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  1. We can do one on one role playing on the chat and role play with others here
  2. we can role play on the chat we have on the message i gave you
  3. hello rexdraco its a pleasure to meet you

    1. RexDraco


      Nice ta meetcha! Rex or Discord is fine ta call me by! How ya doin?

  4. anyone interested in role playing equestria girls
  5. I think this would be interesting if the rwby story would be role play with some changes: faunus have more then one animal trait and there more androids and now in beacon academy and the other school now have five members in the team we will be role playing canon characters and ocs and made up plots and the original plot to the show and some things can be change for the role play
  6. hello its a pleasure to meet you

  7. Hello kinkamina am new here its a pleasure to meet you

  8. Hello everypony how is everyone and I hope to be good friends with you all
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