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  1. OH! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
  2. Okay, so apparently I'm still not certified to start a topic in the roleplay section.
  3. Alright!! I'll probably post it tomorrow.^^
  4. Sorry for the late-ish reply, I got school and track practice. ^^ Anywho, y'all are cracking me up! 🤣 Though, I do really like Pretzel's idea where someone unlatches the trains connecting each other. That would make a lot of sense for being left behind in the middle of no where. Kind of like that episode with the buffalo where Applejack's apple tree get's left behind. Our group of characters then walk on hoof (because the wind is way too strong to fly, if they have wings), and they go through a whole bunch of trouble trying to find the Crystal Empire. Monsters, avalanches, stuff I've already said before.
  5. To Szalhi: If that’s what you wish! To Tacobob: I like the idea of the train getting knocked into the lake, then they all try and get out and find they’re completely lost without the train. Then from then on, other monsters and stuff attack them, and/or an anvalanche happens because they’re in the Frozen North. And maybe they can’t get the train company out there, because they’re literally in the middle of no where.
  6. I drew them! Thank you ❤️❤️ She took a while to design, but I loved how she turned out. She’s my little baby. And aww, poor griff. She’s really fascinating to me. And for Pretzelparty, I really like all of them. Fiver caught my eye the most I think. But they’re all really interesting. ^^ It’s up to you!
  7. Okay, that made me laugh really hard with the whole Pocket thing. And thank you for callin’ Daze cute, that made my day. ^^ I honestly really love Smolder. She’s my favorite out of the young six. But, I find Zelda really fascinating. Her design really catches my interest.
  8. It sure was the plan to make it an adventure RP. ^^ I’m still thinking the plot through, but I bet it’ll be good enough.
  9. Hmm. Well, I’m sure we can figure something out. ^^
  10. To start off, I want my first roleplay on here to be fun and extravagant. I absolutely adore adventure type roleplays, where a few characters go on to some far off, unfamiliar place and try to find something specific. Kind of like the Daring Do stories, or more like the episode "Dragon Shy" back in season 1. The plot I've been thinking about for a while was my character Golden Daze to have an important aerial meet (or a track meet, but for pegasi), in the Crystal Empire. But, on the train to the Crystal Empire, the train breaks down in the Frozen North. So, the adventure could be trying to fight through the harsh colds and snow while trying to find their way to the empire. Anyone can join! Please reply if you're interested! And if you have any other suggestions, I'm happy to hear them!
  11. ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Golden DazeNicknames: Daze, Grump, Dork, Dunce, G.D Sex: Female (her/she)Age: Younger MareSpecies: PegasusSexual Orientation: Lesbian ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: Gold, with very dark eye makeup. Character Color: Tan/Brown Mane/Tail: Her mane wavy and a little messy, but well kept in a swoop over her left eye. Her tail is long and wavy. They are teal, green, and yellow. Physique: Daze is taller than average ponies. She thin and lean, making her very athletic. Extra: She always has wraps around her hooves, on her right ear, and band-aids covering her body. She always has one on her nose. She also wears a blue track jacket and headband when she's practicing/competing, with her mane tied up into a ponytail. Her left nostril is pierced with a golden hoop. She also has very bold eyebrows. Cutie Mark: Description: A sun looking over rainy clouds, symbolizing her dreams looking over her gloomy days. Her aspirations and dreams of being one of the fastest fliers out there. Her talent is flying at great speeds in a short amount of time. Story: One day she was walking down her school's hallway to see a whole bunch of fliers telling ponies to join all their sports teams since they needed more ponies to join. She felt her eyes spark, causing her to grab all the papers and fill them out. The first sport to start was track, which was that day. To join the team though, she had to go through with racing the best players from the team. She told her parents she was going to be late to go home, and went straight to practice. Her dad was questioning her actions, and knew something odd was up. So, after school, he went to pick her up. Her dad heard very loud screaming and cheering, and a small smile grew on his face. He knew what Daze was up too. Her father flew behind the benches next to the cloud track, and watched his little daughter fly her heart out to make the team. Once she finished her race, she noticed that she won. She got 1st place against all ponies. She already knew she was fast, but she didn't think she was good at being fast. Being timed and watched from everypony, didn't really seem like her thing. But after Daze won, she knew this was going to be normal for her. She just wanted to make her dad proud. Suddenly she heard a voice she knew all too well, and her eyes teared up. With all the energy left in her little wings, she dashed over to her father and gave him a big hug. Then her cutie mark appeared, symbolizing her speed and happiness overlooking her goals. The sun overlooking the clouds. ~Outside Information~ Family: Dad (Pegasus): Gleaming Fly, Mom (Unicorn): Cosmetic, Twin Sister (Unicorn): Art Block, Little Sister (Unicorn): Beaming Radiance Occupation: Air Sprinter Residence: A cloud house near Ponyville and Cloudsdale ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Golden Daze is a smart, super stubborn, and social Pegasus residing mostly in her own head. Cocky, quick witted, dorky, and having a great sense of humor (mainly sexual innuendos, silly puns, sarcastic remarks, or weird expressions), she dazzles everyone with her awkward, yet unique personality. Daze is generally outgoing and wishes to complete her most important goal in her life, which consists of being awarded first place in the most famously known event, the Equestria Games. Daze works extremely hard for her goal, wanting to be one of the fastest Pegasi out there, but she's not good at taking care of herself, which either get's her hurt, sick, or exhausted (which is why she has so many band-aids and wraps all over her). And she's so stubborn, she doesn't listen to anyone except what feels right in her head. She overthinks everything, to the point of horrible anxiety. Daze often times freaks herself out for no known reason, and because of this, she feels awkward in most new environments. She can also be too cocky for her own good, but she's cocky to bring out her self confidence, because that itself is very low. Daze is very sensitive, but acts like a hard head because she's insecure. She hides her feelings from everypony else, until they bottle up so much she explodes, normally taking it out on everypony. Before then, she’s a big grumpy feather horse, which is a good indication she’s upset. But, Daze is sincere, and cares deeply about her friend's feelings and emotions. She's extremely loyal and honest, and it's everypony before herself. She can be kind of obnoxious, but is generally a very calm pony. Unique Traits: Daze is very quick witted and smart. In almost any situation, she can find a way out of it. She's very fast, not in just flying. Her brain works at 1000 miles a minute. She has a very active imagination, and likes to imagine herself in funny situations. Overthinking everything though, makes her seem a little paranoid. With her wings, she is really fast. She lacks being able to do awesome flips in the air, but flying around on a cloud track is was she's professionally good at. Fast enough to have a gorgeous sunset looking speed trail behind her as she glides through the air. She has an amazing knack of slowing down as well, which can be hard to control for some pegasi. History: Being born in a late winter day in the Cantorlot hospital, her parents knew she would be something special one day. Of course they thought the same to her twin sister, but something sparked more with Daze. When her parents got to take her home, they noticed how fast she learned things. So fast, they couldn't keep up with her. Her dad knew all too well how Pegasus foals acted once their wings tasted the air for the first time. He especially knew though, she was going to carry on the air sprinting name in his family. At the age of five, Daze didn't get the attention she wanted. Expecting all the attention her family members gave her from already reaching speeds higher than most ponies her age, she was disappointed at how prissy the unicorns of Cantorlot were. Of course she got bullied by the average ponies for not fitting in with their "high class" opinions. They would make fun of her looks and why she didn't like to talk to anypony. She didn't care much about them though, and she took the experiences like a champ, learning to get a thicker skin. Over the years though, she started to get insecure about her surroundings. Her parents found out that she was extremely smart in both school, and sports. They enrolled her sister in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but since Daze couldn't do magic, they ended up sending her off her the Juniors Speedsters Flight Camp, where she showed off her amazing flying skills to the other ponies. She was surprised how everypony geared towards her immediately because of her talent. Daze felt at home. It was there were she met her bestest friend Sea F. Salt, and her arch rival Gillian, who really pushes her to be the best flier she can be. While she isn't very fond of the shy little Gill, she actually really values her as well. Kind of mixed emotions. Daze does love messing with her though, just to annoy her. After graduating flight school and earning her cutie mark, she decided to take on her family's name and become a professional air sprinter. And after her first meet, she truly knew this was what she was meant to do with her life. A little growing up photo for reference: Character Summary: Golden Daze is a quick, loyal, and sarcastic pony, just wanting to fulfil her dreams and make her dad proud. With her speed and mind, she tries her hardest to keep everypony happy, even if she is too straight forward and obnoxious.
  12. GoldenDaze


    Hello! I just wanted to say greetings, since I'm new, and I'm really excited to start roleplaying! My name is Golden Daze, by the way~
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