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  1. Bolt dashed in front of Colton holding out his claws in a halt motion. "Hold up! You can't tell Twilight about this; she's been really good to me lately even going so far as to take a metaphorical bullet for me. We can't bother her with this, she works way too hard to have to put up with the crap I cause. Look take me to Luna or Celestia but Twilight is out of the question. I don't buy into her friendship crap but I do have a lot of respect for what she dose. How about you and I cut a deal? There's gotta be somebody out there causing more trouble than me that you could use my talents to catch. I can literately circle the globe seven times in a second, tell me that couldn't catch you a load of perps." The blue dragon seemed desperate to not get the purple alicorn involved after how well she'd treated him.
  2. Bolt rolled his eyes and spat embers in annoyance as he decided to comply. "Fine, let's just wrap this up quickly okay? I can't stand all the red tape and paperwork stuff like this builds up." Looking to all the ponies around the exit Bolt simply shook his head the thought they could even match up was hilarious to the blue dragon. He had no idea if Colton would be true to his word or where they were taking him but he was sure no prison they could construct would hold him with the exception of Tartarus. Waiting on baited breath he raised an eyebrow inquiring. "What next?"
  3. Bolt chuckled running his hands through his spines before shaking his head at her nerdy response. "Lunch sounds fun. Well I'll see ya around Twi, I've got some things to take care of. Don't push yourself too hard." The blue dragon said before flicking a two clawed salute. After saying his goodbye his was gone in an instant with a deafening sonic boom soon to follow. The shock of the sound shattering barrier flipped carts and broke windows the dragon passed as he zoomed out of Ponyville and into the northern mountains. Twilight may have made a new comrade today but somethings like a dragons destructive nature would never change.
  4. Looking away from Twilight's gaze still disappointed with himself he spoke while trying to mask his true feelings. "Nah it's fine, today I got to see what you're really made of. Look I'm not sure if the bow already tipped you off but thanks....for what you did back there." His raspy tone currently carried a hint of self loathing due to his inability to kill the monster with sheer force. He looked at the purple pony's frail frame and slid under her raising her onto his back. "Come on, I'll give you a lift home. You've done enough for one day." In under a nanosecond the two appeared at Twilight's castle as if they hadn't even moved at all. The blue dragon knelt down gently placing Twilight back on her hoofs before kicking open the door to the castle, it was a rather brash move but needless to say it was the dragon's way of getting the door for a lady. Normally this would be the part where the flirty dragon tried to ask for a second date or a kiss however his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of absolute power. Looking out over the horizon with his back to Twilight he was lost in thought. Memories of ancient amulets that provided sufficient power boosts crossed his mind before he snapped out of shaking his head. NO! If he was going to do this he was going to do it the old fashioned way, through effort and hard work. With that thought the dragon once again found his ego along with his respect for Twilight. He leaned against the door frame with a smug grin before placing his hands behind his head. "You and I make a pretty good team. Maybe we could make this a regular thing only replace the monster with dinner and the gates of the underworld with a moonlit stroll? I know it sounds like I'm hitting on you but way I see it is.....you saved my scales today Twilight. I owe it to you to show you a good time; it's kind of a dragon thing. When somebody dose something significant for us we want to repay them and at the moment I'm in your debut. I'm sure that little dude who hangs out with you feels the same way." Dropping onto all fours he looked the princess in the eyes and gestured to her home. "You look tired, you don't have to answer now. Go get some sleep and think about it huh?"
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    Just pictures of everybody's favorite egotistical, thunderbolt of a dragon!
  6. Bolt simply shrugs with a sincere grin. "I am what I am. I embrace what I am, I don't run from it. Just as you ponies thrive of peace as prosperity dragons are engines of destruction and power, we thrive on pride and power and I'll demanded if I'm going get in trouble for being how nature made me." Bolt raised an eyebrow while he thought to himself. "Sure it sucks he's going to tell Twilight what I've done here but he was stupid enough to tell me what he's going to do before hand." Finally Bolt decided to pull out his hunting license dropping it into the ground tapping it. "I don't care if this thing is outdated the official hunting guidelines state that changelings are fair game. Maybe I missed an update so sue me, sometimes dragons sleep for years at a time. I'm not going to be prosecuted when I've done nothing wrong. These things are barely sentient anyway, they are little more than insects, way I see it I'm going the world a service." Bolt pondered for but a moment loosing himself in thought again. "I've got to admit having a chance to spend more time with the princess is tempting however arrest and incarceration? I'd go stir crazy being locked up so I'm going to pass." Finishing his thought Bolt stood sternly as lightning shot through his eyes; this signified that same energy was coursing through his entire body. He gave a deadly glare before eyeing the exit. "Give me one reason not to just shoot out that door right now."
  7. Bolt rolled his eyes and made mouth motions with his claws as the unicorn rattled on. Snickering he shrugged before placing his hands behind his head and flopping onto a rock. "Well there you go, just goes to show you what little interest I have in the so called Dragon Lord. I don't take orders from some chick with am ornate stick." Bolt was an interesting kind of dragon he was arrogant and egoistical sure but he also refused to kill ponies so he was going to talk his way out of this situation. Slumped over the rock he brought his tail forward and started to talk in his cool and raspy voice. "It seems we've reached a stalemate. You know I've hurt a bunch of these losers and I know your true identity. You blow the whistle on me and make it hard to spend time in society then I blow your cover and tell everybody about you and your little pals here. Trust me with me word can get around very fast, why what starts as a little rumor in Ponyville can be front page news in Las Pegasus the very same afternoon. I'm just out here looking for Chrysalis so why don't you turn around forget what you saw here and leave me in peace."
  8. "Oh ponies....I'm so scared." He said followed by raspy laughter. He placed the necklace back into Colton's hoof giving a shrug before falling onto all fours. This unicorn was really trying his patience almost as if egging him on. Seeing the photo of Vesper he was shocked more than anything; for once his pride gave way to concern as he used his claw to lower the hoof holding the photograph. "Look I don't know who you are or how you got that picture but burn it and do not pursue her. This mare is twisted in mind, body and soul. The things she's done to people.....the things she's done to......" He chocked up for a moment unable to finish the sentence. Taking a moment his tone deathly serious he warned. "For the sake of your own safety do not look for her. This is not a warning to be taken lightly, I don't like you but I don't want you dead either." Remembering Colton had just insulted him he smiled in good humor and shook his head. "Twilight is a powerful mage, I trust in her ability to handle threats like Tirek. If you think I should have been here to deal with that sounds like you need more faith in your princess." He said with a cheeky grin now leaning in the doorway. "Well if you won't help me there's more than one way to seek out ancient legends, old stone tablets and tapestries for one."
  9. True while within the aura Bolt's strength and ability to breath fire felt severed diminished however his speed was a gift he'd received from the heavens and was unaffected by the magical trinket. Feeling the weakening effects of the amulet the dragon staggered from side to side feeling lightly woozy; after taking a moment to focus his mind and settle his stomach he replied in shock. "Hold up! You're the dude from the book store in town. So you're a narc huh? I knew I didn't like you for a reason. Firstly I've done NOTHING wrong; changelings have been on the approved monster list for years and I haven't killed anybody.....yet. Also if you think I'm going to answer to some pink lizard whose been de-fanged by Twilight's little brother you're sorely mistaken." Seeing the unicorn light up his horn Bolt dashes out of reach while heading deeper into the cave. "Yanno I could bail anytime I wanted but since you're here let's make this fun."
  10. Bolt rolled his eyes while shaking his head, yet another lecture he had to endure; he dropped his eyes into an unimpressed glare waiting for the pony in the shades to finish. He did however manage a smug grin upon seeing the picture in the paper. "That's a vampire queen......but not THE Vampire Queen. I'll admit I'm impressed a lot of hay munchers could achieve even that. The one I'm after......her and I have history. You think I'm bad, the things she's done.............they are unspeakable." After pointing out the error Bolt thought about what Coltson had said to him. "Yanno I came in here to buy a book, then you refuse to sell me them, give me a lecture and assume all my money is stolen. You don't know where I get my cash so stay outta my business. Screw this! If you won't sell me what I'm after I'm going to the Golden Oaks; maybe Twilight will have something laying around." Bolt was on personal terms with the princess but he didn't frequent Ponyville often so he wasn't aware that she had since upgraded to a castle. Snatching his bag of valuables off from the counter he headed towards the exit before looking over his shoulder saying. "Slow day today huh? I can see why you don't have many costumers now."
  11. Bolt lets out an annoyed growl slamming his victim into the wall again. "Chrysalis, Now!" He demanded only wanting to leave this woods as quickly as he could, true Bolt was brute but he also liked being able to mingle in pony society freely; he mostly kept his claws and fangs to species widely considered monsters, he honestly thought changelings still fit that bill. The nervous insect stammered out meeting with the dragon's demands. "C..cc...hhrysalis? She hasn't been queen in sometime. We've a new leader now whose opened up relations with the ponies." Bolt dropped the changeling and he stumbled off towards the exit tripping over every bump as he went, likely because he was terrified by the sudden attack. The blue dragon dropped onto all fours muttering something foul under his breath. "These things aren't being considered monsters anymore! Didn't they attack a major city less than a year ago? Blasted ponies trying to de-fang the world one species at time. Bah, Let them come, I've nothing to hide." He thought to himself as he leaned against a nearby waiting for the feds to catch up. If he wanted to avoid this encounter he simply could have sped up the vibrations of his body and phased through the cave walls however he was interested to see where this change with the changelings was coming from.
  12. Slamming the book shut Bolt zipped over to the counter slamming the book onto the table. He gave Coltson an annoyed look placing his claw atop the book. "Pay you, for this? Listen this is the third time I've flicked through this and none of the locations of the monsters it describes are even remotely true; an Ursa Major in Cloudsdale? Let me tell you something I've been slaying monsters for years and you'd have to be a hatchling to believe such drivel. There's one of two things happening here; either the person who wrote this book is an idiot or you've been selling me fiction as fact. Ponies from everywhere tell me your store had books you can't even find in the Canterlot royal archive, yet every time I race around all I find are common paperbacks." Sliding the disappointing title away he tapped the counter with an annoyed look exhaling embers. "Are you holding out on me? Because you know I can pay right? If you've met a dragon that dosen't have a horde of treasure then he's just an overgrown lizard." He reached around and dropped a sack onto the desk with glittering gems and golden bits. "I'm hunting vamponies but not just any vampony, I'm after the queen. This enough to get you to finally cooperate with me?" Bolt was at his wits end he hated parting with such a vast amount to treasure but he wanted the Vampire Queen's head to decorate his cave even more.
  13. The peaceful Ponyville atmosphere was disturbed by a deafening sonic boom; the blue lightning bolt of a dragon was dashing around town and causing havoc just by being himself. As he dashed around utterly annihilating the sound barrier carts were flipped and widows were shattered, he received some verbal backlash for his reckless use of speed but to him it'd just become background noise, he was going far to fast to care. Skidding to a stop leaving a trail of flames in his wake Bolt raised a quizzical eyebrow while spotting an embossed golden sign that said bookstore; he smiled and walked on inside acting like the damages he'd caused the town were nothing. Bolt wasn't great at flying so he used his super speed to run everywhere; causing Sonic booms and traveling faster than light that close to the ground tended to tear up the environment. Looking around he gave a dismissive wave the store owner while running his claws along the spines on the shelves. His eyes darted around the room until he reached a section on lore and legend; zipping over quickly he tapped the spine of a book titled Equestria's Greatest Beasts & Where To Find Them, before pulling it off the shelf. He flicked the book open and started to scan the pages his fingers and eyes working at impressive speeds to take in the information. Because of the dragons abilities it also allowed him to speed read flipping through a vast tome in a matter of minuets. Bolt often wasn't one for books however he was drawn to tales of lore and legends before they allowed him to find the locations of new monsters to hunt down and slay.
  14. Powerful roars shook a cave deep within the Everfree Forest; painful snapping could be heard along while a vast number of brightly colored changelings were being ejected from the cave with great force, a pile of their battered or outright broken bodies was piling up outside. A blue stallion sized dragon was descending deeper into the cavern easily cutting down any changeling opposition that crossed his path; the brave ones valiantly tried to fend off the dragon while smart ones fled in fear. This was something the dragon Bolt tended to do from time to time when he needed to let off steam and after being saved by Princess Twilight he was feeling particularly powerless. A dragon's pride was more important to him than even his horde of treasure; so here he was deep within a cavern in the woods taking on a changeling hive in order to gain the location of it's queen. In one final assault the entire swarm rushed the dragon, Bolt smiled gnashing his teeth into a cocky grin before he looked skyward and gave a mighty roar; this roar yielded a powerful stream of fire spewing forth to burn and braze the festering colored insects. This hail of fire was enough drive the rest of the swarm out of the cave; leaving only one remaining. Bolt towered over the cowering changeling looking into it's fearful bug-like eyes. The fearful changeling tried to flee only for the thunderbolt of a dragon move swiftly pinning him against the cave wall. The blue reptile gave an aggressive smile tightening his grip around his prey's neck; he was enjoying lording his superiority over this lower life-form. Finally he had what he wanted, one of them pinned to a wall like a fly. Inhaling the dragon took a deep breath to calm himself before speaking in his rough and raspy voice. "I'll make this easy for you. You tell me where Chrysalis is, I let you go and you and buddies can come back into the cave. If you don't feel like complying I burn your entire home to the ground." While he was interrogating the fly-like pony he couldn't help but wonder why the changelings were brightly colored and not the usual jet-black. "What in Equestria happened to these monsters? I was sure they were a darker color and their queen would be here. Never mind that now, as soon as I squeeze her location out of this guy I can leave."
  15. Bolt's eyes shot wide open as he saw the immense pain and transfiguration Twilight endured; being able to move at the speed of light allowed Bolt's eyes to keep up with every detail of the excruciating pain she was victim to. He saw the purple pony age rapidly only to be reborn, he played witness to her mind being pulled apart and even watched on in horror as her body was subject to the elements. Seeing Twilight cry, seeing what she had endured in his place made the fires of his heart burn brightly. Bolt felt friendship was for the weak however loyalty was a different question. Seeing her act of selfless bravery Twilight's words finally got through as he pulled himself to his feet. He glared at the towering beast digging his claws into the dirt below. "I'm sending you back to hell." He thought to himself before looking skyward and addressing the princess. "Twi, you've done quite enough for one day; rest and I'll take care of this monster." He opened his big blue eyes finishing her sentence for her looking ahead across the field to the doors of the underworld. "To Tartarus." With that he dashed past the titan rending his claws and craving across it's body, the wound swiftly healed but that wasn't the reason for the attack; the creature was now chasing the dragon across the field of green towards the one place that could contain it. He ran at a brisk pace as he wanted the elemental beast to be able to keep up, looking back he saw the monster on his tail. He ran faster and faster with the looming gates laying just ahead. Kicking things up to light speed Bolt's body vanished and the great stone doors flung open as he prepared them for entry, using his great dragon strength to pry them open in nanoseconds along with his speed. Dialing down the velocity Bolt returned to a much slower running speed and returned to luring the devil into the prepared trap. He dashed deep into the dark hallways of the underworld only for their seemingly immortal foe to follow. The moment both the dragon and the Cherufe were in there the doors began to close of their own accord. Not wanting to become stuck in Tartarus once again he dashed for the exit; shooting out of the great greats like a bat out of hell. He skidded to a stop looking back as they slammed shut behind him locking the horrible monster away where it belonged. Taking a deep breath he exhaled embers before falling onto his back, panting like a worn out dog. The dragon looked skyward to the princess that held his affection, it was safe to say after a selfless display like that, his innocent crush had turned to deep affection. The realization that he'd be dead if not for Twilight rumbled around in his mind; words failed him and he did not know how to respond. Given some time to think he rolled onto his feet lowered his head long with the entire front half of his body, was he bowing? Bolt had always respected Twilight but this was something totally different; while he'd never stop acting like he was above all other ponies at least one had managed to prove herself to him. Normally a victory like this would call for a mighty roar, however given the fact he couldn't vanquish this foe with might alone, as was the dragon way; he felt ashamed of himself. A part of him wished he was locked in there with the horrid creature so the two could battle until the end of time; after all there was NOTHING! more important to a dragon than his pride.
  16. Watching the ball of energy destabilize parts of the creatures body Bolt smiled flicking Twilight a thumbs up. "What is it they say about great minds?" He said before dropping all fours sizing up his quarry. "I'm going to speed up the vibrations of my body so I can phase right into that thing. If it's too big I'll make it fall from the inside, once I'm in I'll attack the creatures heart. That's when you'll have your chance to think up a plan, not that we'll need it, once I tear through this things core...well game over would be an understatement." With that he spread his feet focusing as lightning shot through his eyes causing his body to begin vibrating rapidly. Soon his entire body became a distorted blur and he shot off into the towering titan. Closing his eyes he jumped at the devil phasing through it's thick hide. Once inside he phased into the heart and slowed down the vibrations of his body until he was solid once more. Then came a pause a swift moment of silence before the storm. Massive streams of fire and lightning we're erupting from the creatures core as if an elemental store was erupting inside, the electricity shot out the gaping neck wound Twilight had made causing the monster to stagger and fall to it's knees, whatever Bolt was doing, it was slowing the monster down. Digging his claws into the beasts heart he donned a cocky grin. "You hear that? I think he wants more....then let's turn up the juice!" Giving a deafening roar that shook the very earth itself a bolt of lighting cast down to the heavens struck the creature causing it's molten heart to beat faster and faster until it gave out and exploded. With the creature's core destroyed Bolt phased out of the monster just as it started to hit the ground. The living volcano fell to the ground clutching it's chest the light draining from it's eyes. It wasn't long however before the elemental started to repair itself, the wounds on the outside started to close and a flicker of fire ignited again in it's cold dead eyes. Bolt looked up to the flying Alicorn and called out. "I hope that brought you enough time to think. Whatever you've got planned Twi do it now!" He said backing up leaving the rest to the princess, if she could pull this off well Bolt was keen to see the results.
  17. Twilight had made it very clear this creature wasn't able to be damaged by conventional means, leaving the two of them at a disadvantage. Watching the pony flaunt her authority Bolt huffed knowing all to well talking only made a fiery anger worse. Taking note of the fact Twilight was trying to draw the creature away he loaned his power to the effort. In a flash he was several hundred yards ahead of the beast offering a roar to taunt the fire devil into putting more distance between itself and the city. With their combined efforts they had managed to lure it away from Ponyville however it didn't seem to respond to Twilight's commands. Whatever had whipped this monster into a stir wasn't going to be resolved through conversation, it may not have been exactly what Bolt stated however it clearly wanted something. The blue reptile reflected on Twilight's words of wisdom before uttering to himself. "The slayer of an immortal! It's got a nice ring to it." Snapping out of his dream of glory he called up to the princess. "Has this thing got a heart? Because if the answer is yes, I've got a trick that just may work." Meanwhile the creature focused it's eye on the alicorn firing a molten beam of energy to meet with her own spell. The beams of pink magic and boiling lava would meet in a struggle of epic proportions. The elemental Titan would gain the upper hand pushing back against the power of alicorn magic with the boiling fury of it's rage. Bolt's eyes shot wide open seeing his ally was in danger, he looked up to the struggle in the sky cursed his weak wings, his eyes quickly darting around for something he could use as a ramp. Zipping over to a nearby tree he pulled it back the trunk buckling under his draconic strength, grabbing onto the branch the bent tree springs back into it's original shape flinging the dragon skyward. Bolt collided with the beams taking a large brunt of the element fire, seeing as dragons were immune to lava he was unaffected by the monsters attack, however he wasn't immune to magic taking a fair amount of damage from Twilight's half of the struggle. Falling back to earth Bolt slammed into the ground severely wounded. He struggled to keep his eyes open asking once again. "Dose this thing have a heart?" He slowly pushed himself to his feet his glare fixated on the clawed monster before him. "I'm sending you back to hell weather it be as it's guardian or a resident is up to you."
  18. As soon as the titanic weight was lifted from his shoulders he breathed a sigh of relief wanting to sit down for a moment, however before he could plant his backside he found himself hovering within Twilight's magical grasp. Waving around trying to hit the ground Bolt growled struggling against her spell, he wanted to attack the beast again and again until either he or it smashed to pieces. The Pink aura keeping him suspended annoyed him greatly as it was one of his greatest weaknesses, Bolt was a speedster thus he needed gravity and ground to run on in order to achieve the velocity he used for his attacks, if he was a strong flyer perhaps he could have returned to the battle but his speed came from his furious feet not his weak wings. The only option left to him was to watch Twilight's impressive display of powerful magic. Twilight's energy net was a masterful spell in it's own wright capable of holding the molten mountain down but that wasn't what impressed Bolt. The blue dragon's jaw almost hit the floor upon witnessing her second spell. He looked around at the white void that existed outside of space and time his mind blown and now racing a mile a minute. "Did she create a pocket dimension!? Are we floating outside the confides of time and space? Sure I've torn holes in reality while running back and forth through time......but this.....it's impressive. The amount of control and refinement something like this take to muster.................." With that he sat simply staring into her eyes for a good moment. Bolt's didn't care about making friends but he respected power and those who wield it with finesse. It was in that moment Princess Twilight earned not only his affection but his respect as well. Mostly when taking to battle Bolt would look for a weak point if sheer force didn't work, however listening to Twilight's explanation he nodded in agreement. "Twilight this is incredible! I've heard stories of what you can do but to command reality itself!? Look I've never said this to anybody before but...I respect you....You're smart, beautiful and I'm going to be honest I think seeing magic like this would make Starswirl turn in his grave." Bolt cleared his throat as he bit his lower lip. ".........Yeah I assumed they'd send Cerberus, I coulda handled that pushover no problem." He paused for a moment taking a deep breath before dropping the awkward news. "He's looking for me.......Let me make one thing VERY clear, I am not going back to Tartarus! If I ever get my claws on the pony that sent me there I'll.....well that's hardly a topic fit to discuss with a princess. Return me to reality and I'll kill him." His voice was rough and raspy as the seriousness underlined the murderous intent his words held.
  19. A cocky grin crawled over Bolt's face as he begun to roll his shoulder then proceeding to crack his claws. "The hell hound will seem like a pleasantry in comparison after I'm done with him." With that the blue dragon speeds off utterly destroying the sound barrier, and trees he rushed past were ripped from their roots by the force of the dragon's take off. The body of the dragon became a blue blur as he circled the village over and over building up momentum, once he felt like he'd built up enough speed he shot off like a bullet towards the flaming monster. Upon impact Bolt rammed his fist into the Cherufe's face, the impact was like getting hit by a fright train traveling 5 times the speed of sound, needless to say the towering titan tumbled over falling on it's backside. Bolt skidded to a stop opening his wings to catch air and and assist with breaking. Not far from Twilight he struck a heroic pose complete with cocky and a victorious expression. "Damn I'm good! You catch that Twi? The flaming pile of puke never saw it com...." However his sentence was cut short with the creature taking advantage of Bolt's premature gloating, it rammed a claw down upon the dragon threatening to crush him. Bolt saw shadow looming over him as he looked up annoyed shouting. "Nobody casts a shadow over my spotlight you got that!?" Upon seeing he was under attack he quickly raised his hands over his head meeting with the monster's massive claw. Bolt dug his fingers into the molten appendage attempting to crush him and pushed upwards with all his might. The Cherufe responded by applying more force causing Bolt to begin buckling under the immense power of the creature. Roaring in defiance he gritted his teeth refusing to acknowledge this creature was more powerful than him, however despite his best effort his legs we're starting to shake about to give way under the great pressure. "Twilight, I wouldn't object to a little help!" He muttered annoyed under his breath as the Cherufe had forced the blue dragon onto his knees by this point, a few more seconds and he would be crushed flat.
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