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  1. Mm. Starlight Glimmer... Carrot Curls had only heard of her before, but she's heard a lot. She would have to meet up with her at some point - but that could wait, and Starlight hardly counted among the "everyday" pony in terms of magic. In any case. "I'll see about meeting Starlight if I ever get the chance, and I appreciate the offer, but don't feel obligated to reach out to her on my behalf. For now, let's focus on you two. I have books on psionics, and I have a solid understanding on the theory, but I can look that up later. I'd like to ask just one more question." Carrot Curls levitated a notebook out of her bag as she asked the question, and flipped to a page with what looked like an empty chart. "Clearly, magic is important to your lives and professions, but on average, how important do you think magic is to the average pony? On a scale of 1 to 10, and why, if you could."
  2. Oh, right, other ponies have jobs and lives that tie them down. Carrot Curls occasionally forgot that "wandering author/mage" is not a common profession. She flipped to a different sheet of parchment whilst considering how freeing her job is. Carrot Curls looked back up at the pair. She could say something about how "it's the journey, not the destination," and how travelling by hoof rather than teleportation has taught her a lot, but she imagined that their professions and lifestyles meant it would just be a convenience. She also briefly considered plugging her own books, Teleportation: Where and How and From Cosplay to Nightmare Night - Illusory Magic and Disguises, but decided against it. For now. Unless they asked. "Mhmm. Noted, noted. There are plenty of affordable resources that might help you learn faster, but if you're committed to being self taught, then I won't stop you. In any case. I'd like to ask if the magic of other ponies regularly plays into your life. Do your patients' magic ever play a part in any of it? Or is there anything else you'd like to make note of?"
  3. Carrot Curls nodded, listening intently and taking notes with her as-always vacant stare. The idea of ponies directly changing other ponies' thoughts and minds was a powerful and dangerous magic, and if these two really were that good at it - which, she had no reason to doubt they were - they could be truly terrifying if they put their minds to it. Carrot Curls wasn't terribly worried, though - they seemed nice. Nonetheless, the thought was interesting. "Well, as I said, my next book is going to be about magic in the lives of everyday ponies. It seems to me, though, that you're a little more involved with magic than your average pony, given your affinity for the psionic, but this is all still useful." She noted the magical disguise - Carrot Curls was familiar with changeling magic, but had also met and read about a number of ponies capable of similar illusions. Even Carrot Curls herself was confident she could create a more convincing disguise - or at least, a more complete one that'd cover her cutie mark. So it seemed these two hadn't mastered as much as she'd thought. But still, she pressed on. "You say you want to learn teleportation. It's not an easy magic to get a hang on. How exactly do you plan to teach yourselves? Trial and error? Textbooks? Hiring a mentor?" Carrot Curls was thankfully blessed with the opportunity to study at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns when she was young, but she'd never heard of any adults attending as students. It'd be interesting to see how ponies who hadn't been studying magic their entire lives would go about learning new tricks.
  4. Carrot Curls stared with what looked like a vacant expression as they explained themselves, but the floating pen vigorously transcribing their dialogue while also making notes in the margins of her parchment said otherwise. She nodded occasionally, simultaneously floating the cup to her lips again before setting it down. Psionics. That would explain a lot. It had been quite some time since Carrot Curls had encountered a psionic pony, and even then, she only talked briefly. Besides that and a chapter or three in some general magic books, Carrot Curls only had a passing knowledge. Now was her chance to gather more info. She looked at Tranquility first. "Right. Well, thankfully, you needn't worry about me keeping secrets - I publish just about everything I think. That said, I am curious - do you use your psionics for anything else? If you can reach into the minds of others, project your thoughts, and read theirs, I imagine you could do other things that might be useful to psychologists." Carrot Curls continued talking out loud, since psionic magic wasn't in her ballpark - or at least, nowhere near a level of proficiency with these two. Carrot Curls then turned to address Placidity. "And I'm curious - what exactly do you mean by other magic? I assume things besides simple telekinesis."
  5. Carrot Curls closed the door behind them and sat herself down across from them. She floated a cup she had already poured for herself to her mouth to sip, and then put it back down - hopefully as a gesture that she didn't poison it or anything. She looked at the two, and could only just barely make out the faint magical aura. What were they doing so subtly in front of her that she couldn't even notice? From experience, her guesses were either telepathy or sensory magic... either way, it seemed like these two weren't exactly strangers to magic. That should be good. Carrot Curls had almost zoned out while thinking to herself, and only snapped back to the conversation when she heard the "noble" voice again. Something about it was odd, but she couldn't quite put her hoof on it. Oh well, anyways. She nods at their introductions, and gestures to herself after. "I'm Carrot Curls. Author, co-author, and ghostwriter of dozens of books on magic." She wondered to herself whether her name would tip the two off or not - but gloating her modest fame wasn't the point of the interview. "My next book is going to be about the importance and effects of magic in the lives of everyday ponies - that includes earth ponies, pegasi, and of course, unicorns. So I'm looking for data, and I'm willing to pay. I suppose my first questions, if you're still willing, would be what are your jobs, and what magic do you find yourselves using most commonly?"
  6. Aha! Interviewees, and not a minute too soon! Carrot Curls went to the door, and it gleamed with her orange magic as it floated open. She tried to put on her most welcoming smile, which was more eerie than warm (Carrot Curls was never good at smiling for photos). "Ah, hello, that'd be me. Please, come on in." She stepped back for the pair to enter, gesturing towards the table with the tray of drinks and pitcher of orange juice in the middle of the room. As she did, Carrot Curls scanned the duo up and down, and didn't really hide her wandering eyes either. A pair of unicorns who looked completely unrelated to each other. Hm. Seems like as fine a first few interviewees as any. "Make yourselves comfortable." Her uncanny smile faded into a more natural, subdued expression that portrayed calmness rather than any ill intent. The inside definitely looked better than the outside - especially since cleaning the outside of the cabin had completely slipped Carrot Curls' mind. The furniture was comfortable, functional and sturdy - Carrot Curls' dad would be proud. A kitchen was visible from the main room in the modest dwelling, and a couple of lanterns hanging from the ceiling lay unlit - daylight provided plenty.
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  8. "Author willing to pay for interviews - no qualifications required, anypony welcome. Inquire at the old cabin in Whitetail Woods." With the flyers put up around Ponyville, all that was left was for Carrot Curls to return home and wait for somepony to bite. Her newest book is sure to sell well - but first she needs data on magic in the life of the average pony, and where better to get it than good ol' rural Ponyville. She made her way through the nearby familiar woods, and it wasn't long until she spotted the old cabin she'd inherited from her mother. Yikes. She hadn't been home in years, and it showed. Vines crawled up the outside walls, and some of the roof shingles had fallen off - probably from nearby storms. Still, it was largely intact, and the key in her hat still worked just fine. Thankfully, no one saw fit to burglarize anything - not that there was much to steal here. A few quick spells later, and the place would look fit to live in again. As is, it was dark, dusty, and stuffy in here - not ideal interview environment. As she set to cleaning up, Carrot Curls got to thinking. It'd basically just been her and Presto on the road for the last few decades. She hasn't held more conversation than buying goods and services from any other pony in weeks. In fact, if you don't count work-related conversation, she can't remember the last time she just talked with someone. Sure, she's been productive, and royalties from her books have supported her wandering lifestyle, but they didn't guarantee her anyone to talk to on the way. In fact, as pulled open some blinds and cleaned some windows, she thought about how she kind of hasn't really made any long lasting friends for her entire life. She's already a full-grown mare, and she's not getting any younger. Maybe... maybe she should settle down? She's back home, and she could make the place downright comfortable if she set to it. Maybe she's done enough travelling, and she should actually make some friends... Thoughts for later. Surely someone would come knocking any minute now. After all, who wouldn't want free bits? ... Granted, you'd have to wander into the woods and enter a lonely, decrepit cabin on the trust of a flyer, but still! Free bits! Carrot Curls sat herself down at the table, content. She set aside some ink and parchment for notetaking. There were plenty of seats for interviewees, just in case more than one showed up at a time. Light and fresh air breezed through the open windows. The place looked livable again, if a little old. She'd even fixed up some juice, chilled to perfection (magically, of course). Now it was just a matter of time.
  9. Name: Carrot Curls Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Orange Character Color: Orange coat Mane/Tail: White, fluffy, and curly (as per her name). Tends to get in the way, so she ties half of her mane back. Physique: Stocky, for a unicorn. She travels by hoof a lot, so she's more in-shape than you might first expect. Residence: Whitetail Wood Occupation: Professional Author. She writes books on all sorts of magic; her works range from How to Manage Your Young Unicorn's Magic to Arcane Theses on the Uses of Precious Gems. Cutie Mark: A star wand crossed with a devil fork. Represents her talent for a wide range of magic. Unique Traits: Carrot Curls models herself as something of a wandering mage. She inherited a cabin in Whitetail Woods owned by her parents, but rarely lives there. Carrot Curls is interested in the practical, on-the-ground applications of magic across Equestria, and studies magic across the world. Carrot Curls is far from physically strong as a labor-working earth pony, but her stamina is notable - she's stayed up for days on end writing and studying for the sake of her books. History: Carrot Curls was born to a unicorn mother and an earth pony father. From her mother, she inherited a great magical talent and an appreciation for the magical. From her father, she inherited a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the practical world. Growing up, her mother sent her to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, from which she graduated handily. With her qualifications and certifications, Carrot Curls could easily have ascended into a cushy job with tenure at a high-class university, but instead chose to go into independent writing. Ever since her graduation, she's set onto the road to study magic everywhere she can. She's documented and written about everything since - from the lives of common ponies in the city to the mystifying forests and the magical beasts that lie therein, to the ruins and artifacts of ancients found by archaeologists, no topic is beyond Carrot Curls' curiosity. Recently, she's adopted a rabbit named Presto, whom she found in an ancient ruins. Carrot Curls is confident that Presto is possessed by some sort of violent magical entity, but the rabbit is harmless enough that Carrot Curls has taken Presto with her for her travels to study and for company. Personality: Carrot Curls can come off as reclusive and cold at first. Usually, she's very tired from travelling so far and so much, which can make her irritable and snarky. However, she is easily spurred by conversations about magic - whether it be someone's young foal manifesting it for the first time, the subtle affinity earth ponies have for nature, or the mighty incantations of Starswirl the Bearded, she becomes enamored. She's also easily plied by offers of coffee and comfortable places to sleep, since both are commodities to her profession. When she is in a good mood, though, she's very relaxed and involved in conversation, listening intently and replying with meaning rather than abundance. Summary: Carrot Curls is a wandering author who studies and writes about all things magical.
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    Oh, also, my favorite pony was Pinkie Pie back in the day, I found this place by googling "MLP roleplay", and I originally became a fan of the show because back in the early 2010's I was struggling with a lot of ego and mental stuff, and I wanted to be one of the "cool outcasts" that liked a kid's show (a revolutionary concept nowadays, I know.)
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    Sup all. I go by slosh on the internet. I used to be really into MLP back in the early 2010's when it first came out up until about the crystal arc or whatever. Back then, I remember being into the really edgy, dark, weirder parts of it. I dropped off it for a while, and now that I'm older and more mature (and less generally weird about it) I felt like seeing what the community had to offer 10 years later. I'm really into Dungeons and Dragons, and I also studied drawing in college for a few years. I'm pretty into video games, roleplaying, and sleeping. Feel free to say hi.
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