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  1. I'm flasher bolt call me bolt im a prince and a pianist by heart problem I not liked by anypony
  2. Prince Flasher Bolt is all alone and *Your Oc* can cheer him up. His country Guardia is nothing but all broken down houses and no pony lives there anymore after a major war broke out. Flashbolt sits helplessly in the middle of Ponyville hoping for a better life. Then the alicorn sees you....
  3. Sorry for letting people plot with me then
  4. I''ve been here for 1 month and thx to princess la la no on here wanna roleplay
  5. im a big smash bros fan
  6. Flasher Bolt Awoke in the middle of Ponyville not remembering he's a prince and an alicorn(he even looks like and earth pony) he spend most of his first few days out on the street until he met the mane 6 1 by 1 before Twilight offer him a place. after a while Bolt started falling for twilight (u can decide how the story continue i want it to be fair for everyone)
  7. this is an open rp incase you guys dont know. i mean it says it in the title
  8. Roleplay Type: */dashName:Flasher Bolt Sex:StallionAge:stallionSpecies: Alicorn eye colour: GreenCoat: red with gradient of light purple on hoovesMane/Tail: red and blue mane and short blue tailPhysique: dont know how do explain it but a typical ponyville body shapeResidence: Gardenia Empire(fan Made it will be lost until the corrupt pony is defeated) from cloudsdaleOccupation: PrinceCutie Mark:none(yet)Unique Traits: Piano With Horn and sight reading. he loves inviting new things that no pony ever seen before he also loves making music to bring everypony together History:Son Of King Lightning Bolt(pegasus) and Queen Crystal Ruby Dust (unicorn). Prince Flasher father once gave him a yellow gem thing flasher made a necklace to put it on. the em looks like a music note. then the gardenia empire was attack by a changling pony corrupt. she elimated his parent and keep flasher prisoner. he escaped after so many years and end up in ponyville to soon meet the mane6 Character Personality:Bolt is a multi personality multi pony. he has more than one emotion he can be giddy, sad, cool. * Hes smart enough not smart like Albert Einstein. Heck loves to read The Pony Games (Hunger Games parody) and is looking forward the get the latest entry (its been so long) Character Summary: Bolt never had a friend before and after he lost his home to he winds up in ponyville, Every time he meets someone, he has a different personality until he meets the mane 6
  9. look i came from caterlot avenue o just wanna twilight rper to do a story gf dont wanna do it cause shes a luna player
  10. the search for a twilight continues * sigh *
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