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  1. My whole purpose would be to play in an AU, as it would be impossible to play as Nightmare Moon in a place where Luna is around as well.
  2. She moved her hoof under the red handkerchief she had tied around her neck, and produced a golden key with silver accents. Of course, none of it was truly made of precious metals, it was just painted with those colors. Any pony could tell because it was starting to flake off in places, showing the dull grey metal beneath. "Right here. I was told the lock of my house resembles the key. But obviously I don't know that, it's just what other ponies have told me." She said. She spoke as if she was totally okay with being blind, which would be true. She had been blind most of her life, and learned to live with it. She made up for her inability to see by helping others, and she was especially gifted when it came to magic dealing with luck. As she laid on his back, she would stick her snout to the air, trying to distinguish any recognizable smells from all the others. The dust itself was especially overwhelming, but so it should be, considering just where the town was placed.
  3. "Yeah, I live alone. I didn't exactly get along with everypony back home." She said sadly as she hovered along. She hoped it wouldn't take to long, because she could already feel the spell draining her. Eventually a purple pegasus commented in a thick country accent that there was a couple flower shops to the north of town. Blue Moon's ears perked up at the statement. "Thank you miss!" She said excitedly. Her spell finally failed her, but she was no less optimistic. "Lets go!" She said excitedly, facing away from Lens, thanking she was facing him.
  4. "Um, I don't live with my family." She said reluctantly, unsure if he heard her as he had gone off to ask other ponies about flower shops. She pinpointed his voice, and focused on it. Momentarily her horn glowed a deep navy blue. her hooves began to glow as well, and she started to hover. Then she would float towards him. She thought it the easiest way to follow him would be to use magic, she would just float along behind him. After doing so, she listened in on the conversations, at the same time trying to remember just what kind of flowers she smelled.
  5. "Um...Well..." She started to think, placing a hoof on her chin. She remembered catching a whiff of flowers right after stepping out of her house. She also heard some metallic ringing as well. But that was all she could remember. With the dusty smell filling her nostrils, it sorta clouded her senses. She sighed, putting her hoof back on the ground. "I remember smelling flowers, and hearing a ringing sound, but thats about it." She replied. She was starting to get hot. With the sun beating down, her black fur absorbed the heat. One of the few things she had to get used to now that she was living here, "I was following a smell, it smelled like pumpkin pie. That's how I got here." In all honesty, this wasn't the first time following a smell got her into trouble, And most likely wouldn't be the last. She often got into places she shouldn't back in her home, which added to her list of problems with the ponies there.
  6. Keep in mind I'm a senior in high school. But anyways, theres legit a dude sitting in class right now with the strings of his hoodie up his nose......


    ......bad thing is, this isn't even the weirdest things that happen in this class.

  7. Moon nearly jumped out of her fur. She hadn't heard a sound from the approaching pony. She assumed the pony to be a stallion, by his voice, even though he was using a soft tone. She held a hoof over her heart, and turned to face the direction from which the voice came. "Dear Luna! You scared me!" She stated. Her heartbeat was at a maddening pace, yet was slowly returning to normal. In the process, her ears had perked up, out of instinct. When his question registered in her mind, they would droop again. "Yeah, I'm a bit lost. As much as I would like to meet everypony, I haven't memorized the layout of the town yet. I don't even know which way my home is!" Her tone was now a little flabbergasted, with a hint of panic. Blue Moon hated being lost, even though it happened more then she would like. She blew a lose strand of her mane back into place, as it was hanging over her eye. IT wouldn't help her any, it just bothered her. She would then take a deep breath and use her remained senses to try and figure out this pony before her.
  8. Roleplay type: WoE Name: Blue Moon Sex: female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Grey Character color: Black Mane/Tail Color: Fluffy navy blue with sky blue highlights Physique: Athletic build. Eyes glazed over from being blind Residence: Dodge Junction Occupation: Unemployed Cutie Mark: A blue crescent moon, curved towards her tail. It seems to be covered in sparkles. She got her cutie mark in a very odd way. Before getting her mark, she was very unlucky when it came to magic. Her friends and family would often say ‘Her spells work only once in a blue moon.’ Yet she didn’t let that get to her. She kept trying and trying, though her spells often backfired. Then one day, she cast a simple spell, to light a candle, and it actually worked. Then her cutie mark appeared, and from then on her spells actually succeeded. ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ is a saying used in many ways. Here, it’s used to describe Blue Moon’s extreme bad luck when it comes to magic. When she get’s her cutie mark, She finds her strengths lie with magic to do with luck. Unique Traits: History: Blue Moon was born in Heil, and lived a rather uneventful foalhood. As mentioned before, she was very unlucky when it came to magic, and once cast a spell that backfired so bad, she lost her ability to see. Sadly this happened before she got her cutie mark, and she was never able to see it. She then moved to Dodge Junction, as everyone back home still messed with her. Now because of her blindness rather then her magic. And there she’s lived happily. Personality: Blue Moon is a happy, yet quiet pony. She is extremely loyal to her true friends and would never do anything to harm them. She is helpful, and very loving of many different creatures. Summery: Blue Moon is a black, blind unicorn with luck centered magic. She moved to a new home to escape her unhealthy relationships with her family. Right now she is unemployed, yet looking for a job.
  9. Unicorns Blue Moon Pegasi Violet Fire Silver Storm Earth Ponies
  10. Blue Moon was small compared to other fillies of her age, and also oddly colored. Though the most striking feature would be the glazed over, cloud like grey eyes. Yes, Blue Moon was blind. A result of a spell gone wrong in her days as a foul. Sadly she was never able to see her cutie mark because of this, though everypony told her it was a brilliant, sparkly blue crescent moon. She so longed to see it, though she accepted she would most likely never would. After moving to Dodge Junction, she didn't really have any friends. She rarely even left her house, as she was busy learning where everything was so she wouldn't run into anything. One of the many problems of a blind pony. In time, in a long time, see eventually did learn the layout, and decided to venture out to meet the town. As she ventured down the street, she couldn't help but run snout first into a pole. "Oh, excuse me." She said, assuming she had ran into somepony. She moved her way around the poll, and continued her way down the street. She relied on her hearing, smell, and touch to find her way, but often even those failed her. Soon a delicious smell filled her nostrils, and she would follow it for a time. Eventually the wind blew it away, leaving her with no idea of where she was. She moved in a circle, searching for something to help her find her way back, finding none, her ears dropped. "Um....Hello?"
  11. It's there, I just forgot to hit the enter button on it XD.
  12. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Nightmare Moon Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Alicorn Eye colour: Green Coat: Black Mane/Tail: magical mist, resembles the night sky. Physique: Nightmare Moon is very tall, and slim. It was once stated Luna wanted to be beautiful, like her sister, thus as nightmare moon, she assumed a physique similar to Celestia. Her wings are tapered to a point, and slightly resemble dragon wings more then normal alicorn/pegasus wings. Her eyes are also different, featuring slits for pupils, rather then the common round. The whites of her eyes also show a slight green tinge, rather then straight white. Residence: The castle of the Two Sisters Occupation: Ruler of the night/nightmares Cutie Mark: A dark purple blotchy plane covering her rump with a white crescent moon in the center. It was never stated how she got her cutie mark. Being a princess of the night, it represents her connection to it and the dark powers in which she possesses. Unique Traits: Dragon like eyes. History: Long ago, Luna and Celestia were both the rulers of Equestria, a land inhabited by ponies. Every morning, Celestia would raise the sun, and every evening, Luna would raise the moon. Together, they kept the balance perfectly. One day, however, Luna grew jealous: the ponies would be awake to enjoy the day and love, admire, and appreciate Celestia's work, but would always sleep through her far more beautiful night. One day, Luna turned on Celestia, saying she should be the only princess in Equestria, and raised the moon before the bitterness in her heart manifested and transformed her into Nightmare Moon. Celestia did not want to fight Nightmare Moon and told her to lower the moon, but Nightmare Moon said her only royal duty was to destroy Celestia, and shot at her with magic beams, eventually knocking her down. Seeing no other way, Celestia reluctantly used the Elements of Harmony to overpower Nightmare Moon and banish her to the moon, creating the phenomenon known as "the Mare in the Moon" (a unicorn's face imprinted upon the surface of the moon). It is said that in a thousand years, on the longest day of that year, Nightmare Moon will make her return. Upon reading an ancient legend, Twilight Sparkle realized Nightmare Moon is about to return, however her mentor, Princess Celestia, encouraged her to make friends instead of worrying about the supposed "old pony's tale". Unfortunately, Twilight turned out to be right and Nightmare Moon was released during the Summer Sun Celebration, replacing Celestia who was supposed to attend it. Twilight and her soon-to-be friends chased Nightmare Moon into the forbidden Everfree Forest. After conquering many obstacles left by Nightmare Moon in their path, they finally found the twisted mare herself along with the ancient Elements of Harmony, now reduced to inert stones. As Nightmare Moon whisked the Elements away, Twilight followed her into the portal and confronted her alone. She tried to use the Elements of Harmony like Celestia did, but for that she had to find the "spark" that would make a sixth Element appear. However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make the spark, and Nightmare Moon destroyed the Elements. Fortunately, when Twilight heard her new pony friends calling for her, she felt a different spark in her heart; making her realize that the real Elements are not just some stones: they exist in the hearts of her friends. That spark triggered the final element: Magic (also known, of course, as Friendship), and reanimated the shattered Elements, converting them into jewels for the six friends to bear. Using the Elements of Harmony, Twilight activated a spell that struck Nightmare Moon, exorcising the darkness from her and transforming her back into Princess Luna. Celestia arrived in the ruins where the battle took place, admitting that she knew of Nightmare Moon's return, but knew the only way to defeat her was for Twilight to understand the importance of friendship. Celestia walked over to a cowering Luna, who apologized in tears for her actions, and was granted forgiveness. In an alternate timeline created by Starlight Glimmer in the season finale "The Cutie Re-Mark", Nightmare Moon is in power, having imprisoned Celestia in the moon for years and with Rarity and Rainbow Dash working for her. Character Personality: Nightmare Moon is more playful with a cruel delight. She is clever and calculating, with no remorse in her crimes. Character Summary: An AU of Nightmare moon that rules Equestria with an iron hoof.
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