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  1. I tried uploading a picture but it says minimum 0.2 MB.. and i litterally took a picture of a drawing i did and its too big, so i compressed it and now it looks horribly unrendered.. How do people upload their pictures??
  2. I think i got it all, might be a couple words i didn't spell right but I'm not sure which ones. Spell check didn't detect anything other then punctuation :0
  3. Name: Quiet Vibrations Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: black Character Color: light purple Mane/Tail: Quiet's mane is black, its generally a hung loose lightly tended mane that hangs free beneath her beanie hat. Her tail is somewhat brushed but for the most part frayed. Physique: Quiets got an avarage frame at best, slightly thinner from all her travels but her purple coat is well taken care of. Quiet can often be seen with a couple notes and memos wrote on herself as she is forgetful. Residence: Quiet travels often as she likes to meet many and dislikes being in one place constantly. She prefers nature and places that give her natural inspiration like the forests and lakes and sometimes the caves of central Equestria. She prefers to stick to the Mainlands, always leaving signs of her travel locations. Occupation: Quiet considers herself a free lance entertainer traveling town to town to share and express herself through her exotic music and meeting friendly ponies along the way. She expects nothing in return but enjoys the smiles she brings even if some find her annoying. Cutie Mark: A single line that is fluctuated up and down with varying intensity to reprisent sound. Unique traits: she can use her horn to manipulate and intensify soundwaves created from close proximity to herself often seen being used with her instruments to create sounds, echos and music others might enjoy but most importantly to express herself to others as she is unable to use her own voice to do so. History: She was named Quiet at birth because she was born mute and this was only fitting as she grew. Quiet was unable to speak yet always found ways to be heard wether it was household objects being used, or noisy toys. But she never felt fully accepted by others, she couldnt laugh audibly to jokes or tell others how she felt. it was frustrating however as she got older she found that people responded well to pleasant sound and focused all her efforts towards manipulating sounds and bending their frequency to create louder sounds and vibrations. Quiet picked up learning the banjo which she began to really hit or miss with her friends and family. But not everyone enjoyed her presence, and when some began to use her name as a joke to their annoyance. It was then she had decided to leave home..And along the way she found the world was full of beautiful sounds she could use to further express the voice inside herself. Character personality: Quiet is both shy and somewhat annoying at times. But she is kind and helpful to anyone, doesnt anger easily. She likes to dance and play her banjo spontaneously at random. Character summary: Quiet Vibrations is quite simply a pony looking for her place in the world, wanting to be accepted and show her lack of a voice is not a handicap by expressing her unique sounds in the form of music and even echoes is her talent that shes going to share it with the world!
  4. Very good intro looking forward to meeting you :F
  5. Nice to meet you rhythm!!
  6. Hey all!! Super excited to be here! I love RP, playing games, i read and love the out doors. I found canterlot by browsing for RP ive never done a MLP rp before but i love the show, i used to babysit my niece and she was obsessed with the show, at first i made fun of it in a good mannered sarcastic way..but halfway through season 1 i got hooked, found myself watching it without my niece which bugged her lol. My favorite pony is a tie between fluttershy and pinkie pie, i feel for flutter as she has such a spot on shy attitude.. Pinkie mskes me laugh. So im looking forward to roleplaying, im kind of a T1, paragraph rper, buuut ive gotten lazy over the years and try just to shoot for 4 lines cause screw it am i right?!
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