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  1. That's great! I'll be ready whenever just send me a PM and we can get this started.
  2. @Raptorvelo Oh gosh, I'm finally back after so long! If you are still interested I would love to do either one with ya.
  3. @Lyipheoryia @MintCondition Thanks for the interest both of you and so sorry for my late reply I would love to set something up where we could all interact with our ponies sometime!
  4. Oh yeah, you have to draw the character yourself in order for them to approve of a picture. A picture doesn't matter much but if you really want to show your character then I can show you how, Pm me?
  5. Oh so you go back out to character applications, Next to the AU characters topic is a button that says: Start new topic, click that and you'll be able to make your character.
  6. Oh, if you want to rp, go to character applications and look for This: It'll tell you all you need to know!
  7. Hey there, now that my characters been approved I really want to try him out in a few roleplays since this is my first time actually roleplaying MLP wise. I have two scenarios in mind, they may be cliche but it's just what I thought at the top of my head. Stars comes back to Appleloosa and is very happy from being greeted by all his friends and family except for one pony who has no idea who he is. Could be that they just moved there, is visiting, etc. He notices this and notices either that they don't look like they belong here or that they do but he never knew why he hasn't noticed them. After some time in Appleloosa, he manages to bump into the stranger and interactions and plot can be discussed from there. Whilst working on his new song, Stars is in conflict with himself about what to write and starts to stress so to calm himself he starts to walk around manehattan, only to be bombarded by fans as they come up and ask for pictures and autographs. It was a price to pay for being famous but he wished he could catch a break. He finally managed to break free and find himself near his home when he came across a beautiful singing voice (Can be mare or Stallion). It was as if he heard himself when he first sang in front of an audience all over again. He followed that voice until he saw the pony, gryphon, etc sitting with their back turned to him and singing softly. This gave him a spark of inspiration. He's only ever done solo songs...what would a duet be like? With that, we can discuss further. I hope someone's interested!
  8. Ah I guess that's true, just saying if you need any help getting around here I'll gladly help you
  9. Aw, that sure sounds nice! I know how to rp and all that I'm just new to the site. But I've got the basics so if you need help on what to do or where to go, don't be afraid to message me or the Admins!
  10. Oh hello! Welcome to Canterlot, I'm new too!
  11. Thank you so so much! Drag this up to your tabs for ref
  12. Ah yes please, I was wondering if you could draw my Sona Inky? I would love to see it in a different art style. Do you know how I could send you a ref of her?
  13. Are you um still taking requests? If not I completely understand!
  14. From the album: My OCs

  15. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me!
  16. Roleplay Type: Free-for-all Name: Apple Stars Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye color: A bright baby blue Coat: Blonde with white freckles on his cheeks Mane/Tail: Dark brunette tied in a short spiked ponytail with an orange mane tie Physique: Skinny though with a bit of muscle to him. Residence: He tends to move around a lot due to his job. Mostly in Manehattan or Canterlot but he'll always come back to Appleloosa one way or another Occupation: Stars is a famous country-styled singer who often visits different places each week to sing for the ponies and other species of Equestria. Cutie Mark: A green apple with three stars flowing down the side of the apple Whilst on a trip with his father to help them bond and make up for lost time Apple had gotten back into secretly singing. It had always helped him calm himself when he was a foal. As they slowly started to bond over travel and discussions about the farm and life being famous the colt was confident enough to show his father his singing voice and when he did, things took a big turn. He felt it was for the better. After some convincing and encouragement, Cunning had set up a small show in Canterlot where all the primmest and proper ponies live. His son would be the star and show off his singing voice to the world but Apple didn't know if he was ready. In fact on the night of the show, he ran from it before it began, way too anxious to show other ponies his voice afraid of judgment and looks of disgust. He didn't feel like he could handle all those eyes on him and face those ponies head on. It was too much so he found a small alley way to hide in and stayed there for a few hours. Making sure he was hidden within his covers of old boxes and a dumpster. Of course, all too soon in his opinion one of his father's bodyguards found him and made him walk back to his father. Unable to handle the pressure Stars cried on Cunning's shoulder all while he comforted his son with soft words and praise. Telling him that there was no reason to be scared and that he was here for him. That was a moment in his life that became precious to him but he still didn't know what to sing and that's when the best thing his father has ever said to him came forth. "Sing about what you love" His farm, his family, that's what he loved the most. Suddenly finding lyrics in his head Stars got on that stage and paid no mind to the audience, only singing about what he loved. He soon heard cheering and hooves clapping together but continued to sing his heart out, feeling what his true passion was and what he was meant to be. Right then and there his cutie mark appeared. Unique Traits: The only earth pony in his immediate family who has an apple in his cutie mark History: Foal years - Born in the small town of Appleloosa to his mother Orange Cider and his father Cunning Shades, Apple Stars was named partly after his great, great grandfather who used to be part of the apple family making him a distant apple along with his mother. As a foal, he was a shy and timid thing. Always clinging to his mother and crying whenever she had to go to work on the farm. He was lonely most of the time due to his father always being out at shows and being a model around Canterlot. This is what sparked a creativeness in the young foal as he started making up his own games to play instead of crying all day. It included singing and pretending to farm like his mother. Colt years - As he grew up, Stars assumed he'd just be an apple farmer like his mother since he had given up on singing due to how shy he was around other ponies. He was perfectly fine with being an apple farmer however and grew close with his mother. Often remarked as mama's boy by his cousins. Of course, Orange was rather prideful of that name and would always call him that resulting in him feeling embarrassed most of the time. Though despite this, he was still a rather hard-working stallion and did his best to support his mother while working the front at a small little bar that Orange's family had owned for generations. . When his father came home there was always some uncomfortable distance between them. Since he was never around much of his life there had always been some sort of distance between them. Orange wasn't fond of the distance between her two boys and came up with a plan to bring them together and sent them off on a trip with each other to further their relationship having no idea that's what changed her son's life forever. After getting his cutie mark he excitedly went on the train the very next day and making sure to hug his father goodbye since he still had business in Canterlot. With a happy mind and heart Apple had made his way to Appleoosa where after he announced his cutie mark everyone celebrated the fact that he had become a small time celebrity and had gotten his cutie mark. After that celebration, nothing had ever been the same. When his father came back they both bonded a lot more and he felt happy to get to know his father along with going with him every time he left and starting up his career as a performer. He started singing in small towns at first like ponyvile and slowly over time worked himself up to be able to sing in front of millions of ponies and sign autographs. Stallion years (Where he is now) - Now living in manehattan and famous the stallion still does his best to visit his family and had gladly taken over his father's career when he retired only he sung. Sometimes he would model here and there for a promo of his new show but besides that life was good for him right now even with it being instantly busy. Although one thing had always been bothering him and that's his recent discovery of liking other stallions. Character Personality: Apple Stars is quite a shy stallion despite being famous. He still has a hard time speaking to ponies one on one though his fans rather think that's cute. He also has the personality of someone who wants to help ponies in bad situations. He's gentle and understanding and is willing to do anything to help somepony. Stars is also very soft-hearted. He'll always try to remain calm and collected in the face of confrontation even if he has plans to avoid it at all costs. With family and close friends: Gentle and caring, Apple Stars can be the best friend that may exist. In fact, he often put the needs of his friends in front of his needs. He is loyal, devoted, compassionate and whenever there is some problem in the family or among friends, he will do his best to resolve it. Stars is expressive and he will not hesitate to express his feelings to the ponies around him. He expects others to be open to him as he is. Communication with loved ones is very important for him. Character Summary: Just a country stallion who worked his way to fame but still has a soft heart and mind.
  17. InkyQuill


    Um hey there! My name is InkyQuill and it's a pleasure to be on here, I've been roleplaying for about five years now and have a little experience here and there. I happen to come across this site through a simple google search since I was very bored one day and decided to look on the web. I am so glad I found this site since I've been a fan of MLP for a while now. Ever since I was a little girl actually, I just never really grew out of it since I was so surprised by how the show grew and evolved over the years. But enough of that. I'm just here to say hello and I hope to make some new friends soon! PS: Luna and Fluttershy are the best >3<
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