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  1. Lope was already around the corner and making his way down the next street when he heard the shot go off. His training put him into auto pilot, and his athletic cutie mark propelled him back in no time, ready to face any threat. There! A griffon? What was a griffon doing here? Assessing the situation on his way, he determined nothing hostile was going on -- at least not at the moment. He skidded to a stop by Strong Copper. "What's going on here?? Is everypony alright??" he asked frantically. His trainer, a scarlet unicorn with auburn hair, wasn't far behind him, having been on the way to him already. "I heard a stun spell! What happened??" Her horn was charged and ready to attack as she looked between the three creatures before her.
  2. Twinkle backed into the entryway as this other pony circled her. Most of what she was saying didn't make sense, at least not at first. She gathered from the jumble though that she must make predictions like her. How interesting. Even more interesting, however, was that this strange pony knew her name. "Um... Yes, that is my name. And actually, my aura is green. Like my eyes." She demonstrated by manipulating the door back to its shut position. "Lovely Craft, you said your name was?" she offered a tentative hoof. "I'm Twink-- but of course, you already know that. In fact, you seem to know quite a bit about me... May I ask where you got your information from?" She tried to maintain appearances, but was most definitely not comfortable around this pony's sudden... presence. She had a strange aura about her. Strange, and yet somehow... familiar. Had they met before and Dawn just didn't remember? Is that how this pony knew so much about her?
  3. This thread takes place during the events of Season Four of FiM, hence the title "Memories" The sun was beginning to rise, illuminating the Canterlot observatory better. For the first time in more than two hours, Twinkle Dawn looked up from her parchment. She had been charting stars and trying to write horoscopes all night to submit to the local newspaper, but nothing was coming to her. She looked around at the decor and the large telescope. It was the best one in Equestria, so they said. Adjustable scope, extremely powerful, and decorated in beautiful gold and polished wood. She had been using it for years to talk to the heavens. But now, it seemed the heavens had closed to her. It had been more than three months since her discharge, and she still was having trouble with her predictions. It seemed they relied largely on her confidence in her own abilities, and tonight, she just hadn't had any. She sighed, balled up the parchment, and tossed it into the nearby wastebasket. The day workers would be here shortly to open the observatory to the public, and she usually liked to be gone by the time that happened. Oh well. There was always tomorrow, right? She perked up, trying to stay positive. If her visions and predictions relied on confidence, then she would just need to fake it till she made it! Still, the nagging doubt remained with her... She before closing up the observatory, she felt that she should check one last star in the sky. It was Venus. It was rising with the sun, and she decided to rotate the roof and telescope to get a better look at it. After studying it for several moments, it slowly faded away with the rising of the sun. She wrote down her impressions and then studied what she had written. "Today is a good day to make a new friend." Well, it wasn't much, but it was something. She supposed she could stay up a little longer if it meant following the guidance of the stars. She closed up the observatory and looked over a note she had exchanged with her cousin, detailing the location and time for the first meeting she would have with her potential followers. In a week, she was going to be giving a speech in front of at least fifty ponies, trying to convince them that she was princess material. She needed to get her confidence up before then. Otherwise, no one would believe her. For now, though, she needed to focus on following the stars. They had sent her a message. Make a new friend. Simple enough, she reasoned. Canterlot was full of ponies. All she had to do was talk to one. As she opened the door to the street, she came face to face with one. The pony seemed to be here to visit the observatory. "I'm sorry, the observatory doesn't open for another hour. Can I help you?" she asked, assuming the pony's intentions.
  4. The barkeep did not look to be in a very patient mood. "Not at any of my tables, you aren't. You look barely old enough for cutie marks, now skedaddle!" At a table behind them, however, another stallion spoke up. "Aww, c'mon Marukas! Let 'em have their fun! They can't learn gamblin's bad if they don' ever try it!" The two stallions argued a bit. It was clear the barkeep was firm in his stance, and that the other stallion was seeking some kind of amusement by advocating for the fillies. "A tavern isn't a place for fillies!" "It ain't like we're givin' 'em hard cider or takin' 'em upstairs! Relax! They just wanna play some cards! Heck, I'll let 'em use some of my bits if it makes ya feel better!" Finally, the bartender caved, but only on the condition that the two fillies keep their own bits to themselves, and that any they won stayed with them. He also refused to serve anything harder than water to the table where they sat until after they left. "And I'm keeping my eye on you, Dartmouth. You make one backwards comment while those two are over there, and you'll never set hoof in this tavern again! Y'hear?" The other stallion agreed, keeping his cool and escorting the fillies over to his table. "Now, you foals ever play blackjack?" he asked as he sat them down. Several other stallions and one mare laughed a bit as the two joined their table.
  5. Hey! I need as many people as possible to fill out this form! Pretty please?? *filly eyes*

    Thank you so much! It's for a college class I'm taking!


  6. Reflection was actually a little surprised at Karakusa's desire to be honest. She had taken her for the kind of pony who would do anything to get in an extra bit. She supposed, however, that Kara was still a filly, however, and probably still carried with her the innocence of youth. As they entered the tavern, they found many of the same ponies who had fled Iron town, presumably stopping here either on their way to larger settlements or to try to take up a new life now that their home had succumbed to the forces of chaos. Reflection only hoped this village wouldn't soon fall to the same fate... Their immediate greeting was from the barkeep, who shouted, "Turn your flanks around, fillies! This is a place for stallions and mares! We don't serve hard cider to foals!" Reflection sighed. Being reminded of her juvenile body was not only annoying, at times it could be downright depressing to remember that she had years to gain back before anyone would treat her like an adult again.
  7. "Hm..." the other filly thought aloud. "Maybe it will be! At least for 24 hours!" Her horn glowed, and an aura appeared around the coins. After a moment, their shapes blurred, and they divided like cells into six. "There! Now we have six silver bits! Half of them will disappear tomorrow, though, so we'll have to get back on the road pretty quickly."
  8. Reflection seemed hesitant. "I don't know, Kara..." she started, "I don't have a ton of bits left, and even if I did, they're not from this world. They're Equestrian bits. I was counting on the barkeep in Iron Town to not look too closely at them before we left, but I'm sure ponies at a gambling table will be much more perceptive. Unless you have bits of your own to spare, I think it'd be safer to just lay low..."
  9. Cubbage


    Pleased to meet you! Welcome to the server! I'm so jealous that you do digital art! I can't draw worth anything hahaha I watch artists on YouTube because it's so cool to me and I wish I could do it!
  10. Reflection laughed. She seemed to be relaxing a bit as they departed from the center of what she was certain was armageddon. "I suppose you're right. I know we're going to need plenty ourselves..." By the end of the day, their hooves were sore, but they had finally wandered their way into a small town, which looked to be more of an outpost for travelers than an actual town. There was a small inn, a tavern, a general store and stable, and one or two houses, but for the most part, that was it. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I have the bits for cider before bed. Unless we want to try our luck at a gambling table, I say we find a room and turn in for the night. What do you think?"
  11. Cubbage


    Welcome to the site! Always good to see a new face! Don't worry if you're having trouble getting the hang of things. Everyone takes a bit to grasp onto it. It was super nerve racking for me. Once you get into your first RP, it makes a lot more sense. That being said, I have Discord and DMs here if you want any help or need an RP partner! Great to meet you! Also, horror is horrifying. AAAAH!
  12. Dawn's eyes perked up at the mention of the word amulet. It brought her thoughts to the amulet she was currently seeking, and she wondered if perhaps this stallion would know anything of its location... Best not ask that just yet. She didn't want to create unnecessary suspicion. Bringing up magical artifacts that had once been used for evil often did that, even though her intentions were nothing of the sort. "Well that sounds like quite the project! Please let me know when you've completed it! I'd be very interested in one. I have something of a love for magical artifacts myself. "As for me, I'm just a humble astrologer. Once upon a time, I was in the same class as Twilight Sparkle at the School for Gifted Unicorns. I was even named royal astrologer after graduating. Unfortunately, I was stripped of that title after a certain minotaur escaped from Tartarus and I was unable to provide the princesses with a warning before they received their own. I still remember the dream I had of an entity escaping the prison, more than a year before Tirek attacked. But I was told I was crazy then, and that I was wrong. If anything, I was told that I probably saw Cerberus leaving his post and just mistook it for a prison break. Princess Celestia assured me that agents had checked the prison and that all inmates were accounted for. "But I'm not bitter about it. I'm much happier here, honestly. There's a lot less at stake in the event that I'm wrong. And I know my discharge was probably just the result of two panicked princesses grappling with the idea that the fate of Equestria was hanging in the balance, and they probably just needed somepony to blame. I'm sure if I had gone back and asked for my old job, they would have apologized and forgiven me. But I didn't want it back, and I still don't. I have my sights set on much higher aspirations." As she finished her monologue, the tea kettle began to whistle. She hopped to her hooves and levitated it to the counter, simultaneously walking to a cupboard and removing two teacups. "Are you partial to any kind of tea? I keep a variety here so that I can drink whatever I'm in the mood for on a given night."
  13. Well, so much for delaying the dragon. And now Strong Copper was going to be suspicious of him. Probably would be best to part ways about now. "I'm just staying at the local bed & breakfast. I can walk myself back. You sure you don't want any help out here, though? More eyes might be helpful. Of course, I understand if Spike made you suspicious of me. I guess it's not common to wander around at night, and just my luck that there would be a shadow demon stalking the streets the night I can't sleep." He sighed. "Well, on the bright side, I think I'm finally getting tired enough to sleep. Now the question will just be whether any nightmares wake me up. It was nice to meet you. I'll head back now." And with that, he turned away from the unicorn and started towards his hotel. Hopefully, Strong Copper wouldn't follow. Then he could double back and start tailing the pony. If he had a talent for finding monsters, then Lope would most likely want to be near him. He'd be the most likely to spot the creature first. If Strong Copper did follow him, though, well... "Horseapples," he muttered, defeated. "I'm on my way," came a response in his ear. Hopefully she'd be able to resolve a situation if one arose. If not, it'd still be nice to fill her in on everything he had learned, and especially on the possibility of S.T.A.R. agents en route.
  14. Dawn recalled the day vividly. It had been quite frightening. His explanations all seemed to make sense. At the mention of the Princess of Friendship, a hint of malice, unnoticed to the untrained eye, flashed across Dawn's face. She surpassed the thought, however, and continued the conversation. "Why would anypony run off in fear of you? You seem charming enough! I'm certainly not afraid of you! I doubt you would hurt anyone on purpose unless you had a very good reason." She smiled reassuringly to show him that she did indeed trust him. After all, if he were dangerous, the stars would have warned her. "But I digress. You're stressed about a project? What project might that be? I'm sure it's something fantastical! Perhaps the reason you were guided here is so that I might assist you in some way, either by relieving your stress or providing some component necessary for its completion?"
  15. Great... Now he was the object of both of their suspicions. "What? A prank? Of course this isn't a prank! And I'm not a shadow pony, either! Until tonight, I didn't even know there was a shadow pony! I just... worry about calling in royal assistance. Something about it just gives me the heebie jeebies. Maybe I'm just in denial about there being a possible monster attack on my vacation spot and calling in royal assistance will make it all seem too real to me. I don't know. I just think maybe we should get a little more info on what we're dealing with before we call the princess." Being in the spotlight wasn't his forte. He was supposed to stay out of it as part of his job description, in fact. Now that he had gained their suspicions, the spotlight was where he was, and he needed to do what he could to get out of it. Then he saw it again. Out of the corner of his eye. There was something there, and then there wasn't, almost like it had just appeared long enough to be noticed and then vanished as instantly as it had come. His head jerked towards where it was, but not nearly fast enough. "Did you guys see that...?" he asked, pointing in the direction of the motion.
  16. Dawn was delighted! This visitor was stranger than she could have ever imagined! He was from the Frozen North?? Why did he "sneak through Equestria at night"? He had been a student at the School for Gifted Unicorns, too? So many more questions were swirling through her mind! Then he threw an insult. "Who would have thought Astronomy would have been a useful class in magic school." What did he mean by that?? Study of astronomy was important in magic school regardless of your primary discipline! Of course it was a useful class in magic school! Nevertheless, she put aside her clear differences in interest, and focused on the matter at hand. He had requested a horoscope, and even given his sign. That was certainly helpful. But she also found it helpful to find out as much as possible about her clients before doing readings, and she certainly wanted to find out as much as possible about this pony! "Oh but of course! The stars can tell me everything I could want to know! Well, perhaps not everything." She had flashbacks to her dismissal as royal astrologer, but brushed them off without missing a beat. "For instance, the stars cannot tell me why you live in the Frozen North, or why you have to travel at night. I'm not endangering myself legally by talking to you, am I? Normal ponies don't live in a harsh area such as that... That's the land of shadow ponies and yaks." She gave a look that conveyed playful suspicion. She was sure he wasn't a criminal, and even if he was, who was she to judge him? Perhaps he was misunderstood, in which case the least she could do was provide him with a hot cup of tea and some information about his future. Perhaps she could even work towards clearing his name. If it was so that he was a victimized criminal, then when she took power, she would be certain that he was pardoned for whatever imagined crime he had committed. The stars had told her he would be strange, not dangerous. And she intended to treat him as such.
  17. Morning Glow froze again when Chipper Demise ratted her. She turned back and walked slowly towards the archchancelor, horn pointed down, tail all but between her legs like a puppy. She shot Chipper Demise a dirty look as she turned and entered the room. She took her seat, front and center, and waited for the rest of the stragglers to be seated and the orientation to begin. Her parents had filed her paperwork ahead of time, unlike the corn fillies, apparently. She sighed. Rural communities were the worst. Granted, this was the first rural community she'd ever been in, but if they were all like this one, then they were the worst. Then buckball trio entered. She hadn't met these fillies before. She just hoped to Celestia that they were nothing like the other foals she'd met. She wasn't sure how much more she could take. Spearmint, of course, was an exception. From the sounds of it, he even had a personal recommendation from Princess Twilight! Morning Glow didn't have high enough grades to work directly with her. Her grades were good, just apparently not good enough. Supposedly, that's why she was here instead of back in Canterlot focusing on real education. Magic education. She sighed again as orientation started. It was going to be a long semester...
  18. Lope was relieved when the crystal arrested, but again worried when Spike brought out another. And even more so when Strong Copper agreed with him! "I'm still not so sure," he said, trying to at least stall the dragon a little. It was imperative he kept S.T.A.R. out of this. His trainer was a hard flank already. She was a nightmare when in a jurisdiction battle. "Maybe we should do a little investigating before we decide to call in the royal guard. After all, if it's nothing, I think Twilight's ponies would be rather annoyed to be troubled in the middle of the night over a false alarm, don't you?" Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes, was all that was going through his mind now...
  19. Sounds good to me! Welcome aboard! o7
  20. As long as she's an elite flyer! We're looking for the best of the best here! ; )
  21. Well there ya go! Hahaha Orientation is starting soon
  22. If you have any characters that might attend the School of Friendship, the dorms plot is still open. And I think one or two of the characters there still needs a roommate.
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