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  1. I don't really think it was a bad idea, I'm just exited for the adventure rp and this one has been a bit dead lately and we can't really do much if we're all in Canterlot when we're supposed to meet up in Ponyville.
  2. Do we want to keep going or should we wrap this up so we can get to the adventure rp? I only ask since it's been a while since anypony has replied.
  3. Wind's ears perked when he heard the faint noise of trotting turn to galloping. It sounded almost distressed and was coming our direction. "I think someone needs help!" As he said this he realized that even if they could hear them, they would have no way of knowing how to get to them being that they currently reside in literal maze.
  4. Wind gleefully trotted into the maze, again waiting for the others to catch up. "Come on ponies, the maze might wait for you but I won't." He said with a smirk. Wind could sense the uneasiness Cloudy felt toward Sanda but it puzzled him as to why. Wind knew that friends could be made anytime and anywhere but was he being too reckless? Only time will tell.
  5. "Come on then, we don't want to be just standing around all day." He began walking in the direction of the castle but stopped to let the other ponies catch up.
  6. Wind saw the pony and saw an opportunity to make a new friend. One of biggest reasons for coming(other then the derby) was to make friends. "If you want, you could come with us to the castle labyrinth." Wind could see the slight concern in her eyes of which he didn't seem to share. A new friend could come from anywhere, and Wind knew this. He didn't see any ill intent from the pony right away so he was happy to have a chance to be in some kind of friend group for once.
  7. "Sounds good to me!" Wind and Cloud grabbed their food that was placed in small paper bags, thanked the waitress, and left. The aroma radiating from the bags was nearly enchanting. Was the food that good, or was Wind that hungry? Either way, he was eager to indulge within the bags contents. Wind realized that he wasn't sure where Cloud was planning on going with the food. Maybe she wanted to find a place near the castle. In any case, he was happy to spend time with her and followed.
  8. "If we go now we might miss the normal crowd." Saying this, Wind had no idea how big of a crowd would be at the hedge maze if any, he was just eager to do something with Cloudfeather. Either way, it at least sounded right so he decided to make no further comment to correct himself.
  9. I'll let you make that decision. Whoever is open and you think would be good in social and possibly dangerous situations.
  10. Entirely possible i suppose. The question doesn't have an easy answer and was even briefly acknowledged in the show. I could talk about it for hours and create a small book trying to explain the biological mechanics of ponies, but the short answer would be the it was most likely a marketing ploy to ramp up toy sales.
  11. "I'd love to!" Wind had nothing going on and finding a way to spend time with his new friend was always the best option in his mind. "I think I'd probably stick with somepony since it's more fun that way. When did you want to go?" Saying this, he realized that he didn't really have much else to do before the derby.
  12. This is an OC drawing for Wziela. My thing is usually cutie mark design but that doesn't mean I don't like drawing OCs, it just takes longer and is a bit more tedious. I hope you like it! If any of you want me to make you a cutie mark/OC(in special circumstances), let me know and work it out.

    © Q. R.(aka Windracer)

  13. Is there ever a moment that just seems to last forever? A moment that makes everything else in life melt away? Boiled down, life is nothing but a story to be told long after it ends. Some stories tragically end sooner then they should, so make sure yours is a good one. The question is, what's on the next page. This is yet another advertisement for the adventuring RP so please go check out the sign up page on the OOC forum. There are still plenty of spots(since no one has commented as of now) so go sign up if your interested.

    © Q. R.(aka Windracer)

  14. Hi, I'm Windracer. I've always wondered how the existence of Flurry Heart is even possible. It's not like it's some kind of birth defect where a unicorn was born with a pair of wings or vice versa, it alters her entire biological makeup as well as the distribution of her magic. It affects her in the same way as a "proper" alicorn in the sense that her overall internal magic is that of royal proportions. The event of a naturally born alicorn is unheard of and should be theoretically impossible. So I ask again... HOW?!
  15. "So is there anything else you wanted to do before the derby?" Saying this, he wasn't to sure what he wanted to do before the race. All he new is that he didn't want to be stuck in a hotel room for hours counting down the clock.
  16. This is another drawing for the adventure rp. This has a bit more symbolism and metaphors behind it. I'll leave it up for interpretation but I will say that the dragon represents the fleeting winds of time in motion. Be sure to check out the rp sign up page, and let me know how I did in the comments. If you have any requests for cutie marks designs, DM me.

    © Q. R.(aka Windracer)

  17. "I fake it. An instructor once time told me to be bold and confident even if I don't have any." Wind smiled slightly remembering the moment from when he was younger. "Almost anyone in a situation like that is secretly grinding their teeth with nerves. So I clear my mind, slap on a game face and just go for it, ready or not. A famous author once wrote 'If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives' and I live by that."
  18. Windracer


    Hi, nice to see new faces. Hope to see you around and if you have any questions, I can try my best to answer them.
  19. Wind sat there trying to process the questions as best as he could. "I trained for years to get where I am. Ever since becoming a reserve, nothing much has changed. I still do gymnastic and acrobatic shows and enter in recreational races." Wind was trying to find what to say since he'd never had a pony so interested in him and his work. "This upcoming race is going to be my best chance in getting a spot in the academy. I can't afford to choke." As he said this, he began to think of all the things that could go wrong. Questions like what if I trip at the starting line? What if, What if, What if circled his brain but tried to keep his composure for Cloudfeather.
  20. "Well we've got our extra spicy hayburger and carrot stew." Scanning the board above head, Wind decides on a simple meal. "I'll have a hayburger with extra pickles and a side of horse shoe fries." "That'll be 6 bits" Wind pulls out a small cloth sack with jingling coins clinking inside. He grabs a small handful and pay the cashier.
  21. They walk through the doors with a quiet ding ringing behind them. They walked up to the front counter where they were greeted by the nearly enchaining smells radiating from the kitchen. In front of them stands a unicorn with a pale blue coat, an apron around her neck, and a smile across her face. Above her is a chalkboard with various sets of items next to prices. The choices looked good and the prices weren't bad either which relived Wind. Looking up from the register, the pony kindly said "Hi! How can I help you?"
  22. I spent a collective 20-24 hours making this. This is not the type of artwork that comes naturally for me.
  23. This is another promotional thing I made for the upcoming adventure RP. I have a forum up in the OOC if you want to sign up for it. Let me know what you think.

    © Q. R.(aka Windracer)

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