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  1. Is Slide Fortissimo still involved in some roleplays that your characters are involved in? It's good to hear from you again. ^^
  2. Yikes, haven't been here in awhile. 

  3. Slide nodded in agreement and ran off in the direction that Arty had motioned, going deeper into the cave. Running and flying to get away from those gang ponies had caused him to break an awful sweat. Thankfully, there was just enough light for him to see into the cave. Slide found a large rock and ducked behind it, just out of view from the entrance of the cave. Checking if the coast was clear, he examined his wings to make sure they were okay. "Curses. I knew I should have stretched my wings this morning," he muttered, preening his wings with some difficulty. All pegasus ponies have wings that must be examined after a certain time of flying. Slide knew this, but was certain that after preening of his wings, everything would be okay. He was halfway done when he heard a commotion from outside the cave. Looking around, he peered from his hiding place to see what was going on. Listening carefully, Slide could just make out what the gang ponies were saying. "Ow! Ow! You'll be sorry you stupid art pone!" It sounded faint, but Slide knew that Arty must've done something awesome to hold back the gang ponies. Once Slide had finished preening his wings, he curled up behind the rock to get some rest, hoping that Arty would be able to find him. Suddenly, a glimmer of light shown around the cave walls. Waking up from his slumber, he looked up from the behind the rock and gasped when he saw Arty. "Arty! I'm over here," he whispered, getting out from behind the rock. After hearing about the status of the gang ponies, Slide was very impressed. "Well done Arty, but we must keep going. We have to get away from those gang ponies before they find us." As they were walking deeper into the cave, Slide began to walk alongside Arty. "Arty, I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you fight off those gang ponies, but I would like to thank you for saving me. How can I ever repay you?"
  4. Haven't been able to roleplay here in awhile. I've been busy with personal things. Should be back by April. Thank you for your patience, and stay awesome. ^^

  5. No changes need to be made. You may post this in your Deviantart gallery too! Thank you very much, and stay awesome! ^^
  6. Name: Slide Fortissimo Gender: Stallion Species: Pegasus pony Appearance: Cutiemark: Personality: Respectful, kind, and a very awesome pony, Slide Fortissimo has felt like a true gentlepony on occasion. He tries not to talk too much about certain topics, but feels comfortable when talking about something that somepony else also enjoys. For instance, discussing about a new musical on Bridleway in Manehatten. He doesn't want to get too much attention from fans, but after a concert, he'll give time for fans to answer him questions about his performance. He strives to practice the trombone at least once everyday, even practicing it in the park if the weather is good. He enjoys being loved and respected, especially when he is hanging out with friends and his dearest soulmate too.
  7. I haven't been roleplaying here for awhile ever since I got a job. I don't when I'll be back here, but I look forward to continuing the roleplay once I'm settled into my new job. 

  8. As Slide was getting closer to where the gang ponies meet the boss, there was a brisk sound of a rock hitting a step on the stairs a few feet below them. The gang pony looked around and held back Slide with the rope. "Hold it red pone, I think I heard something. You better not move until I get back, or you'll be in a sorry state." The gang pony looked around again. Looking down, he saw the same pile of rocks that Slide had seen earlier. Checking to make sure Slide was still on the stairs, he flew down to the rocks and began to inspect them. "Right, who could have thrown that rock?" The gang pony said as he peeked under a large rock. A family of spiders creepily crawled away from under the rock. "Disgusting..." He muttered under his breath as he began to inspect each rock, possibly hiding an intruder underneath the rock. Meanwhile, Slide quietly stood on the stairs, watching the gang pony search the rocks like a complete idiot. Why would a pony be hiding under a rock? Just then, he noticed Arty climbing up the stairs. He gasped and could still see the gang pony searching the rocks in the corner of his eye. "What are-" He was shushed instantly, but was glad to see Arty again. Slide listened to what Arty said and nodded his head in agreement. Untying himself swiftly, he began to follow her down the stairs, trying not to be noticed. Suddenly, he saw Arty trip on the same rock she thrown at the stairs, causing her to fall face first onto a stair. Slide came to Arty's aid, but the gang pony had heard her. Shouting at them in rage, Slide quickly whispered to Arty. "Let's get out of here!"
  9. "Thank you." Slide took his seat and noticed that Street Art was only snacking on an apple. He then glanced at his lunch, consisting of two flower sandwiches with a side of hayfries and a water bottle. Selecting one of the sandwiches and taking a bite out of it, he smiled at Street Art while eating his sandwich. Putting down his sandwich, wiping his face with a napkin, and taking a drink of water casually, he answered Street's question. "The rehearsal is going very well. We're going over two pieces of music that I believe the audience will enjoy very much. They are Pictures at an Exhibition and Blue Bells of Trotland. I'm very impressed that artists like you will be showcasing their art while the orchestra performs the first piece. I've heard that one pony who is from Trotland painted a portrait of The Forth Bridge, one of the most famous railway bridges in Equestria." Just then, a group of ponies dressed in black had entered the town square. The crowd suddenly fell silent. Slide was just about to eat a few hayfries when one of the ponies grabbed his tuxedo collar and turned him round fiercely. "You're coming with me trombonist." Slide tried not to panic, knowing he was in a dangerous situation. In an instant, he came up with a naughty idea. "Uh, hehe, why me? If you're looking for another musician, there is...uh...look! It's Countess Coloratura!" The gang ponies glanced at the direction where he was pointing and to their amazement, it was Countess Coloratura, shocked at being spotted in the crowd. Right when the gang ponies looked away, Slide quickly got up from his seat, took one glance at Art to make sure she was okay, and then dashed away from the square as fast as he could. The trick had worked! "Hey! Get back here!" "Don't let him get away!" "Hold up, guys! We'll head 'im off at the pass!" Slide was barely able to hear the last gang pony's shout, but knew very well that they were definitely not from Manehatten; they were Appleloosan! Nearly flying into a store awning, he flew down the streets of Manehatten, dodging past ponies left and right, apologizing as he flew dangerously over a large crowd of ponies waiting to hail taxi cabs. Rounding a corner, he noticed the entrance to a subway station. Looking back to make sure the ponies were nowhere to be seen, Slide swooped down towards the sidewalk, dashed his way down the stairs, and entered the concourse, galloping with all his might. "Out of my way! Clear the station! There are gang ponies on the loose. I'll take care of them myself!" The commuters waiting for the train screamed and fled from the platform in haste. With no time to lose, Slide quickly paid his fare. He was just about to board the train when a green gang pony caught up with him, got out a lasso, and roped his legs together, pulling him away from the door and causing him to fall to the ground in a heap. The sound of Slide hitting the platform echoed like a tuning note of a timpani. The train swiftly departed from the station as the gang pony surrounded him. "Well well well, what do we have here? The most professional trombonist in Equestria. Are you really that professional?" The gang pony spat at his face. Slide was unable to wipe it off his face as it dribbled down his face and onto the floor. "Sir, how dare you spit in my handsome face! And why were you guys after me? If you don't mind, I have a concert to attend to. I must finish having lunch with a frien-" In a flash, the gang pony slapped Slide's face with a hoof. "Shut it red pone, or you'll be speaking with the boss faster than you can tune a piano. Understand?" Slide felt the sharp pain of a hoof on his face and began to cry a bit, with a hint of rage in his eyes. "Pardon me, but I don't even play the piano! What are your demands!" The gang pony bent down close to Slide's face. "You see that tunnel over there? Our boss requests for your presence. He would want to hear your...music...before his plan goes through this afternoon. Understand?" The gang pony gave a sinister laugh and untied Slide. "You ain't going anywhere until you play, now move it red pone!" The green gang pony motioned for Slide to enter the subway tunnel. He nervously began to make his way along the subway tracks, the third rail inches from them. Keeping his composure, they soon reached the end of the station. A staircase was roped off, only for employees. "Oh well, I guess he won't be available. Goodbye!" The gang pony shoved him towards the staircase. "What kind of a trombonist are you? Climb those stairs now!" "Alright, but you sir are asking for trouble." The gang pony chuckled. "Oh, there will be trouble." As Slide was climbing the stairs, he looked down and noticed there were rocks below to his right. "Hmm, those rocks could come in handy...."
  10. The red stallion did get a few goosebumps from Street Art's attractive look and blushed with embarrassment. "Y-yeah, I haven't heard about you at all. I would like to thank you for painting this. It's perfect for the orchestra's concert performance and I wish the best of luck on your future works of art." He picked up his saddlebags and placed them onto his back, making sure that all of his belongings were in his saddlebags. "I do apologize, but I must attend a rehearsal now. Enjoy the concert!" He waved goodbye and made his way to the area where the orchestra musicians were gathering. After finding his dressing room and a very quick warm up, Slide flew over to where the rehearsal was about to begin. Taking his seat, the other trombonists in the orchestra where happy to see Slide again and then turned their attention to the conductor. "Right everypony, we'll do warm ups and then practice a few parts from the music. We are pleased to have Slide Fortissimo as soloist for Blue Bells of Trotland." Slide beamed with pride when the conductor addressed him. "I believe Slide has been practicing a long time for this and we hope that he'll be absolutely legendary. Now then, can we have a B flat please?" The warm ups section of the rehearsal commenced, with Slide carefully making sure he was in tune. After the warm ups were concluded, the orchestra rehearsed the two pieces: Pictures at an Exhibition, with artworks created by the finest artists in Equestria, and Blue Bells of Trotland, featuring Slide Fortissimo respectively. Once the rehearsal was over, the conductor dismissed the orchestra, saying that they had to be back in an hour for their performance. Slide left his belongings in his dressing room and went over to the festival food court to have lunch. Carrying his tray of food with his wing, he noticed Street Art again and went over to her. "Ah, hello again. May I sit here with you?"
  11. "Excuse me, but I'm rather impressed by this backdrop you've been painting. It looks almost like Manehatten during a beautiful sunset, if I say so myself." Slide took off his saddlebags and placed them by his side. He felt eager to learn how this pony was able to paint a masterpiece like this, not knowing that he had to attend a rehearsal soon. "My name's Slide, Slide Fortissimo. Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra. It's a pleasure to meet you." Upon initial observation, Slide noticed that the pony didn't have a fourth leg! Keeping his composure, he didn't want to be judgmental and ask the artist why she didn't have a fourth leg. Noticing that she was covered in paint, he knew that she had been working on that backdrop for a long time, an example of hard work indeed. "I do apologize, but I have to attend a rehearsal soon and then perform with the orchestra. We are headlining the music festival soon." He paused and adjusted his bow-tie. "What's your name?"
  12. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. For that the city of Manehatten was bustling with activity: taxi stagecoach ponies galloping down the streets to pick up riders for a fee, airships soaring high just beneath the clouds, the shrieking brakes from the subway below the ground, and the whistles from trains carrying ponies to their destinations from the train station. Unfortunately, one pony was in the hustle and bustle of this activity, carrying his saddlebags after disembarking the inbound express train. Flying down to the subway station below ground, he caught a downtown subway train just in time. Catching his breath, he carefully took a seat and placed his bags onto the seat next to him. Opening one of them, he began to check if all the sheet music was well organized for the concert. "Hey, you with the saddlebags. What's your problem?" Slide Fortissimo looked up from his sheet music. A stallion wearing a blue fedora was sitting one seat next to him. "Excuse me?" "Don't you know anything about subway etiquette?" Slide closed up his saddlebags in and placed them on the floor beneath is seat. "Well excuse me, but I'm trying to get ready for a con-" The pony shushed him with a hoof. "Come on dude, I don't need to know why you're in a hurry." The pony removed his hoof from Slide's face. "This is Manehatten. Ponies are supposed to be in a hurry all the time. What's your name?" "Slide Fortissimo." "Hmmm, haven't heard that name before. By the looks of you I can tell you're a famous pegasus pony." Slide blushed. "Well, I have been playing the trombone for quite awhile now. Thanks for the compliment." "You're welcome. Name's Wonder Whisp. A pleasure to meet you Slide." "Thank you Wonder, but my stop is the next one." "Oh, okay Slide. It was nice talking to you." Slide waved goodbye to Wonder and disembarked from the subway train at his stop. trotting to the town square as fast as he could. As the Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra, he was needed for warm ups as soon as possible. The orchestra was going to perform at the town square soon and he didn't want to be late. Passing by the main stage in the square, he thought he saw a glimmer of a rainbow from the corner of his eye. Curiously, he climbed up the stage stairs and headed over to the backstage area behind where the orchestra was beginning to put together their instruments. He glanced at the colorful backdrop and gasped. "Whoa! Who painted this?"
  13. My character application is ready. Please let me know if I need to make any revisions to the application. Thank you and stay awesome. ^^
  14. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Slide FortissimoNicknames: N/A Sex: Male (him/he)Age: StallionSpecies: PegasusSexual Orientation: Bisexual Physical Attributes Eye Color: Brown Character Color: Red/Maroon Mane/Tail: A unbrushed mane, but well kept in proper condition during concert performances. His tail is short and firm. They are both colored brown respectively,. Physique: Slide is not too tall, but not too thin. Very agile on breath control for playing the trombone. Extra: Clothing reference sheet: Cutie Mark: Description: A tenor trombone. He excels to be one of the best musicians in Equestria. His talent is playing the trombone in a professional and well rehearsed manner. Story: When Slide Fortissimo was only 12 years old, he got his cutie mark when his family went to see a concert by the Royal Canterlot Orchestra in Ponyville, Equestria. Before the concert began, the conductor announced that the Principal Trombone of the orchestra had broken his one of his legs on the way to the concert, kindly asking the audience if anypony would like to volunteer to play the musical instrument. With determination and bravery, he volunteered. His parents were surprised, knowing that Slide had been practicing the instrument for less than 3 years. However, his twin brother Green Screen was happy to see that his brother was about to do something awesome and wished him good luck during the performance. Trotting up the stairs and onto the stage, the Bass Trombonist gave Slide his spare tenor trombone, whispering to him that his performance will be legendary. Taking a deep breath, Slide took his seat and looked at the music on the stand. It was a featured piece for Principal Trombone! He looked at the audience and then back to the sheet music. He had never played any trombone solo in front of an audience before. Closing his eyes, he took another deep breath, and was ready to play the piece. The audience watched with interest as the orchestra began to play the piece. The concert hall echoed with the sound of a beautiful symphony, resembling a morning sunrise over Ponyville. As he was playing the piece, he felt relaxed and calm, playing the trombone like he never played it before. When it came to the the solo, the sound of the trombone echoed around the concert hall. With agile breath control and swift motions of the trombone slide, he was determined to finish playing his part with ease. After the solo, the piece ended with a sense of triumph. It only took a moment for the audience to feel impressed by the performance and soon, everypony was giving the orchestra a standing ovation. Green Screen was cheering, his parents were crying happily, and flowers were being thrown to the orchestra. The Bass Trombonist hugged Slide with glee and congratulated him on his performance. Thanking him, Slide felt a flash near his rump. He looked and saw that a cutiemark had flashed onto his rump. It was a tenor trombone! The audience cheered when they noticed that Slide had earned his cutiemark. He placed the trombone onto a stand, ran down to his family, and hugged them with glee, crying with tears of joy. The news of Slide earning his cutiemark at the concert made the news in the paper the next day. That front page of the newspaper is framed and located on the wall of his office at his home in Canterlot. As for the injured pony who played the Principal Trombone, he retired after the orchestra finished that year's tour. The conductor of the orchestra visited Slide in Cloudsdale after the concert season ended and asked him if he would like to be an official member of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra. Slide agreed, and with balancing music and school, Slide has been Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra. Family: Dad (Pegasus): Crescendo Forte, Mom (Pegasus): Melody Screen, Twin Brother (Pegasus): Green Screen Occupation: Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra, Residence: A house near the theater district in Canterlot. Character Personality: Respectful, kind, and a very awesome pony, Slide Fortissimo has felt like a true gentlepony on occasion. He tries not to talk too much about certain topics, but feels comfortable when talking about something that somepony else also enjoys. For instance, discussing about a new musical on Bridleway in Manehatten. He doesn't want to get too much attention from fans, but after a concert, he'll give time for fans to answer him questions about his performance. He strives to practice the trombone at least once everyday, even practicing it in the park if the weather is good. He enjoys being loved and respected, especially when he is hanging out with friends and his dearest soulmate too. History: Slide Fortissimo and his twin brother Green Screen were born in the month of September. While growing up, they became best friends and always enjoyed doing things together. From the age of 3, Slide was interested in the railways of Equestria and felt happy when his family traveled by train on vacations during the summer months. When Slide entered flying school in Cloudsdale, he and Green were excellent students, knowing exactly how to flap their wings for flying at a safe and comfortable pace. At the age of 9, Slide was required to learn how to play a musical instrument. He choose the trombone because while listening to classical music, he felt the presence of the trombone as if it were playing in the living room. After only practicing the instrument for three years, his family took him to see a concert. At that same concert, he earned his cutiemark at the age of 12. It wasn't until he finished high school at the age of 18 when he left Cloudsdale to pursue a degree in Tenor Trombone Performance at the finest music school in Canterlot. Recently, at the age of 22, he has graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Tenor Trombone, displayed proudly in his office. Character Summary: At the end of the day, Slide Fortissimo keeps to his successful ability as a professional musician. He is very proud of his friends and family, occasionally sending a letter asking about what awesome things are they doing where they live, and is always happy to hear feedback from ponies after certain performances. In conclusion, he wants to make sure that everypony he knows is doing something that they love to do, to keep up the good work, and be absolutely awesome for years to come.
  15. Hello! I'm completely new to this website and I'm very excited to start roleplaying again after a long hiatus. I will be mainly roleplaying as Slide Fortissimo, my main OC. Thank you and stay awesome! ^^
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