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  1. @PrinceBlueblood Ah, tysm! I'll be sure to do that, and possibly join the discord soon!
  2. I've heard of a CGI movie, but I wasn't sure if that was still happening. I'd love a sequel to the first FiM movie, though! Honestly, I'd love to know more about the Storm King and what his deal was. We don't exactly know much about him, and according to the prequel comic, even he didn't know what he was or where he came from, or why he was associated with storms. It's hilarious but quite interesting.
  3. Hey everypony! I'm a newbie here, so I don't quite know how this site exactly works yet.. I haven't roleplayed in quite a few years -about 2017-, so it's somewhat a bit rusty..? Anyway, my name is Neo! If you'd like, you can use my OCs name, Calamity. I don't mind! I'm a digital artist currently working on a Webtoon for my MLP AU! I'm also in a few other fandoms, such as FNAF, Gravity Falls, TOH, Monsterverse/Kaiju, OUAT, and AOT! Sometimes I'll randomly log in to Poptropica, just to feel the slightest bit of nostalgia and emotion, y'know?
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