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  1. Pennmin found himself chuckling proudly at the positive reaction to the change he made, glad to hear it was received well. Then came the subject of characters, one of the most important aspects to any story. Flipping to a new page in his notepad, he heard the pegasus out, and grew more and more intrigued by what she was saying. Her comment about the griffons of Griffonstone got a bit of a laugh out of him. "Well, I can't really say anything about them, since as far as I know, I've never really met any of 'em, but I'm liking the idea of everypony being out for themselves," he stated, jotting down some notes. "Might make the situation more dire, since the main character's gonna have to rely on himself to fulfill the prophecy." A brief look of realization crossed his face and he flipped back to the page with the plot summary on it, asking, "Oh, real quick, any thoughts on what the prophecy would be? Or do you wanna work on fleshing out the main character first?"
  2. Pennmin kept his eyes focused on the mare until it was clear she'd finished the summary, counting the words in his head. Sure, it was over the amount he'd set, but he didn't mind. He waved off the apology with a smile, stating, "Don't worry too much about it. The word limit's more of just a guideline I like to use. If it ends up being longer, then hey, no big deal." The stallion then got to work writing down a slightly edited version of the given summary, though the only modifications were to the exact phrasing of the final part, which had the added benefit of trimming the word count by four. When the question of the food and drink came up, the writer nodded happily. "Yeah, it's really good!" And yet, almost as soon as the words had left his mouth, the Earth pony realized he'd not actually taken even so much as a sip of his coffee. Hoping his host didn't notice this fact, he reached down and picked up the cup to remedy his predicament. The beverage was, of course, just how he liked it, which showed in his expression. It was so good he took another drink of the stuff, letting out a small sigh of contentment. Setting the cup back down, he turned his attention back to the story. "Now, before we continue, I wanna run a quick change by you to see what you think. It's just a bit of phrasing toward the end, but I think it could help sell the sort of desperation there seems to be to the situation." He paused to clear his throat, then read what he'd written: "A wayward soul. Trapped in a hostile land overrun with horrors. Only a vague prophecy can save him, for death is no escape."
  3. During the brief period of time Pennmin was by himself, he made for one of the couches. Of course, he hadn't gone very far by the time the mare returned. In fact, she'd caught him midstride when she came back, leaving him in an awkward position. He noticed there was quite a bit of food in addition to the drinks, and he'd be lying if he said it didn't look delicious. He waited until the princess had set everything down before continuing the trip he'd been on to take a seat. He started by pouring himself his coffee and putting in the requisite small amount of cream. Then, as his host inquired about the writing process, he picked up a piece of toast, spread some butter on it, and began munching on it. The Earth pony may not have been raised in high society, but he still knew it was rude to speak with food in his mouth, so he made sure to swallow his bite before explaining, "Well, personally, I start with a basic plot idea. That way there's a core in place for the rest of the story to be built from." He set his toast down and pulled out a notepad and a pen, one clearly designed for use on the go. Flipping the notepad open to a blank page, he continued, "Now, I know we both already know what the idea you came up with is, but for the sake of the notes - since I'll be using them to create the full version of the story - could you give me a summarized version of it in, saaaay...twenty words or less?"
  4. Pennmin found it hard not to smile at the greeting he received from what looked to be a princess. And considering where he was, he figured it was safe to assume she was indeed as she appeared. She certainly seemed quite nice, and he happily stepped inside and followed the mare to wherever she was leading him. He examined his surroundings as the pair went, but with how utterly fancy everything was, he couldn't decide if he felt more out of place out in public or here in the mansion. He almost didn't realize the pegasus had spoken to him until the two of them were nearing their destination. In fact, he seemed to literally snap back to reality, his head jerking to look in his host's direction as he awkwardly replied, "Of course, ma'am. I always enjoy getting to meet ponies who've sent in incredible story ideas." When they arrived at the sitting room, which gave off the same sort of "royalty live here" feeling the rest of the abode had so far, the stallion saw just how nice a simple room could be. Thankfully, he was paying more attention this time, and there was no uncomfortable pauses in his response. "If it's no trouble, may I have a cup of coffee with a little bit of cream in it, please?" he asked politely, albeit somewhat nervously.
  5. Being a writer can be pretty tough sometimes. After all, there's always the chance of suffering that accursed struggle for ideas known as "writer's block." Pennmin knew it all too well. He wasn't short on material, as he still had a not insignificant multitude of short stories written that have yet to see the light of day. But there's a difference between having stories available, and having stories that you want to see published available. Of course, he had a fair number of those too, though he felt there weren't quite enough for another book just yet. Of course, whenever the Earth pony was well and truly lost for ideas, he would put out a call to the general public via flyers to see if they had any for him. Each time he did so he got story premises equal in number to the advertisements he posted. Some of them had even been great enough in his mind to warrant a personal meeting with the ones who'd sent them in, and of the latest batch, one such idea arrived. He'd really enjoyed it, even though it was merely a basis for a larger story, and before long, he had a meeting scheduled with the pony who'd submitted it. Come the day of said meeting, and here he was. In Canterlot. Approaching a rather fancy mansion. All while looking and feeling highly out of place. He stared at the front door from a few feet away, breathing deeply to help calm his nerves. He'd never been here before, and was nervous about making a bad impression. After one final deep breath, he trotted up to the door and gave it a few knocks, then took a step back and waited to see what happened.
  6. (obvious sarcasm) "Charming. Feels like I might faint at any second."
  7. Sorry, got a good bit going on, and sometimes I forget to do stuff. He'd create some (rather basic) flyers and post them around town, offering folks a chance to have their story ideas heard by a published author. All they'd have to do is send him a letter with their idea and include the flyer in the envelope. And if he really likes it, he'll even offer to meet with them to work out further details about the story. (And if their idea becomes a full, published story, he'll give them 20% of the sales earnings.)
  8. I could see Pennmin advertising working if he's suffering from writer's block, yeah. He's mainly a fiction writer, sometimes (though not always) with fantasy elements added in, really just depends on the story. And yeah, he'd definitely want to meet her, especially if it's to work out a story.
  9. Aaaaahhhhh, sorry for not responding sooner! Guess I forgot to make sure I'd actually get notifications for this thread. >.<; The princess could certainly work. Pennmin would probably be more comfortable in Canterlot anyway.
  10. Well this is awkward. >.> Apparently, despite being something of a writer (both in-character and out of character), my brain has decided it doesn't want to come up with any ideas for RPs in which to use my recently approved writey boi. Guess I'm hittin' that early writer's block, eh? Fuuun tiiiiiimes... v_v So, uh...anypony got any ideas? Or maybe wanna chat and work something out together?
  11. I just started feeling really nervous about getting into RP here, and I'm not really sure why... I'm no stranger to joining RP sites, and it's not even like it's a fandom I'm unfamiliar with. Granted, I'm not the most knowledgeable on the actual plot of MLP:FiM, but I've still been around a fair deal. I at least have a general sense of what I'm doing. Why is this bothering me so much...

    1. Dunder


      It's alright, a lot of people get a bit nervous. But the best way to get over it is to jump in, or get talking and planning RP's which you are trying to do

    2. Cubbage


      me too ^^;;;;

  12. [PENNMIN] EARTH PONY/MALE/YOUNG STALLION A moderately successful writer from Seaddle, he tries to be friendly despite his natural shyness, and suffers from being an occasional workaholic and not always taking care of himself. Also bad at admitting to those latter faults. Did I mention he's afraid of the dark, failure, and public speaking? <THREADS> Toast Writing
  13. I've never actually been DM before, though I was always happy just being part of the campaigns. Part of me kinda wants to try DM'ing, but I'd have to make well and truly sure I have everything set up before I even consider going for it.
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