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  1. ((Are we waiting for someone else to respond because I posted my intro a am currently waiting for anyone to introduce themselves.))
  2. Sweet! I think I might have the perfect one for the first scenario. I just want to post there character app in the forum as a reference. Other then that, just let me know when you’re ready to start.
  3. Okay, also I was wondering if you could clear some stuff up for me regarding equestria girls. In that universe do pegasi still have wings and the ability to fly and can unicorns still perform magic?
  4. Okay, should I PM my character sheet to you? Or do you want me to include it here?
  5. Okay, sweet! Should I PM my character sheet to you?
  6. Sounds like fun, though I will admit I don’t know much about equestria girls. Other then they’re the people version of ponies. Would we be using OCs and such?
  7. The reason I asked was because I was interested in participating. I still am in fact, though I was wondering if this would be taking place here or on a different chat system.
  8. The crimson haired girl smiled, “I sure am!” She replied enthusiastically her bird letting out a soft caw in agreement before continuing to stare resolutely at the individual identifying themselves as their partner. Smiling, the red haired sniper was about to ask her new partner to lead the way when her birds actions suddenly caught her attention. Looking down at her bird, she paused for a moment before holding up a hand in an attempt at getting the blondes attention. “Hay wait, before we do that shouldn’t we introduced ourselves?” She asked curiously.
  9. At the noise, both the heads of the girl and her crow immediately swung around to look in the direction of the sound. At the sight of the masked woman, the part of the girls face not hidden by her mask cracked into a friendly smile as she carefully turned to face them. Is this my new partner? She wondered as her eyes quickly flicked from the mask they were wearing, down to the scroll in their hand and back. “Oh, hello, are you my new partner?” She asked hopefully as her bird cocked it’s head to the side while it studied the masked individual curiously.
  10. In another part of the world hidden away from the authorities, a group of faunus gathered in protest. Unfortunately, this gathering was far from peaceful. As the rally’s speaker mounted the stage to begin, the masked faces of hundreds turned upwards in attention. Among the crowd, stood a dark skinned women with crimson hair. On her face was a mask designed after a Nevermore, slung across her back was what looked like a rifle with an attached scope, and atop her shoulder, a single crow sat taking in the surroundings. The girl fidgeted slightly before returning to her normal stance of rapt attention. According to the previous meeting, today she and her partner were going to be sent on a mission. I wonder where we’ll go? Will we be going undercover? Or will they have us intercepting supplies. She thought excitedly as she slowly cast her eyes over those around her in serch of her companion. “I really hope they get here soon.” She murmured to her bird, who let out a soft caw in reply.
  11. Am I correct in the assumption that the rp I am posting is is the one entitled “The World of Remnant”?
  12. I’m up for a White Fang rp In the meantime should I post my intro post for this Rp?
  13. Name: Agatha Birdsong Gender: female Race: human Appearance: she has dark colored skin and dark red hair. Carries a crow with her at all times. Weapon: Striker. A high powered rifle combination with a grappling hook capable of firing hollow point, incendiary, and armor piercing rounds. The kickback can be used in tandem with the grappling hook to help her maneuver herself around (think 3D maneuver gear from attack on titan). She is also able to attach a silencer to the rifle for stealth. Fighting Style: She specializes in long range attacks, stealth, and, thanks to her bird, reconnaissance. She has also been known to use the bird to help her pull off almost impossible feats of marksmanship do to her semblance ability to see through the eyes of any creature or grim she has touched. When dealing with grim, she tends to use her crow to spread her influence to the ones within her range of influence by touching them with her crow. This semblance also allows her to influence the minds of animals and younger grim. She has a harder time with the older more intelligent grim, though she can still see through their eyes. When it comes to intelligent animals she is only able to influence them if she has had a past bond with them, her crows being an example of this as she had raised them from eggs. The range of her ability to see through the eyes of animals and grim is vast though it requires her to concentrate on said animal. Her ability to influence their minds only works within a range of two Kilometers. Her ability doesn’t work on humans (or Faunus) Personality: When on the job she suppresses her emotions and comes off to others as a quite individual with all the patience and determination of a born predator. However, when she isn’t on the job she tends to be cheerful, sweet, and curious, when it comes to any thing new she is quite opportunistic and will always make a point of trying something at least once. If she ends up being a villain I figured her semblance would be more developed if she ends up being a hero it would only be limited to her bird as heros tend to move around more.
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