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  1. Allegro had not been intending to actually get on the boat; While a lot of that had to do with his own natural shyness, his concerns that he didn't exactly how long his appearance would remain that of an ordinary earth pony haunted the back of his mind like a grim, grinning ghost just waiting for the moment to strike. However, before he could murmur out his actual intentions in his shy and timid manner, things were sped up for him when a pony who could have only been the captain of the boat (the very pony he had come here to double check for the existence of) had made it clear that it was time to cast off. Common sense and his reasonable fears should have been enough to convince him to stay off the boat and let those already on board go about their merry business and have fun... but he didn't walk away. Instead, he found himself walking up the gang plank and coming aboard to join what was apparently an actual party rather then just a gathering like he himself had used the word moments before. Maybe it was just all the years of not having anyone to talk to or spend time with outside of his parents finally catching up with him and demanding he take this chance... maybe it was the fact that a very pretty mare by the name of Sunny was not only talking to him, but from the moment she had laid eyes on him had been so overwhelmingly happy to see him and for him to be there that she asked him to come and join her and her friends on the spot without a second thought. He didn't fully know himself but... as timid as he might have been, he was on the boat. "It...It's Allegro." He answered back softly, looking at Sunny as he gulped. "Th-Thank you for inviting me. I just wanted to check up on you guys because your paperwork down at the Harbor Master didn't have a captain listed for your day trip. I mean, since it was just planned as a simple day trip around the bay that's not a bad thing, ponies have to learn how to do things first hoof after all... I just... wanted to make sure you guys knew that with the Lighthouse not working, it can be dangerous to sail around the bay at night if you were new to it but... clearly you're not actually sailing and..." He trailed off, getting softer and softer as he finally brought his rambling to a stop. Anyone with even in slightest bit of social intelligence would have recognized this stallion as being so far out of his depth that they could have looked around for the wreckage of whatever vessel he had been sailing out here on.
  2. Normally, finding out what route a ship or a boat was planning to take out of Maretime Bay required waiting until nightfall and a minor degree of stealth; Despite the general paranoia that seemed to be a cornerstone of Maretime's very culture, when it actually came to matters of practical security docking authority had always proved somewhat... lax when left to its own devices in terms of making sure all the windows and doors were locked when everyone went home or that the locks in question actually worked in the first place. While it had been a number of years since he had last seen his father, distant memories of dinner time conversations with his parents suggested that heads would have been butted with until they started doing their jobs to his standards. Alas, without the constant threat of being called out for lax standards the dock authority had fallen back into pre-North Star complacency. For Allegro, this complacency proved rather beneficial. While he could spend all night patrolling the Bay in order to keep an eye out for incoming ships he did actually enjoy sleeping every now and then... and even if he did forgo sleep, the Bay itself was a rather large area to patrol and the chance to miss something was always there. So logically, slipping into the offices of the dock authority in order to have a look at travel plans, plotted courses and time tables that were generally required to be submitted so that if the worst should happen, somepony on land would know something had happened and had a general idea of where to start looking to find out what exactly that something was tended to make Allegro's self appointed task a lot easier. However, for the first time in his life he wasn't sneaking into the building in the dead of night to have a snoop around. He had walked through the front doors, rather shyly and nervously said hello to a few ponies and had asked nicely if there were any ships heading out or planning to come back into harbor today, secretly frightened that the shimmering light that allowed him to interact with random strangers in relative safety would wink out and the lie it projected into the world vanish at the worst possible time. The worst hadn't happened through; Far from it. The pony at the desk proved friendly and more then happy to share the timetable for the day, as empty as it was. Only one ship was heading out and it was scheduled as nothing more then a day trip around the Bay. Allegro would have left the matter there but... when he had looked at the documentation he had failed to see a ship captain be registered for the trip. While it was properly nothing, he had left the office and traveled along the docks until he had at last found the dock number that he was looking for... alongside a ship in which several ponies, at least one of them with wings of all things while another had a horn, gathering. The sight of non-earth ponies was honestly shocking to Allegro. For a moment he didn't know how to process their presence since everything he had heard or seen of the earth ponies of Maretime Bay had suggested that they would actively try and drive out anything that was different from themselves (...or at least run away screaming at the sight of it). Rather then standing there like a fish out of water and drawing rather attention to himself, he took a deep breath and crossed the distance needed to get into talking range of the ship and its passengers. "E-Excuse me, is this the..." He paused for a moment as he recalled the name of that the boat had been rented under "'S-Sunny Starscout' party?"
  3. Roleplay Type: MLP: A New Generation Name: Accidental Allegro Gender: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Siren-Earth Pony Hybrid Eye colour: Yellow and Reptilian Coat: Navy blue fur that is intermixed with patches of what is quite clearly black scales. Mane/Tail: Both mane and tail are poorly kept and long dried out by the salt of the oceans air and waters, but it was originally a soft white color. Physique: In the eyes of the average earth pony, Accidental Allegro looks like a freak of nature at best and a monster at worst. To sirens... he doesn't actually know, but he doubts it would be positive. His height would be imposing if it wasn't for how lanky and skinny he is, but that isn't what frightens others. The fur on his body is patchy, almost randomly giving way to sections of smooth, fish like scale while his dragon like eyes almost seem to glow with a predatory yellow. He almost always looks poorly kept and smells strongly of the sea, apart from his breath that has a somewhat rotten scent to it. Around his neck is a beautiful teal gem of some kind. Residence: Homeless/ A sea cave at the far side of one of Maretime Bay's beaches, away from where visitors tread. Occupation: Unemployed drifter/Singer. Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: Always seems to be wet... or at least damp. Regardless of how much time he spends away from water. His front teeth are sharp canines, but his back ones are flat. Recently (IE, with the return of magic), Allegro has discovered some of his inherited siren magic (even if he doesn't know what to call it or where it is from). At this early stage, all he knows he can do with it is create an illusion around himself that alters the way that the outside world sees him; While to his own naked eye he is himself with a shimmer around him, to outside sources he looks like a pony version of himself minus the siren features. History: Accidental's birth was a story of young, passionate love found between two unlikely beings during a time of racial discrimination and tribalistic fear. Captain North Star was an earth pony from Maretime Bay who was instrumental to the earth pony navy due solely to the fact that he had a boat and enjoyed leaving land behind to sail on it since pony kind in general did not have much of a naval tradition. Da Capo Cadenza was a siren who found what examples of land dweller music she was able to hear to be interesting and inspirational to her own songs. They met when Da Capo had pulled up alongside North Star's ship to listen to the music he was playing on a CD player and he caught her doing it. While the normal earth pony reaction to something that wasn't an earth pony would be to scream and run away, being on a ship out at sea kind of limited that option... at any rate, North Star had been out at sea for about two weeks by himself at this point and... well, he was a young stallion who didn't have much of a social life back on shore anyway. While they started off timid and shy, soon enough sailor and siren would be pulled into a whirlpool of romance in a relationship that lasted years. In a mixture of siren traditions and somewhat vague earth pony naval laws, the two of them would (in their own eyes at least) view themselves as husband and wife, even if they did not share that fact with their wider communities. While some might believe from his namesake that Accidental was a surprise, the truth is he was but not for the reasons ponies might think; Da Capo and North Star hadn't believed the two of them could have a child together due to their different species, but much to their shock and joy it happened. However, much like most blessings of the sea Accidental's birth had a salty aftertaste. His openly siren features ensured that he couldn't pass for an earth pony, which due to the paranoid nature of Maretime Bay in regards to non-earth ponies meant that he would not be welcomed by his land dwelling kin. His earth pony heritage also conflicted with his siren nature in that while he was a much stronger and more graceful swimmer then likely any earth pony before him, he could never truly live in the sea among the other sirens. He was a product of two different worlds coming together... and neither world would or could accept him. His parents loved him anyway. North Star built a home somewhat further out from Maretime Bay so that he could house and host his family on land in privacy near the sea, while Da Capo ceased traveling the ocean currents for adventure in order to be a dutiful wife and mother. Allegro might not have had any friends his own age growing up, but he grew up in a loving household all the same. In Allegro's teenage years, Captain North Star sailed out to sea on a patrol and never came back. At first his absence wasn't a cause for concern, since Da Capo could go out to check the wind and tides to discover that they were simply in such a mood that her husband being delayed on the way back home was fully to be expected, but as the tides and winds changed and the time for a delayed return came and went did she start to worry and actively start searching for her husband. At first her absences in her search were short, but as she continued to get no results (and at Allegro's own insistence that he could look after himself) she started going out longer and longer. Almost two years after North Star went missing and during one of De Capo's absences to find him, a party of ponies from Maretime Bay came to the North Star household just after sunset in order to pack up his things and check out his house in order to see what it's resale value might be, since North Star had been missing long enough for him to be declared dead. The arrival caught Allegro by surprise and things got... messy. According to the official story told by the earth ponies who investigated North Star's old house, they arrived to discover that some sort of sea monster had moved into the abandoned building. After a brief but truly epic battle to defend themselves from ambush, the heroic ponies had managed to perform a fighting withdrawal out of the house before sealing the door behind them and setting the building on fire in order force the unnatural beast to flee and never return due to denying it the shelter of the abandoned building. According to Allegro, the ponies in question entered his home, got one look at him and then started running around in a blind panic screaming in a manner similar to a school of small fish after a rock is dropped into the middle of their formation (the fish were naturally more quiet in their panic). He was never quite sure if the fire started because somepony knocked something over as they made a mess of the house or if one of them had intentionally started it in their panic, but either way he was forced to abandon where he had grown up and fled into the night in order to avoid further trouble. Da Capo returned to find her land home burned to the ground and her child living/hiding in a cave they often went camping in along the coast nearby. Naturally she was furious, but Allegro managed to prevent her from doing something foolish since he was alright and the building had never been as important as having his mother or father there with him. While she would stay with her son for a time, her need to find out what happened to her husband caused Da Capo to return to the sea in due course. It has been some time since he had last seen her, but Allegro has tried to make their cave as homely as possible for her return as he can. A distant witness to the Maretime Bay lighthouse being destroyed and the strange light-show that followed, Allegro has absolutely no idea what either of those events meant, but the former filled him with anxiety and dread; The Lighthouse itself had always been a comforting sight for him since not only was it beautiful at night, but it helped bring his father safely home. While the lighthouse was being rebuilt, Allegro has taken on the task of swimming out at night in order to watch out for boats coming in and luring them away from the dangerous rocks and towards safer waters by singing. When ponies from Maretime Bay returned to the North Star household during the day after the fire to look through the debris, the great mystery of North Star started to spread throughout the city. The layout of the house and the items that survived the fire suggested that it had been a household of at least three ponies, one of whom was a child who had grown to their teenage years in that house. Considering that North Star had never mentioned having a family to anypony, nor did anyone know of him showing interest in any stallion or mare in Maretime Bay or notice any new mare or child appear either before or after North Star's disappearance, the discovery that the missing naval captain had a secret mystery family was hot gossip. Alongside the fate of said family. While there is a case to be made that they were devoured by the sea monster that had been squatting there, but the lack of bodily remains and the fact that the party who discovered the monster admitted that the house seemed in good, orderly condition when they arrived suggested that the creature had only recently moved in; None of this completely invalidated the theory due to the possibility that they had been attacked and killed somewhere besides the living room but despite a search no remains have been found and thus the theory cannot be proved or denied fully. Another popular theory that gained a great deal of support from what evidence was presented was that North Star had taken up with a unicorn or pegasus and that their child had taken after their mother. Once North Star had disappeared, his family had simply left sometime before he was declared dead in order to go and join their own kind since North Star wasn't going to return. There are variations of this theory that range from 'Tale of forbidden love' to 'Unicorn spy compromising the earth pony navy for their own ends', but nopony really knows for sure what the truth is. A very recent discovery, but as Allegro was practicing his singing to himself in practice while finalizing in the sand of his cave home his plans to raid the Maretime Bay library for books to be launched the next time the moon was bright enough in the night sky that his services to protect ships from the rocks was not required (He couldn't get a library card and they could always get more books), when he noticed a...strange shimmering around himself. While looking at himself didn't seem to revel any changes apart from the strange sight, looking into a reflective pool of water reveled a face so like his own but so different that for a terrible moment he thought that he had been discovered again... or was going insane. Staring back at him seemed to be... him. Only... not him. An earth pony version of himself. For a long time he sat and stared at himself in the reflection, only occasionally glancing at his own body to remind himself that the scales were still there, alongside the strange shimmering. He didn't... remember doing much else... through at some point he did recall that he had started crying. In time the shimmering disappeared and his reflection reveled what his own eyes had been telling him was the truth. However, the experience caused Allegro to go through everything he had done before he had noticed the shimmering in order to try and get it to come back... to see himself fully as an earth pony again. When he got to singing the song he had been practicing did he notice the gem on his chest start to faintly glow... and the shimmer returned alongside the image in the reflection. Maybe he was going insane but... there was only one way to find out if it was only his reflection that failed to see what was under the shimmer. Character Personality: A lonely being that is painfully aware of the fact that there isn't really a place in the world where he would be welcomed. Despite this loneliness, Allegro is neither cruel nor spiteful to the rest of the world that seems to have denied him; While he is somewhat fearful of what would happen if the nearby ponies of Maretime Bay were to discover his existence and continued presence in the region, he bares them no ill will. In fact, both as a tribute to his father and out of his own desire to try and have some positive impact on the world around him, he has taken to patrolling the waters around the Bay in order to assist those in need, be it swimmers who are in over their heads or ships sailing too close to the rocks at night with the lighthouse down. With his father missing and his mother's absence (he dreads the day that he thinks of them both as missing), there is a part of Allegro that predicts that one day it will be his turn to head out and try and discover the fate of his missing parents... even if it means that like them before him, he will not return. Character Summary: Physically a monster in pony eyes, but at heart a good but lonely person who just wants to make the world a little bit better.
  4. For his part, Strong Copper had little to say. Personally if he was questioned about his presence out on the streets at this late hour he fully intended to be honest; Granted he might neglect to go into full details, but unlike the government spooks he had the advantage that it was his job to interact with strange wild creatures and critters. All he really had to say was that some ponies had claimed to see something new in the area the last few nights and he was just checking it out and seeing if there was anything to worry about. He was also not inclined towards using any kind of night vision spell or artifact, but that was more for theoretical reasons than anything. They were looking for a creature made out of shadows (at least that seemed to be what the evidence was suggesting) at night. While there was one train of thought that suggested that night vision options might make the hunt easier, Strong Copper had pondered the possibility that using magic or technology designed to allow someone to see in the dark might render a shadow entity that was made completely of darkness 'invisible'. To be fair he could have been completely wrong due to a lack of information on whatever they were looking for, thus why he hadn't brought the subject up, but if nothing else this was a good chance as any to be the control group and test his senses. Still, he decided to go and get started while various spells and stuff was done. He wasn't going to use 'em and frankly he felt like it was only going to be a matter of time before Harle and the mare started bickering about something again and he would rather not be in hearing range of it when it happened. "Contact you all shortly."
  5. The hardest part of all of this, Strong Copper decided privately within the confines of his own head, was to keep himself from sighing and frowning at the fact, that despite all assurances that everyone could at least work together and be professional about all this, there was this cloud of doom that seemed to linger overhead. However, there was a good chance that it was just his own habit of seeing the worst case scenario getting the better of him again. All he could do was do the best he could, let them do the best that they could do... and hopefully at the end of all this it will be enough. "Even if you don't see anything, try to send a small message every... maybe ten minutes or so? Just to let everyone know that you're fine." Strong Copper suggested, wordlessly accepting his assignment to get out the southern areas. If nothing else, it would be a lot less work on his part.
  6. Spearmint hadn't had any questions that he felt the need to bring up (and those that he did were asked by others), so for the most part he had been content just to sit there and listen. However, there was a moment in which confusion managed to worm its way onto his face; The Archchancelor had just transformed from a stallion into a mare. The closest he had ever seen to such a thing had been a few years ago when that stallion had decided to wear a dress... and even years later, Spearmint's ears folded down against his head in a vain attempt to block out some of the venomous, heated words his mother had said to them after she had seen 'em. It was funny in a strange way. She hadn't raised her voice or anything but... he remembered his mother speaking with the intensity and raw power of a thundering storm. It had been more then enough to cause the stallion to cry before walking away with his eyes cast downwards. Spearmint never did see that dress again... and honestly it was for the best. In his opinion it had been a rather hideous dress and the colors hadn't suited the stallion at all. Still, there was one thing he did feel the need to say aloud. It wasn't a question, but a loophole he had spotted that he suspected would be in everyone's best interest if it was closed before it had a chance to be exploited. "Chipper, I'm pretty sure the Archchancelor means that there will not be hunting of wildlife in general. Please do not organize a hunting party yourself because that actually sounds stupidly dangerous."
  7. It wasn't often that Strong Copper needed to sit down in order to make use of his front hooves, either to rub his temples or bring them together in front of him in concern. Tonight had managed to make him do it twice as he watched as the divide between the two agencies seemed to grow wider as friction already started to dig in, despite the compromises made so far. The fact that reality had just been torn in a manner in which it really shouldn't have been also continued to flay his slowly fraying nerves. Taking a deep breath as his horn lit up and he accepted one of the headsets, he quickly slid it on as he politely said "Thank you Harle." before quickly muttering more for the group as a whole to hear "Can we please just get things underway before you start fighting each other and someone ends up in the hospital?" "Because if you're not going to be able to work together without punching each others tee-..." he paused as he glanced towards Harle and caught himself before he finished the full saying "-lights out, then you might as well go home and get some sleep because I'm not here to be a peace keeper or a referee. We've got things to do."
  8. For his own part, Strong Copper listened to what had to be said. The GS calling themselves Tangent seemed to be the one that was in charge of the pair and they did seem to hold him in some degree of respectful regard, quite possibly because despite him being effectively an independent pony he had managed to largely work out what their organization had. Granted they clearly didn't like Harle, but that was clearly a combination of contrasting jurisdiction between governmental organizations and the presence of an artifact that, while authority to use it was granted, still seemed to give any unicorn that came near it a deep sense of 'nope'. On the plus side, Harle seemed to be willing to work under the GS' authority in order to prevent at least one of the sources of strife from sparking into full on conflict. Clearing his own throat, Copper added "For what it's worth, I'm also willing to work under your direction. Considering my current plan had been to wander around and either get lucky and find it or have it decide to revel itself to me, I'm not against hearing a better one." Considering the somewhat... unearthly nature of the creature he had been searching for, having it come to him wasn't the worst idea in the world since tracking a shadow at night wasn't exactly a simple prospect. Still, if a better plan was presented he would love to hear it. "However, I must stress that we don't actually know if this thing we're looking for has malevolent intentions. There are enough stories and folklore about 'shadow entities' to suggest neutral or even benevolent examples exist as well. I'm not saying we shouldn't use caution, but coming at this thing with hostile intent from the get go is going to ensure a fight regardless of what it's intent actually is."
  9. In his line of work, Strong Copper had encountered a great deal of stories, folklore and tall tales in his day to day life. When dealing with folks who go out of their way to delve into areas where the strange and unseen tend to dwell, fact and fiction are often difficult to tell apart. However, there was a kind of story that arose every now and then; Government Spooks. The term 'Spook' was a somewhat uncommon one these days, since it was generally used to describe some kind of unknown shapeshifting creature and with Changelings having stepped into the light of the world stage a proper name had been given to most (but not all) of the creatures residing in such stories. Government Spooks were a different, albeit a similar kind of story. It was rare to have a situation where they was encountered, but there were generally a few tell tale signs. They tended to think everyone local was an idiot or a threat to them and they despised anyone knowing who they were, what they actually did for a living or anything related to questions in general directed towards them. They worked for the Equestrian government and actually had the pull to back that claim if they were forced to make it, but exactly what department they belonged generally didn't exist if anyone ever actually tried to look into it, the name itself as easily made up as the name of the pony who was actually on the ground. Government Spooks tended to be somewhat condescending and a special kind of insanity that only comes about from taking the long road via sanity with a gear or two warped to create a mindset that was logical and the rational understandable... but still fundamentally wrong in the process. They also only tended to appear when a situation was in the process of going rotten or had gone completely rotten and it was about to burst. Bad things were ahoof if a Government Spook showed up. So Strong Copper instantly understood that the names of the two ponies were false and instantly discarded whatever value 'League' might have had to reveling who they were. They were simply Government Spooks and if they were here, there was something active in Ponyville at the moment. All he needed to know really. Upon being asked if he had a license or anything... Strong Copper sighed before his horn lit up and he brought out his wallet. Two cards were flashed in short order. One was a simple ID card that had his name, occupation ect on it... while the other was a bit more interesting in that the Equestrian government recognized one Strong Copper as having been legally approved to use his expert judgement to act when it came to wild, magical or 'mythical' animals in relation to settled zones, trade routes and generally whenever a species recognized as being sapient enough to be recognized as a possible citizen of Equestria was endangered. Putting the cards back and the wallet away, he decided to ask the spooks a question. "Okay. You wouldn't be here if it was nothing so... how bad is the situation in Ponyville currently and what are we dealing with?"
  10. For his part, Spearmint didn't feel the need to raise a hoof and ask a question. Anything he might have asked already had been but... just in general, he wasn't used to (or encouraged) to ask questions of authority figures. They said, you did. Didn't matter if you didn't really understand why you were doing it, just as long as it was being done.
  11. "Please stop drawing any more attention to that abomination of magic then it's mere presence warrants. I don't like feeling my skin crawl." Strong Copper muttered darkly... before he took a deep breath and decided to refocus on the two ponies because they had wasted enough time with this back and forth and he had work to do. "My job and talent is to investigate and handle the magical, paranormal or supernatural entities and creatures that roam this world. Preferably in a manner in which all parties involved can live content lives, but sometimes that can't happen. This can be a dangerous line of work." Having felt the need to stress the reality of his job a little, Copper gestured towards himself as he explained "I've trained for this, with almost a lifetime worth of research, first hoof experience and luck to give me a firm foundation to work with no matter what happens." Turning his hoof towards Harle, he continued "I've only just met Harle, but I'm guessing that if Princess Twilight Sparkle is willing to send her into a situation like this, this delightful example of griffonkind likely also have enough history with dangerous, possibly unknown situations to be trusted being sent into them." A little bit of flattery hopefully would help ease the tension between them since it was clear he didn't like her magical do-hicky. There was likely going to be a conversation about it in the near future. Looking back at the two ponies, he finally made the point "So please, for your own well being and safety, go back to where you are staying for the night. There is a very good chance that this is just a situation where a pony believed they saw something and riled up the rest of the herd, making them prone to jumping at shadows that aren't really there. But on the chance that it isn't, your safety should be the number one concern." His wording sounded official enough... but a keen observer might have noticed the fact that he completely failed to answer the question about if he was actually working for the palace directly or not. He was qualified to be doing it for sure, but if he was actually drawing a paycheck for his work... that was left unsaid.
  12. Strong Copper needed to sit down on the ground for just a moment so that he could use his front hooves to pinch the bridge of his nose properly. This whole situation had just... gotten frustratingly out of control and he needed a moment to center himself and resist the urge to blast the griffin who kept using that dark magic artifact that kept triggering his sense of fight or flight alongside making his skin crawl. Deciding not to acknowledge the counter point that he hadn't gone far at all or continue to bicker with anyone at the moment because there were bigger things to worry about, the copper colored unicorn let out a breath before lowering his hooves back to the ground and drawing on his mark to give him the strength to pull rank despite the fact that legally, he was probably the only one here who didn't have some kind of government job to lend him any actual authority as he barked "Alright! I think it's time we got some things cleared up before we go forward." Turning to Harle first, he decided to explain "My name is Strong Copper. Over the last couple of nights ponies have been seeing something vaguely pony shaped made out of living shadow. Likely some kind of shadow entity, which before you say anything, such beings have been confirmed to exist but very little is actually known for sure so we don't know if it is hostile or a threat to anyone. I wanted to confirm one way or the other before calling others in, but since you're already here we'll make use of you." Turning towards the two ponies, who almost certainly listened to what he had just said to the griffin, he looked serious as he said "As for you two..." He paused for a moment, turning to the unicorn mare first and... seeming more relaxed with her then the stallion he was suspect of as he said "It's a pleasure to meet you, but while I won't fault your bravery in jumping into a possibly dangerous situation, unless you can give me a good reason why you should be here I'm going to have to ask you to go home." Looking at the stallion, his gaze hardened again. "Remember that offer I made earlier? About how if this was all some kind of prank you were pulling that you should speak up now? Last chance to do so. Because from here on out, if it turns out you were behind things not only will you have two people who are very annoyed on being out here on a wild goose chase, but you will be brought before Princess Twilight Sparkle to explain to her personally what made you think this was 'funny'." He wasn't going to stereotype all griffins as the sort to be jerks or who would resort to physical violence if properly motivated by irritation, but Harle did seem like if she found out she came all this way at short notice, cutting into her sleep because some jerk was pulling a prank and didn't know when to stop, someone was going to be roughed up... which was fine, because he would be helping out.
  13. There were some sensations that you encountered in Strong Copper's line of work. Having all your skin decide that it wanted to be the furthest point away from something at the exact same moment was one of them... and generally a sign that you were dealing with something very, very bad because all the ponies who encountered it that didn't get this feeling and/or were unlucky enough not to have a means of getting out of the area fast enough tended not to have children. The fact that the owner of the item in question didn't seem to take having a stunning spell fired in her general direction or claimed to be from the government didn't exactly help the unicorn relax after the dark magic gauntlet stopped doing its vileness. "Oh I'm sorry, maybe next time you're walking through town in the middle of the night alone, looking for an unknown entity that may or may not be hostile to you I'll just arrange for some griffin to randomly face plant into the ground behind you before using some unholy magical artifact so you can show me how a professional should handle themselves." Strong Copper snapped sarcastically in annoyance at Harle... and that was before his attention turned towards one of the two ponies who seemed to have appeared in response to his spell going off... and his gaze narrowing. "...For somepony who had several minutes head start to walk in the other direction, you got here remarkably quickly." Copper was clearly not a happy pony as he made this minor accusation, the shock of encountering 'a thing that should not be' unexpectedly clearly having shaken him somewhat, but physically it was possible to tell that he was reigning that in when he finally turned to the newly arrived unicorn who had clearly bringing a spell to bare. In a much calmer, more gentle voice then when he had spoken to Harle and... currently unnamed suspect number 1, Strong Copper told the scarlet mare "Everything is fine Miss. Harle here merely decided that the best way to great someone was to give them a jump scare is all." Hopefully him calming down would encourage some calming down in others... before he looked at Harle again. "Just so we're on the same page... Princess Twilight Sparkle sent you here after Spike returned to her?" The title was stressed a little.
  14. As much as Strong Copper might have wanted to say otherwise, the stallion was his own pony and was free to make his own decisions... even if they were unwise, strange and possibly idiotic. So... he let the stallion go. If he was legit just going back to where he was spending the night, good. If this whole thing was some kind of prank he set up, then Copper was simply going to have to unmask him and likely beat the snot out of him for getting everyone in a tizzy and keeping him from a quiet night inside, reading a book where it was warm. Lowering the light from his horn a little, Strong Copper stepped back into the darkness of the night alone once again. Now that there was true quiet in the streets it was possible to pick up the sound of his hoofsteps touching Ponyville's paths, but the noise was deceptively soft; It suggested that he was actually a lot further away then he actually was, which meant following him via sound alone would have been problematic for anypony actually doing something so strange and incriminating as to follow him on a dark night like this after claiming they were turning in. Copper had only just had a few moments to continue his search when the airship flying overhead was noticed. For a moment he paused and actually considered the possibility that Princess Twilight had called in some quite literal big, magical firepower in response to a somewhat vague threat to Ponyville, but unless she decided to teleport it here herself (and that certainly had to be very noticeable), this was likely unrelated. Turning his attention away from the irrelevant airship, Strong Copper didn't notice anything leap off of it. At least, not until something heavy landed suddenly to the side and slightly behind him, causing the unicorn to spin around with an opening stunning spell already traveling to his horn and being too far gone to stop when he had spotted the difference between an attacker or a shadow entity and a face planting griffin. Forcing his horn upwards, the magical bolt of orange light slammed into a wall rather then into the griffin's feathery face with a bright flash and a solid bang of sound. "WHA-" Copper started, only to stop himself because it was the dead of night and enough ponies were likely already going to be annoyed at being jostled from their sleep by the noise that had already happened "What do you think you are doing?" Strong Copper asked at a much lower tone, glancing around to get better situational awareness. "Look, I'm sorry about almost stunning you, but you really shouldn't have dropped in like that. You're going to get yourself hurt if you do stuff like that."
  15. As Chipper, Kettle and Morning were given a light scalding for their running in the halls and covering the archchancellor in buttered popcorn, Spearmint silently and politely waited nearby. While he recognized that he wasn't in trouble for anything, he kind of wanted to offer his roommate his silent support... while also showing the Archchancellor due respect in order to be in his good graces going forward. The idea of being in the bad graces of the local authority that was now in charge of his life sent a shiver down his spine that left him feeling cold inside. So it was that when Archchancellor Blueblood turned to him and addressed him by name with a smile on his face, Spearmint tried to return the gesture... but the older ponies nearby likely would be able to see that the young colt didn't seem to know how to respond to this situation properly. Spearmint didn't know what the Archchancellor expected of him and it caused a terrible moment of indecision that paralyzed him in an unsure smile and panic lingering just behind his eyes before he forced himself to swallow and bow his head. "A... a pleasure to meet you too Sir. I hope I can live up to the standards of your school." While on the one hoof submitting to authority like this felt wrong... on the other it felt incredibly natural. This was the primary stallion who's guidelines and rules would be shaping his stay at the school after all. Still, in time he would need to go and find a seat for orientation. While naturally he would have liked to find a seat next to Chipper, his own nerves about being up and walking around to long caused him to take the first empty seat next to someone he knew... which turned out to be Morning Glow.
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