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  1. Thanks everyone, seems like a pretty cool place here. Everyone has been friendly so far.
  2. Name: Gilded Narrative Alias: Narry Goodmare Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: light pink Character Color: Ivory Mane/Tail/Other: Unkempt, golden fluffy mane and tail, with streaks of lighter yellow. Wears a band pink around the base of her tail. Physique: She is slightly shorter than an average mare. She is also slightly more heavy-set than the average mare, with a stout snout. Residence: Las Pegasus, in her room at the Gold Rush casino. Occupation: Casino floor manager, former journalist, occasional rabblerouser. Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a tattered, golden scroll. She learned her talent was spinning stories, whether for entertainment, or for manipulation. Shaping the narrative, some might say. The specific instance in which she earned her cutie mark occurred when she convinced an entire crowd of ponies to visit her family's establishment, luring them away from the glamour of the Las Pegasus strip. Unique Traits: She is good at perception and sizing others up, her moxie, charm, convincing others of things, and playing cards. She is not good at mane and coat care, making friends, being friendly, or dealing with extremely noisy situations. History: Gilded Narrative was born as the oldest child, and only filly, of Gilt Collier (a miner earth pony who struck gold outside of Las Pegasus and built a casino on the spot), and her mother Desert Star (a pegasus florist and ex-weatherpony specializing in desert plants). She grew up in a busy and noisy place, often doing work at her parent's casino, whether promoting it on the streets, or helping police the casino floor. Growing up around lots of noise, and with two younger, rowdy brothers, she decided to go for a change of pace and moved to Canterlot when she was old enough to live on her own. She quickly grew to dislike the haughty culture of the capital city of Equestria, and began circulating a newsletter under her pseudonym “Narry Goodmare” and writing a column for a local newspaper. However, due to her confrontational and typically controversial nature, she was eventually fired. After making very little bits focusing on her newsletter and producing propaganda posters on the streets, she decided to move back home with her family, where she currently lives. Personality: While she can be a bit bossy sometimes, and quite frankly somewhat of a jerk, at the end of the day she always has the best in mind for the ponies she cares about. Despite this, her means of achieving things is often underhanded, probably due to growing up in the environment she has, and can be opportunistic at times. She will almost always remain calm and try to portray herself as in charge - and even tries to take charge in many situations - even if it isn't the truth. She prefers not to fly very high, as she is a little bulkier than many pegasus mares, and isn't very confident in the air. Character Summary: To put it simply, Gilded Narrative is a conpony with a heart of gold. She can be loving and caring to those who manage to wiggle their way into her heart, but otherwise doesn't hold others in very high regard. She is slow to make friends, but longs for it none-the-less. Narry is a troubled mare. Picture:
  3. Helllooo! I'll just follow this basic guidelines in the 'Guide to posting an introduction' for this. About Myself I'm a college student who has always really enjoyed storytelling, and world building. I was into the MLP fandom when it first took off, but I haven't been involved in it really since I saw it on Netflix like a month ago and decided to watch it again. Fun stuff! Otherwise, I'm easy-going and look forward to getting back into RP and meeting some cool people here. How I found this website I was just googling mlp roleplay websites lol. I've never used a forum format before though, so we'll see what happens. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM People simple, I saw people talking about it online like half way through the first season, and gave it a shot. Really liked it past the first episode. My favorite pony Pinkie Pie best pone Fluttershy is a close second, and Scootaloo is my favorite cmc. I like all of the main cast, though. The Fun Part Where's the fun? Like I said, I've never RP'd in a forum format before, so I was hoping someone could kind of help me figure that out. Otherwise I'm just poking around and lurking to figure it out before I do anything. I've spent a while working on my OC, backstory, her family, etc etc, so I'd like to meet like minded people that enjoy that kind of stuff too. My drawing skills are pretty rusty, and I can't do digital art at all, beyond going over stuff I drew with paint.net, , so that's whatever. Anyways, nice to meet you. Also I have a yuge map of Equestria I've been working on, so if anyone wants to see that lemme know. I promise I'm better at making maps on paint than I am making ponies.
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