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  1. FrankT

    Pony Life

    They're making a new spin-off! https://ponylife.fandom.com/wiki/My_Little_Pony:_Pony_Life_Wiki
  2. An obvious question really. I mean, I don't much like the idea of a show existing unless I can get it on a physical medium. I mean I could get the DVDs, but since it was produced in HD, I'd rather get that.
  3. No, it'll have been made into the Twilight Sparkle Museum!
  4. A satisfying ending to one of the greatest animations of my time. It reminds me, for some reason, of the ending of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. (except, of course, this version doesn't have a static winking bear at the end!)
  5. Wherever we go, and whatever happens to us on the way... in that enchanted place on top of the forest... a little pony will always be waiting.

  6. Hey, it's styled after the movie! I wasn't expecting that.
  7. It's definitely different from what I was expecting. But it's well-written!
  8. Oh God, this episode gave me flashbacks to "Putting Your Hooves Down".
  9. Well, I've caught up with the rest of the world and watched My Little Pony: The Movie. And I have to say, for a feature-length FiM feature, it's pretty good! It's reminiscent of the Disney Renaissance films, and I like the sort of CGI/animated approach of the art style - kind of like When the Wind Blows but without the practical sets. All in all, worth a watch!
  10. I had to forgo the movie in theatres because I didn't want to look like a ponce. Now I've got to wait til February to get it on Blu-ray! This is most inconvenient!
  11. Yeah, it was pretty good! I was a little sceptical going into it, but it did a few interesting things that worked well.
  12. I couldn't get into it at all. In fact, looking back at it, it's really kind of spiteful.
  13. Well... I mean, it's definitely one of the most memorable!
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