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  1. I need to update this more often...

  2. Hello there everyone, happy start of February! Or, to another extent, happy very very late January! (Time zones and such). So I've wanted to start a blog like this for a while now, and given how I've been on Canterlot for quite a while I guess you could say I feel more comfortable in doing this as opposed to other ways to blog, for now anyway. If you didn't take the time to read the mountain of a description for this blog, (And I seriously do not blame you) then I'll quickly explain that this blog will essentially be a dump or, nicer word, for some of my random thoughts and occasional musings. I didn't want to start up a blog just to do that though, and given this is a blog in which I discuss things that I've learned and things that I'm thinking about, I'd like to possibly raise some discussions on the topics I start in these. With any hope I'd love for you guys to pitch in with your opinions on the subject matter, and maybe we can all learn things we didn't know and just have a pleasant time doing it So yeah!...New starts, as the title says. It's an admittedly a rather poorly timed subject matter given how New Years was an exact month ago but, January can be seen as a month of reflection I suppose. Oh and I just realised this blog will go up on Chinese New Year, so that was rather unforseen...yet awesome at the same time! (Happy Chinese New Year to anybody out there celebrating by the way). Can ya tell this was gonna be rambly before you clicked on it? Okay, now to the point! With the New Year come and gone and resolutions made and or not made I've been thinking recently on starting things fresh and new, and not in a "clear the desk, throw everything out the window" sense but "maybe read some more and not mutilate the desk" sense. I may just be paying more attention this year but I've noticed a trend in people I know, friends and family alike. A lot of them have taken some big and or small leaps towards decisions this past month, in like a variety of ways. Some people I know are producing more creative works, some people are exploring aspects of themselves and what makes them happy to a greater extent, and even some have just been obsessed recently with bettering themselves as part of either their New Year's resolutions, or just some impulse that came upon them one day. When New Year rolled in for me it was a busy time to say the least; what with loads of school work and a new environment to get back into, given I only started at my new school this year. However I tried to go in with my head held high and vowed to "Be the best me I could be!" and all that good stuff, but now that the month's went and gone I personally feel a tad, burnt out. It makes me wonder how some people (Including myself) can become so fixated on the idea of a new start that they feel they have to totally re-evaluate everything around them and to a greater extent, themselves. However I'm not condemning anybody's ideas of possibly bettering themselves, far from it; but when I look around at some people and myself and saw them burnt out from school work or other life stuff they had vowed to change, and then I looked at some people who seem relatively happy with themselves by the end of January I continued to ponder if this whole stigma of "New Year, New Start" is either misinterpreted by people, or simply looked at with such overwhelming enthusiasm that people can miss the point of it. Again I'm not condemning the whole concepts of "New Starts", because I think they can be a very powerful way for somebody to turn themselves or a situation around for the better; but for me anyway I've found it best to try and take things as they come, and if there is an opportunity for my own improvement that I should go for it when I'm ready, and not feel like I need to jump on every revelation and discovery of myself and the world around me and holding on like there'll never be another one. Also I wonder now if "Conor Colton's Random Ramblings on etc" would have been a more appropriate title for this...hmm...food for thought I guess. Either way, if you made it to the end of this blog, I salute you good Sir or Madame! And I hope you enjoyed it and maybe took something from it. If not, it was worth a try I suppose. Now comes the part where I wanna hear from YOU guys (Y'know if that's cool with you). Did you have any New Years resolutions/revelations? Have you endeavoured to make some decisions this year to positively effect yourself and those around you? If so, how have things been going with that? If none of those questions apply to you then, I hope you enjoyed the blog, and feel free to comment on whatever you feel would be relevant to this sort of topic. I can't wait to hear them CC, out!
  3. Happy New Year from the old Isle of Ireland!

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      Happy new year! Youll probably hear us in 4 hours shouting that.... and AR love in Kentucky...

  4. Y'all know what day it is? I know I already made a status update yesterday but I DON'T CARE, 'cause it's CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all have fantastic days ^^

  5. Merry Christmas Eve, Canterlot! You beautiful people!

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      Oh yes, it's great to be beautiful! (admires self in mirror) :3

  6. Conor Colton

    Once again....

    Heya Lilia. I know you don't know me very well, and we've never really talked but, I wanted to hopefully share some insight on this situation that may be of use to you. A year or so back there was a situation like this for somebody close to me, so while I can't empathise entirely on this matter I'd like to try the best I can to hopefully give some helpful input. First of all I want you to know that things look bleak now, and that's okay. If we never went through hardship in our lives we wouldn't come out as the stronger, smarter individuals, and even from what you're saying and how you're communicating your emotions I know you are a strong and smart individual, and I know it's asking a lot to trust me but, things WILL get better. In regards to the matter at hand, I'm very sorry to hear about it. It definitely sounds sucky, that much is already established, so in my opinion it'd be best to look at the situation not as "Why has this happened or what's wrong with me?" but as "What can I do about this and how can I go about doing it?". Things will get better if the steps are taken to make it better in my opinion. I can't speak for anybody involved in this whole business, only thing I can speak of is what I know from experience of seeing situations like this and experiencing feelings of unrequited love as well. I'm sure you're right in the reasons why somebody would wish to be with you, and I'm sure you are a great listener and a great mother, otherwise you wouldn't even be worried in the first place (Which would be far more scary I might add). You have to realize that these are good qualities that make up YOU, and that you define YOU and anybody who doesn't love you for YOU isn't worth pursuing for a relationship. I know it's easy to think you're somewhat at fault for all these events taking place, but with time and reflection I'm sure you'll be able to see for yourself that you are an individual, a unique and ultimately beautiful person, and that you shouldn't let anybody take that way from you, regardless of devoted time or connection or anything. From what you've said it sounds like this relationship is somewhat of a handle on you, and I would honestly advise that you don't let yourself be in a situation where you're finding yourself dependant on somebody who won't love you for you, I've seen people try and work that way before, and it doesn't work in the long run, ever. My advice would be basically, don't make somebody your priority if you're only an option to them. It's okay to be scared now, and it's okay to feel bad (again if you were being totally nonchalant THEN I'd be worried) there is likely some rough times ahead, and it won't be easy, but in my opinion you have to build a resilience within yourself. From the way you've talked about life, and your son, and everything on here it's clear you have an acute sense of compassion and appreciation, and that's good, those'll carry you far, so long as you use them wisely. As for the best option right now, in regards to your question, I would advise you do what you would judge as best for your son. That doesn't mean you exclude yourself of any comfort though, quite the opposite. I commend you for saying you'll bring your son with you if it ever comes to having to leave, and I do believe you have the right attitude to be able to take care of him. If it's an issue of practicality, like living arrangements and or ways to live then I wouldn't object (nor would anybody with half a brain) to reaching out to trusted individuals. Friends, family, community officials and workers, people who do honestly have your best interest at heart. Don't be afraid to step outside of comfortable confines, life's waaaay too short to live it looking through a window, as opposed to being outside. Try and look at things in terms of how you can do good by your son. You've displayed wonderful, caring values in how you're speaking, so instil those on your son through your actions, be a strong individual, and if it comes down to it a strong independent individual. Don't think of this as the end of something, if anything this has the potential to be the start of something great for you and your son in my opinion, even more so given how he's soo young. I know it sounds corny but honestly if you work on your strengths, and do what's best for you and your son then things will work out. There's a wide road ahead for the two of you, and it's scary, and uncertain, but every big step in life is (I think anyway). The world will always welcome you back, regardless of how long you've felt disconnected from it. Listen, I'm sorry if I just rambled a lot here but after reading your post I couldn't bring myself to just go about my day. I spoke my God-honest opinion on all this given what I know (Which may be very limited for all I know) but all I can hope for is that you find it helpful. Whether you wish to take any, some, or all of it on board is up to you, and I trust you're a smart enough individual to figure things out Best Regards to you and your son, Lilia. If you'd like to talk, outside of staff stuff, my door's always open. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you ever want to. But, regardless, best of luck.
  7. Christmas Break starts here! Let's kick it into high gear! Happy Holidays everypony!

  8. Oh wow! Very radiant and...well...Winter-ey, I too love it
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    Heya Lilihierax, sorry to say to you but this isn't the place for work in progress characters. Given you want to apply a Peryton character I'd suggest either looking into the Free For All Roleplay section, the Crossover Roleplay section, or the Canterlot Chronicles section for Roleplay we have here. If you want to transfer all you've done here into an actual character application you can do that here: http://www.canterlot.com/forum/366-chronicles-applications/ Sorry for any confusion. If you have any questions on what to do or where to go from here, feel free to send me or any of the staff here a Private Message, we'll get you on your way
  10. *Considers starting a blog just for his random thoughts*...Thoughts, anypony?

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      how about thoughts on ... thought?

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      Basically what I just did. Though it did start with some thoughts I've wanted to share for awhile. I say go for it.

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      WOW That is one heck of a glitch XD

  11. December the 1st, the countdown has begun!

  12. A lot to say, yet saying nothing. There's Conor's random musing for you.

  13. With his back firmly pressed against the somewhat comforting bark of a nearby tree, Sterling felt he only had one real choice in this situation. If his extended hoof could be described as anything it would likely have been compared to a large wooden plank, seemingly too long to even keep upright with just one hoof supporting it. Regardless he rigidly and briefly shook this creatures paw; that last thought sending more unpleasant thoughts into his mind than it had any right to. He would have gulped again if he wasn't practically breathless. Also what the heck does a mid-pleasure even mean?! He was very, very confused right now. "No no...pl-pleasure's all mine, Errare..."...the name didn't exactly roll off his tongue with gaiety. He felt he couldn't avoid the obvious any more, and was oddly compelled by the creature's seemingly sweet smile, "...Why...why did you uh...freak me out?...And...why are you...here, standing, in a park...with me?" he said somewhat frantically, picking his words wisely.
  14. The white pegasus stallion couldn't help but chuckle in response to Sage's self-realization of her own ramblings, and somehow little bits of personality amidst the conversation made this seemingly boring task all the more eventful. Her talk of older stallions gave him pause. Colton was still young by adult pony standards but this dry spell of adventuring lasted for much longer than it should have, yet oddly enough it didn't feel like it. Compared to past escapades and crusades he and his avian companion went on, the time in which they were out of commission seemed to fly by a lot quicker; which was strange considering this absence from excitement lasted longer than any one of their jobs that had come before. It made him wonder about an every-ticking clock of sorts, hovering around him and driving him forward constantly, a fixed reminder that would occasionally prompt him to pursue seemingly random acts of adventure, and he even had the small cuckoo bird, or at least an equivalent by his side in the form of Sparks. "Funny thing is, one of these days I may end up becoming one of those older stallions that like to talk. I'm pretty much halfway there on that description already, just need the factor of old age to kick in one of these days." he chuckled somewhat remorsefully but without a hint of sorrow at all, "Makes me feel like a bother already, that I'd be going into fine establishments like yours and badgering the ear off some poor young mare." he shrugged with a sincere smile in Sage's direction. Before he could continue to ramble and contradict himself by doing so Sparks gave him an almost playful tap across the ear with his minuscule wing. Colton turned and tilted his head quizzically, being met with a straight point of Sparks' wing towards a the book, as if it were some form of stick or presentational equipment. The stallion leaned down towards the book, looking all the more confused, "...Sparks there's nothing here." he commented. With a seemingly large amount of distaste for his master's negligence, the young sparrow swooped down and began to lift the pages; backwards. Colton felt the need to interject, "Aw c'mon buddy we just went through all of those pa-" he was promptly silenced as Sparks raised a wing, as if to say 'Give me a second'. Said second passed and the tiny bird clamped a claw down on a certain page, pointed at a rather familiar symbol, "-...Oh." Colton remarked in a rather embarrassed fashion. It was at this point he wondered how he could have missed it. Did he just lose himself in his thoughts? Has he ever been so careless before? Did Sage notice? There was an air of professionalism wanted to keep up but, it would be safe to say he didn't want to be seen as a fool for the sake of not being seen as one. He locked his eyes back and forth between the mare and the bird, the bird and the mare, before finally clearing his throat and pointing, "Nice find little guy." The seal was there alright, clear as day, and the family name, inscribed in rough early Equestrian was written below. He attempted to translate: "...Family of...many mysterious herbs..." he facehooved. Sparks quickly reassured him, pointing to a bit more information. Colton read again, "Ever....Free..." he blinked a few times then turned to Sage.
  15. *Points to Bronycon 2014* I'm coming for ya...

  16. This is just beautiful! I'm a sucker for blue, white and silvery colours and this is awesomely done besides that fact! ^^
  17. Aww, well I hope he gets well soon Lilia Also, I'm a bit late on this but, congrats
  18. Colton nodded, partly in acknowledgement and partly in appreciation. A niggling worry shot through his mind that Sages excuse to go out on an adventure would result in her being way too in over her head, but he put such worries aside given he didn't even know the full extent of what danger may lie ahead, and he had confidence in his ability to be somewhat of a bodyguard...he hoped anyway. Regardless he found his companion's determination and apparent wanderlust endearing, and reminded him of himself when he first discovered his passion to explore the unknown; maybe that's why he liked the idea of helping Sage out, aside from himself wanting to get back into his comfort zone, which was arguably the most dangerous zone. Go figure. The monotony of sorting through books continued as the stallion formulated a response to the mares answer, "I hear you there, Sage. Back before I even started exploring Equestria I had some issues with being cooped up all the time. I won't go into too much detail in case it comes off as boring but I got raised with ponies that weren't really...fly-ey." he stated, flapping his own wings slightly for emphasis, "What I mean is, I was the only pegasus in the family, and they had these little 'height restrictions'. Celestia knows they cared about me but it was soo frustrating having wings and hardly being able to do anything with them...but once I got out there, out on my own, things changed. First thing I did when I really felt a sense of freedom, I shot up above the clouds, not a care in the world...and my oh my...was it scary. But, a good kind of scary..." he smiled to himself, Sparks flapping his little wings gleefully. The stallion almost forgot they had company when he caught himself before his next sentence. "Eh, sorry, I sort've rambled a bit there. If nothing else, we at least have some insight on each other right?" the pegasus smiled over at Sage, still idly turning pages in the books upon books upon books. "Hm, shouldn't be far off now, a lot of these seals are staring to look familiar. Stuff you'd find in the same area like forts or different plants, I think we're almost there."
  19. Sterling breathed a sigh of relief as he heard a rather comforting voice, slumping his shoulders slightly forwards in an attempt at relaxation, his ears flattening to his head. Then he realised the more sinister implications of a random mysterious voice behind him. His ears perked up without hesitation as his eyes widened and he slowly turned his head, catching a glimpse of the towering female figure to his left. The stallion recoiled backwards, backing up against a tree with a fearful expression of timidity, hardly being able to believe what he was seeing. At this point Sterling wondered if he had just gone mad, he questioned whether or not such a creature could even exist, and wondered what in the hay it was doing right here! In front of him! The rather sinister looking grin from the figure didn't help matters much either, causing the guard to back up even more against this improvised protection of bark and leaves. He had never considered himself to be a cowardly stallion, but...this was truly something else. His shaky breathing began to calm, lifting a hoof to wipe some sweat from his brow he stuttered out a feeble greeting. "Uh...um...hello...there. I don't think...I'm mad but....what I'm seeing right now gives me...reason to the c-contrary...who're you...?"
  20. Sterling could see that little Shady was looking to get straight to the point here, no wishy washy or manipulative questions, which was by all accounts very good in his opinion. Given how inexperienced the stallion was in his profession Sterling merely remembered the short time he had been a guard and recounted details from that. He could see that Shady was equally as excited as he was to get this interview going so he thought he may as well try and spice this up a bit for the foal. As they walked Sterling began to answer. "Well, it's certainly no cake-walk let me tell you that. From the very moment I got accepted in a lot of stuff in my life changed. I applied when I lived here in Ponyville and as soon as that letter came through the door I was straight out of the same door..." he lamented with a slight chuckle, "It was kinda tough making the transition from small town to big city life but honestly, being a Royal Guard's great. It's hard work but it's satisfying hard work. For some ponies it could get boring at times but I try to always keep in mind that I'm doing a vital service to Equestria, and even though I'm not what you would call a high-ranking-officer I'm more than happy to do my part." the stallion smiled down at the little reporter. "As for what the job actually entails, well for the most part I'm on patrol through the city for a lot of the day. The guards as a whole do a great job of keeping crime down so we rarely run into trouble, and even if we do it's usually not that bad. But let me tell you something, Shady. You can get all the medals, all the official commendations in Equestria, and those are nice to have but...well, to me anyway it's way more satisfying just seeing the faces of grateful ponies in Canterlot, knowing you've done a good job. So, I guess in conclusion, it's a really rewarding job, it's certainly a hard one but, well worth it." he smiled once more, realizing just how much he spewed out. "Sorry if I rambled a bit there, was that alright?" he asked, rubbing a hoof to the back of his own head nervously.
  21. Inspiration, you are a wonderful and yet fickle thing aren't you?

  22. Colton continued his desperate struggling, hardly even aware of Sage getting right up in his vicinity. The ear she whispered into perked up almost instantly as the stallion's eyes widened and he took in the seemingly condescending information. He would have chuckled if it wasn't a comment directed at his own ineptitude, and he could only formulate a somewhat basic response, "Uh...y-yeah...passed by it....I knew that...totally. Just, being thorough..." he stated with a small cough and a slight blush, easily noticeable on his pure white face. He hovered away from the shelf, practically hearing Sparks chirping with laughter at his master's vague attempt to recover his dignity where just out of reach. But, he couldn't help but chuckle admittedly as he sat down next to Sage and had a quick look over all the books, "Wow uh...that is quite a lot..." he gulped. After today the pegasus didn't want to see a single book, tome, novel, novella, anything! For quite a while. Regardless he began to explore the books with Sage, keeping the recipe close at hoof to compare every now and then. As they sorted through page after page, similar crest after similar crest, the fatigue of research began to set in on our pegasus; but he pressed on. In an attempt to get close to his client; or keep himself from going nuts, either or, he decided to start up some small talk, which'd hopefully lead to some more conversation along with information. "So Sage, hope you don't mind me asking but what was it specifically that made you want to come out on this whole adventure. I mean, I know you're not stupid, we have no clue where any of these crests could lead us. It could bring us somewhere in Canterlot, Ponyville or all the way to the Crystal Empire for all we know! I don't doubt you're committed but...I just have to wonder; things seemed pretty sweet for you in that restaurant...what compelled you to do this undertaking with basically a total stranger? Stop me if I'm wrong but you reckon it'd just be a nice change of pace, or a great bit of fun heading out there, seeing the world?" he posed the question, hoping it wasn't too strong of a statement to start with. After he finished he began thinking more and more on the journey as a whole. Just where would this crest lead them... Colton had the question the value of an herb, and just what measures somepony...anypony would take to protect it, and whether or not things would become dangerous. He hoped for Sage's sake that wasn't the case but...oddly enough, he saw something similar to himself in her; an adventurer's spirit, which could be possibly why he asked such a question in the first place.
  23. Sterling sighed contently from his relaxed position, thinking nothing could ruin his day at this point. Once again, he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time...but this didn't necessarily mean it was always going to yield pleasant or indeed, normal results for him. The stallion felt the wind pick up, and his nostrils flared slightly at the peculiar smell of oranges. He sat up, wondering if some citrus fruit had simply fallen from a tree and conked him on the head, but that seemingly wasn't the case. The scent got stronger and stronger, prompting him to cover his muzzle with a hoof and displaying a rather irritated facial expression. When the sun began to fade out, Sterling started to feel a vague form of tension. He had no clue why, he had managed through worse storms than this, but yet it felt different than any freak weather occurrence, and it made him a tad nervous. The sound of the wind picking up speed and smashing around the flora causing him to bunch up rather tightly, keeping his hooves close to himself as he felt the very ground beneath him vibrate and shake, "Okaay, seriously getting creepy now!" he exclaimed, feeling a temptation to simply high tail it out of there. However as soon as the odd weather came, it vanished, like it was literally dropped and crashed against the floor. Sterling, wondering what in the hay just happened stood up cautiously. He wasn't a very superstitious pony, nor did he believe that elements of the supernatural would ever seemingly invade his life...regardless he began pacing back to a hopefully less hectic spot of the park. "Okay...that was way too weird...have I gone mad or something?" he wondered as he walked.
  24. Sterling was still processing all of this in his mind. He put all the information he had forward in his mind. He had travelled all the way from Canterlot on his day off...to be interviewed...by a foal. The stallion honestly didn't know whether to be incredibly humbled or incredibly flabbergasted. Regardless, he kept a demeanour of professionalism in his mannerisms for now, but couldn't help but be amused by the little Shady's actions; feeling he had some form of infamy he had never even considered. Maybe it was just the job. He smiled lightly with Shady and nodded in response to his statement. He would have responded right away if it wasn't for another blinding flash of light directly in his face, causing Sterling to rub his eyes in a semi-irritated manner, shaking his head shortly thereafter and waving a hoof passively as if to dismiss the need for an apology on Shady's part, "No no, it's fine really Shady. Just, well, give a little bit of a warning next time is all..." he replied with a slightly embarrassed chuckle, perceiving Shady as quite the bashful kid, or at the very least excitable. The stallion regained his posture to answer once again to his apparent interviewer. "I'm sure there'd be no problem with asking a few questions, Shady, I'm perfectly fine to do that if you had some in mind." he nodded confidently as he began to look around, partly to clear his eyes of the previous flash and to also observe their surroundings in greater detail. He then began to think on how Shady would have seen him; which was clearly from a position of admiration. Not that Sterling had a problem with that but for all intents and purposes he wasn't the most experienced guard Shady could have picked. Regardless, he felt he had a responsibility to do this, even if it was for the sake of not upsetting a foal who met somepony they seemingly looked up to. "So then, did you have a place in mind to ask these questions or would you just like to walk and talk? Been a while since I've been back home so it'd be nice to get some of my bearings back y'know?" he inquired with a small smile as he began to walk towards his previous destination, hoping for Shady to follow, "Anything in particular you wanted to ask?" Sterling posed the question, wondering if any of the sudden photos were what would make it into the press. Part of him hoped...not.
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