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  1. Hi there, I hope you enjoys this forum
  2. ((Ooops sorry Ashton, I forgot my char's age)) "Huh? Monster? Burn down the town?" Said Cinnamon confusedly. "And what treasure map?" Cinnamon was very confused "Well whatever I have missed, it must be that awesome." Said Cinnamon. She looked towards Trixie. "Uh... Miss Trixie did you sold that map to Scoot and TT?" Asked Cinnamon.... and she asked again. "Well Miss Trixie you couldn't break any promises." She said. "Imagine if your friend Miss Starlight Glimmer break any of her promises will you be sad?" Said Cinnamon.
  3. https://www.canterlot.com/topic/24841-frostinys-character-log/ Cinnamon stopped from her journey when she hears Trixie and Scootaloo talking "What's going on guys?" Asked Cinnamon "And who are the Dark lord Nizbal?" Cinnamon said that as she sat down "And why are you here young foal?" Asked Cinnamon toward Scootaloo. She stopped talking and asking question to everybody. "Oh yeah pardon me for not introducing myself, my name is Cinnamon Sugar but you could call me Cinnamon." She said that as she looked to Tongue Twister. "Are you ok?" She asked to Tongue Twister.
  4. [ UNICORN ] Cinnamon Sugar // Unicorn // Female // Young Adult // Profile Linked //Threads - Not Active Yet -
  5. Name: Cinnamon Sugar Gender: Female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Eye Colour: Baby Blue Character Colour: Cream Mane/Tail: The mane and the tail colours is caramel and the mane is ponytailed and her tail's style is braided Physique: Skinny but not too skinny she has an average height of a filly Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Baker Cutie Mark: Chocolate Donut. She got her cutie mark when her parents are exhausted from baking she helps her parents day and night until all of the food is done. Unique Traits: Could know if a food is tasty or not without tasting it History: Cinnamon was a foal born in Canterlot. Her life was very happy until her parents have another foal. Her father's name is Sugar Coat and her mom's name is Frozen Sundae and her younger sister's name is Creamy Milk. She life in Manehattan now she really like living there. She knows about Manehattan from her old friend. She wants to be the best baker in the whole entire equestria Character Personality: Kind -Hearted, Relax, Quiet, She likes sweets, exciting books, animals and parties, She dislikes spicy food, bullies, and boring books, she usually uses her magic to teleport her baking tools. Character Summary: She is a succesfull baker, she has a pet called beaks the chick. Her sister is a three hooves restaurant chef, they both usually met together in her parent's house.
  6. About me: I'm very active likes to meet new people How I found Canterlot.com: By browsing the inteternet How I became fan of MLP:FIM: I just really like it I can't describe it My favorite main pony: Rainbow Dash Hello everypony nice to meet you, I hope all of you accepts me
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