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  1. According to Season 10 (which only appeared as IDW comics), Zebras are like earth ponies in that they have superior strength and lifespan, but no real manifest magic. Abadas and Kelpies, who also come from Farasia, do, however, have manifest magic.
  2. Chat's been kinda dead for over a month, but sure xD
  3. "Well done, little fillies! Unfortunately, looks like Dartmouth takes all again. So now that you're familiar, you fillies wanna put a little skin in the game? Put some bits on the table?" he asked smoothly as he gathered the bets and cards from each player, shuffling as he waited for their response. "The bartender said we're not allowed to play with our own bits," Reflection chimed in. Dartmouth looked a little disappointed by this remark, clearly having hoped the two fillies would have forgotten that by now.
  4. Lope Lighthoof The earpiece was strange to get used to, but it didn't take long before it settled in and he could forget it was there. "Good idea," he said in response to Strong Copper's suggestion. "And remember to keep a low profile. We don't want to spook the locals. After all, we still don't have confirmation that there's really something to be afraid of out here." He then waited for Tangent to give the OK to roll out. Tangent Line Agent Line looked strangely at the griffon's night vision gear. "Maybe I should cast a night vision spell on you... That light might scare away whatever it is we're hunting, plus it could wake up the locals." she suggested. Copper made the suggestion about checking in regularly, which she agreed with. Lighthoof commented about keeping a low profile, which she whole-heartedly agreed with -- part of the reason she wanted that... thing floating above the griffon's head extinguished. "Agreed. Have an excuse in mind in case someone asks why you're out so late. Honesty might be an element of harmony, but it certainly isn't an element of stealth."
  5. Cloudy had to put her head down a bit to hide the giggles trying to make their way out of her stomach after watching just how quickly Windy snarfed the pie. It was probably a side-effect of being pregnant, after all, and she didn't want to offend. "That is quite reasonable!" she said in response to the prices. "Don't worry, I've got it covered. I budgeted this whole trip! Being cloud machine technician might not be the highest-paying job in Equestria, but I make enough for trips like these with some left over to spare!" she took a sample bite of the pie and -- Oh wow. Her face lit up as the flavor coated her tongue. It was everything Windy described and more! By far one of the best -- if not the best -- pies she had ever had! She quickly mimicked Windy's approach at eating it, devouring the entire slice in moments. Now she understood. "Wow. Just wow. That was amazing!! It was so good!!" she returned her tongue to the plate to lap up any crumbs or specks she had missed, then gave the area around her mouth a swooping lick to clean it, as well. "I see what you mean now when you say you could eat a whole one! You weren't kidding!" she laughed at herself for being so sloppy with the pie.
  6. So it was about the meeting... This wasn't good. If word got out about the meeting... Who knows what might happen?? What if the royal guard heard! Surely They'd see it as a sign of insurrection! Twinkle could be jailed, or worse... For now though, this pony seemed to be quite receptive. In fact, she mentioned that her talent was similar to Twinkle's own. "Ah yes, a uh... Meet and greet. Well really, it's more of a... uh..." her mind struggled for a name for it that wouldn't arouse suspicion. Would any name arouse suspicion? Was she overthinking the danger of this meeting? No matter, you could never be too careful when organizing a long coup. Think!! "A club. It's a club. Like the Canterlot Society for the Preservation of the Night Sky, or the Coltumbia Rotary Club, that kind of thing. Only this one... Is a little more political than that. But that's not important!" she said, trying to change the subject from her (highly illegal) secret meeting that was apparently not-so-secret anymore. "You mentioned you also do predictions? What sort, if you don't mind me asking?" Her mind was still reeling and panicking that this pony knew about the meeting. She was going to have a talk with her cousin...
  7. Twinkle looked at him intently as he expressed his fears over something or somepony having it in for him. A feeling like that was not to be taken lightly. "That sounds pretty serious... I do hope you're just paranoid. But I think we should do a reading or two just to be sure. I have a variety of methods I use in instances like these. I think we should start with either tarot cards or tea leaves. Just a matter of which... How thirsty are you?" she asked. She closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment, and her tarot deck and a tin of tea teleported into the air around her head. When she opened her eyes, a brief look of elation flashed across her face, and she set both items down on the table between the two. It was unclear whether or not she had heard his last question about artifacts. If she did, she had either forgotten about it or chosen to ignore it, though it was possible she simply hadn't heard him.
  8. Lope Lighthoof As they continued their patrol, Lope was feeling especially on edge. He couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched, but every time he turned around, there was nothing to suggest that such suspicions could be correct. Then midway through an alley, he heard something, and judging by the instant reaction of his trainer, she had, too. It sounded like a yelp! A trash can was knocked over, too, which meant there was probably a struggle! The two ponies didn't even look at each other before doubling back and sprinting their way towards the sound. His cutie mark sprang into action as he sprinted, ignoring the slight pain in his back leg. But when he burst out of the alley at a canter, what he saw was not what he had expected. There sat a perfectly normal areion, clutching his wing, a trash can knocked over beside him. Perhaps the foalnapper had released him? A moment or two later, Tangent arrived behind him and seemed equally confused at the sight before them. "Are you alright??" he asked frantically, whipping his head around to see if there was possibly a creature within sight. "Were you attacked??" Tangent Line Agent Line's ears picked up the cry at the same moment Lighthoof's did, but he was faster on the draw. Having an athletic cutie mark gave him the edge over her when it came to things like that. As she sprinted after him, she charged her horn with a stun spell, preparing to fire on anything they encountered. When she got to the end of the alleyway, however, it was not an encounter they found, but rather what looked to be the aftermath of one. The areion didn't look particularly harmed, but did appear to have put up a fight against whatever had attacked him. Her partner was faster to speak than she was, and when she did speak, she was much less empathetic than him. "Why are you out this late? Don't you know there's a town-wide curfew? Even for areions, being out alone is incredibly dangerous. The last three ponies who were are now missing. And if you thought your flying could save you, clearly you were wrong. But even so, you should have had the forethought to know that if a pegasus had been nabbed, your wings would be of little use to you. Unless..." Agent Line had never really trusted areion in the past. They were shifty, creepy, and continued to pay homage to Princess Luna during her exile as public enemy number one. But now her suspicions were growing slightly. A ring of nocturnal ponies would make sense. They could get around in the sky unnoticed, had exceptional dark vision, which would give them an advantage over the the more flight-adept Pegasi at night, and could be out during the night because they didn't sleep. She listened to his answer with a high degree of scrutiny.
  9. "So then, boys, what shall we do to celebrate our maybe-birthday? Gift exchange?" (he opened a red package with gold ribbon and removed a large white elephant, which he promptly shoved into the cloud, increasing its volume) "Get the guys together and play Ogres and Oubliettes? Ooooh or perhaps my favorite, spread a little bit of chaos? Y'know, salt life a little bit and give it some flavor?" The cloud itself began sprinkling salt on the ground down below, which caused the flowers and other vegetation to grow faces and arms and start in a quiet, gibberish musical number. "It has been a while since we bugged Celestia. Don't you think she's bored with retirement? Perhaps we should show her a good time! Remind her of what fun it can be to indulge in a little disharmony?" he tapped his fingers together and gave a mischievous smile as he finished. "Of course, normally I would never suggest such a thing. We're reformed after all," (a halo appeared over his head and his wings transformed to angel wings for a moment before he continued) "But it might be our birthday! And I think for that we should be allowed to let our hair down a bit!" he ran his hand down the back of his head, and as he did, his mane transformed to resemble that of Princess Celestia's. "Don't you boys agree?" a reverse chord played in the background, reminiscent of his pre-Fluttershy days.
  10. Morning Glow still had many questions, but assumed they'd be answered in due time. The headmare, or headmaster, or-- Ugh, this pronoun thing was going to be difficult. But nothing she couldn't handle! Actually, she was very intrigued and impressed with whatever potion he took to transform himself into "Bluebelle". She assumed the transformation was permanent, well at least until s/he took another sip, in which case there was some powerful transfiguration within that cup of tea. She wondered which ingredients and/or spells might have gone into its creation, and whether it was a product of pony magic or zebras. She did, however, raise her hand for one last question as the archchancelor was departing. "Um, Archchancelor? I know classes start tomorrow, but when do we receive our schedules? I don't think one was included with my paperwork, though my parents might have missed it when it was mailed to them..." She wanted to know exactly where she would be going on the morrow because although she was already familiar with the layout of the school, she still wanted to be early to classes on her first day.
  11. "Honestly, you two, I thought we were taught better manners than to start eating before all the other guests had arrived?" Discord said, appearing seemingly instantaneously with the change of camera angles, revealing him to be on the other side of the cloud from the first Discord to arrive. Of course, as he ridiculed the other two, he himself took a bight of an inverted cucumber sandwich -- that is, a cucumber cut in half with the bread and other condiments between the two long pieces of vegetable. "And here I thought we were reformed!" He rolled his eyes before finishing the rest of it in another bight. "Now remind me what the big occasion is? The last time I saw any of you was when I was preparing the house for Fluttershy to come for a tea party. Terrible advice you all gave me, by the way. 'Make things normal,' they said." He spit a raspberry to the air. "Yeah right. I told you Fluttershy prefers our true self to some facade." to accent his point, he removed his face like a cheap party mask and tossed it aside, leaving his true face (which was completely unchanged) exposed to all.
  12. Tangent took a wary step back from the tear in reality, and again warily accepted a headset. "Personally, I feel magic is a bit more reliable, But I'm willing to compromise for the evening," she said as she slipped it into her ear and watched her junior do the same. In response to the copper stallions remark, Tangent simply said, "I couldn't agree more. We should fan out. I assume you both have some way of improving your vision in the dark?" she asked. Meanwhile, Lope waited patiently. Though Strong Copper had been suspicious of him only a few minutes earlier, Lope was actually coming to like this pony. He seemed sensible, and from the sounds of it, he wanted to avoid an argument as much as Lope did. Tangent also seemed less temperamental tonight, as she accepted the griffon's way of doing things with little fuss. He hadn't known her to be this docile in the past. Maybe it was the surprise of cooperation catching her off guard? "Copper, cover Southside. Lighthoof, take North. I'll cover East. Blackclaw, you're on West. Your aerial reconnaissance will be valuable, so I hope you came ready to spend a couple hours in the air. Don't be stupid. Any of you. If you see something suspicious, call it in before you investigate. The last thing we need is someone injured or worse on what should be a simple investigation. Everyone clear?" Ok, so maybe the idea of running a team was starting to go to her head a little...
  13. Hi! I read your character app, and while I don't have any ideas off the top of my head, I bet we could figure something out! My character log is linked below which has a list of all the characters I play! If you see any you think would be a good match, I'm open to RPing with you (I love RP, but be warned, I tend to get swamped with homework because silly me can't work when he's not stressed for some strange reason xD ; P)! If nopony on the list strikes you, I love making new characters, too, so if you have any ideas, I am sure I can come up with somecreature to introduce! Let me know what you decide! And feel free to contact me on Discord (I respond a lot quicker there hahaha)!
  14. Also, sorry for submitting that status like 12 times. I pressed the "Submit Status" button, and nothing happened. So I just kept pressing it and finally reloaded the page and saw what I had done. Please forgive me

  15. To all those who are waiting on posts from me, I apologize. I have fallen behind in my psychology class, which, coupled with trying to stay on top of nutrition and history, has been eating a ton of my time. I hope to get a new wave of posts out by Wednesday, July 7th. I'll start with any group RPs I'm in so those can continue. Again, I am sorry, and thank you for your patience 😬

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