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  1. I don't intend to get anywhere with this post, so I'mma leave this here.
  2. New to this but okay... um... AAAAAAAAAAA-
  3. Roleplay Type: First person descriptive (Usually one to two paragraphs or more), Third person descriptive (Two paragraphs or more) Name: Obito Uchiha (Tobi)Gender: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: UnicornEye colour: Black, but changes color to red using certain types of magic.Coat: Light CharcoalMane/Tail: Charcoal blackPhysique: Slightly below average build, but boasts a large warped scar on his face, which he usually hides via a mask with the same pattern.Residence: TrottinghamOccupation: He works for hire in multiple fields, but in his free time he studies several types of magic to learn from and master.Cutie Mark: A red cloud that matches the cloak he keeps (See bottom)Unique Traits: Tobi has the natural ability to slip in and out of the earth (yes, the literal ground) with ease. Along with these abilities, Tobi also has a natural skill at conjuring fire based spells, and has eventually learned how to effectively teleport. While his magical skills are known, there is one secret that most ponies do not know about. Under the facade of happy go lucky attitude, he sports a more serious personality when he has to get serious, or when his life is in possible danger. With this personality, his magic limitations are less stressed, allowing him more magic outpour for his attacks. At the cost of switching personalities, he drains magic energy faster when casting spells, and may switch back at inconvenient times. History: Most of Tobi's history is unknown to many, though what those who do know him can confirm was that he was born to a prestigious clan that later met a mysterious fate when they disappeared one other time ago. Tobi in his colthood past was called Obito Uchiha, and he had always wanted to become a powerful user in magic. Obito one day went out with his two friends, Kakashi and Rin to deliver something important to a town that was far away from Ponyville. After travelling for a while, Obito and his friends were ambushed by two stallions, one of which knocked out Rin and picked her up, carrying her away. Obito decided to go after the two, despite Kakashi's warning not to. Obito encountered the two stallions in a cavern and went to battle with them. Obito was losing when he then received backup from Kakashi. Together they had managed to defeat the two stallions and save Rin. They went to escape the cavern, but something happened then. The cavern started to crumble from under and above them. Obito pushed Kakashi out of the way and got himself crushed underneath a boulder that had fell. Obito made a few last words to Kakashi, saying "keep Rin safe" before eventually being buried by other boulders. Obito was gone... or so they had thought. The rest of the backstory remains a mystery, but what happened then led him to become Tobi. Character Personality: Tobi acts somewhat like a male version of Pinkie Pie, with a comedic high pitched voice- but not too high to sound unnatural-, strange motives and an odd sense of fashion. Out of battle, Tobi usually has an easy going attitude, which is odd considering his variation in personality. If he were to by chance end up in a fight, however, Tobi usually has the tendency to insert random nonsensical phrases and questions while he fights, mainly to anger his opponents. While he does this, he can use his various "tricks" to move all around his opponent literally under their feet. Some say that Tobi has another personality, and while this is true, none have been around to actually observe it. Tobi can never get enough of dry humor, and Character Summary: Tobi is a mysterious stallion whose initial happy go lucky never goes unnoticed by anypony who meets him. At first glance he may seem strange, but when others get to know Tobi his behavior becomes more of a common thing.
  4. Well hello, hello everypony! I'm new here so I'll just get my introduction out of the way quickly. My name is Tobi. And don't worry, the name will have significance when I actually create Tobi's rp bio. I can do mostly any rp, but I prefer third person to first person narrative. I don't do asterisks usually, so please try to be descriptive when rping with me. Also I accept crossover rps, as you can see by who I want to rp as. Anyway, that's all I have for now. Great to meet you all!
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