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  1. Realizing her rambles might get her in trouble she chose her words very carefully, softening her tone and posture. She tried her best to amend her harsh entry, "Forgive my bluntness, but that's what that is isn't it?" she said with a smile, "A meet and greet with the future of Equestria?" Lovely considered the look on the other's face and couldn't help the excitement that bubbled in her chest. She could feel the energy radiating in the room, centered around Twinkle's very being and she wanted nothing more than to witness it in it's truest form. "I have a thing for predictions, but they're not exactly like yours. I just like to listen, and it seems like a lot of ponies have started listening to you."
  2. She held out a hoof to silence him, focused solely on her writing. Her mind swirled with confusing and complicated possibilities, realities branching off into hundreds of different paths. Each future more destructive than the last, she did her best to grab hold of them, trapping them in her book. In less that a minute she'd filled 18 pages with blurry and smudged short hand, barely legible to even someone who understood her code. As she wrote she never stopped muttering, whispering to herself with the quill in her mouth so nothing understandable came out. Over and over again, simple words, full sentences, little doodles, clues and questions. She couldn't stop for even a second. Every now and again she shook her head, pushing something unseen away from herself. Finally she let the quill fall from her mouth and took a deep breath, visibly exhausted. "Who in Celestia's name would even crystalize a skull?" she said with a weary huff, slamming her book shut and shoving in back into her bag. When she looked back up at the strange stallion it was as if all the life had been sucked out of her. She slumped, her eyes sleepy and her head lolling to one side. "P-please excuse my behavior, Detective Sundown Trail. I haven't had visions like this in a long time.. You must be doing something rather important." Her voice was barely a whisper as she tried to keep herself conscious.
  3. She stumbled to her hooves doing her best to dust herself off to no avail. Hearing his hoofsteps on the cobblestone solidified his existence in her mind and she felt her face flush. Never in her life had she mistaken a pony for being one of her hallucinations and now she had his attention way more than she ever wanted from anypony. For all she was worth she wanted desperately not to be noticed by other ponies. She did her best work when everyone's eyes glossed right over her. And now here she was, screaming and running away from some stranger like a filly. She considered herself lucky, still, that she hadn't caused a scene like this in the middle of a crowded street. "O-oh! Yes I'm perfectly alright!" she called back, gathering her spilled saddlebag as fast as possible, "No need to worry- worry- warning- watch out- welcome!" she slapped a hoof over her mouth to muffle the hyperactive stream of consciousness as it popped out of her mouth like fireworks. In an instant she fell right back down into the dirt, unable to control herself. She threw down her bag and ripping her notebook out of the bag along with her ragged feathered quill. "Quietly. Quickly. Quetzalcoatl. Quest. Conflict!" she muttered, scribbling fiercely on the page, hard enough to tear through the paper.
  4. Her eyes gazed over the stallion in front of her admiring his curious wings with a bit of reverence. Knowing nothing of Areion besides their batpony folklore she thought she must be imagining things. Vampire ponies running rampant in Canterlot, stalking through the night looking for vulnerable young mares to attack. She pushed the thought out of her mind, pushing her focus back on the matter at hand. When he spoke to her chills ran hard up her spine, every of her hairs standing on end. Oh Celestia that's a living pony! She let out a sharp squeal, breaking the delicate silence of the night and darted to hide behind the nearest building. Barely looking where she was going she careened into a large potted plant, knocking her right on her flank and covering her in potting mix. "How was I supposed to know he was Real! He looked made up! Theres a real batpony detective prowling the streets at the same time I was? Does that not sound like some elaborate metaphor that my brain would cook up?" she muttered, trying desperately to dust herself off, "Oh don't get an attitude with me! I don't have time for that!"
  5. Lovely frowned at the bright green and shrugged, "Ah well, starting off in the wrong timeline is a bad sign... And still we press on." She politely took Twinkle's hoof in her own, "Overture. Overturn. Overrun. Overheard! Friends of yours. Talking about your party. Partly! Pastries! Princess of Prediction. Ponies say you're good at that," her cheeks turned pink, and she popped a hoof over her mouth to quiet the rambles popping out of her like fireworks. She managed a careful deep breath, "Please excuse me. I've heard quite a bit about you from the ponies around and I had to come see you for myself. Astrology column, page 8, written by ex-royal star gazer. I quite liked your bit about Cancers. Strikes me as odd though that someone fried and fired by Celestia herself wouldn't be popular enough to start her own fanclub," she gestured to the note for her meeting.
  6. The pony standing in the doorway was unremarkable at best. Everything about her look and her stature screamed completely forgettable, from her messy bun to her unassuming cutie mark. Everything except for her strange eyes. At first glance they seemed just as normal as the rest of her, unless they were looking right at you. Now, staring into Twinkle's, they were harsh and cold. Clearly way too busy and made most feel like a deer in her headlights. With no warning at all she backed the other into the room she was coming from and began circling her like a hungry hawk. "Student of Celestia's. Clearly powerful. Making good use of the observatory. Interesting cutie mark. Astrologer. Excellent color pallet. I'm guessing... Yellow unicorn magic. Gold," she paused, pondering the word for just a moment before shaking her head and stomping her hoof, "Pastel, it goes with her colors. Pastel... Predictions. Fortune telling mostly. No. More than that. Predictions. Predication. Princess. Preoccupied. Pre... servation?" Finally she stopped her rambling to address the pony she was speaking about, standing between her and the door. "Are you preserving something? No that's stupid. Hello, I'm Lovely Craft. You must be Twinkle Dawn." she said without any regard for her strange behavior.
  7. I dunno if this is a hot take, but I actually love bases! They're like advanced coloring pages for the computer!! I use them mostly for getting quick ideas out for when I don't wanna do a whole thing and paper really isn't getting the point across. I will probably post my actual art on here at some point but for now here's this little thing I threw together for me and my partner's ponysonas! That's my character Moontea and his character Pixel Paws! I am in awe of all of the work pony creators put into pulling assets from the show for people to use in making fun little projects like this! This specific base was made by Angellight_bases on Deviantart so absolutely go through their stuff if you like that too! Please pay no mind to any pixelation, I did make this on MSPaint so resizing it to look cute on the background may not have gone exactly as planed
  8. Here we are!! Let me know what you think : D
  9. Please let me know if any formatting needs to be fixed this is my first character post! Name: Lovely Craft | She/her Age: Young Mare Eye Color: Washed out green eyes, half-lidded and disinterested, accessorized with dark eye bags. Coat Color: Muted yellow and covered in barely noticeable scars. Mane and Tail: Pink and silver, pulled into a loose bun with bangs over her forehead. Physique: Tiny and weary earth pony. Lovely holds herself like somepony who's nearing exhaustion with just enough coffees to push through, and her small stature makes her appear vulnerable and cute despite her unfettered glare. Residence: Lovely travels all over Equestria, setting up in inns all over, never quite settling down. Occupation: Writing horror novels of the visions she gets from the beyond. Cutie Mark: A pink ball of yarn shaped into a heart with knitting needles poking out of it. Lovely has always seen visions of the beyond but assumed that they were just figments of her imagination. One day she experienced a stream of ideas that she couldn't ignore, a vision of the future downfall of Equestria, hardly aware that her cutie mark appeared as she worked. She presented her findings to her family, and she was quickly dismissed in favor of admiring her new mark, assuming her talent was in weaving wonderful stories. That night, Lovely couldn't rest, her mind filled with the horrors of her vision. So she packed her saddlebag and left, never looking back. Unique Traits: Lovely believes she has the ability to connect directly with the 4th dimension and beyond, able to see everyponies' energy and auras as well as the horrors that lurk in the in-between. No one, not even herself, is completely sure if she's crazy, but either way, she's accepted the life she has and is grateful for the gift of writing. History: Lovely was born outside Las Pegasus to Starchild Paintbrush, a young earth pony mare from Appleloosa, with no idea who the father was. Paintbrush was unstable at the best of times. She'd always wanted a foal of her own but not for any unselfish reason. Lovely was born into the world for the sole purpose of being her mother's little tiny best friend. The two of them surfed couch to couch together for most of Lovely's young life until ending up with Claymold, a stable and reasonable stallion. The two of them were okay parents for the most part, but they had more important things to worry about than their strange daughter. She couldn't restrain herself from talking about the visions she had, saying things that no young filly could have made up on her own, but time and time again, her mother would brush it off as normal behavior, and her father would take her lead. When she got her cutie mark, she never heard from her parents again. Lovely only keeps in regular contact with her younger half-sister, Quinacridone, and by proxy, her older step-sister Ivory Jade. Family: Starchild Paintbrush: Lovely's mother, an unstable, high-energy mother who proves more than anything that some mental illnesses are genetic. Though Lovely cares deeply about her mother, she knows that she will never connect with her. Paintbrush's cutie mark is a brush dipped in a coffee cup by mistake. Claymold: Lovely's stepfather. Married Paintbrush as his manic pixie dream girl, he now struggles to communicate with her. He cherishes all of his family, but his own upbringing makes it hard to express this affection. Lovely and her father have a surface-level relationship, neither really understanding the other, but despite that, Lovely loves him the most. Quinacridone: Lovely's younger half-sister goes by the name Queenie. Queenie shares her older sister's dark visions, but she chooses to be heavily medicated to protect her budding fashion career. The two of them share everything despite being on completely different wavelengths, escaping their childhood in very different ways. They still meet for brunch every few months. Queenie's cutie mark is a mauve brushstroke over a blank canvas. Ivory Jade: Lovely's stepsister. For her own sanity, Lovely only sees her when she absolutely has to. Jade lives with her mother, Claymold's ex-wife, Ivory Tower. Ivory tower married him for status, so when he ran off, she became the laughing stock of their collective families. Jade carries a lot of resentment for everyone in Lovely's family, and the two of them are equally vapid and nasty; Jade desperately trying to do better than her mother. Her cutie mark is a jade stone set in an ivory ring, and her mother is a crumbling Ivory Tower. Now Lovely spends her days moving from town to town at the will of her visions since receiving her cutie mark. She stops for as long as she can but sooner or later, everything gets to be too much. She wants more than everything to be able to breathe for a minute, to sit and take a break, but the possible downfall of Equestria hangs in the back of her mind, and until then, she writes to keep herself together. Personality: Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising Lovely Craft is polite and reserved to everyone she meets. Around most ponies, she's quiet, but underneath that lies a powerful and mysterious inner core. No matter who she's with, it's never difficult to understand what someone is really saying behind their words. She's incredibly perceptive and can't help listening in on every conversation she can, lurking unnoticed and piecing together all the complicated story lines of people's individual lives. However small, she is always enamored with the insignificant lives of every pony, perhaps even in a condescending way. Despite her fascination for everyone she meets, she always manages to keep them at arm's length. Lovely understands on some level that there's something wrong with her, more than that she needs to write to keep herself functioning, something that she doesn't think anypony will understand. Above everything else, her goal is to silence the horrors and protect herself, even if it's all in her head. At worst, she finds herself jaded, manipulative, dismissive, and cold. She does her best to avoid other ponies as much as possible, not only for their overwhelming energy but for fear of seeing anyone as a friend. Summary: Lovely Craft is a quiet, mysterious pony who writes "supposedly fictional" horror novels about the terrifying cosmic end of days. Despite her kind and reserved demeanor, she's very clearly aged by experience. Most people who talk to her find themselves talking for hours, then walk away realizing they learned nothing about her. She never stays anywhere long, getting up and leaving without the slightest goodbye.
  10. MoonTea


    Hey everyone, I'm Moontea but you can call me Moonie (they/them)! I am a super experienced roleplayer but I've only ever RPed on MSPARP, which is not at all like this. So if anyone would like to help me figure out how to do stuff, learn the RP style here, how to set things up (as I am super lost) I would REALLY appreciate it!! For now, a little bit about me! I am an artist and a writer but I haven't been doing a lot of either lately. I'm a (sorta) proud Homestuck and a (JK Rowling hating) Harry Potter fan. I just re-watched Steven Universe, re-watching MLP:FiM and all the movies, getting back into anime, so I'm kinda diving back into the internet again full force. I love horror in all forms! Super excited for the Uzu Maki anime to come out. I love roleplaying horror and drama, I feel like I always get really really invested into roleplay and I always really care about our story lines and the fun we have. I found Canterlot.com while on google and I'm so glad I did, this place feels fricking amazing!! I became a fan of MLP:FiM through my high school friends at the time when it first came out. Love at first sight and every so often I rewatch the whole thing over again on Netflix. Pretty sure I'm the reason it's staying there forever. Favorite pony... hmmmmmm.... incredibly hard to say. Pinkie Pie will always have a special place in my heart because I'm always fond of the kookie crazy girl characters that no one takes seriously. She's so cute and bubbly and she deserves more character development. Well I'm super looking foreward to making new friends, especially if those friends will tell me where to find RP partners!! Thank you so much for reading!!!
  11. Hi Everypony! Please be patient while I work very hard on profile renovations!


    I have no roleplays that I'm doing right now, but I'm super excited to make some friends so message me any time! Beware I've only recently got back on the internet on a regular basis so if I don't answer here feel free to bother the hell out of me on discord!

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