them, and sureptitiously glanced over his shoulder. The road behind them was empty. But he didn't exactly trust that.
  10. Goldenglow beamed, that was exactly the type of answer she'd been hoping for! She could breathe a little easier now, but it struck her that although his intentions were pure, if such a talent existed then maybe somepony would not use it for the wellbeing of others. "Well, i'm very happy to hear that! That sounds like a very useful talent. Are there any drawbacks to being brought back like that?" She considered what it must be like, to think you're dead or dying and then suddenly be alive. All the questions about the nature of living came up, such as if ponies did indeed have a soul, and what happened if a body was raised without it. She'd never considered mortality like this before, so in a way she was grateful for meeting such a spunky little necromancer to broaden her worldview.
  11. Chesster met Sombra's pace as he started after his two companions, and if he held any disagreements, he didn't speak of them. In fact, something about the conversation rubbed Chesster the wrong way, and he couldn't really pinpoint what it was. All in all, it'd gone well. He acknowledged Sombra's freedom to do as he wished, and kept his options open. Then why was Chesster unsatisfied? It was something he'd need to dedicate some more thinking to, and though he rolled the words in his head like foam from an unsettled sea, the thoughts drifted below the surface before he could grab them. He would need to leave them alone for now, mulling over things always made them more clear. His ears angled towards Sombra as he heard him speak once more, asking a question he hadn't really thought of. Chesster was more used to being called Pierce, since the crystal empire had only recently came back. It was certainly a more fierce name, like the pierce of a sword. Chesster was... well, Chesster. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that may not be such a bad thing. It could potentially be a while before he could reclaim his former title, or perhaps never. Using the second part of his name would only increase his ache for the past, when things were simple. "What i wish cannot be. So for now, Chesster will be my title until i earn my previous one." Though it would have been easier in Chesster's mind to regain that title through working with Sombra, that path was obscured to him, but he could always find somebody else in lands less fair than Equestria where his skills could be valued. It was all a big maybe and though Chesster liked risks, he did prefer to deal in absolutes. It couldn't be helped however, and now he had the opportunity to ask his own questions. "My question for you is one crystal ponies have wondered for years. What, truly, are you? Your appearance and abilities are rather ... unique."
  12. Chesster was expecting this talk, and though he did dread it, he had accepted it as an inevitability. Though Sombra's tone did give him pause, as he never really expected sombra to be so forward with his feelings unless it was to unleash his anger. However, it took Chesster mere moments to pick up on he fact that this was anger, albeit subdued and focused. He stopped before him, even if he'd have prefered to keep walking. He gestured for his two companions to continue on without him, he felt this conversation would be best held between him and Sombra alone. His expression was a mask of perfect calm as he listened to Sombra's piece, and it confirmed his worst fears. Sombra had no desire to rule. Chesster held his ground against the former king, his gaze even, and resigned. He spoke in measured, even tones, careful not to escalate Sombra's anger. "Truthfully, that is... well, disapointing." He inhaled slowly, gathering his thoughts as calmly as he could. "But, i respect your decision. I would not presume to hold any sort of power over you, i do not wish to force your hoof even if i held the power to do so." Chesster wished they'd been walking, as pacing helped him gather his thoughts. As it was, he simply tapped his chin with his hoof to help him think. "I would not have viewed it as using you, rather a mutually beneficial partnership. But it is made clear to me you hold no such mutual goals, and so i will respect that." It seemed to Chesster that Sombra's freedom was a point of importance with the stallion, and Chesster wondered just what it was that drove him to such extremes. In truth, he had never thought to be using Sombra. Rather, he had estimated the opposite, with how much of a tyrant Sombra had been, Chesster had resigned himself to the idea that he himself might be used to gain power, and then disposed of. It was almost surprising to him that sombra seemed to think the opposite. "If you ever change your mind, well... you already know my stance on the matter." Chesster inhaled again, his brows furrowing slightly. His next words felt hard to say, but... correct. "Maybe my... preconceived notions of you were as false and ignorant as the other crystal ponies. I'd be honored if i could learn what you are truly like, instead of the exaggerated and brutal picture painted of you, by myself and by victims." Chesster wasn't totally prepared to give up his ideas, but Sombra would not help in his endeavors and he was on his way to accepting that. The least Chesster could do was fix his own ignorant perceptions of Sombra himself first.
  13. Goldenglow laughed indulgently, and watched him as he examined her small living room. Not for the first time, she wondered exactly how old he was. "I'm not sure what tea is like where you're from honey, but i promise the tea here has no hair in it." Golden said with amusement. "Give me juuust a moment to get the water boiling" She trotted out of the livingroom through an open doorway, setting a teapot on the stove and getting the water boiling, and in the meantime looking over her selection of tea blends. She was a lover of all tea so there was abundant variety, some in tea bags, some as extracts in jars and some simply dried herbs in jars. After careful consideration, she decided the boisterous stallion may benefit most from a calming tea, and as irony would have it, skullcap was great for soothing hyperactive nervous systems, albeit not the best tasting tea. She picked out the skullcap extract from her shelf, as well as dried chamomile herbs for its world-renowned calming effects, setting both ingredients aside while the water boiled. The kettle would whistle when the water was hot enough, so for now Goldy returned to the living room, climbing up on one of the sofas opposite to Chipper, curling her tail around herself delicately. Now that she had an apparent necromancer in her home, she was struck with an abundance of questions. Not really the kind of mare to blurt out queries one after another, she carefully considered wht to ask first. "So while the water is boiling, i was... wondering..." Goldenglow trailed off, thinking of the right way to phrase it. Another look at her companion however eased any possible insecurites, he didn't look like the type to get upset at clumsy wording. "What exactly do you use necromancy for? I've never met anypony with such a talent, and i'd like to know more about it!" Though Goldenglow knew very well of the possible implications and questionable morality of raising the dead, her altruistic mindset couldn't help but lean towards positive uses, such as raising the dead to solve crimes or disputes, letting loved ones say goodbye, discovering cures for diseases, answering questions about death and the afterlife, medical uses for bringing back somepony from near death after an accident, possibilities were endless!
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