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  1. (Alright finally able to sit down and get this out here, I've been waiting to do this and am pumped I finally got the time for it! Welp time to get to it and, Enjoy!) -------------------------------------------------- The train finally came to a full stop at ponyville station which caused the ponies inside to begin to pile up towards the door to get out of the cramped train cars and meet with whoever they were meeting with or just to wait for the next train to the next city. The once colorful trains now more drab and monotone in color and design. Guards in dark armor and carrying standard issue Mana Rifles making sure trouble doesn't arise and to keep said trouble in check if it does rear its ugly head. Trick was one of the last off the train not so much in a hurry as he made sure all of his gear and equipment was present. After securing his scarf he put his saddlebags on and secured his large rucksack on top as well which contained his own personal heavy DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) which he took special care of during his time being deployed in Dodge Junction which admittedly he hasn't done much in terms of fighting any of the Everfree beasts due to being the new guy, plus his usual attitude didnt get him to many favors with those in positions above him in the Rangers. He was suprised when he heard he was volunteered for being relocated to ponyville even though he wasnt sure as to why. He smirked as he walked out onto the platform his eyes scanning the area around him as he moved. Watching ponies reconvene and mill about he also took notice of the heating fields keeping the storm at bay. He sighed as this would not make the walk anywhere pleasent. " Welp...nothing ventured, nothing gained " He said as began trodding toward the exit passing a few guards who watched him go by with only looking away when they saw the ranger emblem on his bag. Trick braced himself as he walked out into the barrage of snow and wind he grit his teeth but kept moving towards ponyville square the wind howling into his ears and snow seeming to pile up which he continued to trudge through ignoring the biting cold and wind. After a bit of walking Trick was growing weary of walking through the snow he made a bit of progress making his way toward the outpost but couldn't help but find the need to take a breather from the storm. He noticed what seemed to be a diner and began trudging his way up to the building. Once through the heating fields he breathed out in relief from the cold as he stretched out a bit as shook off water droplets and stretched a bit as he made his way to the door and walked in to see few ponies sitting around enjoying the warmth and escape from the weather. The once obviously bright and cheerful decorum now gone which admittedly was familiar all around equestria after the rise of Nightmare Moon he walked over to a empty booth and set down his ruck sack followed by his saddle bags and slid them under the table before taking a seat with a gratuitous sigh and smile as he looked out into the storm thanks to the window next to him lightly tapping his rear hoove on the floor as he lost himself in thought.
  2. (Mwahahahahaha! I have returned! I'll be a bit more open in scheduling as I no longer am in training, we can go when able )
  3. (I hate to do this but more and more stuff is piling up and I'll be unable to rp as my time will be focused mostly on that and trying to get everything sorted...I'm sorry I really wish I could have as I was really pumped about this rp too. I'm sorry and please dont let me hold ya'll back from having fun, thank you and have a great day guys!)
  4. Name: Trick Shot Race: Pony- Pegasus Appearance: Trick Shot is slightly above average in terms of height though is fairly skinny as well, He has a light grey fur color with a white mane and tail, his eyes are a deep crimson, and his cutie mark is a white target with a red bullseye. Personality: Calm, Nonchalant in most situations, respectful, a bit stubborn, loyal, and protective of those he cares about. He can be sometimes quick to anger if those he cares for are threatened, he's also a smartass, and can be vindictive in certain situations. Civilian Winter Gear: Thick Black Jacket with a hood and a black Beanie sometimes wears a grey scarf depending on winds.
  5. (Definitely would be interested as I just got back personally as well lol)
  6. ((Man, all this talk on school and I just work...man I feel old XD)
  7. Straight looked over at the bartender and chuckled a bit and waving it off considering what he knew was happening here prior to coming back he should have expected something. "Nah I wouldn't worry about it I lived in this area long enough to where I should have guessed something was gonna happen, plus a friend of mine got locked in your backroom so I may have known about your little problem prior...just glad I didn't have to a poor colt with lead." Straight looked down at the bar and shook his head while chuckling a bit more before looking back to the door and seeing the Pegasus mare walk and take a seat back at her drink. Straight was then reminded of his own drinks fate and frowned a bit...it was a good drink. Just as he thought about he noticed the Pegasus mare walking toward him, he listened and understood what she was getting at although raised an eyebrow as she pulled out the Beretta and took the magazine out and loaded it again which he smirked. No clearing chamber and with seven in the clip makes 8 rounds, more then his, although more maintenance comes with her weapon same ammo though. "Your not wrong today was certainly...interesting to say the least can't say I'm s uprised with this area though, it's quite common for shit like this to happen. And sure an extra pair eyes would be nice to have, plus another gun, and company will be nice too. As for organization we'll have to prove ourselves to most of them, and for creating a organization, we'll habe to make a name for ourselves first or ponies will just go to others first. As for the cops, they're just a gang paid by the government around here so, I'd sooner trust more nerds then cops....Also maybe I should introduce myself before you decide to team with me, I'm Straight Toss, a pleasure to meet ya." Straight said with a smile and extending his hoof to her slightly worried he made a bad impression as he kinda rambled a bit there, curse little amounts of social activity! But that aside he tried to remain courteous respectful and somewhat professional...if you can call him that of course.
  8. Straight watched as the earth stallion ran into the bar and although keeping his gun on the unicorn for a bit after listening to the pony lowered his revolver and raised an eyebrow watching the unicorn begin to go through the bar searching for the folders and during this time glanced at the locked door to the back room before back to the earth pony stallion and then to the pegasus mare. Straight frowned and watched as the unicorn found the files and started to walk out with some reinforcements causing straight to raise an eyebrow and sharing the thoughts of the earth pony who was berating them causing straight to smirk slightly and as they opened the envelope causing a large amount of blue powder to go over the thugs causing them to change as if something played a joke on them. He raised an eyebrow at the name and muttered to himself. "What the **** is poison joke?" He thought to himself as he shifted a bit and set his hammer back on his revolver and holstering it thankful he didn't have to shoot anypony just yet in his short mercenary career. He looked back at the Pegasus curious what here reactions would be and as she was about to start talking to the earth pony stallion she confronted a Griffin who was called Clarence and although it wasn't his business he still heard almost all of it and rubbed his mane and looked around thinking. 'So...earth pony stallion over here seems to have some connections or a feud with some group possibly mafia and the tavern owner seems to be in on it as well... Pegasus mare has some kind of possible griffin stalker and definitely wants to avoid him and possibly a old life....while I was just doing odd jobs around the neighborhood to pay rent and food and planning to get out of where my horrible situation. I feel so...average...oh well probably a blessing, albeit a boring one" Straight sighed and shook his head to clear his thought as he can think more on it it later. He simply stood at the door before sighing and smiling a bit and looked at them and really didn't see them as to much of a threat at this point although was still on guard as there could be more and decided to walk through the bar scanning for possible other finding nothing before resting against the bar and sighing watching out the door. "And here I was just wanting a nice relaxing drink before finding work... it's at least more exciting then what I'm used to I'll give it that" Straight said more to himself then anypony else as he seemed relaxed but was keeping his head on a bit of a swivel keeping a eye out plus his hoof on his revolver ready to be drawn at a moment's notice.
  9. Straight smiled as he got his ale and took a drink of it slightly raising an eyebrow as he noticed alcohol but either it was being covered another ingredient in the drink or there was little inside, on the safe side he took another drink and glanced around and saw the back room with his friend red who caught his eye and seemed genuinely confused. Knowing what he was here for he was glad the mare next to him spoke up and was listening till another unicorn came in definitely a crook of some kind he immediately took notice of the horn amplifier and immediately thought back about the break in and when he walked by Straight put a hoof on his revolver and another on his drink and over looked the amplifier again. Shoddy engineering has the necessities but depending on the construction and from the look of it he looked at his drink for a quick second before he heard the stool smash under the stallion. Straight narrowed his eyes as it seemed clear he wasn't here for pleasantries. Straight looked at his drink knowing that amplifiers can be gimmicky this one especially if he could damage the amplifier pieces or just knock the amplifier out of place a little it could take out it out use for the moment. As he was thinking several things seemed to happen almost simultaneously with a spark work up the amplifier the back room close and lock, followed by the grabbing of the elderly bar tender the mare immediately went into action revealing her wings along with a knife and a handgun and shot forward. He reacted as well and threw his ale at the stallion hitting him directly in the head covering him in ale just before three gunshots rang out one skimming the stallion and followed by a threat from the Pegasus mare. At this point Straight got up and pulled his revolver out and cocked it aiming at the crook. "I came here for a nice relaxing drink and you had to come and ruin it didn't ya? I recommend doing as the mare asks alright bud?" He said taking steps back away from him and towards the back of the room putting some distance between them and staying out of the way as the door all the while his aim never leaving the crook.
  10. After walking through the rundown neighborhood and past some rougher crowds or at people who thought they were Straight Toss made it home, or what he called home what looked like a house was actually separated into a upper apartment and lower apartment both in pretty bad condition, mainly the upper one due to the lack of shingles on the roof of the home. "Red's right....I need to get out of here. Not that I can think of anything to help with that humph...most jobs around here don't pay enough..." The green stallion looked down and sighed taking his hat off sitting down running a hoof through his short cut mane thinking and grumbled a bit before putting the hat back on and making is way up the set of stairs leading up to his place of living and walked into the kitchen on entrance before closing and locking the door once more. And look over at the few dishes that were cleaned from his breakfast earlier in the morning he put them away in the correct cupboard before walking into his room and despite the condition of the place it was fairly clean. All that was in it was a end table with a cheap alarm clock and lamp on it and a nice hand me down dresser made of oak and a small bed with a open safe laying on it. "Right where I left you..." He chuckled as he pulled out his Colt Model 1917 Revolver and looked at the safe which had 5 boxes of unused 45. ACP ammo and one preopened. He decided to count what he had and 5 x 50 is 250 rounds. Plus 20, then six in the pistol is 276 rounds in total. "Thanks Dad... I just wish I knew what...i could...do with it...hmmm" He sat on the bed and rubbed his chin thinking deeply on the matter and thinking mostly about possible occupation which were slim, but one stuck out it was the same job as one of his best friends, Sister, if they got any closer Red as she prefers to be called Mercenary, gun for hire. It could work and thinking on it. He realized that she may have just tried to get him into the occupation without him even knowing. His lateness aside and all things considered he was a Moron. He looked at his casual clothes and frowned no wonder he got turned away his outfit doesn't exactly seem like he'd be much in that terms plus he had really no way of keeping extra ammo and etcetera. He got up and proceeded to change into a more suitable getup for the job He smiled as he looked in the mirror. "Huh I think this look suits me... Oh well with this time to go find a job I suppose hmm let's check the local watering hole, the bar I just left....buck..." He thought about it and decided he'd go there anyway and grabbed the rest of the box of used ammo and put the ammo into a inner jacket pocket so only he could get it, he also decided to grab some more and opened a fresh box and another 22 rounds and put them in the same pocket. 42 spare rounds and six loaded. Even amount. He put the rest of the ammo back in the safe and locked it up before walking back outside locking his apartment before leaving and heading back to the bar. When he walked in he took a glance around and already saw some ponies and other species drinking and chatting he walked over to bar and and sat down a few spots away from a blue pegasus mare and waved the bartender over and pulling out some money and placing it on the bar and looking at the selection a little bit. "I'll take a ale, and some info on any possible jobs for a gun for hire in the area...or not it might be nice to see some new sights"
  11. "So....why did we come here this early exactly, last I checked It was a bit early for drinking" Said the male dark green unicorn with a mud brown mane and tail who followed a female brown pegasus with a red mane and tale into a small little old style bar, once inside she turned on the lights and began walking to the bar. "Well...besides the fact that I like this place and am a regular? Well Straight it's pretty simple the owner has been having a recent issue with some break in's so I was hired today to be guard of sorts." Straight frowned at the mare and shook his head with a sigh as he checked his pistol bag before sitting in a stool next to her. "So the reason you asked me to come down here was to just help ya watch this place? It suddenly makes sense why you told me to bring the colt with me but....you're ex military i doubt you'd need me to down a few common folk" The stallion said with a slight smirk coming to his face as he began to loom around the empty bar although a bit old school it seemed quite cozy. She merely smiled and shook her head a bit before looking over at him with a smirk and her red eyes showing amusement. "maybe one or two, maybe three if they're completely incompetent. But numbers can overwhelm even when firearms are in the equation plus, what if they got guns too, I'm only one mare, no matter how good I look, or how much skill I have but having a distraction might be the edge a mare like me can use....plus you're not to bad to be around compared to some ponies i know that come here" She said with slightly cocky grin and batting her eyelashes a bit at him before giggling a little bit at her poking fun at Straight, who just rolled his eyes knowing he was a decent shot but....also acknowledging that such a plan was smart and would work much better then if she were alone plus she was the better shot and fighter due to experience that he just didn't have. Just before he said something a older blue earth stallion walked out from a back room with a large black earth pony and nodded to her but raised an eyebrow at me and made a shooing motion towards the door. Which Straight was a bit disappointed with but accepted and got off the stool. "Well it seems you won't need me this time, be careful Red wouldn't want nothing to happen to beautiful mare such as yourself" "Aww thanks, to bad you're a little young for me, plus anyone lays a hoof on me it's not me you should worry about, maybe next time straight!" He just laughed a bit before walking out the small bar and looking around the shady area it was in before sighing and starting to walk back in the direction of home. "...I need to find something to do...bad"
  12. (Alright,and I know I'm thinking of getting one myself to be honest, that or a 1911)
  13. Straight Toss's Gear Casual Wear: A white button up shirt and dark brown pants with Maroon stripes with Knee high thick boots (not sure if its called a knee on ponies...). He wears a brown suit vest with steel buttons and a steel pauldron on his left shoulder (again not sure on equine anatomy) along with a pair of goggles he typically has around his neck. Battle Gear: A tan t-shirt with a dark grey jacket and the steel pauldron along with a pair of dark grey cargo pants and medium sized satchel he still has switched the knee high boots for traditional thick work boots for better mobility and comfort, as well as his pair of googles he keeps around his neck. the weapon he has is a passed down Colt Model 1917 (wonder why I kept the name here ). (this alright for gear?)
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