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  1. AzureShadow


    you also might find some info with the name silver elf another name
  2. AzureShadow


    yes but they are in the monster man beacuse fey twisted them i belive they become the elemental elfs
  3. AzureShadow


    i do love d&d although my character has to be approved because its a moon elf
  4. AzureShadow


    I heard d&d lol
  5. O also enjoy ttrpg's and alternative history
  6. spanish french german russian farsi a little polish a little hungarian a little tagalog japanese studying icelandic and ef runes
  7. hi guys my name is mystic aurora i am new here just kinda found this place. was in the army for a while got out became a firefighter then found my way into truck driving. im currently about to get a cdl (commercial diving license) not the cdl that allows me to drive trucks (had it since 2017) i can speak a few languages translated for xbox clans before that were international i like alternate history stuff as well as regular history big fan of ttrpg's as well as regular rpg's if you have any questions feel free to ask
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