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  1. Hello! This is my first time posting for rps, so pardon my excitement! I'm just looking for one of two different plot lines! I'm not necessarily looking for seven or more paragraphs, but I'd like more than a few sentences in reply! 1.) Your character is an explorer, and adventurer, who travels the lands in search of new things! Your next destination is a seemingly abandoned island in Polyneighsia. Rumor has it, there's untold treasure there- or maybe even something more. Unfortunately, your character also has a habit for getting into trouble, and unknowingly trespasses, becoming prisoner to a strange pony in a cloak. 2.) An old abandoned Kingdom is discovered on an island in Polyneighsia, much to the delight of historians and archaeologists. Soon, tourists from everywhere flock there, including your character, who was dragged there by some friends or family and wanders away from the tour group to explore the sealed off castle. There, they discover the last native to the island. Either one is ok, just let me know which one you like!
  2. Name: Lightning Prancer Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Alicorn Eye colour: Blue/gray Character colour: White, with blue-ish spots Mane/Tail/Other: Two-toned mane and tail, with his mane being long and covering one of his eyes, and his tail being bobbed. Other: Sometimes he ties his mane back with a band. Physique: Extra large wings due to mutation, semi-malnourished body. Residence: Located on some island in Polyneighsia. Occupation: King(Previously), tends to the ever growing garden in his ruins and the subsequential animals, takes lots of naps, and flights in his spare time. Cutie Mark: Several lightning bolts under a cloud. Unique Traits: Capable of summoning an entire lighting storm, and casts heavy lightning magic. Is also fluent in 3 other (older) languages. History: (Nabbed from my bio! ) Lightning Prancer is my first oc pony, a self-disgraced Alicorn from the Eastern shores who, entirely by accident, managed to disappear his entire Kingdom in a day. He lives in Exile through-out the ruins of his once home. Lightning Prancer is, at best, broody, and tends to not know what to do with company, since he's kept his ruins in a bubble for the purpose to making himself miserable, because he's self deprecating and can't let go of the past. He's a fairly small pony with an abnormally large wing span, at least 12'6" for both wings, likely due to a mutation. He's got faint dapples of blue in his coat, and a two toned mane and tail. He's about 5'3" in height, which puts him above most ponies, but slightly smaller than some Alicorns. There's a possibility he could've been bigger, if he was actively eating the right things. The type of irl horse he's based on is a Knabstrup. When he goes out, he uses magic to hide his wings so that no one knows he's an Alicorn. He's been doing this for centuries. Character Personality: Very shy- he tends to not know what to do with conversation, due to the fact that he's been in self- exile for centuries. His daily routines are just habits at this point, most interaction with other ponies makes him a little nervous. Character Summary: Shy pony wrecks his own kingdom as a kid, and feels so bad about it that he never leaves the area.
  3. Hello, hello! You can call me Lightning Prancer, or Pastel! I found Canterlot.com by searching specifically for MLP rp websites, because I was curious! I became a fan years ago, when I saw the tirst episode on tv, and it got me hooked! My favorite character from the show... hmmm. It's hard, because there's a lot, but I have to say that I like Discord a lot, he's mischievous, and I like that. As for everything else, I'm over 19 years of age, I'm a dude, and I really like cookie dough ice cream.
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