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  1. Radiant merely offered a sheepish smile at the other mare's observations, though, she did allow her own golden hues to linger upon said mare's face a few fleeting moments longer. The other's gaze seemed almost unseeing, in a way, and Radiant wondered if she could see anything at all. She offered a soft, somewhat relieved sigh at the mention of how often the Ponytones seemed to play. She'd get to see them someday, after all! The mare grinned at the acceptance of the tea, handing the cup over carefully and picking up her own once more for another small sip. Orchid chirped a soft tune of sorts from her cage, peeking out at them through the little opened door, and Radiant hummed softly in response, wincing slightly at the little prick of discomfort that made itself known in the back of her throat again as a result. She offered a polite bow of her head at the offered introduction, before finally speaking up, herself. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Radiant Rhapsody, but that tends to be a mouthful, so Radi's fine as well. My little friend over there is named Desert Orchid, but I just call her Orchid." She froze a moment or so at the mention of her wing, the remaining feathery appendage tightening against her left side somewhat nervously. "I, uh... Lost it in an incident..."
  2. Radiant winced upon attempting to clear her throat one more time, before finally pulling the door open all the way to allow her visitor entry. She sighed as Orchid fluttered forward to perch upon her bedframe, telling the little songbird to stay put with a wave of her hand when she noticed the way Orchid had protectively fluffed up her feathers. The mare chuckled at her visitor's words. She moved over to the stove, where a metallic pot of tea sat ready. "Sorry about the mess." she spoke up sheepishly, glancing over at her messy bed, where sheets, pillows, and extra blankets alike lay strewn about upon the floor. Well that was embarrassing. Orchid chattered quietly, moving over to where her cage sat open and perching on the little makeshift swing inside. Radiant watched momentarily, before rolling her eyes and returning her attention to the other mare. "I'm just a little under the weather. You didn't have to come all the way out here." she responded once more, shrugging and moving to offer a cup of tea. "Freshly made." she grinned, proud of herself, before taking a sip of her own. She'd been careful in making it. The warmth of the cup warmed her chilled hooves whilst the liquid inside served to sooth her scratchy, somewhat painful throat. She frowned at the mention of the Ponytones. "Y-Yeah... I really wanted to go see them..." Radiant finally responded, voice sounding much less scratchy, as of now. At the offered welcome, the corners of her lips upturned some in a small smile, and she offered a little bow of her head in response. "Thank you! I've actually lived here for a while, now, just... with my parents until now."
  3. The homey little cottage that had been partly paid for by her parents upon her insistence of moving out felt far too large for the young mare and her little feathered companion. Upon entering, anyone would be able to take notice of how empty the little home was; it seemed almost as if it were uninhabited, if not for the bed, other furnature, and a couple of hoof-drawn posters that remained perched upon the walls. A fire crackled in the fireplace, smoke billowing up through the hole in her roof that served as a ventilation of sorts. Little trinkets lined the old and rickety wooden shelf that hung near the entrance, many of which had been brought back by her parents over years of long trips to make up for missed birthdays or forgotten holidays. Upon the bed was a pile of blankets, which shifted after a moment or so with the muffled coughs that seemed to come from within. Orchid gave a muffled chirp of concern as she fluttered over to perch upon the edge of the mattress and tried to nose her beak into the blanket fortress that was Radiant. The mare felt absolutely horrible, as noted by the small groan that parted tired lips when the light from the fire sent a painful throb into her skull. "Not now, Orchid... We'll play later." she muttered, rubbing at her eyes some and flopping over onto her other side, back turned to the songbird, whom merely shifted forward some to try and offer a comforting nudge to Radiant's back. There was supposed to be a sort of music showcase on such a day, but Radiant had declined to show up upon awakening with a relatively mild fever. Well, she would've ended up going anyway... if Orchid hadn't refused to let the mare anywhere near the door. The songbird had sensed that something was wrong the moment Radiant greeted her with a scratchy, painful-sounding voice... and the mare smelled rather... sickly? The avian would recognize such behavior from a while back. The mare had fallen ill a lot back when she'd been recovering from the incident that had cost Radiant a wing. The little songbird remembered days on end of perching upon the edge of the mare's bed, singing the few little tunes she knew in some attempt at offering comfort to her feverish friend. Grumbling, Radiant pulled the blankets around herself more securely as she heard a knock at the door. Now who could that be? She wasn't expecting any company... was she? No matter. She pushed herself to her hooves, before clearing her throat with a wince and responding, somewhat irritably, her voice scratchy and soft. "Yes? Is someone there?"
  4. Roleplay Type: Literate; I pretty much roleplay in long paragraphs. Name: Radiant Rhapsody Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasi Eye color: Golden-Amber Coat: Painted Palamino Mane/Tail: Orange and white. Physique: Somewhat lean, though sturdy. Her legs are relatively long, and her back caries a slight, regal arch. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Singing and playing a few musical instruments here and there. Cutie Mark: An orange eighth note with a singe white wing attached. Basically symbolizes that music, for her, is just as good as flying. Unique Traits: --- Strengths: --- • She is a relatively quick thinker in terms of coming up with things as she goes. • She makes up for her lack of flight with maneuverability upon her hooves. • Her ability to remain calm in even the most dire of situations. --- Weaknesses: --- • She cannot swim for the life of her. • Her underlying stubbornness tends to get her into trouble. • Bearing only one wing, she cannot fly. History: Very Brief: --- Radiant Rhapsody was born to two loving pegasi parents, and grew up with a relatively happy foalhood. Her parents were bother bakers, so it was quite the surprise when their daughter's talent turned up as something music-related. Her mother and father embraced it, however, and worked hard to get her extra music lessons. Though, tragedy struck a few years or so later; she hadn't been paying attention to how far she'd flown one day, and thus ended up flying into some pretty bad weather. The mare ended up taking a nasty plummet, mangling her right wing so badly that it ended up being removed. Though she remained melancholy for a while at first, she slowly fell back into her normal routine again, carrying on with her life and pursuing her career in music. She even decided to adopt a little wood thrush (a type of songbird) whom she later named Orchid. Character Personality: • Gallant and Passionate - This side of her strays into the lesser-known part of her character. Radiant isn't exactly a hopeless romantic. In fact, she knows quite well how to compose herself when around a stallion she particularly favours over others. She is very respectful and passive, very rarely allowing her inner emotions take charge of the situation. Though, at times, it's fair to say she tends to become a bit more of a pushover than usual, but that's because the stallion mentioned will tend to grow on her and perhaps even reach that side of her that remains dormant. • Quiet, Placid, and Peaceful - Docility is a huge factor when it comes to Radiant's personality. It is an attribute many are bound to notice upon getting to know her. Radiant prefers peace and quiet to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with other ponies flooding in and out of the grounds at all times, as well as the constant pitter-patter of little foal hooves dashing about. Radiant's soft-spoken and laid back nature make her somewhat approachable to those who wish to come to her for advice or a conversation. However, to some, this may be interpreted as more of a reserved and icy oddity of hers which in turn could cause others to stay away from her, as it seems to look like that is perhaps what she wants. --- Likes: --- • Long naps. • Reading. • Birds and other flying critters. • Cleanliness. • Long summer days. • Warm weather. • Honesty and Diligence. • Singing. • Dancing. • Rain --- Dislikes: --- • Cold weather. • Being unclean. • Tight, closed-in spaces. • Thunder and lightning. • Darkness. • Spicy foods. • Feeling helpless. • Water - swimming is not a strong-suit of hers. • Seeing those she adores in any pain. • Her own jealousy of those that are able to touch the clouds. Character Summary: Radiant Rhapsody is an easy-going young mare whom has some talent in singing and music in general. Her disability does not hold her back, though she does view the birds and such with a bit of envy from time to time. Her music is just as good as flying to her, if not more so, and she holds onto it to help her move forward.
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