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  1. "..." Rose, without a word, trotted over to the edge of the ship and looked over it. She looked left, she looked right, she looked up, and she even cast a spell to see underground. And then, when she confirmed nobody else was going to spontaneously appear, she backed away from the edge and a clear dome began to form over the entire ship. In a matter of moments, it solidified, a pale shade of blue. "Alright, this is it for the crew. I will go over this exactly one more time, but in the meantime- SCARLET, LET US SET SAIL!" or whatever the word is. Lift off, she thought? "Now, I know the advertisement may have been alluring for the common adventurer, but this is a delicate operation. Take these sarynges, and use them wisely. You will not be getting another."
  2. Ponies sure do fight a lot, but hey, they got a table! Kara bounced in her seat as watched the exchange, then perked up when the stallion- Dartmouth- addressed them directly. "Nope!" She cheerily replied. "But I've seen ponies play it before! It's about numbers, right?" Numbers numbers numbers. One, two, three, four- four was her favorite number! It was the number of leaves on a four-leafed clover. She didn't really see how gambling could be bad. Lots of ponies did it, and they seemed to have a blast with it! She expected this game to go well too, because even if she lost, it was an adventure on its own. "I'm Kara, by the way. Karakusa the Adventurer! And this is Reflection. She can be really grumpy." She held a hoof up to her mouth and whispered that last part conspiratorially, even though she wasn't nearly quiet enough to prevent anyone with ears from hearing.
  3. Karakusa was the very definition of impenetrable in that moment, smirking with her head held high as she marched into the establishment. After getting rained on by sodapop, she wasn't exactly the image of orderly, but she sure put on an air of pride- if not in her appearance, then in her attitude. "I've already tried that and it was nasty, thank you ~" she said, aiming the words at the stallion who dared to try and turn away two hard working ponies simply because they were foals. Hopping up onto an empty barstool, she leaned her forelegs against the edge of the counter and beckoned Reflection over with a wave. "C'mon, silly filly! These bits aren't going to make themselves!" Then, with all the fierceness of a twelve-year-old, she turned a vicious grin on the older pony. "We're here to gamble!"
  4. Kara gasped, looking wide-eye'd at the unicorn. Although whether she was scandalized or amazed was up for debate. "That's such a rogue move, Reflection! A true hero doesn't cheat good ponies out of bits for personal gain...' "... But maybe just this one. We can pay them back when we get rich." So, scooping up the duplicated bits, she made her way over to one of the taverns- the one with the most raucous cheering, at least.
  5. After a brief rifle though her saddlebags, Karakusa produced 3 silver coins, setting them down between the two fillies and looking down at them with this small sort of half-frown. "... It's enough, right?" She asked without looking at her new friend. It probably wasn't.
  6. And therein lied her first mistake: she issued a challenge. The stars practically exploded in her eyes at the very prospect of testing their luck against the very best, bouncing up into her face with a nigh-manic grin etched across her muzzle. "YES! We should totally do that, then strike it RICH!" She could see it now, the two fillies swimming in bits. Laying a hoof on her shoulder, she toned it down a bit, but still retained her enthusiastic energy. "With your wits and my luck, there's no way we can lose!" Rather unsurprisingly, Karakusa still had plenty of energy to spare. She'd been travelling the road far longer than Reflection had, and was accustomed to the aches and pains that come with it. Unlike her companion, it seemed.
  7. Aisede "Hmph!" She could still regain her honor, Kara thought as she followed along, idly observing her surroundings. "So, what's your favorite color?" She asked about a nanosecond after she was done being mad, reverting to her usual bubbly self as she pranced over to Reflection's side, nudging her with a grin. "Betcha can't guess what mine is ~" Cubbage "My favorite color... Hm... I'd probably say blue. Like the sky!" she thought a moment more before answering Kara's. "Is it gold, like treasure?" Aisede "Nope!" She chriped, giggling with mirth. Although gold was a nice color, it wasn't her fav-or-iiite ~ "try again!" Cubbage "Hm... I've got nothing. What's your favorite color?" Aisede "GREEN!" she shouted loud enough to wake everything within a mile radius. If she were bubbly before, she was a pot about to boil over with laughter now. "Green like luck! Clovers. A pony has to have a little luck to make it in an adventure, right?" She pointed the question as her travelling companion, eager to hear her opinion.
  8. Alright, so I've got a plan to help Golden and whoever else comes in time catch up. I'll place a 'hidden' tab in a post in here with all the posts thus far, but in the meantime, we can continue as usual here
  9. A Cosmic Coincidence Legends in the making ~ Premise In old Iron Town, nopony talked about Shaft Nine, and nopony dared tread its abandoned corridors... Until now. A Shaper's Stone, a demon relinquished, and a world's fate on the line. Can our young heroines win the day, or will they be consumed by Chaos like all those who came before them? Artifacts The Shaper's Stone A perfectly spherical, white stone purportedly possessing the power to contend with the spirit of chaos, Cosmos- but not alone. It will need to be assisted by various other artifacts of great power to even stand a chance. Reflection seems to have quite the attachment to it. Main Cast Karakusa, the Adventurer An adventurous young soul from Axel Town. She idolizes the knights and heroes who frequented her humble home, and associates wealth and status with heroics. It's her dream to one day form an adventuring party and embark on an epic quest worthy of the bards of olde. Reflection Trapped in the body of a filly, this accomplished mage challenged the boundaries of space and suffered the consequences. Now she has to undo her mistake and put Cosmos back where she belongs, with the help of Karakusa and her friends, of course. Support cast TBA Locations "'Oh young and naïve pony, just raise your nose high and follow the scent of danger, for wherever evil may lie, priceless artifacts they may defend doubtless will be nearby! Down the lanes of Charcoal Road, past the Diamond Pass, there you'll find the Crystal Folk, and not few a crystal lass! Travel yon the Goblin Gorge, through the Nettle's Lair, silk and song weave tales of woe, and elegies of despair! Down along the Feline Fjord, and across the Chausie Cape, you come upon the Cat's Eye Quay, where Cashmere's jauntily (Pillage and) rape ~" Iron Town A coal mining colony. They trade with the Crystal Folk up in the Diamond Pass. Charcoal Road This used to be the pulsing vein of industry amongst the coal miners and Crystal Folk. A series of trade routes integral to the economy and culture of the two great powers. It's likely that any miners fleeing Cosmos' chaos will be fleeing into the Diamond Pass. Diamond Pass These mountains used to be a gold mine for diamond, and quickly became the seat of power for the Crystal Folk. Unfortunately, an incident occurred which awoke a crystal dragon who quickly stalled any efforts of harvesting more of the previous gem. Now they sit on their wealth, flaunting their magical expertise to attract buyers and sellers from around the world. Goblin Gorge Past the Diamond Pass are a series of cliffs and rivers collectively nicknamed Goblin Gorge because of the bandits who call it home. Caravans heading towards Diamond Pass are usually heavily guarded to make it through here unmolested, but the less wary usually pay the price in body or blood. Nettle's Lair Nearing the end of the gorge is an innocuous opening that leads directly to the land of the cats. All other pathways into or out of the fjord are covered in hazardous webs, courtesy of Nettle, the Spider Queen. The cats will usually burn open openings when they find an opportunity, and keep the main road cleared for travelers. Feline Fjord Where the cliffs meet the sea, you will find cats, and lots of them. A noble and aristocratic people, the felines here dine on the finest fish and don themselves in the most pristine of silks. Their primary export is silk, though, which the Crystal Folk are immensely thankful for. They have an ambassador in the Diamond Pass who brought pomegranates to the ponies there. The fruit is considered a delicacy because of its scarcity, and the fact that the crystal ponies can't grow exotic fruits in their climate. Or any fruit, really. Chausie Cape Like a cat's claw extending into the sea, Chausie Cape is a jagged landmass and home to the outliers of feline society. Don't expect a warm welcome here so much as a dagger in the back. Sweet deals and sweeter lies are the currency in these lands. Cat's Eye Quay Home of the pirates and some canine barbarians from across the sea. They plunder and pillage a lot down there, but not much else.
  10. Kettle Corn wasn't all too happy about her first lesson effectively being a (very light) scolding, but she understood well enough and affirmed her acquiescence with a cheerful chirp. "You got it, bark- er... ark? OH, OH, DOES THIS MEAN IT'S OKAY TO SHOW UP LATE IF I SPEND ALL MORNING MAKING KETTLE CORN FOR THE CLASS!?" Yush! An infinite time slot for her favorite and most productive pastime! This is going to be the best schoolyear ever! "Thanks, barkchancellor!" She was at least halfway certain that wasn't how it was said, but she couldn't remember the proper pro-noun-ciation, so she'd go with what's most fun to say ~ She'd wait for her sisters to take their seats, before claiming her own spot atop Candy Corn's mane.
  11. Cool. The shop thread is open- Blaze just never posted a departing post. And the Expedition hasn't started in earnest yet. I kinda forgot for awhile that it was my turn, but with order restored, we could get the ball rolling properly again. Or start something entirely new, I'd you don't wanna do that anyway.
  12. Rose took a moment to appraise the new arrival, her true feelings on the matter hidden behind a neutral expression. "That is correct, Ms. Heart. We were actually just about to set off, so your timing is most fortuitous." Sighing internally, she very briefly summarized the plan she had concocted, then turned to address the entire crew once more. "Mares, and griffon, it would seem we got ourselves an extra set of hooves. Let's give her a proper welcome." "So, tell me Venture Heart, what kinds of skills do you possess that may assist us on our mission?" She asked, summoning a projection of a hydra on deck. Its many heads writhed and snapped at the air, that is, until a comically oversized syringe poked it and it fell like a sack of potatoes. Almost as an afterthought, she floated one of the needles over to Venture as well.
  13. A worry free environment? That came as quite the surprise to the mare, considering her usual method involved putting the child through a series of tests to thicken their proverbial skin. Still, everything else she said made sense, even the part about being uncertain. She paused in her harvesting when she was done to swim over and give her a nuzzle-hug, speaking softly. "It brings me untold joy to hear you say that. For me, this will be a new beginning as well, a chance to be a real mother." Giving her a brief kiss, she smiled. "I admit, may need some guidance myself on how to properly raise a foal in a 'worry free' environment. In another life, they'd be raised to fend for themselves in an inhospitable world. I still beleive they should learn life-skills, but perhaps not with such intensity as my prior regimen entailed."
  14. A little late to the punch here, but may I interest you in an interaction with my nice little medicine mare? Well, she's not a medicine mare, per say, she's an alchemist, but her primary goal is to preserve life to the best of her ability. Her social circle hasn't expanded much, and I'd like to see how she interacts with other ponies and creatures. You can find an expedition she started here And the potion shop she runs is also open, if any of your characters feel like color shifting coats or potions that make you speak backwards :)-
  15. Twilight's explanation seemed to put the young queen at ease. It made sense, in a way. A high enough concentration of magic will, inevitably, have adverse effects on a creature's psyche. But then why wasn't Twilight being affected by it? Was she resistant to its affects, or simply too strong for it to affect her? She knew alicorns were phenomenally powerful beings, so that logic could checked out, but it didn't explain why it caused symptoms in Rose herself... Rose Compass, from the very first moment she gained any autonomy, was a researcher at heart. She studied, disected, and rationalized everything around her- specifically biology. Changeling queens were powerful entities in their own right, and with enough love, could theoretically possess unlimited power. She'd tested that theory out in her old life- which ironically nearly caused the death of her entire crew, and the creation of a legendary sea monster. ... Such was not the time for such ponderings, though. Twilight was eager and willing to understand an aspect of her culture, and she could respect that. "Well, Twilight, the ritual began as a way to comfort the citizens of Andalusia in war-times. The first Queen, Queen Moor I, would bless her knights before sending them off to battle, to keep them safe and ensure they return home to their waiting families. When the Great Plague of Seville swept through our fair country, many of our doctors perished before we could even identify the cause. By the time we realized what was happening, hundreds had succumbed to disease, and hundreds more were sick." "It was at this time that Queen Moor I approached a sick foal. The story goes that, with a few hushed words and her mere touch, the foal was cured. I'm certain there is more to it- probably an unreliable narrator and a generous amount of exaggeration- but I digress." "In Andalusia, we first invoke the name of Queen Moor- "In the name of The Queen"- to garner her attention. We then state our request- "may this foal experience unending joys in life, and never be alone". It is customary to wax poetic as well, "May the sirens sing your praise in the halls of Antemusia"." When she spoke that last part, she put a lot more emphasis into it, her voice almost seraphic. Raising her hoof out of the water, the magical surface swirled and glided up into the air in a graceful arc to land a meter above her hoof. It formed the shape of an egg, and similarly aquatic runes manifested around it, glowing a light blue. "This ritual may also include 'blessings' in a more literal sense, the sorts the Queen once placed upon her knights. Minor charms of protection and good luck to keep the foal safe, especially when they get into trouble." She smiled at this, a warm and tender expression as the runes engraved themselves in the glassy surface of the egg, causing the whole thing to light up a brighter blue. "Oftentimes a pony keeps these their entire life, or until they replace them with a stronger version to preserve magic. A normal cleric's charm will only last until they're about five years of age before it begins fading, but it is said that Queen Moor's blessings were not only more potent, but could be passed onto their next of kin as well. More fables, of course, but you understand the sentiment." Dropping the illusion, the egg and runes both collapsed back into the water, and she turned attention once again to the purple pony, swimming her way until they were just about nose to nose. She circled the mare once, briefly disappearing behind her- and then she would feel two hooves grip her shoulders and begin to softly knead them. Hopefully Aloe's teachings were not all for naught. "There is one last thing that may be bestowed upon the child, but it is an archaic practice even by Andalusia's standards. The bequeathement of a name. The parents have already chosen one by that point, but this is more akin to granting them a true name. When given by a particularly powerful cleric- or the monarch, obviously- it is believed to hold great power, much as my own cursed name which I shall not divulge, lest we attract unwanted attention."
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