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  1. The hippie smiled at her companions, her friendly nature flowing off her body. Her little winds stayed folded on her back, as she looked at the pegasus beside her. She almost missed half of what she was saying, until got out of her thoughts. "Sorry, mate. Don't think I saw a floaty thingy on my way up here." Her words were rather slow, but smoothly sailed out of her mouth. Funnily as she said that, the life saver bonked her right on the head. She didn't even flinch, as she slowly looked down at it. "Is that what your were missin'?" She pointed at it, which clearly any pony could see. The blue mare could hear another pony set the sail. She reacted my sitting down in her water puddle, feeling the ship start to fly off. She was handed a syringe, in which she looked at it closely, trying to feel the vibes on the item. She was interested in it, but didn't quite understand it. The mare shrugged it off, though, putting it in her bag. Finnie sat there in silence, letting the winds flow around her. Her eyes were closed as she let the air hit her body, her mane waving around peacefully. Her whole body was relaxed, letting nature do it's thing. Her silence came to an end as a pony approached her. She opened her bright orange eyes, looking up to see another mare. "Finnie is good," she first said, giving her an airy smile. She started to space off, then shook her head. "Manipulate? Oh! You mean swim," she chuckled quietly. "Water is a breeze to work with. Almost like flyin'. It's also like growin' food. You have to feel the earth. Feel the water flowing above it. You have to taste, understand, become friends with water or it'll be your enemy. You can never fight water, but water can fight with you." Her silly montage of wisdom was cut short when she started to focus on the wind again. "If you can feel the wind's motion, you can feel the water's motion as well. They work hoof and hoof. You don't need magic to know how water works, bud. Water is your friend, not a toy you can manipulate. Swimming is an activity you, and your friend water, do together." She ended her statement with a cheesy smile, as she opened her wings to feel the wind once again. Hopefully her message made sense, most of the time she had to explain her talents in more.. simple terms.
  2. The topic of Windy was interesting enough, though the pink unicorn had to keep in her sly comments. Probably out of pure jealously. The dancing pegasus seemed to be utterly perfect compared to the singer. Maybe not from an outsider's standpoint, but Bellissima knew herself that she wasn't a saint. She liked that though. The act of being a saint, versus her true self: a selfish, yet talented mare that likes to take advantage of others for her own good. She's been that way since she was a filly, and she didn't have a reason to change.. yet. Maybe somepony can sweep her off her hooves, begging her to change for the greater good, but she hasn't fallen in love yet. She doesn't know what love even is. "Of course she'll be glad to meet me.." she paused, smiling, "..as I am ecstatic to meet her. She.. sounds like a faultless mare. It would be an awful shame to disregard her company. And of course I've heard about her miracle." She was lying now. She never really paid attention to other's lives, unless she was meeting them the day before. It would be rather awkward if she didn't have anything to conversate over. "I was very delighted to hear of her brilliant story. How very generous of those ponies to help out." She flicked a couple more raisins onto the couch, taking a bite of her bread.. finally. "Yes, being yourself is what's beautiful in performing. One would be an idiot to show their fans everything they're not, as it could be backhoofed." Oh! The hypocrisy in her words! Now onto her question. She was looking for a particular answer, something along the lines of 'you're too amazing to pass up'. His response, was interesting, though. Not exactly what she was looking for. She could give an honest answer back to him. She knew being genuine would win him over. "Yes! Yes! The amount of work and practices on live shows is a total drag! In the sense, it's very tiring. But! The outcome is always satisfying." The pink unicorn nodded her head at her own words, taking a sip of her drink. "Discovering myself was definitely hard. Of course, since I was a young foal I loved music. My adoptive parents saw my talent and shifted me around, really for their own fame and fortune. Though, I truly knew I loved performing when I sang at a halftime show at a soccer game, earning my cutie mark. I soon left my parents as a filly, since they were using me, and I knew that. I went around Manehatten, performing many covers of songs to audiences large and small. Restaurants, parks, even in the streets. Just my wonderous self and my guitar. I quickly made a name for myself, and now I'm here." She gave a sweet smile. She'd never really opened up to somepony as much as she just did, but she felt it needed to happen to create a small bond. "I'm sure a lot of musicians share our same narrative." She tossed some more raisins.
  3. "Oh, wow. She does sound kinda cool." She shrugged nonchalantly. "That seems like an important job." She sighed. Gillian always admired the pony culture. It was practically the opposite of what the griffons were. She liked the idea of being friends with everyone. The poor cat-bird wished she had friends. Well, she knew she could make friends. She just didn't want to put in the effort, or open up to a pony. She wasn't used to how they act. The closest she's ever gotten to a pony friend was Golden Daze, but they're sworn enemies in the racing world. Couldn't hurt to talk about her to her cousin, though. Maybe she knew what to say about her crush problem. The griffon got to scared to bring up her little crush though, as they were walking down the trash-filled streets of Griffonstone. Their Aunt was already way ahead of them, but Gill knew where to go. The walk was silent, until she finally gained the courage to talk about the certain pegasus. She never talked about her feelings before, though. She was a little rocky. "I uh- have this one friend-" Friend? They surely couldn't count as friends. Rivals.. acquaintances.. "We actually grew up in flight school together." She chuckled a little, remembering how cute the pegasus looked as a kid. "Ever sense then, every race I see her. Her presence is like- nothing I've seen with any griffon here." She sighed. "Maybe it's a pony thing. I'm not really sure. But, she's the only one who actually talks to me, of course until she get's that cocky cute little smile on her face and says she's going to kick my-" Gill quickly stopped talking, shaking her head in embarrassment. "I don't know.. I don't know if she's flirting.. or just trying to be nice to me. But she really makes me feel special-" She finally said. Her face was beet red, and she was hoping her cousin didn't make fun of her. It made her really nervous, knowing that maybe she was just being dumb. She was scared she was going to be judged for her feelings. The walk felt long after that, as they finally made it to the bar. "Took you guys long 'nough! Come inside, I already got seats for the three of us!" The bar was cold inside, but it kind of felt nice on the rather hot day. The flooring was stone, but looked to be briefly swept. The walls were actually made out of wood, not hay or sticks. The building looked well made. It kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. Gill loved the place though. She often times would sit here by herself and just relax. The music was always soft too. Nothing too loud and obnoxious. The athletic griffon made her way inside, sitting on a stool in front of the bar. Her Aunt sat next to her, already ordering something for herself and Gill. She was going to use the coupon later, when all of them had their drinks. "What are you getting, Zelda?" Asked their Aunt with a smile.
  4. The unicorn could hear her manager repeating the words 'two minutes'. She rolled her eyes every time. She was getting annoyed by the constant pressure- by the continuous nagging to get out on the stage and start singing to all her fans that came out that day. That hot.. miserable day. The pink mare really was about to start singing and dancing to these ponies in the middle of a heat wave, getting all sweaty herself. She was wearing clothes too, which made her feelings worse. Finally when the time came, she walked out onto the stage. A bunch of ponies stamped their hooves onto the ground erratically, their excitement filling the air. Being able to see the pop queen herself made them excited. Bellissima fed off of this energy. It made her cocky, self absorbed. She couldn't help but love the attention, though. They were all cheering her name as she levitated the microphone to her mouth. A small smirk lifted the side of her mouth as she raised her hoof to wave at her fans. She was already sweating. Her heart was beating too. Maybe from over exertion. It was hard to focus on everything around her. She had to be perfect. She didn't notice the black shadows encompass her stage until it was too late. Before then, she began to speak loudly to her small audience. "I thank you all for coming to my show! You guys have no idea how much it means to me to see you all here, even in this heat," she said with a smile, trotting around the stage. "I am so very grateful to see all your beautiful and handsome faces. It's really an honor." She had to milk her time to make it seem like she loved her fans. She really didn't care about them. The mare then introduced her first song, "Ain't it Fun". The music started to play in the background as she started, darkness surrounding her stage. Her eyes were closed, unable to see the terrifying presents that was bestowed around her. "I don't mind Letting you down easy, but just give it time If it don't hurt now then just wait, just wait a while You're not the big fish in the pond no more You are what they're feeding on So what are you gonna do When the world don't orbit around you? So what are you gonna do When the world don't orbit around you?" She sang proudly, dancing around the stage. She was an amazing dancer, as she took classes since she was a filly. Her moves were always on beat with her uptight music. Sadly, she didn't notice her fans start to worry about the shadows. They were running around, fearful of what was to come. Bellissima still didn't notice, as her belting got louder. "Ain't it fun? Living in the real world Ain't it good? Being all alone" Her fans started to scream in horror. Bell's ears perked up, thinking they were screaming for her. She couldn't help but smile as she sang, continuing to let the music fuel her body. She was relaxed, eyes closed. "Where you're from You might be the one who's running things Where you can ring anybody's bell and get what you want See it's easy to ignore trouble When you're living in a bubble So what are you gonna do When the world don't orbit around you? So what are you gonna do When nobody wants to fool with you?" The screams got louder. Now, they were a little frightening for Bell. She opened her eyes, her pupils growing small. "Ain't it fun? Living in the real world Ain't it good? Being all alone?" She whispered her lyrics, then came to a sudden stop. She was absolutely horrified. What was going on? Her instincts finally kicked in as she ran behind the curtains, looking for her manager. "Sweet Tune? Sweet Tune where are you? There's a catastrophe outside!" The mare was screaming now, her heart was racing. What do you do in this situation? She sprinted everywhere looking for him, finally losing hope and jumping off the stage and onto the outside. She was soon caught, a bunch of demonic felines all around her. She fell to the ground dramatically, covering her head with her arms. "Please.. please.. Don't hurt me! I've never done anything wrong! I- I-" She began shaking. If only she knew some spells to get her out of this situation. But right now, she was all alone.
  5. The three girls minded their business until a rather cute peer of theirs sat next to Fruit Juice. She was the first to say, "Hello! Ah’m Fruit Juice!" She gave a cheesy smile. She was a very friendly filly. She loved meeting new ponies. The second to talk was the blue pegasus herself. She gave a huge smile as well, all her teeth showing in a cheerful manor. "Wazzup, mate! I'm Hyper Drive!" She fluttered her wings excitedly, slightly floating off her chair. The last to speak was Midnight Glory. "Hi. Midnight Glory." She gave a tiny smile, then frowned once again. The three of them rang their attention to the adult pony in front of them. Midnight stayed alert with everything they were saying. Fruit Juice brought out her bag and started taking notes with her mouth. Hyper seemed like she was going to fall asleep. That was very classic of her though. She was never interested in school. The only thing she learned from flight school were tricks and stuff, anything that was actually interesting. Not all that filler crap. The other two fillies listened with open ears, then immediately looked at each other with their eyebrows raised. Hardship and horrors? What did that mean? The three of them have never faced anything like that. The only time they face 'hardships' is when Hyper Drive is being a little selfish and wasn't listening to Juice's enlightened opinions. The red filly raised her hoof, until another pony asked the question she was thinking. She then added a, "Yeah! Ah was thinkin' that too!" She smiled at the unicorn, then looked away. In the corner of her eye, she could see Hyper asleep on her chair. She rolled her eyes and smacked Hyper on the stomach. "Wake up you dunce!" Midnight couldn't help but laugh. Hyper shot awake. "Huh?" She rubbed her eyes. "I wasn't sleepin'!" she whispered. "Suuuuuree."
  6. Bellissima wasn't expecting for him to agree with her about the posters. She was expecting him to absolutely poor his heart out about how beautiful she was in it. At least, that's what almost every other pony would do. The unicorn imagined a whole flock of ponies around her, telling her how perfect she is. That was the complete opposite here. She was with one other pony, and he agreed with her. It made her raise an eyebrow, not in a negative way. She was just confused at his actions. Though when she started thinking about it more, who was he to tell her that she looked unapproachable? She had to think again. Maybe he's just more down to earth than others.. not a liar.. "I did look rather unapproachable. Maybe it was my posing. I could've swore I smiled in it." She listened to him talk without interrupting. "Yes! It would be a shame if my posters made me seem ghastly. I would be ashamed for my fans if they predicted I was a low-life. Wasting their time would be unfathomable!" She was lying. Lying hard. She knew the right things she needed to say. Bell was a great liar, almost no pony could predict it. She didn't care much about her fans at all, but rather her fame and fortune. She wanted the attention- no- she needed it. Maybe because in her childhood she never got the attention she needed. Her childhood was rather sad, and she never wanted to feel like that again. Ever. Bell kind of chuckled when he talked about Wind Dancer. He seemed obviously in love, which Bell has never actually felt. Well, she wasn't really sure what 'love' felt like. "Meeting her would be invigorating. I'm sure both our fans have dreamed of the day we performed together." The amount of new fans she could get would be outstanding to her career, and that's all she thought about. "I don't mind raisins in the slightest." She hated them. "Yes, toasted, please." He fixed up their things and sat down, rather quickly. Bell was impressed again. "Thank you," she said politely while levitating her lemon water. She took a small sip. "That's quite refreshing." She nodded her head to his question. "Indeed. I've been looking for one for a while." She took another sip, eyeing her cinnamon bread. Anytime Sky wasn't looking, she'd pick off a raisin and hide it somewhere quickly with her magic. "We parted a while ago. He wanted me to be something I wasn't." She was telling the truth this time. It was actually the opposite story with Countess Coluratura. Bell loves the bright colors and intense vocals in regular pop music. Whatever was in season. The unicorn would sometimes sing acoustic, she actually knows how to play the guitar rather well. The reason she doesn't much was because she would feel too vulnerable. Slow songs typically meant showing emotions, and what she wasn't going to do was walk on stage and talk about her feelings. Another sip of lemon water. "I have to burden you with a question first." She the paused. "What made you interested in me?"
  7. The older bird smiled at Zelda, her tail flipping up in excitement, "Great! We'll head to the bar later then!" They made it to Gill's room, a huge wave of blue and yellow covered the room. Gillian's Wonderbolt collection was very memorable. It was also gigantic, which was crazy to think about because it was such a small room. The falcon-cheetah was borderline obsessed with this flight team. That was mainly the thing she was passionate about: flying. She was always talented in that department. Sure, most griffons are great fliers. That's the main way they travel. Gillian though, she was probably the quickest griffon in Griffonstone. The bird is literally mixed with the two most fastest animals in the world. She would never admit to herself that she was good enough to be apart of the team. The only thing holding her back was her teamwork ability, and maybe a little confidence. She is a humble bird-cat, but the only griffon that has sat her down and told her she was too amazing to give up is her Aunt Gia. Gillian felt embarrassed when she realized her decorations. She scratched the back of her neck with her talons, blushing profusely. "Soarin? Yeah, he's kinda cute," she quickly said, looking at the little plushie. "Fleetfoot is actually my favorite. I heard she's the quickest, besides Rainbow Dash." Gill was starting to feel a little comfortable. She always did when talking about things that made her feel.. safe. "The bar is pretty chill-" she paused as her cousin went over to her signed picture. "Aunt Gia gave me that picture when I was a kitten. It's was made me like flying a little more." The athletic griffon shrugged, then smiled, flying over to the photo. She gave it a closer look. "She does look hot in it, huh? I've always had a fondness for pegasus mares." She chuckled, finally letting her guards down a little. Gill floated back to the ground, standing close to Zelda. "So, who's Fire? Is she cool?" The griffon asked, watching her cousin fix up her plumage. She didn't know many creatures, really any at all. She did like knowing about others, though. Even if she wasn't brave enough to walk up to somepony, she just liked listening. Gillian was generally always well reserved, kept her own space. Sometimes though, she'd pop out of her shell. Well- most of the time is when she's drunk. That's really the only way to get her talking. So, her conversating now was rare. Gillian decided to floof up the mohawk on her head, fixing her goggles. "Yeah, I'm ready." She then opened her bedroom door and walked out, greeting her Aunt. "We are ready to go," she told her. Their Aunt smiled at the both of them. "Well all right! Let's get a move on then! I happened to find a coupon. Hopefully the greedy chicken there will take it." Aunt Gia opened the front door and started walking without the younger ones. Gillian rolled her eyes. "She's a fast walker. We can follow behind," she said, smiling only a little.
  8. Bell's hoof immediately retracted as she almost booped Sky's nose. He opened the door faster than she thought. He seemed to anticipate Bellissima's company. She smirked at the thought, but quickly frowned once again to contain her composure. She had to maintain professional, to at least her standers. "Yes- no need to create a hassle, as I'm present now. On time, I presume?" She tried to give a friendly smile, looking fake or not. She wasn't paying attention to her gestures. She thought she was on time, or just a little late. Nothing to fret about. She took a second to take in the stallion. He was well dressed, which she wasn't expecting. She needed him after all, not the other way around. The unicorn liked how he was trying to make this an important meeting, because it was. She was relieved she wasn't the only pony thinking this was an major occurrence. The pink mare jutted out of her thoughts as she was met with a bangle. She looked at it with disdain, but levitated it over her left hoof. She knew the consequences if she didn't put it on. It wasn't ugly at least. It looked well made- very high class. She was impressed. "Thanks for the... convenience." The mare gave him another forced smile. He then welcomed her in, which she politely accepted. "Sky Sailing," she repeated. "Ah yes- my posters. How I do need to take new ones. I wasn't particularly fond of the photography. It made me look rather undesirable." She flipped her mane as she walked into the house. The mare took a brief glance at the house, which she thought was quite brilliant. She'd never step hoof in a house like this, though she stepped into fancier ones. This was just unique. As she looked, she recognized a few covers. A familiar feeling was had when she spotted a pegasus. She'd heard about the dancer before. "Wind Dancer. She's quite talented herself. Maybe not to my degree, but I can safely assume she's got phenomenal aptitude." Bellissima was full of herself. The kind gentlemen let the famous unicorn in the foyer before him. She took the lead then, letting the door close after the both of them. "A glass of lemon water sounds delightful. Maybe add half a spoonful of sugar. Thank you," she said rather quickly. Her voice was soft, yet confident. "Being on tour does make a celebrity rather busy. I don't recall the last time I got to sit down in a peaceful manor." Bellissima loved to talk about her struggles, but she did feel comfortable enough to be genuine with the conversation. "Of course, that's what a talented pony, such as myself, get's the burden of accomplishing." She then laughed a little at herself. "Do you happen to have cinnamon bread? That always gives me a warm feeling."
  9. Saddle Arabia was hot. Really really hot. The atmosphere was dry. Bellissima Stella couldn't help but drink water every two minutes. The poor spoiled unicorn honestly wanted to go home. She shouldn't never agreed to a concert- especially since this was a rather small audience. She peaked through the curtains on the stage, seeing only a few hundred ponies sitting there, patiently waiting in the hot weather. Barely any wind was circulating. Bell felt hot and miserable in her outfit. The mare was wearing her famous dress that beautifully compliments her coat color. Her eyes popped in a way that would make any pony look her way. Though her looks were attractive, her voice was too. It was so angelic and peaceful. Her slow songs really proved it, but her other pop-music was too upbeat to really encompass her true talent. It was all okay though, because her songs were catchy. She peaked her head through the currents again, sighing at the outcome. She was used to thousands of fans. Her mind traced back to the hot weather again. The only thing she felt at this point was a small fan pointing her way. She trotted over to her mirror, beginning to hum one of her songs. The unicorn's horn became an aura of blue as she lifted her mascara, slowly applying some on her lashes. She began to sing quietly. "Here, where the sky's falling I'm covered in blue I'm running and I'm crawling Fighting for you When the rain stops, then, darling What will I do? And I know I go all in But why do I?" She put the mascara down, than began fixing her eye makeup. You give me a reason, something to believe in I know, I know, I know You give me a meaning, something I can breathe in I know, I know, I know It's a bittersweet feeling Longing, and I'm leaving I go, I go, I go But I wish I was there with you Oh, I wish I was there with you One of her managers rushed in, trying to grab the unicorn's attention. Bell ignored him. There's a crack in my window A bird in my room Angels all over That watch over you Her manager started to yell at her. When I'm walking on water All my dreams have come true Still, nothing means nothing Without you You He finally tapped on her shoulder with his hoof. Bell whipped her head over to him in annoyance. "What can you possibly want so incompetently? If you weren't so inept, you would know to never touch me before a performance!" The manager rolled his eyes, ignoring Bellissima's hostile attitude. "You're on in like- 5 minutes, Miss." Bell's eyes shrunk. "Yes, I'm completely aware. Now get out of my profile. You're melting my makeup with your disastrous body heat." What she didn't know, was complaining about this would be minor compared to the future...
  10. *Two Days Ago* Bellissima Stella stayed still on the air ship, absolutely terrified to look down. The poor unicorn didn't have many faults, excluding her own attitude problems, but this was the number one fear she had: heights. Though, she'd been to Las Pegasus many times. Every time she rode in her fancy airship, so you'd think she was used to it by then. She could easily afford one with how popular she became over the years. The airship was rather huge, and only had a few ponies on it. The captain, her security guards, and herself. The sacred pony stayed locked in her room until they finally landed, which didn't take much time at all. But, she was starting to feel air sick. Las Pegasus really was the place to shine. So many creatures to impress. It was a perfect place to gain fans, gain attraction. Normally she'd fly here for a concert or two. Her fears simply shifted away when she was performing. She'd forget she was in the sky. That brilliant time always ended when she had to trot back to her hotel. The utter image of clouds blocking her vision made her tense. More tense than normal. Once her ship finally landed, she sprinted off the dock and right onto the road. The pink unicorn's face was a hue of green as she took a huge breath to calm her heart down. She felt way safer, finally being able to touch something that wasn't flying in the sky. Maybe the city was also flying in the sky, but it felt more secure. Quickly, her guards carried her luggage and surrounded her as they made their way to the hotel. A group of ponies recognized her as their "pop princess". Bell absolutely loved the attention, but didn't acknowledge them. She wanted to fuel her fan's emotions, make them excited to see her. She loved to play with their feelings- it made her feel powerful. Of course, it was embarrassingly horrible to ponder about, but she was a selfish pony. Too bad no pony else could recognize her rudeness. Comfortably, they made their way to the hotel. *Present* Bellissima got out of her bed in a rush, sprinting to the bathroom to get ready. The reason she was there in the first place was to try and get the most important deal of her lifetime. She was running late. The night before, she went to bed later than normal, getting a little nervous about meeting the pegasus stallion. She would never admit this anxiety, of course, but because she went to bed late, no matter what, she had to get her 8 hours of sleep. She was very precise about her routines, and tremendously stubborn about them too. The unicorn used her magic to brush her hair, curl it, put on her mascara, put on some blush, and then put on perfume. She fixed up her bow and kissed at herself in the mirror. Yes, she is self centered enough to kiss herself. But, Bellissima was still outstanding beautiful. She left her hotel looking like a goddess, as she always thought, then trotted elegantly outside to find a flying taxi. She was rushing too much, as she believed she was important enough that even if this stallion had to wait, it would be worth it for her. She knew that this particular stallion's house was somewhere higher in the sky. Her magical abilities were no where near those of a gifted unicorn, so she wouldn't be able to find a way up there herself. Luckily, the gorgeous mare found one and took it, telling the driver where she'd be headed. The taxi driver nodded, looking at her with desirable eyes. The pompous unicorn scoffed, "What? You've never seen a mare quite like me before, hm?" The driver shook his head, almost running into a building. "How about you pay attention to where you're going. You wouldn't want to mess up my pretty face, sweetheart." Sooner or later, they got to Sky's house. His house was incredibly interesting.. almost shaped like a ship. It was bigger than she was expecting. Bell hops out of the taxi, paying him the exact amount. She had the extra bells to tip him, but she was no where near generous. She heard the driver fly away, as she started to trot along the clouds. She never even thought about using a cloud spell, though, she had no idea what the spell even was. She thankfully didn't fall through, as she made her way to the door. The unicorn sucked in some air, then knocked on the door ever so lightly. She was a lady after all.
  11. Gill cleared her throat, "Yeah, shack. Sorry- not very impressive. The best you could get here, really." Her tail whipped behind her sharply after her words. It was true, the houses in Griffonstone were very very VERY far from perfect. They barely could stay off the ground. They were practically leaning over. Griffons weren't really known to know many contractors, or construction workers, that could build sufficient, SAFE houses. They're all just birds that are too lazy to learn- about anything really. That's why they all had shacks with hay sticking in and out. They were so badly made, nobody would EVER find the needle if some-griff went looking. When they got to the house, their Aunt greeted them rather excitedly. Gill suddenly found herself in a huge hugging party, which she wasn't fond of. Once she was finally let go, she let out a huge huff, followed by a groan. Auntie Gia looked at Gill with a glare. "Oh, Gillian. You'll love hugs someday. Just gotta find the right griffon!" Gill scrunched her beak. "Yeah- Griffon." Gill couldn't help but think about how many times she told her Aunt that she wasn't interested in any griffon, but actually a pony. She would never understand though, and it automatically put Gill in a.. worse mood. All the griffons entered the house. Aunt Gia made her way into the small, dark kitchen. The whole house was dark. No blinds were open, but there was a couple lamps and candles lit around. The room smelled really good, though. Almost like cranberries, maybe some apple? Gill knew the house normally didn't smell this good. Auntie Gia was probably trying to make Zelda feel more comfortable. Their Aunt knew her niece wasn't fond of bird-nest houses and run-down living. "So, any-griff hungry? We have some chips. We could also go to the bar down the road! Gillian absolutely loves eating there!" Their Aunt smiled largely. "I thought you didn't want to eat there," Gillian grumbled. Her Aunt raised her eyebrow. "I mean- I thought you were taking your nap." "Oh no! I want to be with my favorite nieces!" The older griffon exclaimed. Gill held her head low. Their Aunt sat down at the dinner table, located right beside the kitchen. "Well, how about you young gals talk about it while you show your cousin where she can put her things, Gillian." "Sure." Gill began to walk away from the other griffons, giving Zelda the sign to follow her. Since the house was so small, Gillian's room was directly straight on from the kitchen. Once they were both in there, the half-cheetah shut the door. "You can uh- put you bags right there." She pointed to the end of her little bed. What Gill forgot to do though, was take down all her Wonderbolt stuff. She had posters, pictures that were signed, stuffed animals, even her bedsheets were Wonderbolt themed.
  12. The girls watched all of their peers walk in through the doors next to them. Hyper was already smiling from the possibility of showing off her skills to the other fillies and such. Juice nicely smiled at them as they walked by and took their seats. She noticed how friendly everypony was off the bat, which made her feel better about being there. Midnight Glory took particular interest in another unicorn filly, who seemed.. annoyed? Maybe grumpy? She honestly seemed like she was over everypony's nonsense. For some reason though, Midnight liked her aura. She never met another unicorn that seemed to know anything about magic. Something about Morning Glow struck Midnight as the "magic" type. Of course, she didn't know for sure yet. They all stood there awkward until a tall, white unicorn greeted them. Hyper immediately said, "Waddup!" to his hello. Juice then followed with a, "Howdy." Midnight composed herself with a frown, trying to make herself seem mysterious. With that, she briefly said, "Hey." The three fillies took their seats as they watched everypony else do so. Hyper took the courage to find her seats first, seeing this as an opportunity to show off her abilities. She got into a crouching position, and before Juice could react to tell her to not do what she was thinking, the blue pegasus shot to the front of the chairs, almost taking out a whole row with her. The red earth pony hoof palmed, completely embarrassed. Midnight couldn't help but chuckle. Hyper landed ever-so smoothly onto her seat, leaning her back into it, placing her arm behind her, and giving out a toothy smirk. Fruit Juice traveled behind her, sitting next to her with an annoyed frown. Midnight used her magic to pull back her chair, then sat on it. She soon levitated the chair barely off the ground, matching it up with her friends.
  13. Well, Bell used to have one when she was younger. Currently, she's freelancing, trying to book concerts and such. I would love to see how their personalities play with each other! Bell is always fun to write haha Let me know if you think of anything with Arty! I love playing her too!
  14. Sea F. Salt found herself sitting in a small river that barely entered the Everfree forest. The morning of, she got off the train from her beach home in Horseshoe Bay, located east on Equestria's map. The train ride was long and boring, and she found herself dozing off for a lot of it. The reason she was coming to Ponyville was because she either heard (or got invited, she didn't really remember) about an expedition. Something about dealing with a Hydra.. eh- it sounded intriguing to her. Her specialty was water, as she owned her own water arena. She was an amazing swimmer, and knew how to calm down big monsters with her air-headed ways. The blue pegasus was very wise in her own way. So, fast forward, she was sitting in a river, watching all the little fish swim by her. Finnie didn't remember how she got there, as the sweet smell of fresh water caught her nose on her way over to the forest. Luckily, the river exited into the haunted trees. She was never scared of the idea of forests, just curious in what cool creatures could inhabit there. She knew there were a plethora of different water animals that she wanted to research, which pushed her to come out. She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard ponies talking from above ground. She briefly got up, following the river into the forest, which quite literally ended where the airship was. The hippie glanced at it for a second, seeing as it was almost going to leave her. She was generally always late to important things like this, getting side tracked by nature. She thought for a second, trying to figure out a way up there. She listened to what all the other individuals in the ship were saying. The only thing the pegasus took note of was them asking questions to another pony. Finnie knew she was probably the last one to get on it, so she was ready for a scolding. But, she still couldn't figure out how to get up there. Sure, she was a pegasus. She could just fly up there, right? That was a possibility, only a little though, as her wings were underdeveloped. She could hover, but she didn't know if she could reach it. Thinking quickly to not waste anymore time, the pegasus started to flap her little wings, using the waterfall from the river to push off on. She got some height, but the push off from the waterfall created a huge splash, as Finnie's bags, tail, and wings collected a ton of water. As she heaved herself up, water flew all over the place, absolutely drenching her. She barely nicked the deck, flipping over and landing somewhat safely on the ship. Finnie gave a smile as she lifted her heavy, wet self off the ground. "Whew! Sorry for that landin'. That was crazier than a watchin' a jellyfish walk around on land!" She let out a laugh, shaking off the majority of water on her body, generally not caring where the excess water lands. "I'm Sea Fin Salt, but you dudes can call me Finnie," she continued, using her wing to pick water out of her ear.
  15. I could probably add her into the expedition. She's an airhead so she probably got lost somehow and finally found her footing lol Whatever you wanna do though!
  16. Of course!! I'll definitely hop into one of those!! I can write in my little hippie Pegasus Sea F. Salt, since I haven't used her for any particular thing yet!
  17. I mean~ She's pretty good for her standards! All about pushing yourself!
  18. *slides my stupid cocky bat pone over to you* Thiisss is Nebulous Moon. She's actually a royal guard butttt literally hates her job because she's lazy and instead runs a fight club underneath the streets. I bet she could somehow figure out how to sneak away from her post and join this group! She's an amazing athlete and loves to work out and fly (since she's a boxer, she's really acrobatic). She can use this opportunity to better her skills! Also, the name "Shooting Stars" is literally so cute!
  19. The last thing Hyper Drive remembered was waking up at five in the morning to go to Buckball tryouts, which were at 6am. Who has tryouts at 6am? Of course, this was the final practice before the school year started. Previously, there were two other practices the past two days. They were in the last afternoon. She lived in a house really close to the school, which was really nice. Hyper met her two best friends at the same time at the school's stadium, exactly at 5:45am where they did their warmups. Of course, this wouldn't have happened if Fruit Juice, Hyper's best earth pony friend, didn't literally beg on her knees to go to Twilight's Friendship School. The only reason they said yes was because Midnight Glory's parents said it would be a good opportunity to meet new friends, and not just stay in their little bubble. The three fillies still did just that, ignoring everypony else. They were either always fed up with their inside jokes, or focusing really hard on Buckball, because that's the main reason they bond so well. So, making the team was a huge goal the three little fillies had. They were all talented enough. Hyper Drive was an excellent flier for her age. Her spunky and positive attitude always helped her teammates out. Fruit Juice had amazing strength with her back legs, as she works on a fruit farm most of the time. And Midnight Glory was outstanding with magic. Her mother, who is a magic teacher, taught her many things about her horn. How to control magic, how to cast spells, all the good important stuff. She definitely wasn't a master, but magic was incredibly important to her. Showing off her magically abilities in a sport really made her content. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tryouts were well over at this point. Hyper, Juice, and Midnight were huddled together in a group, absolutely ecstatic because they made the Buckball team. The little blue pegasus was flying in tight circles around the group, yelling, "We did it! We did it! Woo!" They were all wearing their brand new uniforms. The little fillies felt really confident putting them on. Hyper Drive couldn't stop posing in the air with them. It made Midnight Glory laugh really hard. "We get it, Hyper. You look good," she said in her monotone voice. She still had a smirk on her face. Fruit Juice rolled her eyes, forgetting the time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An hour seem to pass as they giggled by themselves on the field. Hearing a loud bell, Juice immediately stood up. "No stinkin' way! We're gonna be late for orientatin'!" Hyper finally landed, trying to check the time somehow. "No way, mate! It's only been like half 'n hour since practice!" "Then why is there a bell ringin'? If we're late to orientatin', we're gonna be a laughin' stock! Even the pigs back home will hear 'bout it!" Midnight stayed silent for a moment, just to think. "I'm sure it was just the five minute bell. If so, we should start trotting over there." The three girls picked up their main luggage from the bench and made their way quickly over to the huge building. They all seemed to convince their families to live in the dorms because 'they needed the full experience'. There were for sure enough rooms for every creature that showed up, but they hoped they shared a room together. They came to a stop at the front doors, gawking at how beautiful the place looked. Midnight particularly thought the school was outstanding, making her horn bright up just a little in it's orange aura. The doors came open has she continued to stare. It was just so magical to her. But, she realized her friends already left her in the school, so she quickly ran into the building, shutting the loud doors behind her. Being in the building for the first time was breathtaking. Hyper couldn't help but throw herself into the air in excitement. "Holy Celestia. I've lived here just 'bout my whole life, and I've never seen anythin' like it." Her little aussie accent made her voice a little cuter than most, though she would never admit. "Ah know right? The nicest thing Ah've ever seen was seein' our whole fruit orchard bloomin'. The flowers on those trees were mighty beautiful." Juice's bright blue eyes become larger at the brightly lit room. Midnight couldn't help but walk around and look at all the walls. "I don't think any school in Equestria is like this." "Ah highly doubt it. Thank Celestia your momma said we should go here. Mah own Ma and Pa would never unless yours did," Juice responded, looking at the little unicorn with a large smile. Hyper Drive flew down next to her friends, looking around. "So- where's the buildin' we're supposed to be headin' too?" Suddenly there was a large thud to the left of them, making them all turn their heads around at the same time. It kind of sounded like a couple stray popcorn kernels fell to the ground too. Was it popcorn kernels? "What the hay was that?"
  20. The conversation felt like it was never going to end. The two other half birds were pecking upon the lunch request, and Gill was starting to feel really awkward. Of course, she wasn't talking to either of them, which probably was the problem. If she was talking, then her feelings of nervousness would perish. That wasn't the case though, as her anxiety filled emotions rumbled inside her stomach and throat until the final "no" was acquired. Gillian couldn't help but let out a deep sigh of relief, as the conversation was ending. 'King have mercy,' she thought to herself, as the 'Emperor' went one about seeing both of them tomorrow. Finally, Gill had the courage to speak, "Yeah- yeah- sure. We'll totally see you tomorrow." Gill's pupils grew small, realizing she said her sarcastic remark out loud. She cleared her throat, flustering up her right wing to cover her beak in embarrassment. Why couldn't she just keep her sharp tongue closed? Some griff, please take her out of her misery... Gill finally started walking off a little behind Zelda, trying to hide her face. She shortly caught up to her though, walking side by side with her. "Oh- don't worry about it." She shortly shrugged, folding her wing back. "Sure. My house is actually a few feet away. That uh- little shack over there." She then pointed to a sad looking house on a small tree. There was a smaller house just above, looking just as depressing. The longer griffon got to the house first, grabbing the door handle with her claw. "Auntie Gia might be taking her mid-day nap, so be prepared for earth shattering snoring. She's forgetful sometimes, so she probably forgot you were-" Suddenly the door yanked open, practically falling off the hinges. A grey, older griffon was standing there with a huge grin, looking right at Zelda. "Hello there Zelda! My sweet niece! It's been so so long!" She went for a huge hug, pushing Gillian to the side. The bird-cat rolled her eyes with a large frown. "My goodness you look so mature now! Come inside please!" The older griffon then disappeared into the house. Gillian looked at Zelda awkwardly, "Never mind, then." She then let Zelda walk into the house first.
  21. Can you send me the link? I sometimes have trouble finding things! Haha!
  22. I actually have 3 little fillies that attend the school! They're around the CMC's age! They play buckball on their free time! I normally RP them all at once, as they're always together 😜 Hyper Drive Midnight Glory Fruit Juice
  23. Of course! Haha. I mean how could she end up with Sombra and Tongue Twister. I guess she stumbled upon them at the wrong time! 😅
  24. I could definitely throw my snotty girl.. though I need to figure out a reason why she would be in Saddle Arabia... Let me read into it!
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