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  1. “Well, it’s good to know that you at least have some friends...” Ejaz softly states, watching Sioux with curiosity as she retraced all her steps and continued on her way, moving through her environment swiftly all while advertising the types of products she sells. Ejaz couldn’t help but wonder why anypony would want to sell items like this, let alone buy them, but if that’s how Sioux makes a living, then oh well right? Looking at Loose, Ejaz gave her a light gentle nudge before opening his large wings, testing if the forest was at least spacious enough for him to hover above ground. However, it didn’t seem he was that lucky as his wings hit some of the thick trees, folding his wings back up, Ejaz let out a soft sigh before following after Sioux closely. “It’s nice to meet you mrs. Sioux... as for the uh... the things you’re selling... I’m afraid I’m not interested...” came his soft decline as he followed the lime mare, while occasionally checking behind him for the orange mare.
  2. Ejaz had, as usual, stayed quiet as Loose spoke her mind, the stallion only gently smiling as the train came to a stop and the passengers all left. It honestly kinda surprised him just how many ponies were exiting the train, he guessed it just had something to do with the city having only one legitimate train station, but oh well. The pegasus’ attention went to Loose as she quickly entered the train while calling for Ejaz to follow, raising an eyebrow in curiosity, the mechanic followed the earth pony inside to see her take a seat in the corner of the train. Quietly walking over, Ejaz unstrapped his carriage, placed it out of the way of anypony else who might enter, and then took his seat next to the orange mare. Ejaz looking out the window at the city as Loose made her last comments on the Canterlot. “Who knows?.... I guess you’ll just have to see...”
  3. Ejaz tilted his head as he listened to Loose speak of insults, did an argument of some kind take place while he was traveling here? The pegasus honestly didn’t know what to make of their conversation, so he stayed silent as he felt Sioux relax in his grip before she suddenly jumped out and landed in the bushes. The mechanic only watched curiously as the lime mare’s fake horns and umbrella faced him and Loose. Upon hearing Sioux’s demands for answers, Ejaz simply sat down on the spot and watched the lime Earth Pony with curiosity. “Ejaz Ferron... nice to meet you mrs.” The biege pegasus calmly informs, smiling gently as he listened to her rambles on his actions, then blinked as she ordered him not to touch her again. “Well... I can’t exactly.. you know, make any promises....” He wasn’t exactly lying, Ejaz knew he could be quite affectionate at times, and so didn’t want to make any promise that he wouldn’t be able to keep. Standing up, Ejaz watched Sioux state how she didn’t have any responsibility to either him or Loose, and gave a small hum to show he was listening. The pegasus glanced behind him at the orange mare who was a close friend of his, smiling at her, Ejaz walked over and gave Loose a gentle nuzzle before Sioux’s battlecry made him look at the lime mare. Tilting his head, Ejaz had noticed how different Sioux’s movements were compared to Loose’s, both were blind, but it seems to him that only one of the two could actually still see. “Okay then... lead the way... and, could you tell me your name?” Ejaz says and asks in a positive and calm tone, watching Sioux with curiosity and in an almost analyzing manner.
  4. As he approached the two, Ejaz smiled at Loose and gave a tiny humm to signify he heard her, before looking at Sioux with curiosity. Seeing her ramble and swing her umbrella around, the stallion trotted over to Loose and gave her a gentle hug in greetings, before watching the other lime colored mare with confusion. “Has she... been like this the whole time...?” Came his quiet and curious question, observing Sioux with curiosity all the while listening to Loose’s words. “Well... you could still be a ranger... as for the uh... other thing... I mean... I don’t think you two are helpless... but... I would like to help...” He notes with a shrug, before deciding to try and calm Sioux down. Quietly walking over despite the lime mare swinging her umbrella almost relentlessly, the mechanic kept a passive expression and gentle smile even as the umbrella swung at his face, raising a wing, Ejaz blocked it with only the tiniest of flinches, before sliding down to it’s user, and giving Sioux the softest hug with his wings. Ejaz knew he was probably going to get hurt from these actions, but at least there was a chance of calming her down. “I’m... sorry if I startled you... and... I know Loose doesn’t mean any harm...” Ejaz reasurred in a soothing and quiet voice, glancing behind him at Loose, before simply looking ahead as he gently held Sioux in his wings.
  5. Well this was quite a fun day, Ejaz had woken up, been wandering curiously around Ponyvile only to see that many of its inhabitants were quite terrified of somepony, visited Cherry only to see the same thing, and after giving her a hug and hearing the discription of a similar friend of his being with the source of terror, then hearing where they went, set off into the Everfree to search curiously for a certain mare. Flying over the trees, Ejaz couldn’t even try to stop the large and positive grin that grew on his face from the simple feeling of flying. “Hmm.... I wonder what everyone was so scared of... an odd mare? I mean, yeah Loose is blind yet can see but I don’t think it’s enough to warrent that much fear... Then again there’s the other mare.... but she shouldn’t be anything that bad either if Loose is with her... right?” Was the stallion’s thought process as he flew through the sky, staring up at the clouds as he pondered the subjects of his curiosity before returning to his current activity. Staring down into the forest, it didn’t take long for him to see a similar speck of orange. Eyes brightening with recognition and joy, Ejaz looked in the direction his friend was walking in and noticed a thicker potion of the forest, thick enough for no sunlight to get through. Giving a curious frown, Ejaz looked at the thicker area of the forest before flying down and landing as close as he could; looking in the direction of the two mares and quietly making his way over. Eventually he could hear their voices, and smiled as he merrily made his way over to quietly say hi.
  6. “No I’m implying that the fact you thought I might steal it hurts me, but I uh, guess it didn’t translate well...” Ejaz replies tilting his head, confused at how his joke was misinterpreted before realizing that the mare herself, was joking. The pegasus smiled softly as the earth pony frowns and disses her own jokes, Ejaz simply shrugged and stayed silent as he enjoyed the gentle hug he was giving Loose, flinching as she summerized his awkward experience. Not that he thought it her words were mean, Ejaz just couldn’t help but flinch ever so slightly from the bluntness of Loose’s statement. Staying quiet, Ejaz listened to Loose’s rant while at the same time, gently resting his head on her mane, making sure she was still comfortable while he looked around and watched their environment. Paying the same amount of attention to her words as he was to their surroundings; Ejaz didn’t really know how to reply to her speech, so he simply chose not to, still remaining silent until the sound of the train reached his ears. Feeling Loose trying to get up, Ejaz removed his head from atop hers and finally let the hug break as the mare sprung to her feet and asked if that was their train. Glancing at the time schedule, Ejaz checked the arrival times before looking at his friend. “Uh.... yeah, that is our train...” Was the mechanic’s answer as he stood up and re-strapped his wagon around him, afterwards walking up to Loose’s side as he looked in the direction the train was coming from.
  7. He let out the smallest of gasps, placing a wing on his chest in fake pain. “Take it and run? Loose I’m hurt..” The pegasus jokes with a chuckle, going quiet as she explained the misconception and humming to confirm he understood her. Ejaz blinked as Loose analyzed the stallion’s behavior and compared it to his, looking up in thought, before turning his eyes back to the mare. “I guess? It had been a month after we met... I wouldn’t say it was because he didn’t know how to act.... maybe at first... but later it was definitely more he knew how to act, but I didn’t know how to respond, it just-... never clicked that he was romantically interested... oh well..” Ejaz shrugs, deciding not to dwell on events that had occured almost two years ago. Just as he had, he heard Loose begin apologizing and speaking about the random dangerous events that sometimes occur in Ponyvile, Ejaz smiling as he thought about her words in silence. So it was a town with near constant adventure or something similar huh? Ejaz had been to a town where bad occurances happened a little more often the he liked. Bad unicorns, a “teenage” dragon, and a gryphon at one point.... granted not all at the same time... but yeah, Ejaz had a good group of friends that helped him and watched his back while he was there, so it wasn’t all bad... The memory of those events that had occurred half a year ago made the pegasus smile, Ejaz opening a wing and actually giving Loose a gentle and soft hug. “Well... Life would be boring a without a little danger and adventure here and there...”
  8. ((Aah I see, guess I’ll just wait then)) “Oh, okay then...” Ejaz mutters, looking inside the bag of bits, and taking out just enough to pay for a ticket, before giving it back to Loose. “I’ll just pay for my own...” The pegasus was about to stand, before his ears twitched as he heard Loose’s comment on his voice. Blinking as the information processed in his mind, Ejaz looked over at the mare with a small bit of curiosity. “My voice is to deep and quiet like this? Sorry, I’ll make it a little easier for you..” Ejaz honestly apologizes as his pitch rises slightly, the pegasus now speaking at a louder volume that was still just quiet enough that nopony else nearby could hear except for the blind earth pony. Rising up, the stallion went and collected the tickets, having an easy time since there wasn’t that big of a line. Once he returned, Ejaz lightly nudged Loose with his wing and gently placed the ticket on her head, the pegasus sitting as close as he was before as he listened to the mare speak curiously of the pony who had a crush on him in Filydelphia. “Yeah, it was a little awkward, especially cause I never really knew, we first met while I helped him out with a broken door... at first he was nice, then he started avoiding me... and then eventually stopped avoiding, but started being... too friendly.. It definitely got awkward for me... Eventually i found out... didn’t make it any harder to leave though...” Ejaz then sighed as he thought about the memory for a moment, before looking around, staying silent at his companion suggested their next location then said the final decision was his. Ejaz took a moment to think of his answer before he then once again looked at Loose Cannon, the smallest but sincerest of smiles on his face. “Well.. I’d like to stay in ponyville for a couple of months, normally I do that before I move on, so until then... Let’s not worry about our next destination okay?”
  9. Ejaz watched Cherry with an almost unreadable expression, the pegasus currently frozen as he fought the urge to hug the adorable bundle of joy that was currently his best friend. Soon, the stallion shook his head as he finally decided to vocalize again, his cheeks noticeably red as he glanced away at the food. “Well... I guess we could play Candy Land? I’m not all that sure really... I don’t really fancy board games... I mean, there was this uh, this one time when I tried something called a Video game... I got stuck on it for weeks on end, heheh, a friend of mine had to practically drag me away and give the game to somepony else to free me...” Ejaz explains and jokes laughing a little as the memory floated in his head, the pegasus following Cherry to the table and going quiet as she explained her food and how she had never been here before. Blinking as he was nudged, the Mechanic looked at the Gardener with curiosity as she asked if he had decided and stated her desire to eat together. Blushing slightly and smiling as he looked at her, Ejaz was about to give an answer before a thought popped into his mind tilting his head, the stallion gave the mare in front of him a curious look. “If this is your first time eating here... Maybe... Maybe you should wait until your best friend comes back? You’ve really known me for.... about a day now... I... think that a moment like this should be shared by someone you’ve known all your childhood... Not someone like me.” Ejaz asks and explains with a sheepish smile and a slight shrug.
  10. ((Really? What’s it called?)) The pegasus watched Loose as she found a spot on a nearby bench and took her seat, the stallion walking over and sitting down next to her. Glancing at the mare, Ejaz shyly shuffled over until he was sitting almost against her in what was an almost protective manner, staying silent as he continued to listen to his friend and watch the ponies around him with a small amount of cautiousness. Upon hearing her remark about her own joke, then her plan, and the sound of a bag of bits being moved, Ejaz looked at Loose with a small curious smile. “You sure it’s alright to use your money for both of us? I could pay for my ticket...” Was Ejaz’s question, spoken in such a soft and low voice it could be barely heard by anypony, even if one were sitting next to him. But the pegasus wasn’t worried, the only pony he wanted to hear his words could, and that put him at ease when it came to his volume. Glancing at the ticket stand, Ejaz stared for a moment before hearing Loose’s question and looking at her with the same gentle half-smile. “Well... I’ve been to Manehatten, and Fillydelphia... Actually met somepony there that ended up having a crush on me..... uh, anyways, I’ve heard of AppleLoosa, and the idea of the Crystal Empire kinda honsstly excites me...” Ejaz explains in the same soft and quiet voice, glancing around at the other ponies in the train station with a bit of protective caution and curiosity as he comfortable sat next to his companion.
  11. ((I might join this at a semi-later date if that’s alright with you two...)
  12. Ejaz watched Cherry speed up, and moved a little faster himself in order to keep up with the smaller mare. Snickering and smiling as she giggled and began explaining the candy store that is Sugarcube corner, the mechanic could then feel himself blush as Cherry giggled again and began explaining what Candy Land was. Now, Ejaz has never realy played board games before, mostly taking apart and put back together toys the orphanage had when he used to live in it. Even when a female gryphon had decided to become his first and- at the time- only friend; Ejaz never really touch games like Candy Land, and he could definitely say it was because of a lack of trying. “It sounds like you had fun.” The pegasus states happily as his blush lingered on his face. Ejaz then looked up at the house that came into view, eyes widening in curiosity as he watched Cherry get excited and ask him what he wanted. “Uhh... I’m not sure, maybe I should look at the menu first... Have you been here before?” The stallion answered and asked as he used a wing, opened the door for Cherry, and followed her inside. Once inside, the mechanic looked around the interior before noticing the glass showcase and uttering a quiet “wow...”
  13. Aah I see, okay, thanks for letting me know. Also, here’s a discription and a pic... I guess I’d like him to be drawn in normal MLP style... but if you don’t have the time for it then the chibi style would work too. “Eye color: Vibrant Red Coat: Tan Beige Mane/Tail: Bleach white with blue at the edges, is somewhat wild and unkept, and his mane is tied in a low ponytail. Physique: Slim in appearance (to the point of being almost feminine), but is incredibly muscular and tough upon further inspection. He also has incredibly soft fur and hair.” And now, I’ll go and get 150 posts and will let you know once I do. (Currently have 132... 18 left)
  14. So... Does that mean it’s too late for me to ask for a picture of Ejaz?... it’s alright if it is, I just wanted to ask...
  15. Ejaz’s eyes widened as he looked at Cherry with disbelief in his eyes, a life sized gingerbread house? With icing and cookies and everything? The first thing that popped into Ejaz’s head was the also the very first thing that came out his mouth as he looked ahead in thought. “Is it edible...?” The stallion asked absent-minded before looking at Cherry again as she began explaining what the place and it’s food was like, Ejaz could feel his mouth watering slightly. However, this all stopped as something had him curious and confused, looking at his friend, Ejaz was about to voice his confusion before deciding to stay silent and listen to the rest of what she had to say. Nodding and humming, Ejaz stayed silent as he simply listened to everything Cherry had to say about her stuttering and sudden show of shyness, looking at the mare, a gentle smile was on the pegasus’ features as he adressed his adorable friend. “That makes sense.” The mechanic calmly agreed, knowing that if he met someone that if he had to talk to on that level, it’d be a bit awkward for him as well. As the two got into town, Ejaz observed the enviroment surrounding him and his friend, watching the other ponies that were awake and wondering if there was any way the two could help. The stallion soon decided to just focus on their current activity as Cherry lead them in the right direction, and explained the rest of the directions to Ejaz, who then remembered what he was about to ask earlier. “Um... Cherry? What’s Candy Land?” Was the Mechanic’s confused and curious question as he looked at the Gardener who was his best friend
  16. ((Haha XD)) Ejaz blinked while staring at Loose with widen eyes, a small almost innocent frown on his face as he was caught completely by surprise by the mare’s sudden shift in tone and attitude. The mechanic continued to stare back with confusion and surprise taking up his entire face, the stallion had no idea how to respond before she suddenly dropped the expression and reasurred him, saying she was joking and continuing on inside. The stallion continued to silently stare after the mare for a few moments longer, before following her inside and closing the door behind him. Walking to Loose’s side a with a slight hint of caution in his steps, Ejaz stayed silent and simply listened to her words as she explained her total indifference towards danger, and how she’d rather take that then live in Canterlot. The biege Pegasus looked at the orange Earth Pony with a raised eyebrow, just now getting a fair grasp of just how much exactly Loose hated this city, with an almost analyzing look in his eyes, Ejaz looked his friend up and down, and briefly wondered if something had happend to bring about such strong feelings of hatred and distain towards this kingdom from the so far nice and happy Loose Cannon. The stallion could feel a part of himself want to make some kind of defense for the city, but in the end, Ejaz decided it wasn’t really worth his breath as he himself didn’t really fancy the city, though it was no where near as much as Loose it seems. Letting out a small hum to show he was paying attention, Ejaz still kept an ear to his and Loose’s conversation as he looked around and read some of the posters and labels, the pegasus glancing at his friend as she changed subject and eventually asked him once again when their train would arrive. Blinking as he remembered she had asked that once before, Ejaz looked at the banners telling arriving and departing train times, and smiled before looking at Loose happily. “The closest time is twelve minutes away, we should probably get tickets huh?” Ejaz finally speaks after staying completely silent (aside from an occasional hum) since the two entered the train station. ((Also, decded to put in his bio that Ejaz’s body is slim enough to appear feminine until someone inspects further... Thought it’d be a nice and slightly funny little thing to add to him...))
  17. “Secret boss? What-... oh, it was a joke... Well... my uncultured self missing jokes aside.... Thank you.” Ejaz states laughing a little as he noticed the door leading inside, and proceeded to open it with a wing. The stallion kindly held the door open as he looked at Loose and listened to her view on challenges. In a way, Ejaz agreed, when everything is a challenge, it is good to have at least something that one doesn’t need to struggle so much for. Otherwise ponies would loose their minds, so with that in mind, Ejaz let out a hum to show he was in fact listening, and he agreed. The pegasus smiled once again as the Earth Pony mare began thinking about the chances of even getting a military career compared to the probabilities of becoming a Ranger, especially for a forest that has none. Looking up in thought, Ejaz rubbed his chin with the wing that wasn’t holding the door open. “Those are alot of good points... But if you really despise Canterlot, or at least the kind of atmosphere that exists here... Then I’d say dealing with a little bit of danger is worth it if you are close to the one place where you truly feel at home.” Ejaz states looking at Loose as he finished his train of thought. The mechanic raised an eyebrow as Loose expressed her surprise at his words, and smiled charmingly at his friend. “Well... I’d say I’m definitely more certain about things than I sound...Granted, there are times when I’m just as uncertain as I sound, but uh, those don’t come as often.” The stallion explains shrugging with his charming smile changing into a friendly grin.
  18. Now Ejaz didn’t know whether he should feel guilty for forgetting, or for aplogizing for forgetting after hearing Loose’s sigh. Tilting his head, Ejaz listened silently as the earth pony explained her knowledge of the approaching train station, giving a small nod and a hum, Ejaz looked ahead and began turning the gears in his head, trying to figure out what he could do to both help and say his thanks, before hearing her inform him that she no longer needed his help. Feeling the turning gears click in place, Ejaz smiled contently as he gave Loose a soft and quick nuzzle. “Nah, I’ll stay with you... I may not need to guide you anymore... But.... I can still walk with you...” The pegasus states gently, looking ahead with a content smile as the station entrance was approaching. Then, Ejaz’s ears curiously tilted towards Loose as she began explaining the possible and definite obsticles that would stand in the way of her career. Ejaz listened to Loose’s rambles silently, even loyally, he didn’t know why, but the mechanic had an odd desire to be more attentative to Loose than he was to normal pony folk. Now, Ejaz could for sure say it wasn’t because of Loose’s blindness, he couldn’t care less if she could see or not, but something about her just... He couldn’t place it, so, the pegasus decided to not stress it and simply go with the flow. “But isn’t it the challenge that makes it all the more fun?..... I mean after all, nothing in this world is worth anything if you don’t have to struggle for it in some way.” Ejaz states happily, looking at the train station as it was soon in front of them, after a moment of thought, an idea came to the mechanic’s head that he didn’t really mind, even if it didn’t allow him to work his profession. “If anything... I’ll... I’ll help you... in any way, shape, or form I can...” he suggests glancing at the mare next to him
  19. Ejaz had easily kept pace with the smaller mare, taking soft almost silent steps as he enjoyed the feeling of walking on soft snow. Deep breaths were also taken by the mechanic as he simply took in the everyday life that passed and occurred around him and his companion, Ejaz glancing at Cherry to see her staring quite intently at the snow mixed with dirt. Tiliting his head in confusion, Ejaz followed the earth pony’s eyes to the floor and watched childishly for anything that might give him answers as to the gardener’s sudden interest. However, this activity ended fairly quickly as Ejaz noticed Cherry shaking her head and looking forward with a big goofy grin, smiling quite big himself, Ejaz rose up and looked off in the direction the two were headed in, already noticing the town and the few morning ponies begining to pass them by. Huh, so the village was a whole lot closer than it looked, then again it made sense, the two were tired and partly sick, so it probably just took them longer to arrive at Cherry’s home because of that and not because the mare’s home was far away. Moving on from that conclusion, Ejaz watched his best friend as she refused to look at him and began explaining her thought process, it was then that a name rose his curiosity, and the mechanic decided to share that curiosity. “Sugarcube Corner? Why... does that bring a picture of a house made of candy to my head.... like... like a gingerbread house... with the icing and all....” Ejaz ponders outloud as he looks in a random direction in thought, tilting his head as he gradually grew more confused before shrugging and returning to Cherry just as she apologized for her rambling. Raising an eyebrow, Ejaz’s head once again tilted in confusion and curiosity before the stallion silently gave another shrug, then began petting Cherry’s head and mane softly with a wing. “Hey it’s okay... I ramble out loud too.... kinda like I did just now about Sugarcube Corner... and a bunch of other things... Oh is Sugarcube corner what I think it is?... Uh, back to the original subject... um... It’s okay to ramble..” The pegasus explains and finishes with a sheepish chuckle, realizing that he himself had lost focus on the subject for a moment, and hoped that it helped proved his point that in the end; it was really no big deal of Cherry rambled and went off subject a couple of times.
  20. Ejaz could only feel and try to ignore the urge to squeeze Cherry with every ounce of strength he had when he saw her face light up once again at his nuzzle. Watching after the mare, Ejaz had wondered what was going on in her mind that she got so flustered whenever he nuzzled her, a part of him came up with a suggestion, but the pegasus decided that the suggested answer wasn’t very likely. Catching up to the earth pony, Ejaz silently looked at their surroundings with a content expression on his face, before he finally looked at Cherry with curiosity. “So where is this bakery we’re going to?... if you don’t mind me asking..” Was the stallion’s curious question as he observed Cherry for her actions and answer.
  21. Laughter had almost immediately erupted from Ejaz once Cherry had complained about him sneaking up on her, but it wasn’t teasing, or mocking, or even loud, it was soft, genuine, and more Ejaz actually enjoying Cherry’s presence than making fun of her. Then she had spoken about accidentally getting him sick, and Ejaz had only raised an eyebrow with a soft smirk at the mare beside him as the two entered her house. Ejaz had given a small nod in agreement as he grabbed his cloak and began fastening it on himself, the long cloth having holes for the pegasus’ wings while his mane still stuck out unchanged from underneath his hoodie once the mechanic pulled it up. After doing one last check over to make sure he was set, Ejaz headed back to Cherry with a happy smile on his face, the stallion nuzzling her affectionately once again after she suggested heading to a pastry she wanted to try and giving the mare a simple answer. “I’d love to.”
  22. ((Aww, I got buried... oh well ^^)) “Nah, you’ve got a good point, as for my habit, I’d clearify when I was legitimately guessing...” Ejaz explains smiling at Loose, and the pegasus couldn’t help but internally admit that a blush looked adorable on the earth pony. Ejaz then blinked as Loose cracked a joke and found himself snickering as he took her words into consideration, the stallion then started to go quiet when Loose brought up the question of whether or not their direction of travel was correct. The beige pegasus paused as he was confused by her question, before remembering why exactly she asked. “Oh crapbaskets, I’m so sorry, I forgot you were blind... um.. yes this is in the right direction... In fact the station is just up ahead.” Ejaz replies, honestly feeling guilty for forgetting his friend’s disability. Th pegasus never liked treating another pony differently just cause something was biologically wrong, so he never really made a big deal or paid much mind when somepony he met had a disability of some kind. But, that doesn’t mean he wanted to forget they had one at all, the mechanic felt as if that would be more rude than altering his behavior just cause of their biological incapabilities. So Ejaz felt incredibly guilty and rude for letting Loose’s blindness slip his mind as it did now. Then the subject changed, as Loose began pondering the possibility of becoming a drill sergeant, and began ranting about the idea, specifically about the talking portion Ejaz smiled softly as he quietly listened to every word she spoke, and pitched in what he could. “Well... I’d say you’ve definitely got the talking bit down.” The stallion lightly joked with a grin, gently patting Loose’s head with a wing as he childishly snickered, before going silent as the mare elaborated on the Drill Sergeant idea, and the pros of both Ranger and Military professions, before admiting to the appeal of the Ranger job, and stating an appeal of the Drill Sergeant career. “But then why not just be a Ranger and open classes? Then you get to be your own boss, live the life of the very first Everfree Forest Ranger, and be a drill sergeant-like teacher to anypony who takes part in your classes.” Ejaz states and explains contemplatively, looking up in thought as he pondered the idea, then turned his eyes to Loose to see her opinion.
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    Ka...... hoot... kahoot
  24. Ejaz blinked as he watched Cherry’s reaction with childish curiosity, eventually smiling as he saw her big grin. The pegasus held the door open as wide as he could when she began approaching, and laughed at the warm feeling as she quickly nuzzled him. Looking back into the green house, Ejaz took in the beautiful sight one last time before closing the door and following after his friend. Once outside, the stallion silently walked next to the mare, a content smile on his face as he was happy to help Cherry and brighten her day. In the past, Ejaz had been refered to in the form of the tittle “Fortune Cookie.” Though it was only by his childhood friend, Ejaz took it to heart and loved giving advice to anypony who talked to him, so seeing how happy it made Cherry definitely made the mechanic just as happy. Upon hearing her stutters as she fumbled and tried to think of something to say and someplace to go, Ejaz chuckled softly as he approached Cherry and suddenly nuzzled her cheek as he passed by. “Now look who’s stuttering?” Was the question Ejaz asked with a laugh before heading in a certain direction that lead to a familiar house. “How about uh, how about we head back and grab some stuff to keep us warm first? I don’t want you getting another cold considering you just recovered.” The mechanic suggests and explains, turning his head to look back at the earth pony with a heart warming smile.
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