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  1. Hi! I wanted to say I absolutely love your art! your content is amazing! keep up the good work, also im new here...can you show me how some of this works?

    1. AeroSpace34


      Hi! I'm new here and stuff...but, I draw art and I hope I can make some new friends here and such!

  2. I wouldn't say I'm all THAT interesting, haha XD But thank you anyway!
  3. TexasHeat

    My Ponies<3

    Every piece of artwork was drawn by someone else as commission, request, or gift. I will do my best to link back not only to the artist, but to the original artist as well.
  4. "Think you can take me on, hon? Heh, you're too cute." Name: Dalis Nickname: Starfish (mother), Dally Species: Pegasus Occupation: Athlete/Volley Ball Cutie Mark: Two Starfish Personality/Background: Dalis was born and raised in the city of Baltimare and as far as he’s concerned, it’s the best damn place in all of Equestria. His love is so great that, after a couple of beers, he’s willing to butt heads with anyone who dares says otherwise. From the moment he popped out of his mother’s womb, he’s been nothing but an energetic handful. Dalis hated being cuddled for too long and always squirmed to get away. He couldn’t stand being cooped up and was always trying to investigate everything around him; climbing into cabinets, chewing on anything he got his mouth on, and even escaping through the doggy door. It got to the point where his parents had to baby-proof the entire house! And oh, gosh. If anyone dared tried to do something for Dalis instead of letting him do it himself, he would throw the BIGGEST fit. It wasn’t until his parents took him to the beach that they finally figured out how to tire out their little trooper. The second his tiny hooves touched the sand, Dalis was off! He LOVED the beach! His favorite thing to do was stomp around and make the sand go everywhere, or to run away before the waves could touch him. His mother instantly started teaching him how to swim. From that day on, there was hardly a day that Dalis didn’t visit the beach. Dalis learned early on that he was meant to be an athlete. He loves beach volley ball, and his goal in life is to become pro. He’s still not a fan of others helping him, but has managed to work well with a team (if he would just stop trying to hog all the attention!). He oozes self-confidence and has plenty to spare, but sometimes it comes on too strong and can be off-putting. Dalis is loud, flirty, and has absolutely no filter to speak of. Relationships: Andreas: Dalis’ not-so-little ‘baby’ sister. Even before she hit puberty, it was obvious that Andreas would be much taller than her big brother. Not that Dalis ever cared! While he might not have been keen on the idea of her at first, he fell in love the second he laid eyes on her! Dalis is fiercely protective, which is plain silly in her opinion, since she’s quite powerful in her own right. Sea Dew: Mother. Co-Owner of a Surfing Hut in Baltimare. She’s a loving mother, but she has no idea how her son got to be so cocky! And the fact that her daughter is an Alicorn? How in Equestria did she get such children in the first place?! Sometimes she’s at her wits end, trying to live up to her amazing children’s potential. River Splash: Father. The other owner of the Surfing Hut. Acts more like a swimmer instructor for little foals instead of a business owner. He’s a little more laid back than his wife, and his happy his kids are finding their own ways in life. Extra: -Has eyelashes for daaaays (and some thick eyebrows, gosh) -Mother calls him ‘Starfish’ because he always needs to be the ‘star’. Especially on the beach! -Has had a foul mouth ever since he was a foal, though he tries not to speak badly in front of his mother. -Has a STRONG trash talk game. -Currently on an amateur volley ball team. Trying to get them to win a league or two before trying out for the big games. -Popular with both mares and stallions. Doesn’t have a preference himself, but isn’t looking for a committed relationship either. Definitely a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ kind of stallion. -Until Andreas was born, his entire family was made up of Pegasi. -Normally smells like the sea and a little sweat, but does cleanup for dates. -Carries a comb around and is always brushing his mane Original Art Piece by PSeishiyo on Deviantart Original Profile: by me!
  5. Sorry, you guys. I’m sure you get these kinds of questions all the time. ^^; I was wondering if someone could direct me towards a technology-thread or something? I tried looking for it in the search option, but it just brought up old links that don’t seem to work anymore. Or, if you want to be super awesome, I guess you can just answer my technology question here! I'm trying to plan my first character application. I have a pony who works as a radio host and wants to do voice over work (not TV/animation, but for audio books!). I know there’s at least recorded material in MLP, but I wasn’t sure about the radio part. Are radios a thing in this world? Edit: I'm... guessing this place isn't very active?
  6. It must be a good site if you come back to it! I hope I finally found the right site for me for roleplaying this fandom xD
  7. I've been a fan for the same amount of time! XD I still think their mane styles were the best.
  8. Hello, everyone! The name is TexasHeat - well, it's actually Lauren, but that would be a boring username. So you can call me either that, or Tex. I'm happy with both! As you might have guessed it, I live in Texas (I have my entire life!). I'll be 24 on October 4th, and I have a little dog named Kovu and a kitten named Shadow. They're my entire world! I work as a bank teller, so my days can be pretty busy (everyone wants their money, gosh). At the moment I don't go to school. STILL haven't figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life. But I'm in no rush! It'll happen when it happens. As for how I found this site, I just googled 'mlp roleplay' and it popped up, haha. I have had absolutely NO LUCK finding someone to roleplay my ponies with (DeviantArt has been a major fail for me), so I was getting pretty frustrated. I hope I have a lot more luck here. ^_^ I've been a fan of My Little Pony since my grandma used to record the 80's blockbuster videotapes for me, haha! My very first one was with the Smooze. My favorite pony character is... hmm. I guess it's either Fluttershy or Twilight! Shy animal lover and 'everything needs to be checked off a list' book lover. I can't really think of anything else for myself. I have a ton of ponies who need to be used, so I guess the hardest part is picking the ones that get to be posted here! I'm really hoping to make a ton of friends here. ^_^
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