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  1. It was over an hour and a half before Cloudy made it back to the hotel. She was flustered, and had turned around multiple times to grab things she had forgotten, but she hoped she hadn't kept him waiting for too long... When she arrived back in the lobby, she tried to compose herself. This was a nice place after all. But ohhhh.... She couldn't see her new friend (she'd forgotten his name again!) anywhere! Had he given up and left without her? She trotted over to a seat and sat down. Maybe she'd wait a bit. He might take a while to get unpacked like she did. And besides, they hadn't exactly set a time to meet up. He just said they should get lunch together. That sounded fun. Lunch with friends was always a treat! Come to think of it, she couldn't think of a single pony she called a friend with whom she hadn't had a meal... Must be her thing! She'd had multiple lunches with Thunderwing, and he'd payed every time! Such a good friend! There was the lunch with Wind Dancer in Los Pegasus, and now this one! She must have eaten over a hundred lunches just with friends! The thought made her smile. She found some entertainment in a trinket on a decorative table while she waited.
  2. I feel i should mention that S.M.I.L.E. is a canonical organisation. It's the secret agency that Bon Bon discloses she was a part of in "Slice of Life," and it was later expanded upon in the book "Lyra and Bon Bon and the Mares of S.M.I.L.E." (i can send a link if you'd like to read it. it's actually pretty good)
  3. they are brown horseshoe shapes
  4. just updated my bio... please don't hate me...

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      If anyone's been giving you a hard time, please let me or one of the staff know.  We don't want this to be a community where there's hostility.

  5. Cloudy gave a sympathetic expression. "I'm super relieved to hear that. That sounds awful! I'm glad you got to live your dreams, though! If you hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten to see that spectacular performance!!" Cloudy was glad to hear she wasn't the only one who found distaste at the idea of eating fish. She perked up at the mention of pie, though. "Strawberry. Silk. Pie??? Three of the most delicious sounding words combined into one meal?? Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing!! I can't wait to try it!" She trotted gleefully, following Windy's lead to the restaurant.
  6. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Johdpur, Alias Lope Lighthoof Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: Sky blue with a white strip down his muzzle Mane/Tail: Navy blue Physique: Fairly average physique for a stallion, think the Doctor Hooves template Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Secret agent of the Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria (S.M.I.L.E.) Cutie Mark: Johdpur’s cutie mark appeared as a colt when he ran in the Running of the Leaves in Ponyville, where he was born. He wasn’t a part of the main event, of course, because he was too young, but he ran in the foals bracket. He and a pegasus wound up neck and neck in the last hundred metres of the track, and he was able to push himself forward, winning by a horse length. His cutie mark (three hoof prints) appeared, affirming that his athleticism was his destiny. Unique Traits: As a trained agent, Johdpur has picked up several skills along the way. He is a gifted charlatan, which makes him good at undercover operations, as well as a good lie detector; he was trained back before the transformation of the changeling hive, and therefore was trained on how to spot them, facial expressions and gestures being one of those methods. History: Johdpur was born and raised in Ponyville, and grew up with all the accompanying traditions, including Winter Wrap-Up, the Running of the Leaves, and many more. He was always outgoing as a colt and enjoyed all sorts of outdoor games and sports. he even seemed to have a knack for them. After winning the foals’ bracket in the Running of the Leaves one year, he earned his cutie mark in just the kinds of games and sports he loved. As a young stallion, Johdpur tried out for and made the Ponyville buckball team, replacing Pinkie after she retired. He made his name as a talented player, though he never gained national popularity like his predecessor had. On a return trip from the national championships, Johdpur’s train was derailed suddenly by a passing Ursa Major. Enraged by the pain of being struck, it began to tear the cars apart. Johdpur was still recovering from the impact as the car before them was crushed beneath the great bear’s paws. He knew he had to act fast. Adrenaline propelled him through the nearest opening just before the car was ripped apart. Only two other ponies escaped the carnage. And the monster still had several cars to go. Suddenly, popping sounds were heard all around as unicorns in black vests and sunglasses suddenly appeared around the Ursa, confusing it. They brought with them earth ponies and pegasi in matching attire, who immediately began rescue efforts on the other cars while the unicorns kept the Ursa Major at bay with magical beams. Johdpur did what he could to help, and managed to rescue a couple of foals who were trapped near the front. Most of the ponies were evacuated by the time the engine exploded. At length, the Ursa Major was tranquilized, and aerial support arrived to move it out of the area. Airships also landed to supply trauma support and medical care for the wounded while they awaited another train, which took it’s time in arriving. Before boarding, each pony was shown a hoof mirror by a unicorn and was explained where their injuries had come from and why they hurt the way they did. Their story was that the train had derailed, but that paramedics had helped them. No one on board would remember the Ursa Major or the Mares in Black. Johdpur was one of the last to get on. He had sustained a fairly severe hindquarter injury which he did not notice until it was pointed out to him by the paramedics, who treated him for it immediately. He looked into the mirror, unaware, as the others had been, that his memory was about to be altered, when the unicorn stopped. She commented on Johdpur’s bravery and skill in the situation and invited him to join their secret agency. He would have to leave his Ponyville life behind. According to everyone who knew him, he would have died in the train accident. The unicorn gave him a choice between not remembering the traumatic experience as it was, or becoming an agent of the Secret Monster League of Equestria. After some deliberation, Johdpur signed on. Training was rigorous, and lasting effects of his leg injury often held him back, but it was worth it. Johdpur moved from city to city, confirming changeling sightings, capturing escaped prisoners of tartarus, and running damage control on various monster attacks. He was no longer known as Johdpur. He was officially Agent Lope Lightfoot of S.M.I.L.E. Currently, he operates out of the Manehatten Hidequarters, but he is prepared to relocate at the drop of a hat. He works closely with his Unicorn partner, Agent Delta Hoof (to be apped later) Character Personality: Lope is friendly and able to fit himself into virtually any social situation (part of what makes him such an effective agent). He is confident in himself to the point of being somewhat prideful. Character Summary: Lope Lighthoof is a proud but overall kind pony who was involved in a traumatic event as a young stallion and as a result became a member of a secret monster defense agency which is in danger of collapse due to replacement by the STAR force. He has no friends, and according to all those he used to know, is dead. He can fit into virtually any social situation and is a proficient runner, though his back leg makes this more difficult for him than it used to be.
  7. all these people with talent making me feel jealous xD amazing work!!
  8. "Alright! I'll leave you to it then!" Cloudy said, turning back towards the entrance. She turned back as Wind called to her, then accepted the lanyard and placed it in a pocket in her saddlebag. "Oh! Hahaha That could be important! Good thing you remembered! Now let's just hope I can do the same..." she said, rolling her eyes at herself, knowing her tendency to forget things exactly like this. She turned to leave again, but then stopped and turned back towards Wind. "By the way, I don't know if I said this before, but in case I didn't, thank you so much for inviting me!! This is seriously one of the coolest and kindest thing anypony has ever done for me! I swear I'll find a way to repay you! Thank you!!" And with that, she turned and trotted gleefully to the exit, giving another little squeal of excitement before rushing through the rotating door and flying up to the sky to get to her aunt's as soon as possible. Her aunt and uncle were cordial and kind as always, and insisted she fully unpack and have a bite to eat before she left. Her uncle owned a place on restaurant row that they took care of together, so they took food very seriously. In her excitement, Cloudy left her list behind and rushed straight back for the hotel to meet Wind. With any luck, she wouldn't keep him waiting too long...
  9. Using RP as a motivator; only replying between assignments.

  10. i feel like there are a lot of possibilities for rp with Discord and Sombra, as well as with Rose and Cloudfeather. I'll think up some ideas and get back to you. Let me know if you think of anything too!
  11. "That sounds like a plan to me!" She squealed slightly, then abruptly remembered where she was and regained her composure as she wrote down the information Wind had given her. "Sorry! Hahaha I just can't wait!! This is going to be so much fun!!" She did a little gallop in place, then regained her composure again. "Anyway, I should probably head to my Aunt's house soon to drop off my stuff. Do you need help getting your bags to your room, or have you got it covered?"
  12. Cloudy crinkled her nose at the mention of fish. What kind of pony would eat fish? She supposed it made sense for malnourished ponies in danger of starvation, but for ponies today to carry on the tradition? It didn't make much sense. It also brought her memories of a seapony who had enlightened her to the fact that fish have thoughts and feelings just like any other animal. She didn't think she could stomach a fish, knowing what she knew now. "I think I'll hold off from the fish for now," she said. "Besides, who'd want a nasty little fish when they serve something that sounds as awesome as a Hurricane Salad??" As they approached the door, Windy mentioned what sounded like a very painful experience with a revolving door she had. She tucked her wings in tightly as they went through, unfurling them only once they reached the other side. "Oh my goodness! That sounds awful! And right after surgery, too? Did you have to go in for another??" She looked concernedly at her own wings, thinking of what might have happened if she'd been more careless. She dared a poke towards the door with her wingtip and yelped slightly when it plucked a feather as it made its rounds. It didn't hurt, but it certainly startled her. "I see why you're afraid of those!" she said, backing away from it.
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