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  1. Myth bounced along in the airship gleefully, having all but forgotten the real reason she was here, she marveled at the.... essentially oversized air balloon. She'd ridden in hot air balloons before, but there wasn't much to look at there, and it wasn't moving nearly as fast. This was a whole other ball game. Buckball, maybe? Well, in any case, this type of air travel gave her a very strange sensation. She had noticed that her her vision on hot air balloons was a bit off, but not like this. Everything's magic was trailing off of it toward the back of the airship. It's not like this wasn't something she'd seen on trains before, but something was different here. It seemed to be unstable in other ways, creating an effect that was, while really interesting, also very unsettling... to her stomach. Her eyes went wide and she rushed to the bathroom just in time to not make a mess on the floor. "Hm. That's interesting. I haven't even had carrots, today." she laughed to herself. It was getting easier to manage, but the effect that the magic moving in such an odd way had on her was still.... well, having an effect on her. She smiled as she bounced on back to the bridge of the airship. "Commander Icy! I looked out the window— so fun, windows on a hot air balloon —and I saw land! Is that Neighpon? Are we here?" she jumped up and down, then stopped and held back another mouthful of sick.
  2. Stage smiled and clapped his hooves excitedly "Se magnifique! Flaire, mon vieux! It is your opportunity, non?" he slapped Flaire on the back, but he just looked at him and gave a half smile. "I-I.... suppose...." he regarded the changeling with some confusion, mostly confusion with his own feelings. He looked down. "I'm.... sorry, I..." he looked back up at Flux "I know that you all changed.... and.... it's just...." He looked at Stage. Stage looked at him much like a father looks at his son who's having a difficult time, and spoke up "Oh, mon chou.... you must excuse Flaire. He has poor history caused him by the actions of the changelings, as led by your former queen Would you like to come speak backstage?" he gestured to the caravan-stage that was behind them. // French translations: Se Magnifique = that's magnificent mon vieux = my friend (essentially) non = no mon chou = my child (essentially) //
  3. // I'm sorry about the delay. i had a whole thing typed up, then my stupidity made it disappear and I didn't feel like retyping it for a while // Compass watched as Rose entered the bath as gracefully as she'd seen anypony do. She stood at the side of the bath while Rose talked, listening to her response to her question. She stifled a laugh when Rose implied Stellar 'trying something' with the mares, as she imagined the stuttering mess he'd become if somepony suggested that kind of thing. "I assure you, there would be no problems there. Stellar is far too nervous around new ponies to even think about 'trying anything'." she giggled quietly "Besides. He's also gay." compass laughed, but then she made a face "Oh, uh..... can we uh.... not tell him I told you that?" she looked around sheepishly "He made me promise not to tell anypony...." Compass frowned as she began to realise just how bad at keeping secrets she was. When Rose asked her question, Compass gave a half smile "Well... I've never really done this before, so... I suppose we'll find out together, eh?" She nervously dipped a hoof in the water to test. It was hot but not more than she felt she could handle. She took a deep breath and muttered "Here goes..." before she sat on her haunches and scooted to lower her hind hooves in first, holding herself with her fore hooves as she submerged her body slowly the water temperature felt good but she was a little nervous about the depth of the water until her hind hooves touched the floor. Where she relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. she lowered her body into the water until it covered up to her neck, and sat on her haunches under the water. Maybe she'd try floating or swimming some other time, but right now she was content just sitting. "This water smells very nice. What minerals do you have in it? Perhaps herbs as well? I'm sure Rose would know a thing or two about those." she winked
  4. Myth smiled at the mare performing the security check and giggled "Oh, please call me Myth. Just seeing some things differently, that's all." she turned to Icy and gave her a puzzled look as she followed her through the door "Is it really that high? I don't need like special treatment or anything, just want to help your research." she explained "But... I guess if it's what I need to do the most good, then I'm happy to take whatever title you need me to take." she smiled. She wasn't really one to take on titles. She preferred to just be Myth, but she was ready to do whatever it took to get in there and do as much good as she could do. After a moment, she stopped and waited for Icy's attention. When she got it, she spoke up again with a seriousness in her voice that felt almost unnatural, but perfectly appropriate "I promise, Icy. I'll work as hard as I can to earn my rank. My hooves, my horn and my eyes. They're yours to command for the benefit of Equestria..." she smiled again "Commander." she winked.
  5. The magic emanating from behind Icy was still strong, and magic that strong always has an effect on Myth's emotions. When her vision is obstructed to it, though, it makes it easier to ignore. She continued to try to relax more, jumping a little when the pegasus touched her and broke her concentration for a moment, which she immediately tried to get back. She took a deep breath "I-It's okay.... I-I'm okay... a-as long as Icy stays right there." she managed a pained chuckle "I'm sorry I can't address him directly, but.... I-I'm doing my best..." she gulped "I-I... w-would like to.... g-get to know him..... i-if I can." as she spoke about him, her breathing shook more and more and she decided she should talk to Icy about it later when his magic wasn't pressing down on her. she took another deep breath and redoubled her effort to focus on Icy "I-I need to talk about other things... I would love to go with you, Icy. N-Neighpon? I don't think I've been there b-before...." it was hard to think about things like that at the moment, but with what mental faculties she had available, she couldn't think of having heard of a place called Neighpon. She nodded "E-excuse me. I-I'll be in the lab.... c-calming down.... j-just... you know... come get me?" she started backing away cautiously before she looked at the pegasus and said "Goodbye. I-I'll have to get your name again later." then she steeled herself and turned slowly toward Sombra "G-g-goodbye.... Ssss.... Sombra...." with that, she ran out of the room. Once outside, she stood by the door, leaning against it, hyperventilating with her hoof on her chest. She held back a scream and just sat down and let the tears she'd been holding back flow quietly for several minutes before rubbing them out of her eyes and turning to walk toward the lab.
  6. Flaire began to wonder about this unicorn. Some of the things she was saying gave him an impression that he just couldn't shake. He didn't want to make any assumptions, and he felt like just asking would be rude and kind of out of nowhere, but he wanted to know. He was busy thinking of way he could get her to say more things that would let him know what he wanted to know when Stage spoke up saying simply "Oh, you are a changeling, perhaps? Yes?" he looked at Flaire "Quoi? I thought it was an appropriate question. Do you not?" he asked in response to the look Flaire gave him, but then Flaire looked back at the unicorn also interested in the answer // French translation: Quoi = what //
  7. Myth whimpered began tearing up when the blackness spoke, she was about to run when Icy put herself between her and the black hole, snapping her out of the fear she was spiraling into, she locked her eyes with Icy and her fear began to subside as she listened very carefully to her words. "Y-y-yeah.... vice... Vice Admiral.... Ssss.... Vice Admiral...." she breathed deeply and tried to focus on Icy "S-Sombra... I-I... I'm sorry.... I just.... his magic.... I-I've never.... s-seen anything like it.... s-so much.... fear.... hatred... s-so... dark...." as she spoke, she continued to expend a great deal of effort to focus on Icy, which seemed to work to at least her be able to speak. Even if she couldn't speak directly to him, she could get her thoughts out by talking to Icy. she breathed deeply while she tried to calm down "I-It's not his fault.... hi-his magic.... n-not his fault.... I- I'm sorry...." her eyes darted from Icy back to Sombra and then quickly back to Icy as she kept breathing and focusing on the words Icy said. Myth breathed in and spoke through her exhale still laser focused on keeping eye contact on Icy "I'm sorry, I don't know anything.... c-can I... g-go... I... I'm sorry t-to.... him."
  8. Myth carried an empty glass bottle in her magic, it bobbing slightly more than it would for most, and lazily spinning about in the air unable remain upright. She caught sight of a pony focused on her work and she approached her from behind "Hey, do you know where commander Icy is? I have a question for her." She asked. The pony looked up and frowned "I'm not sure, but I think I heard somepony say something about her visiting with somepony in the data room? It sounded important, tho, so..." myth smiled and waved as she spoke on her way out "Thaaankiiiees!" she stopped just before turning the corner "Uh... which way is the data room?" She asked, smiling awkwardly. ==== The pony pointed at a door after having lead Myth down the hall a ways "That's the data room. Now, I need to get back to my work, can you take it from here?" myth smiled "Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!" the pony nodded and left Myth standing outside the room. Myth looked at the door, and suddenly, she was washed over with a little feeling of dread. She frowned. She wasn't sure what that could be from but she did need to talk to Icy. "B-besides," she reasoned aloud to herself "if Icy is feeling this, too, then I should really go in and help her." She took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Inside, she saw bookshelves. "oh great" she thought sarcastically "a library...." she walked through the corridors of shelves, glancing at the books that all might as well be empty to her. She followed where dreadful feeling was coming from, hating herself for getting closer to its source. lHer frown turned into a wide-eyed nervousness that escalated into full on panic. As she approached, she began to lose focus in levitating the bottle, and she grabbed it in her teeth as she began to notice the room get considerably darker. "I-is this... a new kind of magic?" she asked herself "I-I... don't know if I like this one..." she gulped as she approached an isle that seemed to have a higher concentration of this darker magic. As she neared, she could hear ponies talking there was Icy, and a stallion who's voice she didn't recognize. They didn't seem distressed at all. In fact the stallion's voice seemed kind of bored. She stopped just around the corner to steel herself, and then quickly turned the corner speaking to Icy. "H-hey, Icy, I'm sorry to interru-" she stood mid sentence and dropped the glass bottle, and it shattered on the floor. In the isle, across from Icy was the most terrifying thing Myth had ever seen. It was like a black hole. It radiated dark magic like a sun radiates light. It was a horrifying monster that towered over Icy. It's blackness only interrupted by two glowing green eyes that poured out a purple mist almost like a burning fire that oozed a feeling of dread that permeated Myth's body until she was the poor quivering mess she was. She turned her head stiffly toward Icy without breaking eye contact with the black hole. "I-I-Icy.... w-what is that..... a-and...." she gulped "w-what is it d-doing here?" she began to back away slowly, fighting her urge to run as fast as she could, her knees shaking almost noisily as her blood ran cold and she lost the color in her face.
  9. Carrot Cake (Mr. Cake) Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Carrot Cake (goes by Mr. Cake) Gender: Stallion Age: Middle-aged Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Green Coat: yellow Mane/Tail: orange Physique: Lanky Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Baker and business pony. Cutie Mark: three frosted carrot cakes Unique Traits: Mr. Cake is a very well-versed business pony with a proclivity for baked goods. He may be a bit of a nerd, but nopony can say he's not knowledgeable. History: Character Personality: Mr. Cake is a quirky nerdy stallion with a passion for baking and a head for business. While he's not nearly as much of a ponies pony as his wife, he can certainly be friendly. Character Summary: Mr. Cake has always wanted to own a big baking company. He works toward dream all the time. While his wife is more content just serving the ponies of Ponyville, he has big dreams. He tries to always put his best hoof forward, and often puts more on his haunches than he can handle alone. He stresses easy and worries a lot. His wife is his rock. She keeps him sane and helps him relax when he's stressing out too much. He knows he would be lost without her. He likes to focus much of his attention and energy, when he's not occupied with his children, with the ins and outs of the baking business, finding all the ways he can to help his and his wife's business boom and improve their reach in Ponyville and even beyond.
  10. I was just looking at this list and I realized you don't have @TessQ85's Zecora on there. I don't know if she still counts given she's on temporary hiatus, but I thought I'd mention it in case it was just forgotten. (if it's better, i can tell her when she comes off hiatus to remind y'all to add her to the list (or she'll just see this comment in her notifications and know to comment, either way))
  11. Compass followed suit after Rose, stretching her wings backward to allow the spray nozzles to get all around them without spreading them up or out so as to take up too much space so she wouldn't fit after making it through, she flicked the water of her wings and folded them back down, wringing her mane with her hooves, surprised at how well it removed the mud from between her hairs. As she did these things, she spoke happily in response to the others "Hey! If we go to Canterlot, I could invite my old friend to come join us!" she scratched the back of her head "I mean, if it's okay with you two. He's not a mare, so idk if that's out of the question for a 'mare's night' activity.... also, he's not really an avid theatre goer that I know of. But I just love to see him whenever I visit Canterlot." she smiled She put her hoof down and thought for a second about her response to Rose's question "Well... I've never really been all too interested in plants as a subject to research. I do see a lot of them, and could probably tell you where I'd seen any of them before, and even produce a technical drawing of any of them, but.... then again, I could also walk you down my childhood street and show you the exact cobblestone that I named Gerald once because I was bored." she shrugged, blushing slightly at the actually pretty embarrassing story that she didn't even realize she was just telling near complete strangers about, that she never told anypony else about before, until she'd already said it. "S-so yeah, I can remember your flowers and your vines and things, but It's not really my cup of tea." she tried futily to make the slip seem natural and uninteresting, hoping they wouldn't ask her to tell the whole story.
  12. Myth smiled at the sun glasses. There had been times where she wished she would've known that a simple pair of sunglasses would work to protect her eyes from intense magic. It kinda seemed so obvious, now. The sun is magic, sunglasses block the sun. Duh. She stifled a giggle at her past self as she took the glasses and put them on, striking a "cool" pose before the elevator doors opened. The door seemed to be blocked by a solid wall of magic, which myth could see was some sort of detection and dispelling field, and Icy confirmed it as she walked through it. It wasn't like Myth hadn't walked through visually solid walls of magic before, but it never got any easier. She put a hoof up and covered her face as she stepped through slowly. As soon as she was through the field, she shook herself with an audible shudder. "That never gets any less weird...." she said, he voice trailing away as she started paying attention to the magic in the room. Her resting smile faded a bit as she watched the way the magic in this room behaved. This wasn't the same free-spirited happy to meet you kind of magic she loved. This was a more all-business rigid kind. It seemed regimented and serious. Probably because of the ponies it came from. and its job. The magic seemed to frisk Icy as she spoke, checking her for inconsistencies. Then as the unicorn asked for myth to step forward, the magic in the room turned its focus to her. She'd never felt this nervous to interact with magic before. She looked nervously at Icy before taking a breath and stepping forward to the spot she was meant to take. When she was asked for her rank, her heart stopped for a split second as she thought, panicked. "What? I think Icy said.... E-6 Specialist?" she was about to speak when Icy whispered to her and she jumped a little. Knowing what she was expected to say made her relax, just a little. She took a deep breath and spoke shakily at first "S-Sargeant Specialist... Mythic... Vision..." as she spoke her voice relaxed more and her words softened. As the magic that had seemed so regimented and serious earlier frisked her she could feel it was... comforting. She smiled as she realised this is the same magic. It just has a job. A very important job. And that job was to protect her. She nodded to the magic and smiled "Thank you." she whispered. She learned something new from her friend every day. Then she giggled toward Icy "Now, that was fun." she said laughing at herself.
  13. Myth's smile he as Icy told her about payments. She really would've been happy to the research she was here for just for the sake of gaining a more intimate understanding of her best friend, magic. She had come prepared to make advancements that would benefit Equestria, and hadn't even considered getting paid to do it. She just wanted to help. When Icy said they were going on a tour, she clapped her hooves "Then let it begin!" she said, bouncing her way over to the elevator, her excitement building as she prepared herself to see what she came for. She couldn't wait to see what they had in the research lab. The prosthetic horn project was one thing, and what had drawn her here, but she figured there ought to also be other projects they're working on, and any kind of new ways that magic can be used to help ponies would be the most amazing thing in Equestria. She squealed as her excitement mounted, and the elevator doors closed.
  14. He smiled. That was a pretty common first question. "I'm only half changeling. It used to be more risky for me to reveal that, but ever since Queen Chrysalis was first defeated, I've been able to really let my guard down." he frowned "It wasn't too long ago, tho, that I've had some.... unsavory reactions." after a second, he shook himself away from those thoughts and smiled "It certainly doesn't hurt my acting career, right Director?" he nudged Stage Lights who had gotten engrossed talking with somepony else. He looked over at Flaire "Yes? You are speaking with me?" Flaire just laughed "I have missed a ponish joke, again? I am sorry." Flaire patted him on the shoulder "You're fine, Director. I was just saying my changeling abilities were helpful in acting." Stage smiled "I knew from the moment I saw him in Manehattan, years ago, that he would be a star, one day." he looked at Flaire "And just look at how far you have come. Je suis fier, Dramatic Flaire, I am proud." Flaire blushed and looked away "Anyway, all I can do, really, is change my colors and voice, but it comes in handy all the time." he smiled and looked at the unicorn again. // French translation: Je suis fier = I am proud //
  15. Myth smiled, hers wasn't really a simple invisibility spell. but that was more complicated to explain than had warrant at the moment, and a magic barrier that dispels illusions would work just fine anyway. Although, it would make entering the office odd for her each time, having to step through an opaque wall. The paper that had been glowing dimly this whole time, which she only just noticed started to glow brightly, and she covered her eyes for a half second before her eyes adjusted and Icy spoke. "I, insert name-" she giggled then corrected herself in a more serious tone "I, Mythic Vision, do solemnly swear to pledge my allegiance to Equestria. I pledge to assist her and her allies, and all creatures that reside therin in time of need. In the event that I am called upon to protect my great nation, I will do so to the best of my training and ability. We are the few, the proud, and the elite, we are STAR Force," she smiled and continued as the paper kept glowing while her hoof was on it "And I also pledge myself to Ice Storm and Raven Shadowfire, and to the ponies and creatures in need that my research will benefit. May my efforts be for the benefit of all." she winked and put her hoof down. As the glowing subsided, her added words scrawled themselves like a nearly illegible side note in the margin. "I hope you don't mind. I recognized the spell and couldn't resist." she winked then giggled "I've never tried that before, did it work?" she peered at the paper, its magic faded back to its dull glow, invisible to the light-sighted, just maintaining its enchantment for later verification, but the words on it written in ink that Myth couldn't see. Myth frowned when she heard that she couldn't share her discoveries outside of the organization, but then realized it had the caveat that with Icy's permission she could, and she decided that was okay. She wasn't sure why, but for reasons she didn't understand, she felt like she could trust Icy. More than she had with any other pony. She smiled as she decided it must be magic reassuring her. If her best friend trusted her, then she could definitely trust her. She wasn't sure what an "E-6 Specialist" was, but- "Wait, I'm getting paid?" she allowed the surprise to show on her face "I would've done this for free, but..." she stamped her hoofprint on the paper quickly. "you've already offered me the bits, so it's too late for you to back out, now." she winked at Icy. Then she laughed "Assuming you told me everything right, that is. There's no way to tell I'm not being bamboozled." she smiled and said more seriously "I'm kidding, of course. I trust you." she nodded.
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