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    I like youtube!, video games shown on youtube..., and friends... :(

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  1. *looking at Fluttershy's face* my favorite Fluttershy would NEVER act like that! 😡 😡 😡
  2. *TheRoundSoundTable.exe has stopped working.*
  3. uhh. umm. ..........hey! just curios about sum-thin are you a Fluttershy fan? 🤔
  4. *talking far in the distance.-"What he said!"*
  5. le *gasp!* meh too! : O
  6. mind if i join? plz? if not, then i'd be left out. meaning i'll still have to be lonely.
  7. *reads our post and comment, despite lack of knowing WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!*
  8. ahh yess. *TheRoundSounTable.exe has stopped working.*
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