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    Gaming, read, writing, drawing, and just about any creative activity you can think of that doesn't cost a dime.

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A drifter, I've spent a great chunk of my time floating from one place to the next, constantly searching for some solid ground to lay down roots. I have yet to do so, but that's no reason to stop searching. 


Other than that, I'm pretty good at keeping myself busy. I'm constantly looking up videos, reading half-decent novels and, what everybody I know knows me best for, drawing. If I can, I'll upload some of the stuff I work on here, and if we happen to get into a roleplay, I may even draw our characters. Usually I just make whatever's on my mind at the time, though.


Uh... I'm not sure what else to put here, so I'll leave it at that for now. Maybe I'll come back and edit later, or maybe not. Shrug

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