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    Writing, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, guitar, and... I, uh, think that’s it. I like a bunch of other things, as does everyone, but that’s the most of it.

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    Dr. Needle Jab, MD
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    Prof. Star Shine, PhD
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    Code Break

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  1. Right! I’m already on... one... two... Bear with me. About... four, five different MLPRP communities? Whenever I find one, I magnetise to it, sort of, thinking if it’ll be nicer than the ones I’m already on — and so, here I am! My name’s Ink — rather, that’s my recently made ponysona’s name. I’m a writer of about 9 years, a massive fan of Dark Souls (so much so that I need to mention it whenever I can like it’s Bitcoin), and one of those weird sorts that’s never seen the show. I’m a huge fan of Fallout: Equestria, having led a large Fo:E community for some time, and I tend to be quite fond of over crossovers when they come around. I try to be open to most things, but that’s besides the point. km sure that you’re already bored of hearing me talk about myself, so eh not tell me a bit about yourself? Maybe we could get along! Nice to be here, even if I might not click and leave in a few days of fervent use. Happy trails!
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