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  1. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Villain design to take my mind off the heat.
  2. Needless to say, Oisin was very proud of himself - more so than usual - to get the Empress to smile at his homeland's goodies. He had been very careful to pick only the finest fruit that he himself liked to snack on and seeing that expression on her face he couldn't help but feel a swell of pride in his personal stock as he still held himself in a royal and regal manner, granted there was the itchings of a tiny smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. But he restrained himself after that look he got from the Empress earlier, maybe smiling wasn't a thing you were meant to do here as a royal? He was told near constantly by the advisers that he should be level headed, regal, a vision for others to look up to...but when such wonderful things happened how could he stand to be still? But he did, for the dear Empress' sake. Besides, her offer of introducing her to the Royal Chef was all too pleasing to his ears. To imagine the Strand's bounty gracing the banquet table was enough for another calm bow of gratitude at such generosity. He hadn't tried many pony treats, or longma for that matter, he wondered what their cooking was like? He had hoped they'd be good enough for the Peryton palette. However there was barely any time to think on that, as it appeared Yuè had her own gifts to give to the buck. Though he had to admit he was a bit reluctant. Glancing about this palace and noting the chests, the worry of bringing back some great gaudy trinket made him worry if he was about to be impolite. What if he inadvertently caused a national scandal, or worldwide scandal by rejecting a gift from the Daughter of Dragons because it wasn't part of his culture? Such worries were of course put to rest as the chests were opened and he marveled at the seeds with wide, iridescent purple-green eyes. One ear flicked to listen to their names as he put them away in his mind and he couldn't help but beam in obvious appreciation, a dainty thin hoof raised to scoop one of the peony seeds to rest atop it as he took an admiring look over it like some proud and excited father might their fawn. "How beautiful! And at such an early time of potential too," He settled the seed carefully down like he was handling fine glass and offered another grateful bow of his head. "And all these to grow within the Strand? Empress, they will have the finest place to grow within the Emerald Grove, mark me on this, every Peryton and visitor to the strand will be able to marvel on the gift you've given to the Peryton's homeland today."
  3. Watching the Empress step down from her golden throne, Oisin tried his best to regather himself, poise and grace, Oisin, do your kind proud. Do your family proud.Taking a deep breath he tried to show the regal bearing for Yuè's scrutiny, golden antlers held high and wings held tight to his frame as he put his hooves together....chest maybe a bit puffed out too much to show one of his family's treasures proudly. Maybe they were not as decadent or...extravagant and numerous as the Longma had in her possession, his treasures were a coin in a fountain compared to this treasure trove, but he was proud of his treasures all the same. To be wearing them in the name of the Velvet Strand made him very proud. Shaken out of his thoughts, his large ears swiveled forward to listen intently to his gracious host as he stood there, cheeks puffed a little in curiosity, even with the facade he tried to put on he was still young and curious about the world around him and of course learning of his new 'friends', or at least associates. The declaration of the Empress was especially hard to keep himself from smiling before he bowed his head respectfully in a grateful nod. "Glorious Empress, I would be more than thankful to form a friendship with you for the betterment of yours and my own kingdom." A realization hit him as he stomped a hoof on the floor, "As such, I would like to offer this as a gift of friendship! I've been told it's very polite to bring gifts and there are none better than these jewels of the Strand." One of Yuè's servants that'd been there to show the Peryton royal to the palace stepped in, a woven basket in the grasp of some levitating magic, it wasn't anything so supreme as what was to be expected of gifts for royalty. No silks or satins, no precious metals and certainly no jewels - despite the fact the contents glistened like them. Within the basket sat fruits, many types, apples and strawberries and grapes, all healthy and plump but all looking odd from their usual type. The strawberries glittered and shimmered like fresh cut sparkling rubies refracting every dancing light within the throne room, the grapes looked like glass, clean and clear with the slight iridescent shimmer of pearls despite their rich wine color and the apples were large hearty things, bright pink mottled with soft rose reds and just as fragrant. The sweetness billowed from the basket as tempting as any box of chocolates from some would-be suitor, all from this cheerful buck. "The Velvet Strand, my home of the Emerald Grove especially, are known for their rich fertile lands, so from the heart of my home I offer these to you in friendship...I should hope one day you can come and sample these and more fresh from the land they grew."
  4. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Was thinking of how MLP plays a lot of mythology and tried doing a gorgon/naga/lamia
  5. It seemed to be going well! Oisin couldn't help but wiggle that tufty little tail of his in excitement at the positive response he'd garnered from the Empress, that practice paid off greatly and the King brought his wings to his side as he watched the Longma curiously. Although despite his knowledge of 'courtly love' and all those kind gestures one should show ladies, the counter-compliment and the subtleties of shade had been entirely lost on the completely blunt and slightly naive buck as he blinked his purple-green eyes a moment or two at her comment on his future wife and he couldn't help but look just a touch bashful at that. Ears flopped back and a small nervous smile etching just a bit at the corners of his mouth that made his tiny fangs. Future Queen, oh boy that was a thing and a half wasn't it? One day he would either be betrothed to or meet the doe of his dreams, praise them in courtly love, show them the treasures of his beautiful natural kingdom and just...gah! The thoughts alone made it hard not to do the tiniest little happy flaps of those sparkly wings of his as he chortled happily, completely lost on the hints of the Dragon's Daughter and taking it purely at face value. "But ofcourse!" He exclaimed happily. "To treat every maiden with grace and adoration is the way a true courtly gentlebuck should act! And whoever my future Queen shall be shall know every morning and every night that they are beauty to challenge even the most vibrant field of wild blooms!" Even though he was very proud of himself and excited to put those self learned charms into practice, he'd made it clear that maybe his learning of how exactly to treat ladies may have not been one hundred percent accurate to what acting properly in a social situation might have been. Oh dear. However as the mention of his father came about, Oisin perked up and he took a deep breath to sort himself out, frivolity later Oisin, you learnt this. Be a good King. He nodded towards Yuè a slightly more level headed expression. "My father, Tiarnán has stepped down as King due to...an injury of the antler, it is a grievous situation for our kind so he has retired from the throne, as the Crown Prince it is my duty to take the mantle." There was confidence there, but it was a facade, he was at his core nervous of this place, these people, he was so new to this and so terribly afraid of messing up and making his people suffer because of it. But he never let it make him falter. "But I fear I am in the same boat as you, great Empress, I share very little knowledge of the kingdoms and empires outside of the Velvet Strand so have been advised to visit and increase relations between the Perytons and other creatures of this world. T'is why I come here before you today!"
  6. King Oisin had been the monarch of the Velvet Strand for less than a lunar cycle. He had been rushed through his courtly duties, his mock coronation, his lessons on the surrounding lands and nations beyond the Nimbusgait Lakes. And despite the confidence he strode with, there was always that slight awkward gait of a young buck that was trying to keep too much on his mind level whilst also trying not to get too excited by all the different things he was told he would learn in these 'diplomatic visits to other leaders'. Granted his kingdom was small, minute even, but he was still royalty and it was his duty to extend a dainty cervine hoof in friendship to heads of state. At least that's what his father's advisers had said. So, dressed in the royal treasures, groomed and fluffed and made presentable - he was soon made haste towards one of the notable kingdoms - or in this case, empires. The Peryton was not sure what to make of it at first. Having grown in the Emerald Grove, a bastion of natural beauty, flowers, plants and all that - he was not ready for the bustling streets, the ornamental buildings, rich silks and accoutrements that these ponies and longma were used to, it was more than a far cry from his rustic home and throne room, the pond he and his parents would sit by, but he was told that he'd encounter this and he would just have to silently observe. And try not to wince at the potted plants or fenced in decorative trees that were given barely any room to grow, which was a trial in its own right. But he was also in a new place and his excitement was more than obvious, despite his impressive rack of antlers and the crown upon his head - he was still young, impressionable and more than a little titillated at the idea of meeting new creatures. Not many longma visited the Velvet Strand! At least none he'd met personally or seen, he wondered if this Empress Yuè had been to his home? Maybe he should extend an invitation whilst he was here? Once brought into the dazzling and downright near blinding throne room, with its grand golden treasures and pearlescent marble steps which made Oisin's minor treasures feel miniscule in comparison, he took a deep breath and approached the Dragon Throne with his intended 'future ally' as he had non so chalantly put it with some of the elder advisers and some of the entourage before he left, trying to compose himself internally and externally with some form of composure and regality. Striding smoothly, head aloft and a friendly smile that curled over his little fangs as he tucked his partly glittering wings to his frame as he finally set eyes on the 'Heavenly Daughter of the Dragons'. Goodness she was pretty wasn't she? He hadn't prepared the boiling parts of his brain that were still addled with the awkwardness of adolescence for that scenario of the Empress being a lovely, granted no Peryton doe but by all means and circumstances still lovely. Oh well, at least it made his greeting speech more pleasantly accurate though! Clearing his throat as he stood at the bottom of the stairs he stooped to a graceful bow, his wings outstretched. "O' Radiant treasure of Huangjing, I - King Oisin of the Velvet Strand, son of the Emerald Grove - do hereby offer my most humble of greetings upon my visitations," Maybe a bit too formal, but he did have to prepare himself and stood up as he looked to the Empress. "The stories of your beauty do not do you any favors compared to seeing you in person, o' Empress, I might even say you rival the sparkle of the diamond stars upon the crystal waters of Cirrus Lake back at my home."
  7. Oooo I'll get right on it! And the new King is more than happy to meet the Princess of Friendship!
  8. Ooooo all tasty choices, I'd love to see how Oisin bounces off all of them, especially Princess Cadence and poor Empress Yue. <xD Those all sound fantastic! And it's up to you, I'm not forcing you to - but if you have an idea I'd love to hear it.
  9. Hail to King Oisin - Newly crowned lord of the Emerald Grove on the Velvet Strand, the land of the Perytons! After fussing with a concept and building up some unofficial lore, my newest character - King Oisin is here! And as the new King he needs both allies in and outside of his kin's little realm in the Velvet Strand of all kinds! He could also use the friendship and advice of other leaders to aid him in understanding the best way of ruling his people fairly and how to treat those not of his own kind (Peryton's tend to have a bit of an ego due to their magic and it'd be nice to see him humble up before he got too big for his antlers.) But of all things, I'm curious if people would want to become part of a Royal Herd for the Emerald Grove - part of Oisin's support, royal council and maybe even someone to reign him in. None of them have to specifically be Perytons given the Velvet Strand is inhabited by Ponies who respect the land and I'm curious if it peaks anyone's interests to be part of Oisin's family, entourage or friendgroup. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Royal Herd (where you can read up on history wise under the Emerald Grove above) consists of; The Royal Family including parents or siblings of the current monarch and possibly even the future betrothed of the current monarch. The Royal Council (not all have to be Perytons given the inhabitants of the Velvet Strand) who advise the current monarch of what they should try to achieve during their time as King or Queen, though it's the royal's decision at the end of the day, the Royal Council's advise is always appreciated. The Royal Entourage consisting of varied aristocracy, jesters, royal cultivators and the like. Servants and 'guards' who are more non-violent people who ask creatures to 'move along'. And close friends of the family that may not exactly be Perytons. If people are interested in specific role or can think up something that would fit for one I'd love to see it! What I'm looking for Oisin specifically; I'd love to see Oisin interact or have diplomatic meetings with other lands in and outside of Equestria. I'd want to see how this little green nerd interacts with other creatures, ponies, hippogriffs, changelings, etc. I'd love to see how other creatures react to his compliments and sappy flirting. This boy needs friends to help make sure he doesn't end up in a ditch somewhere or getting too overwhelmed with royal duties. Show him the fun side of life. As unlikely as it might be, seeing him get someone to love him/him to love or even having a betrothed and keeping a reign on his manners would be very cute but not entirely necessary. And uhhh yeah, that's it for now, if I can think of anything else I'll add it later.
  10. Oooooo that sounds GREAT! I'd love to meet them!
  11. OOP! Sorry I completely flubbed mentally and forgot, updated and now it's ready
  12. The Emerald Grove Kingdom of the Perytons Chapter One : The Emerald Grove In the heart of the Velvett Strand Isles, where the Peryton's mere existence causes the land to thrive and bloom - there is a hidden jewel of fertile land and a stand trees so thick with greenery that it's become a popular sight seeing spot for newcomers to the islands during the day when business isn't going about. The Velvet Strand is known for its lush flora and its clean waters and none more so than this viridescent jewel of nature. The grove is a large expanse of soft grass melded with towering trees that cover the sky so well at times that the sun glitters through the leaves like golden stars against a deep green sky, to add some light under the boughs of these trees the herds have created their own form of illumination to aid the growth of the plants and their more sun needing harvests in the form of hanging strands of jewels bathed in sunlight called Dawn Stones - a treasure coveted by the Emerald Grove Peryton's for their warm glow. They are thankfully only used sparingly as the plants thrive well enough with the presence of the winged cervines. Though nothing will ever beat the crystalline beauty of Cirrus Lake, there is a small body of water, barely the size of a large pond situated near the home of the royal family which due to its years of tending and constant proximity to the Peryton's - has become so pure it is said in myth to have rejuvenating, almost healing properties. It is aptly named; Dewdrop Pond for its size and nature kissed existence. It's said in myth that a rare antidote for the most toxic poisons or most virulent diseases can be fashioned when mixed with a single drop of this pond. As with the rest of the Velvet Strand in its effort to keep to its 'untouched beauty', the housing here has kept with the standard set by the Perytons, simple, natural, rustic. Even the home of the royal family with its slightly large home has been fondly named by its residents as 'The Living Palace' due to beautiful wild flowers, rare jewel like fruits and entwining flora that make up the decoration of the royalty's home. Even the throne room looks like it was grown more than built. With this pocket of fertile land, it's said to be possible to grow any kind of fruit, vegetable or flower in the dirt of this grove and the local residents are more than happy to show off the fertility of this land by sometimes sharing homespun meals made of fruit and veggies not even local to the area and some that is whispered - mostly in gossipy and boastful allegations - that the Peryton's have fashioned for themselves from years of cultivating and tending. No doubt, this Peryton paradise is a jewel on top of an already beautiful crown of nature that the Velvet Strand has to offer. Chapter Two: The Royal Herd The Royal Herd of the Velvet Strand (or often simply referred to as the 'royal family') has lived and thrived for generations and lays claim to being descended from the 'first Peryton' as well as laying claim to being the most 'in tune' with the natural magic that flows through all their kind. Made up of the current monarch, their family, their entourage, servants and the like, they make an impressive bulk of the herd. Though they come off as arrogant and snobby, they have ruled their homestead with a deeply mixed past going from time to time. They are some of the few Perytons that have high decoration to them, even if it's usually just a crown or neckpiece with a pair of royal jewels set into each piece known as the Nature's Dream Emeralds. Every royal figure head has handled their kingdom in a different way but most have been altogether peaceful due to the Peryton's idyllic and carefree lifestyle, the royals only have to step in for serious issues pertaining to the welfare of the islands or diplomatic issues. The few most notable Royals of the past are the ones who made the greatest waves in society, for better or worse or for simply vain and boastful legends and myths that the Peryton's can brag about: Branach of the Branching Antlers was infamous for sporting the biggest horns of his ilk, legend has it due to their size he could grow a tree to full size by standing by a sapling. Fáelán the Harvest Lord was an adventurous King who ventured past the Cirrus Lake and to different parts of Equestria and brought back seeds for their family to grow and increase the variety of food their people could eat and enjoy. Galochobar the Friendly was a great and joyous stag who welcomed the first ponies who ventured onto the Velvet Strand with an open heart, taught them the ways of their kind and was surprisingly not condescending. Boadicea of Nature's Will was a Queen of the Perytons who rallied her herd together when a group of zealously industrial ponies wished to renovate the isles with modern homes and warded them off with help of some allies in the form of ponies who also wished to preserve the nature of the Velvet Strand. There are however, none more famous or infamous than Oberon, Champion of the Grove and his father Drust the Blighted One; The story goes that Drust was as boastful and vain as any of his kind who sported a pair of vestigial fangs that were a rare thing among Perytons of old, well aware of his powers and all to ready to share his weighty pride with those that would listen. However as he grew larger, so did his ego, to the point it became pride in his race to a frightening level. Ponies who visited were not permitted to speak in his presence unless spoken to and were condescended to as if they were nothing but fawns. This continued on until Drust had the worrying idea of making their small kingdom the 'greater power' in Equestria and mused about possibly overthrowing the all powerful Princess Celestia. His modest and level headed son; Oberon, who valued the friendly ties they had with the ponies begged his father to reconsider such a hasty idea - the Peryton kingdom was small and likely to be overwhelmed if they even dared to think of taking on the grand empire of the ponies. But Drust would not be swayed, somehow the mad king had found a way to corrupt the magic that could flow through his horns - instead of amplifying the life giving and healing natural energies, he would drain it from the flora and fauna around him. The Emerald Grove and the Royal Herd began to suffer from the effects of their king's power and it would not be long till he tried to inflict the same damage to the rest of Equestria. Seeing no alternative, Oberon challenged his father to a duel, putting his own antlers at risk to stop his father from destroying their beautiful home and bring ruin to the kingdom. From stories told, the battle was said to last hours that melted into days until finally with a mighty swing of his head, Oberon snapped his father's antlers clear from his head - halting the damaging magic. Drust was exiled from the Velvet Strand isles, never to be seen again and Oberon took his place as the new king of the Perytons where his lineage has thrived to the current monarch of this very day. ((Might add more later))
  13. Ty Steel I'll get right on it!
  14. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Oisin (ush-EEN)Sex: MaleAge: Young BuckSpecies: PerytonEye Colour: Oisin's eyes start a deep, almost dream likeCoat: Oisin's coat is many different shades of emerald green, but his legs and wings end in a slight shade of dreamy lavender purple.Mane/Tail: Being a Peryton, Oisin has no real mane, but he harbors the usual tuft tail of his cervine like kind.Physique: Slender and almost balletic in appearance, Oisin bears a typical dear like physique.Residence: The Emerald Grove, Velvet Strand IslesOccupation: King of the Peryton Kingdom in Velvet StrandCutie Mark: N/A - Peryton's don't need cutie marks to show off their fantastic skills.Unique Traits: Like the odd few of his kind, Prince Oisin bares tiny vestigial fangs that hold no real power or effect other than maybe being threatening and possibly delivering an inconvenient nibble here and there. It is however doubtful as he is still a full vegetarian. Despite being relatively young and fresh to his princely title, Oisin holds aloft a rather impressive rack of antlers that have either bloomed or been decoratively dye'd a luminous golden colour, the same as his hooves. Oisin has wings just like any Peryton and just as useless as any Peryton's wings should be, however because of his magical affinity the purple tips of his wings seem to sparkle ever so faintly. Whether this is genuinely because of his affinity for magic or simply just showing it off for any onlookers, remains to be seen. History: Oisin was born in the heart of the Velvet Strand Isles - the Emerald Grove, where he and family have lived for generation within the small Peryton Kingdom. Like most of his line, he was greeted lovingly into the world and immediately brought up with ideals of 'Royal Peryton Perfection' and the attitudes he should have to his 'lesser' creatures - even those of his own kind. However he was also taught the importance of nature, of the herd and most of all modesty, leading to a slight clash in teachings to say the least as he developed from a fawn to sprouting his first nubs that would soon become his antlers. His father - King Tiarnán, raised his son to be comfortable with the visitors to the Velvet Strand such as the pony tourists and those that come for the peace and tranquility, it's at one of these visits the young fawn 'met' Princess Celestia on a diplomatic visit, however being so young he had little to offer in diplomatic conversation or regal baring than the odd bow and offering a flower to the tall pretty alicorn. He was raised on books of history, but his love was in fantasy. Tales of swashbuckling pirates, dastardly villains and courtly love. Being lost in books of epic romances of princes saving princesses for hours on end and re-enacting them with all the little does of his father's court with great energetic enthusiasm. When his vestigial fangs started growing out - despite their diminutive size - there were worried whispers that the young prince may end up like his maddened great great grandfather; Drust of the Blight. Learning of the history worried the young prince greatly and the rumors and teasing from his fellow fawns, royalty or not, was still a burden on his tiny mind to the point that it kept him near constantly distracted from his lessons of cultivation. It was only when his mother noticed her son's tired eyes and droopy ears and after a long talk with her and his father, the child's worries were pushed aside and he was soon on his way to the path of his royal teachings. With the passing years, his antlers grew, as did his passive magic. He became much more competent in his baring from the awkward and worried child he was and now had a healthy dose of boastful pride mixed with modesty, however it wasn't long till his father had stepped down from the throne of the Emerald Grove due to irrevocable injury done to his horns and Oisin's coronation took place on a bright spring morning, reigning him as the new if young King. Years before he rightfully should have been the age to become King. Now freshly crowned, the young King of the Perytons now has to face the world of royalty and keep the peace and tranquility of the Velvet Strand as those before him did for generations. Character Personality: Oisin is a bit of an unintentionally spoiled brat at his worse and a socially inept doofus at most, despite his regal baring - social cues and knowing what's best to say in what situation has never been his charm, even when trying to be kind. A compliment will be unintentionally added with 'for a Pony' or 'but not as good as a Peryton' and he'll think nothing of it. But despite such, there is no real vitriol or cruelty in his words, he's just a bit dense when it comes to socializing outside of his own species. Or with the ladies. Being a young buck, Oisin is unfortunately a bit of a doe-eye'd brag when it comes to the ladies, often falling head over heels at first sight for a pretty face and making wild claims of innocent adoration and often quoting old romantic epics he's read thinking the overly sappy saccharine love novels have anything remotely appealing to them. But when he isn't badly handling a compliment for dignitaries or flirting with some poor doe or mare, Oisin is surprisingly competent. He is nature loving, friendly and caring to those in or visiting his household and especially when visiting foreign lands despite any social frollups. Keeping himself poised, regal in times of stress to act as a beacon of tranquility during any trouble - some might see this as ignorant but it's simply to offer a peaceful bastion for any of his panicking people to latch onto. Character Summary: This royal Peryton may come off as a boastful flirt with nothing between the ears but at the end of the day, he's a young buck put into a position given to him too early and doing his best to be a friendly and approachable monarch that will make his people and family proud.
  15. MudBug

    Peryton Prince

    Musk Deer and the old images of Perytons viewed with fangs!
  16. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Anybody remember these things? I do....I really like this design. < <;
  17. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    I love sharks, so big scary shark monarch was a must to do.
  18. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    A Hippocampus like the ones I used to see a lot of around Canterlot.com <3
  19. From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Local Changeling enjoys the smell of roses.
  20. Ooooo excellent idea! Could have things made from Blueberries too!
  21. Ooooo I think that'd be really interesting. Also just interacting with ponies, learning their culture, maybe how she responds to viewing different types of love for the first time. The queen! Oh man it'd be interesting to see how a changeling from her old hive would respond to her and visa versa.
  22. Changeling y'say? Changeling I DO say! I want to find some RP/interaction and possibly some friends for this Changeling by the name of Ambrosia (you can read up on her here!) I'm open to all sorts of things for her! Travelling to different places to see the rest of the world of Equestria and the kingdoms beyond Interacting with Changelings within or outside of the Hive. Always need more Changeling interactions! Getting into trouble or possibly facing some prejudice from ponies/creatures that still fear the Changelings. Or taken advantage of due to the lack of knowledge on some creatures cultures. Making friends and maybe even meeting/bonding with someone who could become their special somepony/creature and seeing how she responds to romantic love when she used to drain it so often in the past. And anything else! I'm curious if people have ideas of what they might like to play out.
  23. Roleplay Type: WoEName: AmbrosiaSex: FemaleAge: AdultSpecies: ChangelingEye colour: BlueCoat: Like her Changeling brothers and sisters, she has no fur - she instead has a pink and blue exoskeletonMane/Tail: Ambrosia has a 'mane' and tail of translucent spring green membranous chitin. Her wings are the same color.Physique: Ambrosia's physique is the same as other Changelings, barring her legs being slightly longer by a few inches or so. She shares traits with the more 'ladybird' like Changelings in the terms of her beetle like wing covering carapaces.Residence: The Changeling Hive.Occupation: Food Tender/Gatherer (Previously Love Harvester)Cutie Mark: N/AUnique Traits: Ambrosia's unique traits come in the form of an elongated neck and cranial chitin membrane and slightly more extravagant wings, she has a usual forewing and a teardrop shaped hindwing making it almost oddly butterfly shaped - maybe as a hint to her prowess with transformation. She also has a teardrop shaped gem in her chest like some of the Changelings of the hive. History: Ambrosia was hatched from the Nursery Hive around the same time as the brood that assaulted Canterlot during the Royal Wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, making her a relatively young adult by the time that happened - but before that, she was a run of the mill drone like the rest of her ilk. Some made to protect the hive, others made to capture those that trespassed, like the majority however she was made to 'gather food' for the Hive. And she did so unquestioningly, like the rest of the hive. She had a good niche for feeding off the love of others, be it the rogue wildlife, boastful griffons or the easiest of prey; Ponies. Ponies were so willing to give love and yet seemed always hungry to be reciprocated for it in turn, it was practically a banquet to stroll into a little farming village, find some lonely sap and let them whisper sweet nothings for hours and hours, lavishing their love upon her until she'd be so metaphorically fat with love she'd drag herself back to the Hive and her Queen with her spoils of the romantic battlefield. And that's the way it was, day in, day out, over and over feeding the Queen who fed it to the Hive...although not as much as the Queen fed, but she was the Queen! And she knew what was best. Right? Like the majority of the great swarm of her chitinous kin, she was right there in the thick of it when it came to the assault upon Canterlot, aiding in capturing and cocooning citizens that would eventually become delicious vats of love for the Hive to feed off of later, or whatever the Queen had planned for them all. What she didn't see coming was the failure or being launched back out into the wastelands with the rest of the swarm, all sent back to their Hive so they could lick their wounds. With what little time they had anyway. It seemed soon after that she and the rest of the Changelings were worked harder, gathering love, gathering information on 'important targets' to transform. Tempers flared but they kept working under the will of their Queen. Ambrosia included. It didn't matter if she grew tired, or her exoskeleton ached, or her wings felt dry and flakey from a particularly rough draining from her Majesty. The welfare of the Hive came first and the Queen always knew what was best. ...Right...? With the Queen more focused on this 'big goal' of total domination of Equestria, everything had to be prepared, finally Ambrosia and the rest of her kin were fed adequate enough love to be strong enough for a final plan that was set in motion so fast that hardly anyone had seen in coming. Notable figures were replaced, cocooned and brought back to the hive, the love they would get from feeding off of them would be immense. But something changed that Ambrosia and the rest of the drones hadn't seen coming. A different way. When Thorax returned with a rescue band - a rather pitiful one at that - it was easily quelled, till the apparent 'leader' spoke of how the traitorous Changeling had been surviving. Sharing love? Reciprocating instead of having it forced from you? Preposterous...but it made sense, no Changeling survived without feeding off of some kind of love and Thorax hadn't only survived, he thrived. It seemed almost too good to be true...but their Queen would have none of it and wished to only make the erstwhile Hive member an example to any who would consider such a treasonous act. But still...it perplexed Ambrosia, could it have been so simple? And had their own Queen known of this and not told them? Had they been forced into a life of near starvation for their Queen's sake when there had been another way all this time? Nobody had any time to discuss or think when the Queen's attempt to drain Thorax literally blew up in her face with the first transformation into their new selves. Followed by another and another and another till the majority of the Hive had turned into the much healthier and self sufficient new selves. After their Queen fled with the semi-destruction of the Hive and the captured ponies being freed, some Changelings took longer to open up to the idea of Thorax and their new way of life - some saw it as a weak and vulnerable lifestyle, where some like Ambrosia were just shaken by the fact that they had been worked to their non-existent bones when there'd been an easier way this whole time. However on one faithful day, she eventually turned around. Without needing to feed on love, food became something of a necessity - their bodies had changed and so had their needs, eventually the Changeling found herself looking for different things for her kin to eat. Mushrooms, flowers, nectar, worms and beetle larvae and even found a place in the new Hive to grow a fungus in the darker and damper places. She was no longer rushed, no longer forced, she could help at her own pace and feel pride in seeing her kin fed and happy and soon she felt comfortable enough to accept love and share it in return, opening the door to her transformation. Nowadays she does as all Changelings do nowadays, enjoy their day to day life, work on bettering the Hive and finding what makes them unique and special now that they've been given the opportunity to be so with this new path of life. Character Personality: Ambrosia used to be like every other Drone, hostile, temperamental and duplicitous - with other species (when she wasn't trying to harvest love) and with her own kind, when she and her ilk were given the chance to be something other than mindless irritable Drones, she was left in a bit of a slump at what to do or make of herself till she found her feet as a gatherer and food minder. Eventually she opened herself up and became a kinder and almost motherly creature to some of the hatchlings and younger Changelings in the Hive, showing them the best mushrooms to eat, the best way to sip nectar from flowers, etc. At times because of her motherly nature, she tends to get a bit protective of her Hive family, the slightest ailment making her pull out the honey remedies, the slightest scared hatchling causing a very irritable pink bear to form out of nowhere - it all comes from a good place, even if she doesn't know how to process these new feelings exactly. In the end she always eventually soothes herself when she realizes it was just a minor incident. Character Summary: Ambrosia is a gentle curious creature one moment and a stern protective mother figure the next, the epitome of the 'mom friend' vibe that some creatures and ponies give off. But in the end she is happy and content in the new life offered to her. Just don't look hungry around her or you might get a bowl of honey fried marsh worms pushed your way with great insistence.
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