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  1. A grimace was quick to find its way onto Sombra's face when Luna piped up, suggesting the two options that they had. His grimace was for the latter suggestion: confronting Hou Shuren and trying to get the Remembrance Stone back. He'd been caught off guard when Hou faced him, a little rusty and out of his element. It was the only reason why she'd managed to best him and when he'd not wanted to fight her or anypony to begin with. Next time around though, he certainly wanted to be prepared even though he didn't fancy having to do so again anytime soon. His red eyes flitted between the two princesses when Twilight addressed Luna, hinting at a talk that they were likely to have later this night that he knew he wouldn't be privy to. As Twilight turned back to him and summoned forth a box, surprise flashed across his face at what she was offering him, a surprise that was shortly followed by a confused furrow of his dark brows. His magic reached for the staff within the opened box. "Why would you give me something like this?" he asked her, staring at the staff for a moment before looking past it to Twilight. "And what friendship? You barely know anything about me and I don't know anything about you outside of your.. granted royalty. I brought you this information out of spite for Hou Shuren, who could've easily gained me as an ally if she'd not attacked me and only heard me out about her wild suspicions." Sombra snorted and rolled his eyes. "I'm not sure why you would.. do this, let alone think that way after what I've done, and what I've heard my doppleganger do."
  2. Dark magic subtly flared to life around the curve of the king's bright horn as he picked up the two photos, studying the artifacts in each at a time as Twilight revealed the information on their existence and purpose to him. The Mirror sounded like it could be dangerous, but if it was only to the user, than it wouldn't prove to be much use to somepony like Hou Shuren. She'd likely want something to cause other harm, to manipulate, or perhaps boost her power- not that she needed to, if her talk and her displays during their fight had anything to say about that. The only thing that Sombra could think of was if she were to give this Mirror of Alternative Realities to some poor fool who didn't know any better and let them be their own downfall. His attention shifted over to the Remembrance Stone, which he studied the photo of curiously. It didn't seem dangerous at the first read of its description, but in the wrong hooves, to see the memories of the one who'd once owned it would give the new holder plenty of information that they could use against the previous owner- depending on who that owner was. The lack of knowledge on what else this Stone could do made it a wildcard of what Hou Shuren could want with it or use it for- it could be anything. "Judging from what I can tell from the two artifacts that you've shown me, I imagine that it could easily be this Remembrance Stone. If you lot don't have a clue what else it can do other than view the memories of its previous owner, there's a chance Hou Shuren might, and she could easily be able to use its other powers against you and others. It comes across as far more dangerous in her hooves than the Mirror," Sombra paused to gesture his hoof towards the photo of the artifact mentioned, "and it doesn't bode too well. Hou Shuren has been around for a long time. Perhaps as long as I have been, if not longer. Her power has grown over the centuries since I last ever ran into her. Even without these artifacts she's dangerous as it is, whether she's around a bunch of alicorns or your average citizens. As to the why?" Sombra placed the photos down and shrugged. "If she can figure out who used to own it, I'm sure she'd be able to peruse their memories for anything at all that can give her an edge on.. whatever it is she plans to do. If she knows what else it can do, or figures it out.. who knows? The mere lack of information on its other powers is something I already don't like."
  3. A dark eyebrow rose at Twilight's response, specifically former enemy. Were they former enemies, or enemies still? To him, in this moment, Twilight was the lesser of two 'evils' when compared to Hou Shuren and she didn't have the gall to engage him in some pointless fight as Hou did. It was.. positive enough, but it didn't mean he trusted this new princess. He'd noticed that Princess Luna was rather quiet, something that he had begun to figure out about her while they were sitting here- that, like him, she didn't like to talk much. His attention snapped back to the lavender alicorn at the words greater power and he had a momentary struggle with his ego over it; at least she acknowledged that. Sombra huffed softly and gave the glass of water another glance. If she'd insist, then he wouldn't, but he would try to relax if he was even capable of doing so in their presence. He wrapped his tail around one of his covered flanks and gestured with a hoof for her to continue. "I'll believe it when I leave this place safely enough. So what is it that you want to know?"
  4. Sombra snorted softly. If that was the case, then he'd just have to be more specific when he asked next time. Even just getting a list would've helped him figure out what Dox knew and could teach him. His attention went to the strange orbs that Dox chose to summon up, and he got a glimpse of what existed within each of them. Pyromancy was a magic he was familiar with well enough, but the rest probably wouldn't hurt to learn if there were creative ways he could use them, especially in a fight. "How about we start with that, then? Maybe afterward you can provide me a list of what you know so I can narrow down what I can ask," Sombra said, gesturing towards Dox with a hoof. "I wouldn't mind being able to expand my skills."
  5. The former tyrant grunted, slightly disappointed that no information would be offered up about Hou Shuren. Yet. He supposed learning more magic would at least get to help him, should he ever deal with her or anypony like her again. His tail lashed behind him, flopping on the grass as he studied the creature across from him. "So then, how would you like to go about this? Would you like to go first and show me what you seem to know?" He tilted his head, questioning. He was already mulling over what dark magic spells he could teach, and whether or not he should withhold anything for safety's sake. There was time for him to make a decision on that, but for now he'd just go along with it.
  6. "Well, I said more than that," Sombra thought to correct with a small gesture of his hoof. "The most I could probably teach you is about dark magic, which is always useful to know. Although seeing as I still don't know what you are exactly, you'd probably have to be careful with using it. With ponies, using it too often may begin to corrupt you. How?" Sombra answered his own question with a shrug of his shoulders. As far as he knew, and had read about, there hadn't been many if any ponies suffering from side effects or corruption from too much dark magic usage. It seemed like it wasn't at all commonly used in Equestria, and he was sure the royal pony sisters were responsible for that- keeping it away from their subjects. "What exactly can you offer me in return for this information? What can you tell me about Hou or anything general that I could use?"
  7. idk what to even do on this site anymore since getting notice and w/e is hard so i guess if anyone wants to talk or rp or something my discord is Mal#8924

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  8. It wasn't hard for him to think of a list of what he was good at, at least magic-wise. He just wasn't sure what he wanted to actually give away, and when some of his magic was more unique to him; he was selfish enough to want to keep it all to himself. But maybe, if he told Dox a little bit of it, he might be able to get information from him about Hou Shuren and what she was up to. "Dark magic, first of all," Sombra answered. "As an umbrum, it's what I know first and foremost. If I'm to get specific, it's curses that's more my specialty. As well as mind control, and something of a warped version of crystal formation that crystal ponies can do- though I suppose it's mostly lost to them now after what I did." He idly eyed his own hoof while he spoke, using a bit of magic to pick some dirt off of it. "I'm also fond of pyromancy, and of course spells relating to evoking one's worst fears and manipulating shadows. There's something else I know how to do that doesn't really require a spell, but it's something only innate to umbrum. A mortal trying to turn themselves into shadow would likely only succeed in tearing themselves apart." Sombra made a face and dropped his hoof. "Other than that, just various dark magic spells and means of corruption."
  9. The king rumbled in his throat, considering the new name he was given. It was a foreign name, he knew that much, although not what region it was from. His knowledge didn't extend very far past the Crystal Empire and Equestria. Although he felt like he'd come across it before, perhaps in some story or legend in something he'd read in passing. He rubbed at his chin with the top of a hoof, frowning faintly to himself. One of the few she considers an equal. Something about the statement bothered him, maybe even stung if he'd admit as much to himself. The very fact that she'd passed over him was something he couldn't help taking great offense to- he had little idea why Hou chose to make him her enemy, instead of anything like an ally. Even if he knew she probably would've expected him to answer to her, and he answered to nopony, would continue to answer to nopony. He had started to like her a little, up before she decided to force him into a fight. Sombra huffed, his expression darkening for a moment. "Magical knowledge. Alright. What do you want to know?"
  10. Sombra initially responded with a soft grunt. The names of those who'd been around as long as himself, or longer, were all well known to him, and unless Dox was just a fake name or a nickname he didn't know of, he couldn't be sure who this being was. It was likely somepony who'd managed to stay out of the eye of the general populace.. Whatever the case might be, he couldn't trust this Dox so long as they worked with, or under, Hou Shuren. "Anypony who likely works with her would be nothing more than a lackey. I doubt she'd share anything, not genuinely. I'm sure she puts on her airs and charms to make anypony feel special enough that they'd willingly work for her. But what do I know? Apparently nothing, according to her." Sombra rolled his eyes and he sat down on the grass with a huff. "So what sort of information do you want, exactly? I'd ask you to tell her nothing, but I can't trust you to keep your word when you say you'll keep it secret. Or perhaps Hou will happily pry it out of your brain, if she so desires."
  11. His eyes narrowed at the mention of Hou's name. "How in Equestria did you become her.. colleague? She struck me as one that doesn't play well with others." He gave Dox another quick glance up and down, judgemental of this creature. "I can't fathom why she'd work with you and would attack me, or where her assumptions came from before." He sounded offended over the fact, that Hou would pass him over for.. whatever this was. "Why should I teach you anything even though you work for my enemy? This could easily be a ploy by her to learn more about me so that she might come after me later. Even if you did offer up information about her and what she's up to, which I entirely expect from you in whatever deal you offer me, for what reason should I do anything for you while you're Hou Shuren's lackey?" He sneered, his dark tail lashing behind him. He already didn't trust Dox in the slightest, even though the creature had done him a favor by being open about his association with Hou.
  12. Within the shadow of the tree was where his body blended, the umbrum himself waiting patiently for who might come along, and his patience was soon rewarded as a silhouette drew closer along the trail he'd taken. He tensed, waiting.. and then they addressed him. Somehow they knew who he was, and it seemed, where he was judging by which direction they were looking. His eyes, all glowing red, green, and smoky trails, flared to life an instant before he shot out of the shade of the tree as a burst of shadow before materializing before this Dox, standing tall with a sneer on his lips. "Dox," he repeated. "It seems my reputation precedes me. I've heard nothing about you. Exactly who, and what, are you? Why have you come seeking me?" Sombra asked, an almost demanding tone edging his voice as he looked the creature up and down. A curved branching horn, fur and scales.. and something of a mane. This was an interesting creature he had never seen before. They were almost pony, outside of aspects of their appearance and the cloven hooves. It was intriguing. A hybrid of some sort? He tilted his head slightly, trying to figure them out and read what details he could about them.
  13. "I don't have a clue as to what her plan could possibly be, or what she would've wanted. I'm sure she could use just about anything to attack Equestria, or even just use her own magic. She certainly seems capable enough, from what I found out in my fight with her." Sombra snorted softly and stopped to eye the guards that carried in a bench for him to sit on. He chose to make his way over and seat himself upon it, using a hoof to brush his cape back to avoid sitting on it. Unlike the bench, however, which he'd accepted freely enough, the glass of water was eyed with suspicion before he quietly pushed it away with a hoof. He didn't trust anything anypony would give him. "Is there a meaning I'm missing with this repeat?" The tyrant asked, raising an eyebrow at the pair of princesses. His eyes eventually dropped to the photos, hoping to get a look at whatever was in each one. He was sure any artifact would be able to do its job.. though he'd yet to see what Hou had stolen from a place as seemingly guarded as Canterlot Castle's vaults.
  14. In the time that he'd been in Equestria, Sombra had grown used to wandering its wilderness, far from the beaten paths. It was a kind of solitude he was growing to like, quite a bit. Ponies were somewhat tolerable, in small doses, though he did occasionally find himself missing what he used to have. He really did occasionally ponder trying to go after Equestria, if just for the fun of it. To get in some proper battles again, and put both his mind and his skills to use to bring down his old foes. Maybe if he was properly prepared, or maybe.. he'd just stick to this new life. It allowed him a freedom he hadn't had in the Crystal Empire. As nice as it was, even now, there was something that had been nagging at him for the past day or so. While he was a paranoid beast, and he knew the feeling well, he still couldn't help wondering if he was being watched. Or at the very least, followed? The world around him didn't feel quite so empty, outside of the plants and faint presences of distant wildlife. His long pace slowed to something more thoughtful, considering how he could double back in order to take his follower by surprise, if he had one. Gnawing his lower lip for a moment with a fang, Sombra settled on an idea and moved off to the side, shifting to shadow to slip into one of the shadows cast by a nearby tree. Maybe he could lurk a while and see who might come along.
  15. Sounds fun. Feel free to get an rp started :0
  16. Sure, that's fine with me. Whichever you feel like doing lol.
  17. Sounds fun. I'm up for whatever lol. I guess if you're interested in any characters of mine that you'd like to rp with lemme know and maybe we can get something started.
  18. If you've got any ideas, hit me up lol. Or we can focus on Sombra and Magnus.
  19. A new voice broke through the tension Sombra felt and he turned with a slight jerk, catching sight of the purple alicorn as she made her oh-so-casual way by them towards the throne. She certainly seemed familiar, in some vague way- maybe she was with one of the mares that he'd chased into the empire. He still remembered what they looked like, at least what little he'd seen of him throughout that particular event. The barrier mostly kept him out.. "Hmph," the king grunted, wrinkling his nose and peering up at the new princess. One of Celestia's new pawns given power, though he had to wonder how she'd earned those wings of hers.. "Why would you ever ask me that?" Sombra asked, rather than answering her question. He was sure there were a few artifacts that would probably catch his attention, ones he probably hadn't even learned of yet at that. However, other than one that'd been on his mind as of late, if just as an object of his curiosity to some extent, he couldn't exactly say if he was seeking any. Nor would he. "I'm still not exactly sure what has happened, but as I was telling Princess Luna here- that wasn't me. I'm not seeking to 'strike at' anypony, either, before you start making any assumptions."
  20. In trying to face off with the looming beast, Sombra was distracted by the approach of the yellow and pink mare, who he caught sight of in his peripheral vision. He looked over at her, both alarmed and annoyed by her attempt to talk to it? He stared at her for a moment like she was crazy, only to have his attention snatched by a frustrated Alizarin. A wordless shout escaped him as he attempted to vocalize something to shout at her about how foolish an action that was. He lowered his head and lifted a foreleg across his face as the creature roared, ruffling his mane. When he dropped it, he saw exactly what it was that was menacing them: a manticore. That couldn't be it. Is that all that had been terrorizing the White Tail Woods? Weren't they said to usually live in the Everfree Forest? What was it doing out here? They were all questions he was likely not going to end up getting answers for, and not something he could dwell on either when the large beast lunged in Alizarin's direction- where Apple Bloom also was, and likely Fire Walker too. Sombra reacted without thinking, dark magic flaring as he fired it at the manticore with the intent to not only hurt it, but distract it too.
  21. The tyrant grew as still as a statue in the face of the alarmed princess and her guards; the only movement he made was the way his ears tilted back towards the advancing guard around him. It was a tenseness that suggested imminent violence- he was ready to attack at a moment's notice if a guard so much as poked him with the tip of a spear. There would be no mercy from him, despite what intentions he'd come here with. Just standing before the princess and making himself known to them was more than enough stress for him to bear, to know that imprisonment or worse awaited him if he didn't play this just right. He only relaxed, if slightly, when Princess Luna finally commanded her guard to stop. He could still feel, still sense them standing around them, magic at the ready and no doubt their weapons too. If it came down to it, he'd go down fighting like a feral animal. Sombra slowly licked his lips with a pointed tongue, his red eyes still trained on the alicorn on the throne; they never left her for a moment. "She claimed she stole something from Canterlot, or its vaults. Something of the sort. She wasn't forthcoming with any details, not even about exactly what she stole. No matter how I tried to ask her. She was enough of a pain, with her wild accusations against me over what I never did and her belief that she was 'stopping me from interfering', that I might as well find some way to interfere with whatever her plans are anyway." He made a face. "It's unfortunate I don't have much else to offer up, other than to suggest perhaps you or Celestia ought to check and see what's gone missing."
  22. A quick glance was cast back over the mares to make sure they were all close by. Alizarin and Firewalker were still tending to Applebloom, and Fluttershy was at least within view. His attention shifted back to the woods, and none too soon- another, heavier thud preceded the dark veil that fell over them. Sombra's eyes glowed faintly in the dark, a glow that brightened slightly as he channeled dark magic to bring forth a few floating, oddly colored flames to try to light the darkness that'd fallen. He could see the shapes of the mares and the filly, and if he looked up.. he could see a set of bright red eyes. His light sources were dim enough they didn't quite reach, but at least lit the area around him. His attention lingered on those bright eyes for a moment before he moved carefully to put himself in between the creature and the mares, his curved horn still bubbling with the hues of dark magic. If it attacked, he was ready. "I see it well enough," Sombra spoke up at last, affirming what Alizarin saw. "It's saved us the trouble from having to find it."
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