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  1. I LIVE

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      How can we be sure?

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      "It's Phoeberia [buy some apples]!"

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      There is the possibility I am a zombie could be the apples.

  2. Looking for a few others, gunna drop savage into the forest, pretty much he's been described as a large monster and by all means pets or even other ponies have gone 'missing' because of him, so i wanted to see if anyone else wanna do the thing with me and encounter the 'monster'
  3. Okay! I guess I'm sticking with Savage for RP purposes, I'd make a thread if I could -flips table-

  4. Okay edited the thing lol
  5. I just realised I have the alert function for this threE turned off lol I want to post an rp starter but I can't post anywhere yet I guess
  6. Steadily learning how to use this lol

  7. S'all good yo, weekends a weekend also ty
  8. Hmm added in some stuff for the cutie mark then
  9. Eh probably but it's a summary for the most part. Really it's length depends on if I add or use other characters, which at this point I might just stick together some rando. As for meat it's more of a health thing, herbivores will occasionally eat raw meat for weird reasons. For him he's just big enough and it's easier to dispose of stuff.
  10. phoeberia


    So far I seem to be the only Phoeberia so woot lucky name lol and I'm hoping to rp here, I tried hanging at another forum not very active unfortunately lol
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestrian Name: Savage {Iron Hide, will only ever introduce himself as savage.} Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Horse Eye colour: Emerald with a hint of yellow. Coat: Dark Grey with a few tattoos. Mane/Tail: Reddish Brown hair with grey streaks. Physique: Thicc and big. Residence: The everfree forest? Any woods or open fields off the road. Occupation: Originally was a guard, commander during a war, a blacksmith, and now just a general farm hand for hire. If he can get close enough to ask. Cutie Mark: Iron hammer, during a bad winter storm in the mountains, savage went up alone to gather ore. This ore was needed for a very special sword commissioned by a a prince. It wasn't magical just needed to be visually appealing, the wyrm ore was rare and hard to get too. It could only be found in the belly of a crystal wyrm. Savage took off into the deep mountains and storm. He came back a week later with his cutie mark, and doesn't talk about the incident. Unique Traits: Savages height for one, he can generally step over most ponies he comes across, though he's not tall enough to make it sorta awkward if he did. Also tusks and a general appetite for meat. From there he definitely follows his name, Iron hide. History: Savage started his life amongst his family, constantly nomadic in the northern tundras, thick hide and skin against the bitter winds. Like many of his family he moved out of his family group and made his way into warmer climates. Happy to explore and learn about the world. From his father he knew how to gather ores from the earth, from his mother he knew how to shape them into weapons and armor. He made his home in a small community that served apart of an earls territory, with his size and natural strength he was hired into being a guard, though preferred his blacksmithing work and was simply on call. Though disagreements and lies between two butting authorities caused the small kingdom to come unraveled in a civil war. he had to fight against many friends. His weapons were used against many old allies. He didn't take to this well and after a few years of participating, he defected and ran away. Though because of this war he has a deep hatred for magic users. From there he traveled very, very far to equestria where he hoped it would be peaceful to live. Unfortunately ponies art use to practical gaints so he's regularly mistaken as a monster in the forest, and being mostly carnivore, it doesn't help. Though because of the nature being extremely tame. Hunting is extremely easy. Character Personality: Savage is a very quiet stallion, he generally has no reason to speak to anyone. Though if your a kid he will happily speak to you, he enjoys the presence of children, if anything it reminds him of simpler times. Beyond that Savage doesn't have a short temper despite his intimidating brutish looks he's very level headed and tactical. He'd rather talk to someone then to harm them but if they continue to pursue him he doesn't mind getting rid of them. He doesn't care for enclosed spaces and seem to have a phobia of them or atleast will begin to have a panic attack if bound in any manner. Though if you use magic he will attack first, he does not trust unicorns and will run them off before much words can be exchanged. This has unfortunately garnered him the title of Forest Monster. Character Summary: Savage is a story teller, though only to the young, he travels and helps out farms, rarely goes into town. He distrusts magic users and finds most people to much of a bother to try speaking to. Though despite this he is a very laid back stallion, enjoys the open road and sleeping under the open skies. Equestria is a therapeutic visit for this old war horse.
  12. Pretty much going to be looking for a spot to rp once I get my character accepted! That and I also want to know how many ocs can you have, working off my phone here there are a couple things the same color as the background so I might have missed it lol
  13. phoeberia


    Guess I'm new here, looking to Role Play and use my characters some. Got way to many to let sit and rot. Lol
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