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  1. Kay Dreamer looked for all the world like somepony had told her that Hearths Warming Eve had come early. "You make it from scratch? Truly?! That sounds amazing! Do you have chocolate? Or… or, um… bubbly-gums! You know, that rainbow flavour. Could you please make that?" She fished some bits from her saddlebag, checking them to make sure she wasn't trying to pay with random antique coins again (for the third time that week) before levitating them excitedly onto the counter. "Oh," she added, almost as an afterthought. "Would you mind terribly if I sit in the corner and paint? It's so much nicer in here than it is outside. Also, you have very…" Kay looked around, as if noticing the chaos around her for the first time. A tall bird person the like of which she'd never seen, a mysterious mare in a cloak and a few other interesting looking ponies, and all of them crowded into an unassuming ice cream parlour. "Very… unique patrons." @IceStorm
  2. Thank you! I was really pleased with how this one turned out.
  3. Thank you! I wanted to give her an early autumn kind of colour scheme - yellows, browns and a few olive greens. Yellow is my favourite colour, while the rest are just based on my own hair and eye colour. Getting them to work together was the tricky bit but as soon as I hit on the autumn idea, I knew I had it!
  4. The morning was a warm one in Canterlot, something Kay Dreamer figured out early as the sun rose and began to heat up the crystal oak panelling of her caravan. Given the Crystal Empire's location in the middle of the Frozen Wastes, she was much more comfortable with cooler weather. The Crystal Heart certainly kept the Empire warmer than the Wastes, but it was a very gentle, clear kind of warm. Crisp, if warm could be crisp. Nothing like an Equestrian summer. Evacuating her caravan, Kay threw together some painting supplies and set out to find somewhere to work which wasn't going to become a sweltering sauna in a few hours. Canterlot had become a confusing maze of a place. Well, it was always a confusing maze of a place, but now it was ten times as large and so ten times more confusing and maze-y. Kay was trying to keep a mental tally of where she had walked, but the paths were all curvy and Canterlot was covered in more stairs than there were in the whole of the rest of the world, as far as she could tell. She quickly became lost - just a small Crystal Unicorn wandering from street to street looking more disoriented as the morning continued to heat up. Eventually, a tired and confused Kay Dreamer wandered past a store which puffed out a refreshing gust of cool air as she walked by. Veering around to peer through the door, her face lit up even sparkly-er than it usually was. "Ice cream!" she squealed, paying no heed to the assortment of ponies already inside. She trotted up to the counter to look at all the amazing flavours, babbling excitedly to the rest of the shop as she did so. "You know, this stuff didn't exist a thousand years ago!? It's my absolute favourite thing about the future! I mean, the now. I mean... you know what I mean. Right?"
  5. Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with the result.
  6. They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:

    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

    At the going down of the sun, and in the morning

    We will remember them.


    For the Fallen: Laurence Binyon (1914)

  7. Kay Dreamer awoke as soon as the sun rose, sparkling through the bright crystal panes of the window on her little caravan. She'd left it to the side of the apple orchard, hoping the morning breeze would carry the scent of fresh apples through the crisp, dewy air. It did not disappoint. Breathing deeply, and with a contented sigh, she gathered up her sketches from yesterday, placing them into a saddlebag along with a set of field paints and a small jar of water. She hadn't had a chance to speak with the great wolf creature from the day before, as he had seemed much too busy on the treadmill - and to be fair, she was much more interested in drawing him, anyway - but she hoped she'd have a chance to learn more about the many other creatures who had come to sample a mug of Equestria's best cider. Kay was delighted to see that she was one of the first ponies in line this time, deciding that she'd take this opportunity to try some cider herself before settling down to paint and sketch some of the more interesting looking ponies and creatures as the day wore on. 'Just keep your cider away from your paint water, Kay,' she thought to herself with a smile. She'd lost count of the times she'd swigged a glass of paint water, or dipped her brushes into her tea or her wine. It wouldn't do to waste good cider like that! Kay trotted to the up to the counter just as an orange mare called out that it was ready to pour. Fishing a few bits out of her saddlebag, she clinked them onto the counter. One of them was stained with black ink, while another was suspiciously antique looking, but bits were bits, right? "Hello," she said cheerfully. "One cider, please!"
  8. Kay Dreamer had arrived a little late to try the famous Sweet Apple Acres cider, if the empty barrels and the dwindling line of disappointed faces were anything to go by. But that was okay. The cider wasn't the only reason she'd come. The gleaming crystal mare trotted past a very strange assortment of creatures on her way to the front, trying not to stare too obviously as she did so. The tales she had heard weren't exaggerating - it seemed Ponyville really was the most diverse location in the whole of Equestria. There were many disorienting things about jumping a thousand-or-so years forward in time, and this was certainly one of them. Kay had seen paintings of some of these creatures but she never imagined meeting them in the flesh - let alone so many all at once. It was a little overwhelming. 'I suppose if anypony- any- anycreature? If anycreature is upset by my staring, I can just ask to draw them and maybe they won't be offended,' she reasoned to herself. And there were some remarkable looking creatures here. The griffons, with their fierce shapes and sharp eyes, one of the bat-winged ponies she'd only ever seen with Princess Luna's royal guard… but as she looked around, one creature in particular caught her eye and she immediately stopped dead in her tracks, her staring not even remotely concealed now. There was a huge wolf running on a contraption of some kind. A huge wolf with horns. A huge wolf with horns and green fire on his head. A huge wolf with horns and green fire on his head and a tail made out of swirling clouds. Kay was watching him run, open mouthed. Never in her life had she seen anything remotely like him, not in a painting, not in a book, not anywhere. All discretion gone now, she cantered over and skidded to a halt just off to the side where the light best caught the edges of the flowing clouds drifting from his body, took a thick-papered book and a pencil from her saddlebag and started to sketch.
  9. Thanks! Will do. I look forward to jumping into things. One of us!
  10. Name: Kay Dreamer Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Crystal Unicorn Eye colour: Olive Green Coat: A twinkling yellow gold. Mane/Tail: Kay Dreamer has a dark brown mane, cropped unusually short for a Crystal Pony. She’ll often decorate it with accessories she picks up on her travels. Physique: Kay Dreamer is a fairly small mare, shorter than the average. Residence: Kay Dreamer would say that the Crystal Empire is her true home, though she wanders more often than not. Occupation: Royal Artist of the Crystal Court Cutie Mark: An old wooden paintbrush painting winding paths of leaves, representing her talent at art and her wanderlust. Unique Traits: The pictures Kay Dreamer paints are deeply infused with emotion, an innate expression of magic made possible by her nature as a Crystal Pony. People who view her paintings experience the emotions evoked by the piece as though they were their own, be it joy or loneliness, melancholy or love. She can also cast a simple illusion over her finished work to give the appearance of slight movement, such as twinkling stars, falling rain or a flickering campfire. Other than the illusion spell she sometimes casts on her paintings, Kay Dreamer is not a particularly gifted mage. She focused on learning spells which would help with her art. She can create a bright glow from her horn for working at night, purify her jar of paint water so it can be reused, and erase small mistakes as she paints. (This last one takes a lot of energy, being a sort of temporal magic, so she tries not to overuse it.) Kay Dreamer travels with a caravan made of crystal oak, a sparkling, hard-wearing and lightweight wood. The interior of this caravan has space to store her paints and canvases, a small desk for painting at night and pile of blankets and cushions for her to sleep. History A pony from the Crystal Empire, Kay Dreamer was a wandering painter in the employ of the Royal Crystal Court. Her position involved travelling across Equestria, far from the borders of the Crystal Empire. She would wander far-flung vistas, spreading the artistic style of the Empire abroad and learning of new and beautiful styles to inspire her work back home. On her journeys she would paint and sketch the wondrous places she found and the ponies she met, bringing a glimpse of the wide world back to the isolated Empire; and in turn, allowing a glimpse of the Crystal Empire to those ponies she met. When King Sombra rose to power, he quickly began consolidating his rule by disposing of those ponies associated with the Royalty or the Crystal Court. Fearing for her life and desperate to fetch help, Kay Dreamer fled the Crystal Empire, racing to bring news of the coup to the Princesses of Equestria. When Sombra was first defeated by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Sombra’s curse threw all Crystal Ponies - including those outside the boundary of the Empire - out of time. For over 1000 years, Kay Dreamer, along with every other Crystal Pony, simply wasn’t in the world. Time trickled on and over 1000 years later, when the Crystal Empire reappeared, so did Kay Dreamer. At first, much like the other Crystal Ponies, she had few memories and her dazzling coat was dull and faded. Dazed and confused, she wandered toward a small Equestrian town with her caravan still hitched upon her back. The ponies of the town took pity on the lost looking mare, providing her with food and ensuring she didn't wander back into the wilderness. As the days passed, the town grew curious about strange pony. Kay Dreamer was distant, barely eating and seeming to have no will of her own. Eventually, in an effort to break her from her apathy, they asked her to paint a mural with the paints she carried in her caravan. Though initially impassive, as Kay Dreamer painted, her eyes began to sparkle and her coat began to shine. Her memories were still clouded from her, but her spirit was returning. To the north, Twilight Sparkle and her friends were racing against time to defeat the mad tyrant Sombra, finally succeeding in vanquishing him from the Crystal Empire. Once the Crystal Heart was restored, Kay Dreamer’s memories, along with those of every other Crystal Pony, came flooding back. Her coat took on its customary radiance - and it was apparent to all that she was a long-lost Crystal Pony. Kay Dreamer has not yet returned to the Crystal Empire. She is frightened to face the scope of what Sombra did. She lost dear friends and family to his coup and she feels ashamed for fleeing while so many she loved perished. She did summon the courage to write a letter to the Crystal Court, addressed to anyone left who might remember her name. The reply came unsigned, but assured her she was welcome to return whenever she felt ready, and thanked her for her role in bringing the Crystal Empire's plight to the Princesses of Equestria. It also made a point of emphasising that the Crystal Empire had been gone for over 1000 years. Perhaps, if Kay Dreamer was not yet ready to return, she might like to continue wandering Equestria in service to the Crystal Court, sharing the long-lost artistic traditions of the Crystal Empire with the ponies of Equestria. Kay Dreamer decided it was good advice. In the present day, Kay Dreamer continues to wander Equestria, painting all the new and wonderful things there are to see and sharing stories of the Crystal Empire with any pony interested in listening. She has over 1000 years of history to catch up on, but travelling, learning about the events which shaped the world in her absence, and spreading the art of the Crystal Empire throughout Equestria once more helps to keep her spirits high. Character Personality Kay Dreamer is generally optimistic, kind, humorous and charismatic. She's very curious and has a creative imagination. She enjoys telling stories and sharing her art with other ponies. Kay is enraptured by modern Equestrian technology and will marvel at things like hot air balloons, trains, even things as simple as a light switch. Kay Dreamer is usually quite diplomatic, though she is not afraid to stand up for her ideals. While she enjoys socialising, Kay Dreamer is equally happy on her own. A calm night tucked up in her caravan - just herself, some tea (or fine wine) and her paint brushes - is her personal heaven. Character Summary Kay Dreamer is a small, curious Crystal Pony who wanders Equestria as a Royal Artist of the Crystal Court, painting the places she visits and the ponies she meets in the artistic traditions of the Crystal Empire.
  11. Cheers! It's been quite a while since I've drawn a pony. (I really miss it, they have such lovely, simple shapes.) I look forward to her meeting Reckless!
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