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    Sword fighting, roleplaying, world building, linguistics, astronomy (ok, pretty much just science in general)

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    Cloudfeather (Pegasus)

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About Me

Hi! I'm a fun-loving person and very into the world of MLP:FiM. I love the lore and world building of it all! I'm young, but of age. I live in the USA. I'm very interested in linguistics and all forms of science, especially astronomy and chemistry (the latter of which I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to study T_T ). I enjoy a good sword fight (either participating or watching [I love the Highlander series and Demon Slayer is my favourite manga) and I play D&D. I love a good conversation, so feel free to DM me at any time on Discord or here! I am always excited and willing to RP, so please shoot me a message if you want to try anything! I'm always game!


Also, I feel I should mention something to avoid further confusion, because not mentioning it has gotten me into a bit of trouble recently... Biologically, I am male. I am not transgender or gender dysphoric, nor am I bisexual, and yet for some reason, I prefer RPing female characters, hearing myself referred to with female pronouns, and just overall being feminine (I enjoy crossdressing. Haters gonna hate).


Anyway, thank you for accepting me into your wonderful community!

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