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    I exist everywhere o-O
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    Roleplaying, Drawing, writing, anime, shipping :3

    other things I can't think of right now

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    Moonlight dawn
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    Heather Weatherstone
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    Crystal Clarity

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About Me

Hey! I'm Gigi! Welcome to my profile. If you're just reading this because you just found my profile then go ahead and introduce yourself to me! 

(Don't worry, I don't bite ;) )


What are some of my interests/hobby's? 

Well, I am usually online everyday unless something in real life has come up. I like to watch anime, so if you have any 'interesting' ones you think will interest me, then TELL ME!! 

I very much so enjoy role playing with others out there, and writing!


Hope we can be friends!

This is Gigi signing out! :3 

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