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  1. The Prench unicorn rubbed her chin in thought, remaining silent for a few more seconds after Granola ended her explanation on Twilight's Castle. "Mmmmh.... Oh!" She gasped softly once she snapped out of her thoughts "Understood. I will give it a try later today then." She then replied with a soft smile. Her smile quickly faded at the next comment though, as she gasped, much louder this time, a blush appearing on her face "Oh dear! Where are my manners?! I am terribly sorry." She said, bowing a little in an apologetic way "My name is Angelis." She then said as she lifted her head again, giving Granola a soft, yet nervous smile, while her blush remained on her cheeks.
  2. Angelis placed a hoof on her chin as Granola commented on the name of Blueblood, before nodding her head a little in response. "Yes, I do believe it is indeed 'Blueblood'... Or so I have heard..." She first corrected, before shaking her head "And no, unfortunately, I have not already... I figured that the highest ranked ponies around here would have more important duties to take care of than taking care of a humble little teacher like me, which I totally understand... After all, if managing a land was this easy, just anyone could be a Prince or Princess." She then added with a cute giggle. Before too long though, her head would tilt a little, a curious expression displaying on her face "But if I understand right, if I wish to get more information about this school, that Prince is the one I shall ask about?" She asked, keeping her eyes on the brown mare, before letting her gaze shift to the plants she was watering
  3. As Granola spoke up the price of her purchase, Angelis responded by setting down the basket she was still trying to weave as the two conversed. It definitely looked a bit more like something, but that was definitely not it yet, but at least it held still and didn't bounce back in its original shape. She then used her magical grasp to get four bits from her purse that was lying in her very own basket, among her previous purchases at the previous stalls "I will take them!" She replied simply with a soft giggle, as she placed the currency on the table in front of Granola. Her face then displayed a surprised expression at the sudden question and remarks, and despite the fact that her own question remained unanswered, she was more than happy to reply anyway. After all, she came here in hopes to meet and bond with lots of different ponies. "Ah, indeed I am. I arrived here from Prance, about a trimester ago." The unicorn mare replied with a soft smile. "I have noticed that too, and that is actually what pulled me there... Well, that, as well as the fact that this place is significantly less busy than where I come from. But It really fascinated me to learn that there was a place where a lot of different creatures could coexist seemingly in peace... I had to see it by myself! And after doing so, I knew this was the place I wanted to stay at." She explained, her smile growing bigger and brighter the more she spoke about why she moved in here. She did realize she didn't asked the why, but it always made her so happy to ramble about how she loves Ponyville.
  4. While still doing her best to weave the basket in the wanted shape, Angelis stepped closer to inspect the bundle, and took a smell of the scent of the flower, and smiled after letting out a soft sigh "Ah yes, this smells... Absolutely amazing." She said with a small chuckle. "I would very much like to buy some, then." She added, nodding her head gently. She then remained silent as she listened to Granola speak of her experience with the school of friendship, her face displaying a curious look. Once the earth mare finished talking, she spoke again after a few seconds of thought. "The school of friendship...? I have only heard little about it, sadly. But it does sound quite interesting. Is there a way you could tell me more about it?" She then asked. Being relatively new to Ponyville after coming all the way from Prance, there was still a bit of catching up that the unicorn mare needed to do, and learning more about a place that sounded important definitely sounded like the next step.
  5. Angelis couldn't help but let out a soft little giggle at Granola's failed attempt at fixing the weaves of her basket, before shaking her head and waving a hoof, before her horn began glowing, carefully taking the basket off the other mare's hooves and now attempting to weave it with her magic while continuing the conversation. "Oh, I am afraid I can not help you with that..." She said at first, before picking up the basket. "...Or maybe I could, if I gave it enough tries, I do not know. But the point is that it is not my talent either. Honestly, it appears that my cutie mark is better at showing why my parents gave me my name than what my talent actually is... And if you are wondering... Well, I am not the one to brag, but, it is that I do fare pretty well with foals. Teenagers too, actually, but to be honest with you, the younger ones are better at showing that they enjoy my presence." The mare explained, still keeping that warm and sweet smile of hers, taking advantage of the pauses in her speech to readjust her red-mounted glasses every now and then. "Ah, speaking of... What you said about... 'Rose'... 'Rosemarinus'... I believe you said...? While it is true that I do not practice physical activities, if any at all, taking care of multiple foals has proven to be more tiring than one would think. If you do have anything that would help me relax better when arriving back home after school is over, I am all ears." She added, going back to the earth mare's first comment about rosemarinus officianalis. Even if it did sound a lot like rosemary, and not quite remembering the full name Granola spoke earlier, she did make the extra effort to recover at least one word, afraid to upset her.
  6. The unicorn hummed in thought as she eyed the merchandise, before shaking her head at her third comment. "Ah, sadly, I will have to decline that offer, as I do not have much space to grow many things myself." She said, before going back to looking at the different plants available to purchase. Though when Granola then commented about her cutie mark, Angelis glanced back to her flank, realizing the earth mare was referring to her cutie mark. To that, she shook her head and let out a soft chuckle "Me? Ooh, ho ho, no, I am not. I guess it is fair enough to assume so, but I am in fact a teacher." Angelis corrected with a soft smile "Though I am impressed by the fact you could identify a flower from someone's cutie mark with such ease!" She added
  7. Angelis, herself, was enjoying her after school time running some errands at the marketplace, happy to be finally free of a long and tiring session of grading tests. She was holding a basket with her magical grasp, slowly filling it with fruits and vegetables as she went from stand to stand, taking her time to pick the products that suit her needs and wants. She looked around with a sweet smile at the the ponies behind the stalls every time she passed by one, politely declining when she was called out specifically by the ones that sold things she did not want or need to buy. Eventually, she would reach Granola Gracie's cart, and just as she was about to pass by it, hearing her voice call for her caused Angelis' head to turn and look towards her, but not after looking around to make sure there was no mistake and it was to her she was talking. She then fully turned to face Granola, the surprised expression she got seconds ago turning again into a smile. "My, my, well, I certainly do not mind taking a look at what you have to offer." She replied as she took a couple steps closer to the cart, her strong foreign accent hinting of her origins. "I definitely could use some flowers in my small garden, may I take a look?" She added with a soft, small chuckle.
  8. Oops, I indeed missed that part where it said not to number age. I just made the change!
  9. Name: Angelis Gender: Female. Age: Young mare Species: Unicorn. Eye colour: Bright blue Mane/Tail/Other: Straight, long, and well brushed blonde mane, with some slightly more orange parts in it. Her tail is long as well, and matches the mane’s colors and style. She wears red rimmed eyeglasses. Physique: Her body is the one of your typical mare, except she is a bit taller than average. Residence: Ponyville. Occupation: Teacher. Cutie Mark: A triplet of white lily flowers in the middle of a golden halo, which the stems curl around said halo, and seemingly growing from it. History: Born in Prance, Angelis (nicknamed Angie by her close ones) has been raised in fancy surroundings. However, as one would have thought she would be destined to be part of the noble side, being raised among lots of younger cousins, she discovered herself a talent at taking care of foals, and thus, became a teacher. However, because Prance was a little ‘too big for what she wanted to do’, as well as her parents didn’t want her to spend her whole life in the same place, she ultimately moved away from Prance and decided to look for a smaller, less busy place to live, before eventually coming across Ponyville. Unique traits: Nothing really unique except for the fact she is able to summon a magical rapier with her magic, as she used to practice fencing back when she lived in Prance. Aside from that, her unicorn magic is pretty standard, being able to pretty much only be able to use a magical grasp. Personality: Angelis is very well mannered, very polite, always trying her absolute best not to upset anyone she talks to. Her strong Prench accent usually is a big hint of her origins, and she is very formal in her speech, so much so that hearing « I’m » instead of « I am », along with any other different word contraction would be a miracle. She is calm, soft-spoken, very sweet and caring, hardly loses her temper, and has a soft spot for younglings of any species, teenagers included. She is not really outgoing, but once spoken to, she will definitely not think twice about replying, as she is very friendly and open minded. She is delicate, and appreciate simple things, such as a stroll in the park, reading a book, shopping, or even cleaning her house. In summary : Angelis is a sweet, motherly mare who loves children, ready to let her “mommy instincts” kick in whenever it is a good time to. Appearance : Here is a rough representation of her I made using General Zoi's Pony Creator. Unfortunately, I can not show a reference for her Cutie Mark because I, myself, can't draw, and it's impossible to find on the net what I have in mind for it.
  10. Hello hello! I just joined this site to try and get back into My Little Pony Role Play after years of more or less not doing any, and am currently trying to remake one of my OCs so I can start RPing again. While doing so, a couple questions had popped into my mind. Back in the day when I first created my OC, I basically just said that she came from the Pony equivalent of France. Now that I joined this place, I couldn't help but notice on the map in the RP World section that there is indeed a place called Prance. Is it good to assume that it's just that? And if so, is there a way I can get more infos about Prance itself, not just Calnais? I would really maintain the idea of my OC coming from a France-like land. I don't know how to draw at all. I'm really bad at it. Is there still a way for me to get refs for my OCs? Be it character creators online or artists that take commissions for cheap, as long as it looks good, I'm down for anything! Thanks in advance for your reply! Edit: another question just popped up, if you don't mind me adding it: If an OC of mine gets approved for World of Equestria Role Play, can I also use it for Free for All? And if so, do I need to post it in both the WOE Character Application and in the FFA Character Sheets?
  11. Well, hello to you, who clicked on my introduction! You may call me Spark. I am just a nerd who likes the Internet in general, but especially video games, and Role Playing! I used to actively RP My Little Pony a long, loooong while ago, but as time passed, my interests changed a little, and nowadays, I do RPs of various settings with friends on Discord, ranging from Pokemon, to a custom Magical Girl-y setting we made up together. But we aren't here to talk about those, now are we? Well, as for pony stuff, sadly, I only really have one partner left who's down to do this kind of stuff... And it is pretty much exclusively... Um... Well, PEGI 18, to say the least. Earlier tonight, I snapped, I wanted to go back to my early MLP days, simpler times where I didn't worry much about smut, where every adventure was exciting, where I, myself, was as nervous as the character I was playing as they went on a date with their crush, etc... Even if it meant that I had to give up on the explicit parts. The question was just "How?". When I first began doing Role Playing, I tried to find partners on Omegle, but nowadays, you are matched with either bots, rude or closed-minded people, or instant leavers, etc. , leaving the actually good partners exceptionally rare, so much so that you are better off not bothering. My other option was a site called Rolechat, but even though you exclusively find Role Players here, MLP is practically inexistant here too. And that's when I decided to look for a RP forum. Now normally, I am not a big fan of forums, let alone using it to Roleplay. That said, after searching for a bit, and by that I hear: Typing "MLP RP forum" on Google, and finally finding Canterlot, I deemed it was welcoming enough to give it a shot. I had nothing to lose after all... I guess... I hope... Now as for how I became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic... Well, to answer that, we need to talk about Parallel Universes! ... Just kidding, we just have to travel back in time a little instead. To my very first interaction with MLP:FiM. I don't really recall the year, nor how old I was... But if I had to guess, I'd say it happened either in 2010 or 2011. I was one or two years away from finishing middle school, and I was enjoying a game called Dofus on the family computer... Hmm... I might be wrong about the game I played... Wasn't it Sonic Robo Blast 2...? O-Oh, but I digress... Yes, I was spending time on that computer in the living room, and meanwhile, my little sister was watching the TV, and eventually an episode of MLP aired. I gave a few looks every now and then, but thought to myself "Eh, lame..." and just shrugged it off. Though I couldn't help but pay attention to it, at least a little tiny bit... I can't say for sure if it was this episode, but I believe it was the Cutie Mark Chronicles episode, because I remember one thing very distinctly: one of the bullies repeatedly calling Dashie "Rainbow Crash". It might be Sonic Rainboom too, but I don't remember if she was called that in it as well. I just know that it was from the first season. I didn't really think much of the show at that time, and as I said, I shrugged it off and forgot about it. Fast forwarding a couple years, I just entered high school, and I also received my own smartphone! That meant that I could now watch as many videos as I wanted as long as I was at home with functional WiFi. So even though I am french, I was fascinated by the, well, non-French part of YouTube. I already knew about YouTube Poops, videos where the source material is edited to look and sound stupid, with lots of memes and stuff, like the very classic "The Sky had a Weegee". Because I was still a beginner, I didn't understand much about what was actually said in the YTPs, but it didn't matter, the sounds were funny either way. Eventually, watching many YTPs slowly but surely lead me to YouTube Poop Music Videos, where the source material(s) is/are edited to sound like a song or music. Eventually, it lead me to Sparta Remixes, and one in particular caught my attention. The source material in this one was Fluttershy shouting "You're going to LOVE ME!". I was curious when I saw that, because even though I didn't watch MLP, and basically knew nothing about the show, I still knew that Fluttershy was the shy, cute and kind one. So out of curiosity, I looked up the scene on YouTube. I found it pretty funny, but I was still confused, because I needed the context of why she was like that. So I decided to watch the episode. Yes, the last episode of the first season, that was the first episode I ever fully watched. But I liked it. I really did. So much so that before I knew it, I started watching the whole thing from the beginning. That's how I became a brony. At that time, only the first three seasons were out, but I watched them all. It was also around that time that I began Role Playing MLP, as I always wanted to be a character in a show, game or movie I enjoyed. Every night, for as long as I can remember, I've always been imagining stories about me being in said media, remaking the whole story so my presence would be somewhat coherent, and, I admit it, putting myself as the center of attention. Now that I think of it, it was basically RPing, but alone... Either way, I digress again. I did watch the first three seasons, but as the newer episodes began airing, I kind of grew tired of the formula of the episodes between the two first and two last ones of the seasons, so I stuck with watching only the premieres and final of season four and five, as well as the hundredth episode, Slice of Life, before finally stopping. In no way it is that I started to like MLP less from this point on, it's just that, among other things, I got both busier and lazier. I think it was the very first media that suffered my iconic ability of stopping watching whatever show or anime because I want to play games, or as I call it "Oh this is good... Hey, I wanna play something!". But don't worry, I still love MLP a whole lot, and it will always have such a big spot in my heart, both the show itself, and the community. But yes this can be seen as a heads up, if you tell me about anything that has happened after season 6, there's a good chance I don't know about it. So now, I can talk about my favorite in the show... Mmmh, well, at first, it was Fluttershy, hands down. Sweet. Caring. Adorable. Very pretty. Funny at times. But then, my gaze turned towards Princess Luna. At the time, we didn't really see her much, but I liked her a lot nevertheless. And to this day, I think she still is my favorite pony. You can imagine how happy I was when I was informed that she had her own episode where she was the protagonist... Well, albeit, with her sister, but she was in the spotlight too, and that's great! That said, as much as I love Luna and would swear allegiance to her... She is not my favorite character from the show. This spot goes hands down to none other than Sonata Dusk, from the second Equestria Girls movie: Rainbow Rocks. For starters, I really like her design, especially her hair color. I might be biased because blue is one of my favorite colors, but my point still stands. She's very silly and funny, and even though that's a little mean to make a comic relief of her, she definitely made me laugh more than I should have. And also, she is absolutely adorable. Maybe a tad bit less when she's doing the big evil, but still... Look at her! Look! At! Her! She's perfect! I could have gotten a fan art instead to better illustrate it, but I don't even need to! A screenshot from the movie is more than enough! Her love for tacos only makes her even better. And to this day, I still firmly believe that she's not evil. I firmly believe that she only did what she did in the movie because she only has Adagio and Aria, and follows them only because she thinks they know what's good for her. I firmly believe that without their influences on her, she would be very friendly and nice, despite originally being a siren. Now that was quite the rambling, but now I can tell you more about me. As I said earlier, I'm french, and despite being confident in saying that my English is pretty good, if not just decent, I would like to apologize for any mistake I've made, and beg you to forgive me if I do any more in the future, and would gladly accept any critics about my speech... Or rather, typing, I suppose...? Now as for my personal interests, as I said before as well, I am really into video games. I like all kinds of stuff, too many to name them all, but I'll name a few, just to give you an idea. I really like the Sonic, Pokémon, Kirby, Touhou Project games, Super Smash Bros. games, as some of the games in these franchises stand as my favorite games ever, especially Pokémon, though I could hardly tell you which version is my absolute favorite of the series. But the game that truly comes on top, that qualifies as my all time favorite, is Team Fortress 2. Even though I must have played Pokémon more than TF2 overall, I liked the latter a lot more. The Meet the Team videos were a blast, and instantly got me into the game. The gameplay wasn't too amazing, but I didn't care. Not only I had friends to play with, but the characters, memes, community, and basically everything else surrounding this game was just amazing. It was just a masterpiece. It might not be updated anymore, maybe even forgotten by the developers of Valve, but I despite what people say, I think this game will never truly be dead. I also like anime and manga, though as I said before, I'm either too busy or too lazy to watch or read them, so I just roll with the memes surrounding it, until I eventually find the motivation to start watching it. Alright, now I would like to come back to what I originally came here for. I was hoping to find nice people to RP with, hopefully on Discord since I feel a little nervous because I don't know how to use forums. But I'm ready to give it a shot. It looks very nice here. I want to be part of this community. But first, I'm hoping that people will help me building my OCs, because the ones I used to RP with... Well, either I forgot pretty much everything about them, or they're just obsolete. From getting pics of them done, down to making little details about them, I will accept any help I can get! Also I was a little intimidated, reading about the rules about the world of this forum... Especially the maps. I have no clue how much of it is canon to the show, but It makes things look much more complicated than I thought it'd be. However, I'm really interested of being a part of this world, so as I said, I hope people will be helping me out building my OCs again. Okay, so that was a big wall of text, I don't think I've ever typed so much. I've started roughly at 12 AM and now it's.... 3.20 AM... Okay, I really need sleep now... Soooo, yeah, if you're reading this, thank you very much for sitting through the whole thing, and hopefully, I can get along with many of you, if not all of you! Reading the rules and my wall of text again, I don't think I've made any mistakes typing all this, but if I did, feel absolutely free to point it out to me, and I'll gladly find a way to fix it as best and as soon as I can! For now, I tell you goodnight!
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