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  1. Gotcha, thanks! I'll make the change, and if I need to change back at any time let me know ^^
  2. I get whatcha mean. When I mean "almost identical" I mean the character (Bowsprit) will be exactly as his profile says. The only change is the above-mentioned age change for the character. I'll definitely resubmit it if I have to, just want to figure it all out first.
  3. Danke. If keeping the character almost identical, but changing the wording from "Older colt" to "Young Stallion" or simply "Stallion" count as a major enough change?
  4. So I've been desperately trying to get back into RPing, and one of the things I want to do is start changing around my characters a bit. Namely, is it okay to simply remove a character from a character log as long as they're not in an active RP? And if I had a character already up that I wanted to do an edit to (basically aging the character up a bit as part of an overhaul), is it okay to go ahead and do that?
  5. Rain Maker snorted in laughter. Ms.? Such a fancy title. She shook her head, while she shook his hoof. "Just Rain Maker, or simply Rain's good. And, well, welcome to Canterlot. If you're an architect with a hobby for gawking, you've come to the right place. Canterlot's probably one of the most beautiful cities in all of Equestria, second to Cloudsdale, and with Hoofington bringing up third place in the top three. Sucks that you can only see Hoofington and Canterlot, though," she said with a shrug. Cloudsdale was fun, but good luck doing anything up there without some serious mojo or some wings of your own. It just couldn't be done! "It's a nice enough city, really. If you're lucky you might see a celebrity, or even the Princesses themselves! And sometimes..." she kept on talking, not noticing that the stallion was looking off to her side somewhere. She stopped midsentence and turned around in a circle. "What, I got something on my- oh, hi there!" she said brightly to the newcomer, Shinygear.
  6. Rain Maker grinned a little wider. Good to see somepony that could take a joke. Most would have been offended, but this stallion seemed alright, and that was alright by her. She looked him over. The red stallion looked pretty average, nothing telling about his appearance really. A unicorn, so she guessed his job involved something with either heavy lifting or delicate work that couldn't be done by a blunt hoof. A glance at his cutie mark, she would have guessed architect, or perhaps a stonemason or something of the sort. Maybe one of those types that put gargoyles on all the old buildings! "You kidding? Canterlot has like, the best stairs," she joked, trotting over to extend a hoof. "I'm not. Name's Rain Maker. I'm an author, from Cloudsdale. I'm just here on a trip, that's all," she explained. "You don't seem like a local either, or from the Heartlands... gawking around like that," she added, ribbing him gently with her wing.
  7. Ah, Canterlot. A great city, if there ever was one. Rain Maker had flown in a few days ago, and while she'd visited Canterlot before, the blue pegasus always liked coming back. There was always something else to see and do there, and you would never be bored, really. That day, she was just on a walk around the city, looking for a place to have lunch if she could find a nice looking place. She trotted along, taking in the alabaster buildings that rose up everywhere. Canterlot was an absolutely gorgeous city to be sure, and she'd yet to find one so nice. Even her home of Cloudsdale wasn't as interesting as Canterlot, and Cloudsdale was made of, well, clouds! But that was average for a pegasus, while incredible, high-reaching buildings were something new, particularly if they were carved into the side of a mountain. She stopped every now and again and fished out her notebook from inside of her saddlebags, holding the pencil between her teeth and making quick notes about particularly interesting sections of town before moving on to the next. She'd just turned a street when she saw a stallion fall from the clouds! He tumbled right past her face before sprawling onto the ground. She blinked in surprise, and looked around. Ah, so he hadn't fallen from the skies, but instead, down the stairs. When Rain Maker finally clued into that, she turned to look at the red stallion who'd gotten up and started dusting himself off, and began to clap her hooves together. "Bravo! Well done! Give you two bits to do it again," she teased with a grin.
  8. Alright, I'll try making a post tomorrow morning when I'm off work. And Bellosh, Curio just goes wherever he can to find stuff to sell, so it wouldn't be too far fetched for him to go mining.
  9. I'll see about hacking together posts for those. I've fallen rather behind on the Bar one, and I'll have to find somepony to talk to. As for the factory, I'll look into it, thanks. Is it just a kind of walk around Canterlot thing? If so, I might make a post to clear the rust off.
  10. Hey, anypony remember me? It's been a while, I know. Work has slapped me to the curb and completely drained me of anything resembling creativity or motivation. But I want to try and fix that as best I can. I want to get back into RPing here, I just don't know where to start back up from (sorta) fresh. I also have a (probably only 5 days now) cast warning for Curio, my salespony. If anypony has an open RP or has plans for one and thinks my stable of characters has somepony interesting to slot in, drop me a line here or via PM.
  11. Oh dear. Sorry for the delay, but I'm back. I don't think I'm on the immediate next date, but I promise I'll get a post when it's my go 'round.
  12. Date #4 Bowsprit shrugged at Zelda's apology. "It's alright," he said sincerely. Best that she guess now and like she said, avoid it from being awkward. He did smile at her compliment, however. "Well, if you ever make it up to the Islands, drop by! I'll give you a tour of the place, free of charge," he said sincerely. He listened to the griffonness talk about how she ended up being a sculptor, nodding. It seemed like a fair way of doing it, getting by making your own pony forms to build armour on. And now he was rather interested in seeing one of her pieces, or even watch her work. He'd seen blacksmiths at it before, but with talons instead of hooves, he figured it might be different. "That's kinda awesome. You sell any of your pieces?" he asked, before smiling at her and nodding. "Once or twice. They show up around the Islands every now and again. On occasion I've taken my boat out and seen them swimming below, but haven't really had a chance to interact or talk with any seaponies or kelpies before. Love to though... I love the sea, would be interesting to talk to somepony who actually lives there! And yeah, I have a buncha stories, but we probably don't have time to really go over them, though. Maybe another time?"
  13. Apologies, work got me bogged down, but I'm posting now.
  14. Bowsprit's turn was up, so he checked the little slip of paper. First date... Zelda. He looked around for the table number and trotted over, hanging the nametag lanyard from around his neck and settling in across from the griffonness. Griffonness. Female. Oh boy. He smiled anyways as the young stallion sat down, and he leaned in to hear her whisper. He laughed softly and smiled. "Thanks. It's not a huge deal, but thanks. I'm Bowsprit!" he said, pronouncing the first part as "bao", as in, the part of the ship. "I'm from the Gallopocus islands, myself," he explained. The griffonness, Zelda, was actually pretty interesting, being a blacksmith. He'd seen one work before, a friend of his father's who helped create the brightwork and metal bits for their ships. "I'm a captain! I do tours out of the Islands, on my ship, the Tub Toy II! Don't worry, the first one didn't sink or anything. The first one's just my personal sailboat, that's all," he assured her. "So, you make art as a blacksmith? That's cool. Not a lot of call for weapons I'd guess, we're all peaceful and stuff. Do you do any bits for ships? Or just sculptures and all that?" he asked, rather interested. "And... I thought only ponies could join the REA?"
  15. Huh, just saw that. I'll try reuploading them. Edit: forgot, that thread's archived. Instead, Here's a few shots for reference guides. The first shot is the exterior, and the stairs are street level (as are the windows on the brick), the rest of the brick is belowground. The second and fourth shots are of the interior, and the third shot is the basement, which contains a pool table, a dart lane, a stage and karaoke machine, and a few tables.
  16. Muggo' watched over the bar with interest, looking at the crowds coming in. Young mares and stallions, all bright eyed and eager to find a special somepony. He smiled, pouring himself a cola while he passed out forms and pens to everypony that came in through the door. There got to be far too many to actually greet all of them, but hey, at least he smiled. "Dunder, b'y! How's ya gettin' on?" if there was one pony he'd always greet, it was Dunder, a great friend of his. "No food on tonight, b'y. Let me staff go home. But here," he said, pouring a cola for Dunder and looking at the other pony to address him directly, an earth pony stallion named Durham Red. "Aye, one boilermaker," he said, passing over the drinks. "Five bits," he added with a smile. Another got his attention as well, a zebra, Snow, with a request for cider. "Two bits," he said as he poured the drink for the stallion and smiling warmly. ----- [colour=#ff8c00]Down at the bar, Bowsprit found himself looking around to see who was coming in. It was quite the eclectic mix of ponies, to be sure. He had never been to an event like this before, or to be entirely truthful, had never actually dated before. The Gallopocus Islands were small, and he lived a little out of town. If he wasn't hosting a tour on the Tub Toy II, he was working on her or hanging out with his parents... or else just sailing for his own fun. He should have been born a seapony, some folks said. [/colour] [colour=#ff8c00]His eyes went around the room, taking in the folks. Lots of mares, and lots of stallions, the latter of which caught the young stallion's attention most of all. He never knew why, he'd just never been one to want to date mares. Two particular stallions caught his attention... one (Heart Monitor) had just walked in, and was filling out the form nearby. He looked at him for a moment before looking over at Charming Masquerade, not far away himself. Were they allowed to talk to others before the event began? Surely they were, otherwise it would get rather awkward in here, but wasn't the point to get to know ponies during the short date? He found himself unintentionally staring at Charming, lost in thought and not actually staring at the stallion himself, just into space.[/colour] [colour=#ff8c00]-----[/colour] [colour=#0000ff]Rain Maker, on her part, was quite amused looking around at the various patrons of the Prancing Pony, almost as much as she was interested in the curios on the wall. She got up from the barstool, her form tucked under a wing while the pegasus mare made her way to the wall, looking at a poster written in Itailian bearing the image of a group of red-uniformed pegasi flying in formation, with "Frecce Rosse" [/colour][colour=#0000ff]written underneath. It was signed, and kept in a glass case. She tilted her head for a moment, then turned around to see who was there. The griffons in attendance, Zelda and Razor interested her... she'd never dated a griffon before, or even really had a chance to interact with them all that much. Heck, she'd never even speed dated... what would one talk about? Her eyes kept going around the room... Snow was interesting, as a zebra (another race she hadn't had much occasion to interact with or date), and then there was Serendipity, who was seated just next to the blue-on-blue pegasus mare.[/colour] [colour=#0000ff]"Don't you look confident," she joked, grinning at the sunglasses wearing mare, one she had to admit was rather good looking, too. [/colour]
  17. Muggo' Ale passed around the flyers as everypony (and griffons, apparently!) entered and came up to the bar. A griffon was the first up to the bar, and Muggo' passed over a pen and the form. "Like to have that back, b'y. Don't want to lose all me pens tonight!" he said with a laugh. Next, a mare who ordered a drink. Typically, Muggo' Ale gave the first one free, but with all these ponies? No way. Next was a griffonness, whom he passed the speed dating form too. "Aye, that I am! So ya know Fire? How's she gettin' on? Ah, we can talk later, ya probably got real socializing to do," he told Zelda, passing her a cup of cider. "Today? Aye. If yer a friend o' Fire, yer a friend o' mine. But yeah, luck to ya." ----- Down by the door, a blue-grey pegasus mare with a darker mane and tail made her way into the bar. Speed dating, hmm? Sounded like fun! And it was something new, and Rain Maker was all about the new. She made her way to the bar to pick up a form and started filling out the questions on it, before taking a look around. She didn't recognize anypony, but there were a number of cute ones around, mares and stallions alike! The young mare couldn't wait to get talking... maybe she'd meet somepony interesting to talk to later! She settled in at the bar, looking at the various articles of stuff on the walls, from a Winter Wrap-Up vest to an old aerobatics poster on the wall. She was followed not far behind by a young orange earth pony stallion, with a bit of a scraggly mane and tail, though anypony in the know would recognize it as the mane and tail of somepony who was in the wind or on a boat more often than not. He was young, just recently a stallion, and he was looking for somepony. A friend, maybe even an actual coltfriend! He went to the bar to pick up a form and sat down next to Rain Maker, and he started to fill out the questionnaire himself. He was nervous, not having had many dates before, and also nervous that there wouldn't be another like him: a stallion that liked other stallions, that is. But then again, it didn't matter much. In the end, Bowsprit was going to have fun, that much was for certain!
  18. That works! Didn't get a chance to retcon his profile before it got archived, but Bowsprit is a young stallion given his job, so s'all good.
  19. Oh, I actually uh, just thought of something RE dates and characters and such and such. Who all here is playing a male character who would date another male character? If there isn't, I may slot out Bowsprit and replace him with Wind Rider. Just thought of that.
  20. If you were to ask Muggo' Ale why he decided to host a speed dating event at his bar, he'd give a very simple answer: "Just 'cause." So, when he closed the bar down for the general public that evening, he quickly cleaned up and reset it for speed dating. From the outside, the bar was 2 and a half storeys tall, with the half storey being brick at the bottom and windows that revealed the lower level. On the main floor, it was an average pub. A long bar stretched on the opposite side of the windows and door, and booths were spread across the walls of the room. He'd hung a sign, for the first time in a while, on a set of stairs to the left (facing the door) of the bar: "Downstairs - Darts, Karaoke, Pool Tables". Down below, it was an opened area. A few tables and chairs dotted the basement, but it was mostly home to the dartboard, stage, and ancient arcanotech karaoke machine. A place for a more quiet speed date, or to continue one with a friendly round of darts. The green earth stallion went to the door, turned the sign around to "Open", and opened the door, looking down the steps at the waiting crowd. "How's ya gettin' on? C'mon in!" he said brightly, stepping inside and heading for the bar. [Muggo's Profile contains a Minecraft build of his bar, for those interested.]
  21. "Yeah, b'y. Make most o' me own brews an' ciders, though some I get in from other places 'round Equestria," Muggo' Ale replied to Abbot, feeling a note of pride. He was very proud of his creations, because while it was little more than a concoction of water, hops, and barley, it could all change based on certain small factors. "No need, b'y. Everypony gets one," he said pleasantly, tipping his cap back and heading over to one of the casks. He started brewing some tea for Quillhart and Fire walker, passing it over to the ponies and taking a look around the bar. He heard a bit of lively commotion around downstairs, though everypony had come up and started talking to him and asking drinks. He didn't care to ask, long as the downstairs area was nice and clean. He whistled, listening in to the conversations a little as he cleaned out a mug with a rag. "So, bit o' adventure then? Sounds like a fun time."
  22. Yep! If you all would like, I can host the thread, or otherwise give you the bar description to run off of, Shadow.
  23. Well if we are using The Prancing Pony, Muggo's bar, that would be in Fillydelphia, but it's assumed everyone from everywhere can show up.
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