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  1. Boulder Dash felt speechless as Rarity leaned up and kissed his cheek. In front every pony his face turned a crimson red brighter then one of the family tomatoes and bright steam shot from his ears, with a high pitched whistle. His little brother Rocky smirked as he walked up with their mother who giggled at her eldest son's expense. Standing between her two boys Mary Mae looked curiously and asked, "Wha are three youngins like ya'll out in da cold fer?" That answer came in the form of Rarity, Fluttershy, and Diamond Tiara singing a powerful but harmonious version of "Silent Night", an old but beloved Holiday Carol. Mary Mae smiled as a tear or two went down her cheeks. Putting a hoof around both her boys, hard though it was since Boulder Dash towered over her, and hugged them both tightly to her. Even Rocky and Boulder Dash, both tough and steadfast country boys, got a little emotional to the sound of the three mares singing together. As they finished the Boulder family clapped together as Mary Mae said, "Oh how beautiful! Thank ye kindly fer dat wonderful song." Motioning with her head, Rocky picked up on her hint and trotted off returning with three hot piping mugs of hot coco that he passed out to Fluttershy, Rarity, and Diamond Tiara. "Please accdot dis as our thanks. Nothin like country hospitality to warm you up on a cold night." Boulder Dash nodded happily and looked around asking, "Are da three of ya out on ya lonsome?"
  2. Boulder Dash blew over a large crockpot of tomato soup as he feed the fire causing the heavenly aroma of tomatoes, garlic, and herbs to fill the house. Just above him, his little brother Rocky stirred the soup with a large wooden spoon as Mary Mae Boulder, their caring and still lovely mother went about the home dusting and caring for the household. "Boulder Dash, you keep dat fire burning hear? I want that soup nice and hot. Rocky you keep stirring that soup or it won't be right" Mary Mae said as she adjusted a photo of her late husband with a smile on her face. A duet of "Yes Mama" answered her as the two brothers continued to work. Mary Mae had just pulled some fresh bread out of the oven for the Traditional Heartswarming meal when the sound of some pony knocking caught her ear. "Now who could dat be at dis hour. Boulder Dash dear, could ya got da door?" Mary Mae asked in her slick Oatlahoma accent. Boulder Dash quickly ran off to the door way and opened it allowing a cool and brisk air to enter the home. Boulder Dash stared shocked at the sight of three ponies smiling at him as he took them all in. "Fluttershy ma'am......Lil Diamond Tiara? And Rarity?" he said as he blushed a deep crimson red shade at the sight of the unicorn fashionista he had developed a crush on since befriending her. Gulping loudly he bowed to the three girls properly as he asked, "Wha can I do fer ya lovely ladies on dis cold night?" he asked as Rocky and Mary Mae trotted up and stick next to him.
  3. Boulder Dash groggily shook his head as he tried to focus, but soon felt himself being lifted up and flipped over by an unseen force that he recognized as magic. He looked in confusion as he soon came face to muzzle of an angry Starlight Glimmer. "Get your head out of your plot and start getting into character" she said as she stood up and tightened the wreath on his head. Groaning in annoyance Boulder Dash grumbled as Starlight fiddled with the Costume. "Ah didn't even want to do dis! Can't ya find some other pony fer dis?" he said silently as She gave him another dirty look and jerked the strapped tightly causing him to gasp for air. "I put a lot of time, effort, and hardship to make this festival perfect for the fillies and colts. Time, effort, and hardship I can't get back. So you start saying Ho Ho Ho, or start saying Ow Ow Ow....your choice" Starlight said threateningly as she released the strap. Coughing and getting some air, Boulder Dash looked past her and saw the concerned and pleading looks of all the fillies and colts around him. Sighing as Starlight stepped away, he took a deep breath and stepped forward before letting out a deep bellowing laugh. "Ho Ho Ho! Happy Heartswarming one and all!" he said as opened his legs in a greeting and waved at the crowd. The fillies and foals cheered happily and started to line up as Boulder Dash sat on the throne. Starlight stood by happily nodding before urging the young ones meet the bearded Stallion.
  4. (Thanks for the response. Lost two loved ones in the past few months so the Holidays have been rough. Appreciate it) As Mayor Mare greeted the crowd and continued her speech, Starligh Glimmer stepped off to the side and raised her horn causing a faint glow to appear like a signal light. Up on the hill top, Rocky spotted the glow and looked back at his big brother. "Welp, there's da signal. Ya'll know what to do bro" he said walking past Boulder Dash and standing behind the sleigh. "Wha? No ah don't" Boulder Dash said with worry as he looked down the steep slope. Derpy however patted his head and flew behind him saying, "Ah just wing it. The fillies will love you for it." She then nodded to Rocky as the young Earth Pony lashed out with his hind legs in a powerful buck and kicked the sleigh down the hill line. Boulder Dash let out a scream of terror as the sleigh shot down the hill like an out of control rock slide while Derpy sat on the hill top with Rocky waving at Boulder's retreating form. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Boulder Dash cried as he flew down the slope at break neck speed. The sleigh had no control mechanism nor brake so all he could do was to pray to Luna that the snow would slow him down. The sleigh soon reached the bottom of the hill and shot towards Ponyville. Ponies left and right stared in shock as the sleigh speed through town and a few docked for cover as the sleigh and its red cloaked rider sped past. "LOOK OUT! AH GOTS NO INSURANCE!" Boulder Dash screamed as he saw he was coming upon the town sqaure where many ponies had gathered for the celebration. Many ponies turned and even Mayor Mare stood shocked by the sight barreling towards them. Starlight gasped and lashed out with her magic stopping the sleigh but not its occupant. The sleigh bucked coming to a heavy stop just before the crowd and both Boulder Dash and the sack of gifts shot off and flew through the air. The gift sack landed perfectly safe by the throne under the tree but Boulder Dash screamed as he flew through the air and banged into a massive band drum. However the drum ricocheted him off and he flew back getting snagged on a banner. "Yaaaaaaaaahhh!" Boulder Dash cried as he was fired like a Sling Shot back towards the tree. Mayor Mare ducked for cover as Boulder Dash sailed over her and Starlight cringed as she heard a loud thud indicating Boulder Dash had landed on the throne, upside down with a glazed and confused look on his face. Most of the crowd, fillies and foals mostly cheered thinking it was all part of the show. Most of the mares and colts were giggling or laughing at the sight causing Starlight to smile and step up blocking Boulder Dash from view. "No worries Fillies and Colts. Scarlet Hooves has arrivedand has just had a little too much eggnog. He will be up in a second" Starlight said with a smile before turning to Boulder Dash with a look of annoyance and anger.
  5. The Heartwarming season was always a magical time in Ponyville. The joy, hopes, dreams, and love spread by family and friends made even the coldest nights light like fire. A fresh snowfall had turned the town a beautiful white that sparkled under the night sky as many of Ponyville's residents and many students from the School of Friendship gathered in the town square. Cheers and gasps of joy went up as the large tree in the town center lit up in a spectacular display of lights and beauty. Beneath the tree, standing at a podium together were Mayor Mare and Starlight Glimmer. Mayor Mare raised a hoof to call for quiet as she nodded happily to the town she had presided over for years. "Mares, Gentlecolts, and all creatures gathered here tonight. I wish to formally welcome you all to the Lightning Festival as we prepare to celebrate our most cherished of traditions, Heartswarming Eve!" Mayor Mare said to the throngs of cheering ponies and creatures. Mayor Mare waved to the crowd before motioning to Starlight Glimmer who nodded happily to the crowd. "First I wish to thank our Festival planner and Grand Marshal Starlight Glimmer for all her hard work and planning this years festival. Please enjoy the evening and for all our fillies and foals.....remember who comes tonight!" she said pointing to a large and styled throne by the large tree. "SCARLET HOOVES!" a loud and happy cry called out in excitement and happiness from the gathered crowd of young fillies and foals who cheered the name of the mythical Earth Pony of charity and kindness who passed gifts out to all the good fillies and foals on Heatts Warming Eve. As the shout carried on the wind it flew up to a hill side overlooking Ponyville where two Earth Ponies and a Pegasus currently were. "Sounds like der gittin ready. Ah ya'll big bro?" Rocky asked as the young Colt adjusted his scarf and walked over to a large Makshift Sleigh with a large bag of charity gifts in it. Sitting on the Sleigh, not in the best of moods was his big brother Boulder Dash who was wearing a crimson red cloak around his large body with a white fur trim. Hos normal blinde mane and tail had been dyed white and a Heartswarming wreath adorned his head like a crown. "How'd I git talked into dis again? Ah! Derpy would ya be careful wid dat thing?" Boulder Dash asked in annoyance to the Grey pegasus fiddling with a white beard that she was placing on his large muzzle to complete the Scarlet Hooves costume. Derpy fluttered in front of him as she made his beard straight, looking at him with her unique eyes. "I think it's because Starlight said you were the only pony in town who could wear the costume and pull it off" Derpy said with a smile as she set the beard right and landed on the Sleigh next to Boulder Dash and hugged his large form. "There! You look perfect! I'd think you really were Scarlet Hooves himself!" Derpy said happily as Boulder Dash grumbled again and scratched at the beard. "I'm glad ya'll find it funny and great, ah feels like a clown and dis here beard itches more den a blue tick on a blood hound" Boulder Dash griped as he looked down to Ponyville looking for Starlight's signal to get this night over with.
  6. Swallowing his latest bite of egg plant parmesan, Boulder Dash was a bit surprised by the question. Truth be told this was not his first outing with a pony of the opposite sex, and bor like most sailors was he unfamiliar with a "roll in the hay" as it was called. Yet the more he looked and admired Rarity the more he was sending something special about her, something he never sensed in another Mare before. He pondered this as he tugged at his collar, sweating pouring from his brow as he looked at her lovely mane to her beautiful eyes to the purity of her coat. It all caused a sensation that started in his stomach and shot through his loins like a rocket. Gulping as he struggled to keep a certain part of his body under control, he nodded at Rarity as he spoke from the heart, something he rarely as he breathed deeply and wiped sweat from his brow with a handkerchief. "Rarity ah will be perfectly honest when ah say dat you are something special. I feel so relieved around ya, yet when I see you it gives me da vapors. You are one of if NOT de most beautiful mares I have ever seen, and even now ah feel a burning in my stomach dat no mare has ever ignited but ya'll. It feels like a fire, but one ah yearn fer and dont fear cause of yer smile" he said speaking from his heart. He gulped down the last of his wine, and then gently reached over with his hoof and placed it on Rarity's. Though his hoof was much larger then her's he gently held it in his own and nodded to her as he said, "Ah hope ah have not overstepped ma bounds with ma honesty?"
  7. Sharing a bottle of wine with the fashion Queen of Pinyville had never crossed his mind as a possibility but here Boulder Dash was enjoying such a moment. The more he drank with her the more he found a deep sensation inside if him urging to come out. Strange as he had always had a strong tolerance of alcohol and this feeling was less drunkenness then it was almost....love? How? He and Rarity had only met some time ago. She was beautiful to be sure and he felt attracted to her, but it seemed to cause an almost yearning sense in him. He pondered this as he munched on a few if the calamari noticing a unique look from Rarity. He wanted to save room for his main course and only had a few before smiling at her, "Its a unique taste I admit, but as a sailor ya have to make do with what da sea gives you at times, especially on long journeys" he said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. Smiling Boulder Dash leaned back in his chair and sighed happily as if recalling a good memory. "I'm berry proud to say that one of my final journeys at sea as a Captain, were when my crew and Ah brought a fresh batch of fruits and vegetables out dar to Mt. Aris. Ah swears Ah never did see such smiling faces at the welcome group as I had in past journies" he said. He then smirked at Rarity and winked at her as he said, " Ah do declare hearing a certain tale of six special ponies whi gained the ability to breath under water and swim like fish while Ah was der. Sound familiar? If de put dat spell on me I might turn into a whale shark" He chuckled a bit at his joke as a plate of Egg plant parmesan was put in front of him. Smoking, he took his napkin and placed it on his lap to avoid any mess and motioned to the sauce steaming off the fried egg plant covered in mozerlla and parmesan cheese. "Applejack was kind enough to bring her class to da ranch recently on a field trip. Dat Hippogriff girl had more energy and more questions den a goose in a hen house....but da sweet heart was kind enough to recommend my produce for their next big celebration." He cut off a piece of the egg plant and took a bite, savoring it before swallowing it happily. Not the same as his Ma's but still good as he took another sip of wine again feeling that burning warm sensation when he admired Rarity, and soon felt it seem to rush near his lower body.
  8. Boulder Dash tapped his glass to hers and nodded happily to Rarity and took a sip of his wine. He felt it go down his throat and swallowed it before setting his glass down. It was a dry wine to be sure yet Boulder Dash could taste a hint of sweetness of some sort at the end. An unusual mix to be sure but pleasant as he continued to make small chat with Rarity. As they talked and continued to sip their wine he soon found a weird sensation coming over him. It wasn't drunkenness but rather a slight dizziness followed by a burning sensation in his body. Not painful but more of a yearning, and Boulder Dash found looking at Rarity eased any discomfort he felt, almost as if he was becoming more attracted by the moment. "Miss. Rarity I hope you will not find me affront when I say you look ravishing dis evenin" he said no longer feeling nervous or apprehensive about anything. As he thought on where his new confidence when the Calmari was placed on their table. He nodded in thanks to the waiter before offering them to Rarity first. "Dis here is very popular with de Hippogriffs. De tend to prefer some spice in the marinara but I got da mild as it goes better with dis wine" he said as he took the lemon wedge and sprayed some juice on some Calimari.
  9. Rocky felt a strong sense of warmth when Applebloom smiled at him. It felt as if any and all nervousness left him like a seedling in the wind. Perhaps he was hoofs over horns for her, and now he could actually speak with her made him feel at ease. Quickly getting rid of the blush in his cheeks and the goofy grin on his face, he nodded to Applebloom and placed his bits on her counter top. "Welp sure as shootin my big bro Boulder ain't da only one a got skills to show today" he said as he took his ring and walked over to the tossing spot and held it out proper. Concentrating he focused on his target, an apple in the middle of the stand. He took a deep breath and recalled a lesson from his late Pa, Boulder Guard, to always give it your all and think about what your always fighting for. He took one last peek at Applebloom smiling at him and inhaled before giving the ring a toss. It sailed through the air, landed around the apple, and spun gracefully around landing perfectly around his target. Clapping his hooves proudly he nodded to the Apple clan and said, "Bang on! Boulder Dash ain't the only one with an eagle eye"
  10. SUBMITTED FOR JUDGING Boulder Dash had already stepped forward for his turn in the tug of war. Reaching down with his hoof, he offered a helping lift to Big Macintosh out of the muck. "Come on ole friend, let's git ya outta thar for Granny Smith throws a fit huh?" he asked yanking Big Macintosh out of the mud pit. Patting his shoulder and even hugging the Earth Pony he had seen as a younger brother, he watched Big Macintosh walk off before turning to three ponies that had yanked him onto the muck with a fiendish grin. "Boys.....got nothin against ya'll. But when ya mud pie a pony what likes my lil brother...we is gonna have a big problem" he said as he took the rope in his mouth and and dug his hooves into the dirt. The three ponies on the end of the rope gulped nervously and took their ends as Boulder Dash held his tightly. The Ref pony sensing some tension nodded to Boulder Dash and said, "Next Contestant, Boulder Dash! Ready? One, Two, Three Tug of War!" Boulder Dash took the hint and dug his hooves in tight as the three on the other end pulled. For them it was like trying to pull concrete as they grunted, heaved, and hoed trying to pull Boulder Dash's large form into the muck. Boulder Dash held strong and yanked the other end of the rope, straining his powerful neck muscles and his strong jawline, but still found it difficult to pull three ponies at once. As he held strong it looked like a stalemate was occurring until Boulder Dash felt his neck start to strain and the dirt give way under his hooves. He dug deeper trying to breath in to get his stance straight but this caused the ground under his hooves to start to crumble the three ponies on the other end began to pull harder. Ultimately he gave way and went flying into the air with a loud SPLORT. Pulling his head out of the mud for the 2nd time that day, Boulder Dash held his head high as one of the other ponies called out, "Do you eat concrete or something?" Boulder Dash laughed out loud and walked off to get clean up.
  11. Rocky was out and about again walking through the various stands of the Competition. After rooting for his big brother Boulder Dash in the Obstacle course he had decided to see the other attractions of the competition. Watching Scootaloo dive was exciting as well as the cup cake competition, yet yearned for a challenge himself. As he worked through the stands, the sea foam colored Earth Pony adjusted the red bandana on his head as he worked through the crowds. Soon he came across the Apple Ring toss stand and the voice of Applebloom soon caught his attention. The young colt walked up too the line and stood in place as he tried to remain natural, hard though it was. It seemed every creature in Equestria was aware of his crush on Applebloom, and though he was getting better he still struggled to talk straight to her. Still as his turn came up he smiled, fighting the blush coming into his cheeks, he placed his bits on the counter and bowed his head to her. "Afternoon Applebloom Ma'am.....I'd be greatly honored if I could give it a toss. If anything to get to help ya'll out today" he managed to squeak out with his country twang.
  12. Boulder Dash trotted into the pavillion wiping some sweat from his brow with a towel and sipping from a flask that smell like anything other then water. He cracked his large thick neck and sighed as he recharged. As the whiskey went down his throat and burned his insides, he smiled in his satisfaction as he corked it and placed it in his saddle bags. A few loud belches caused him to look up and notice the other contestants. Particularly the one named Feng. Walking up he tipped his hat to him and said, "Nice moves out thar suh. Ya moved good fast out on that track and I can respect someone what ain't afraid of a little sweat and hard work. Names Boulder Dash."
  13. Boulder Dash having an idea as to what to order set his menu down as and unfolded his napkin placing it in his lap. "Oh yes Ma'am. Tomaters have mo used den ya can shake a can at. Salads, sauces, juices, garnishes, or jist a snack in da middle o de day, de dont ever let ya down. Through hard work an dedication I don think dere be a bottle of ketchup too a jar of marina in dis town with Great Grandpa Beef Boulder's smiling bearded grin" he said proudly. The ranch had greatly expanded since his return. A little over a year and a half ago and business was booming. Entire cart loads of tomatoes, sauces, juices, and garnishes were traveling as far as the Crystal Empire now and the family name had spread that even Griffins, Dragons, and Hippogriffs had travelled to see the large ranch and tour its numerous fields. Took a moment to reflect on this and buttered a slice of bread after Rarity had taken a slice, enjoying the texture as he did. Meanwhile the waiter had gone and collected the wine bottle, making sure he had gotten the right bottle and was going back over to the table when he was spotted and waved down by a disguised Princess Cadance. The waiter went over to her and nodded, "Oui Madame?" he asked. Prince Shining Armor looked confused as Princess Cadance looked at the wine bottle and said, "I am sorry to disturb you sir but I couldn't help but wonder if I could see that vintage your carrying? I'm a wine connoisseur you see" The waiter nodded and handed the bottle to Cadance. Holding it as if reading the bottle, Cadance smiled as the tip of her horn touched the bottle. It glowed for just a moment, and Cadance handed the bottle back to the waiter. "A fine vintage, I'm sure the lovely couple over there will enjoy it" she said with a sly smile on her face. The waiter nodded again and went back over to Rarity and Boulder Dash's table. "What did you do? You didn't put a love spell on it did you?" Shining Armor asked eyeing Cadance with suspicion. "Of course not dear, just a little love accelerant like the one I used on that bottle of champagne on our wedding night" Cadance said with a smile. Shining Armor stared in shock looking over at Rarity and Boulder Dash, "Uh oh." Boulder Dash had finished his bread slice just as the waiter returned and set two chilled glasses down. He quickly went to work opening the bottle and poured wine into both Rarity and Boulder's glasses before setting the bottle down on the table. "Has Mossiuer and Madameoselle pursued the menus?" he asked. Boulder Dash nodded and said, "Could we please start with an order of the fried calamari suh? Den for my entree I will have the eggplant parmesan." As the waiter turned to Rarity Boulder Dash reached over and took his wine glass and sniffed the vintage she had selected. Nodding approvingly he never noticed what looked like a small heart flash inside the wine bottle for just a moment.
  14. "Mares and Gentlecolts! We are proud to announce the start of the Iron Pony Obstacle Course!" a Unicorn at the starting line cried into a megaphone to the crowds of cheering ponies and creatures. The Unicorn waved a yellow flag as a sign for the judges to sync their watches and then held up a white flag to summon the first contestant. "Our first Contestant, representing Ponyville, is the owner of the largest Tomato Ranch in the area and the thickest skull in Equestria, we are proud to present Boulder Dash!" the announcer said as Boulder Dash entered the track. Never one to turn down an endurance challenge, Boulder Dash had quickly signed up for the Obstacle Course and was eager to show his mettle again. Removing his signature farm hat and waving to the crowd, Boulder Dash smiled to the cheers he recieved from his home town representatives in the crowd. As he approached the starting line he made sure to bow his head low to where he knew the Princesses would be watching from before he adjusted his hat and took his spot on the starting line. "Boulder Dash are you ready?" the announcer asked as he lifted the start flag. Boulder Dash nodded and scrapped his hoof against the dirt like his Earth Pony ancestors. The Unicorn waved the flag and Boulder Dash took off like a shot. Moving at great speed for a pony of such large size. It was only a matter of time before he came across the first obstacle, the Mud Pit. "Too easy, just another mud bath" he thought as he dove into the mud and landed with a loud GLUP. Trudging and marching through the Mud, Boulder Dash's thick neck and head stuck out of the muck like a shark fin in water. He moved just as graciously as well, do to years of slopping pigs and muddin on the farm. As such it didn't take long for him to reach the end of the pit and he crawled out shaking some of the mud from his body like a wet dog before taking off at great speed again as the mud had cooled him off and reinvigorated him as well. Soon he came across the 2nd Obstacle the Barrel Wall. Normally he would just smash through the blasted thing and and be done with it, but he knew that would be frowned upon as the object was to scale it. Again his farm upbringing helped him here as years of lifting and stacking hay bales had given him strength and experience as he jumped up and started to scale the wall. Using his upper body strength to heave himself up, he started to sweat as he kicked up and scaled the wall. As an Earth Pony he was able to feel any weak or wobbly barrels under his hoof and could right himself when need. He finally reached the top and leaped off with a loud "HEEEEEEEHHHHHAAAWWWWW!" Landed with a crash loud enough and strong enough to shake the ground, causing some spectators to think an Earthquake was occurring. Smiling proudly he took off running again and soon came to the third Obstacle, The Long Sprint. Boulder Dash sprinted forward and shot out like a cannon ball. Running as fast as his long thick legs would carry him. He put a lot of strain into it and soon his 2nd wind carried him across the sprint line. Slowing a bit to catch his breath he approached the last Obstacle as he wiped some sweat from his brow. He collected his three apple pies and place them on his large back before taking off through the poles. He placed himself here as he was winded from the sprint, but kept the pies balanced while dodging and weaving through the poles. He tried to not let the aroma of the pies distract him as he worked his way through the poles, not easy for a pony as wide and muscled as he was. But Boulder Dash worked his way through and finally crossed the line at th he end as another pony waved a finishing flag. Boulder Dash dropped his pies off at another table as the crowd cheered again. Waving to the crowd, Boulder Dash went over and dunked his head into a large water trough, taking a deep sip of water before removing his head and sitting watch the rest of the competition. SUBMITTED FOR JUDGING
  15. "Oui oui Madameoselle Rarity, right ze way. We only strive to please und generosity is a most important oui? Zis way to our best table" the waiter said as he led the two across the restaurant towards their table. Boulder Dash followed and noticed how the rest of the guests were dressed to impress and how the restaurant seemed to bring out the posh and proper in every pony. He watched even as the waiter pulled out Rarity's chair for her either trying to impress her or working a good tip. He then sat in the chair across from her and watched as the waiter lite the candles around them. "Oui oui Madameoselle Wine list on the way. Escusi moi!" the waiter said as he hurried off. Glad to be rid of the snobbish plot kisser, Boulder Dash took a moment to admire Rarity under the candlelight. As he did his nervousness and apprehension seemed to vanish as he smiled at her. Taking a sip of cool water, he nodded to her as he said, "The repair work is something I do on the side fer my friends and neighbors. The tomater ranch keeps me busy most of the time and Ma is slowing down keeping to house work. Fortunately I can counts on my lil brother Rocky when I needs him to do his part....when he ain't sneaking off to Sweet Apple Acres to try and catch a glimpse of Applebloom dat is." Chuckling a bit at his joke, Boulder Dash finally loosened up a bit and undid his napkin placing his silverware around the plate professionally. As such neither he nor his guest noticed the pair of Unicorns watching them from the corner. Of course no pony would recognize the rulers of the Crystal Empire thanks to the spell that Princess Cadance had placed on herself and her husband making them look like totally average unicorns. Having visited Twilight and leaving Flurry Heart with her favorite Aunt for a rare romantic evening, the two royals had noticed Rarity and her rather imposing escort for the evening rather quickly. "Is that Rarity I spy....with a handsome strapping stranger. My my how interesting" Princess Cadance said with a sly grin. "Now Cadance dear, let's not bother them. I thought this evening was for us to enjoy discreetly?" Shining Armor asked as he munched on their appetizer. Meanwhile as Boulder Dash made idle chat with Rarity, the waiter returned with the wine list as well as a pair of menus. "Ze wine list as requested by Madameoselle and a pair of entree menus when you are ready" he said. Boulder Dash nodded as he took a menu and motioned to the wine list. "Your da expert on wine Rarity. You pick whatever ya want" he said as he perused the menu to look at appetizers and salads.
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