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  1. I spent a collective 20-24 hours making this. This is not the type of artwork that comes naturally for me.
  2. This is another promotional thing I made for the upcoming adventure RP. I have a forum up in the OOC if you want to sign up for it. Let me know what you think.

    © Q. R.(aka Windracer)

  3. This is the sign up forum to sign up for the adventuring RP. This will also be a place were we can discuss any plot ideas for our adventure or if it's going to be free flow. Anypony is welcome to sign up, I just want to know who wants to be in it because once we start it, it will be hard for a new pony to jump into it when we're 3 pages into the roleplay. As long as we can agree on it as a group, we can go anywhere in Equestria to find a new journey to travel and a new story to tell. If you want to come along an/or have story suggestions, just reply below so we can start as soon as possible. If you have a question, you can message me directly or post below. Either way, I'll try to answer any concerns.
  4. Wind trotted down the lane searching for what looked good. The streets line with clean buildings with many sporting a 3 hoof plaque above the entrance. Wind knew that this would most likely mean the food would be extremely expensive so he kept searching. After a bit they came up to an off white building with a medium blue awning. Peering through the slightly tinted windows, it appears to be some kind of cafe. Inside are ponies conversing around cups of various teas and plates of food. Above the entrance is a similar wooden rating board but is completely bare. Hopefully this meant the food would be decent as well as the prices. "How about here?"
  5. This is a drawing I made as part of the adventuring roleplay. Let me know what you think.
  6. Equestria is a place of acceptance and love. So as long as there is a place for friendship in their heart, it doesn't matter. I would love to see Cloudfeather out there though.
  7. I am looking for a team of brave ponies to explore Equestria with me. If you want to face the depths of the Everfree Forest or trek deep into the Forbidden Jungle then now is your chance. Depending of if we get unverified OC's will determine where the RP will take place. If we end up getting a few unverified ponies, then it will most likely take place in the FFA. Otherwise it will primarily take place in Greater Equestria. If you want to join this team of friends in bravely facing whatever Equestria throw at us, please reply and the journey can begin. If you have any story ideas for an adventure, type that out too. Or we can just wander the lands, meeting new ponies and seeing new places along the way. Every life is but a story, so make sure yours is a good one. The question is, what's on the next page?
  8. "I wouldn't hate that right about now." She said exactly what Wind was thinking which he was surprised and almost comforted by. It's almost as if his thoughts were laid out on a piece of paper in front of her. "I know there are some decently cheap restaurants hidden in the back corners of Restaurant Row if we want something quick and affordable."
  9. "It's fine, might just be a bruise. But I should still rest it, at least just for today." In Wind's mind, his wing should be fine by the race but he wasn't really in a position to take chances so he wanted to play it safe. He didn't want to risk making it worse so he was in the mind set of "just for today".
  10. "I'm not sure, best we can do is walk around and see whats good at this point." At this point Wind was getting hungry too. He would take just a hayburger or even a daisy sandwich at this point, he didn't need any fancy meals these high class ponies are used to.
  11. Wind quickly looks around the lobby to find Cloud. He rushes over to meet her. "Hey, sorry if I'm late. I got a bit distracted." He didn't want to tell her that he accidentally fell asleep because it would make it sound like he didn't care about hanging out with Cloudfeather. The truth was that this meant the world to him that somepony that he only met would go out of there way to sped time with him. He didn't want to mess that up.
  12. This is just a quick drawing of Cubbage's new oc Lope Lighthoof's Cutie Mark. Let me know if you want me to make you a Cutie Mark.
  13. Wind wakes up after a few minuets but jumps up realizing that Cloud might be waiting for him. "I hope she's still down there." He rushes down to the lobby in the hopes to find Cloudfeather. He wasn't sure were they were going to go and he didn't really think she'd be too much for a high class 3 hoof restaurant. They'll just walk the street and hopefully find something that looks good. While thinking about this, he suddenly arrived at the lobby.
  14. Are the more of horseshoe prints and what color are they?
  15. Since I already made a cutie mark for her I figured I should make a character that fit the same style. I took design inspiration from Kitten's original drawing as well as heavily from Nightmare Moon. Hope you like it

    © Q. R.(aka Windracer)

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