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  1. Man, are you my brother ? Except for Magic (never liked it, don't get me wrong. I like however the arts), you named all my interests too. I would love to hear some of your lore stuff, even of yours and your worlds. As my username suggest, I crave for Lore (thanks Dark Souls...)
  2. Well, seems I've found a new friend. Also, was reading you mentioned Fallout, so... must deduce you're a fan ?
  3. Let me guess. I'm late, right ?
  4. Loremongrel

    fallout oc

    You know what ? I like them both.
  5. Good morning/day/night, people. Premise: I'm Italian, so sometimes my english will sound quietly odd. This said, better I make a short presentation: On the internet, I'm also known by the name of Krashface, I started in the fandom by the memes, then found out Fallout: Equestria. And form there, I got in. I'm not a great writer, most of the few things I've wrote need to be improved or completely redone, but I guess I'm pretty good in drawing. For RPs, I accept both short and light ones and long running, more calibrated ones. Most favored genres: - Fantasy -Adventure -Survival -Horror (from classic "the killer among us" to "Lovecraft was right") -Slice of life Most used roles: -The tank -The warlock -The raider/cultist/Hobo survivalist -The comic I've got some ideas for a series of RPs, but I want really to start something first, just to understand and meet someone first, maybe finding out players with common idea to... who knows, create something pretty good and fun ? Ok, bye to all.
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